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Top 3 In-Demand Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand

There are an endless number of thoughts pondering at once in a human mind, the creative cells are always blossoming with high energy. And if you are that one person who picks a pen & a diary to pen it down, creative writing courses in New Zealand are the epitome of knowledge for you. Pen and paper have been a part of everyone’s stationery and only a few creative minds have used them to their full potential. Writing, to some, might come as a job, but creative writing always begins with an instinct, an intuition to pen down crazy ideas in one’s mindset. Mastering the art of creative writing is something that will be unfolded in this article for you. Dig in to learn about the creative writing courses in New Zealand.

List of best creative writing courses in New Zealand

There is so much that goes into the learnings and lessons of any type of course, but before hopping to that, let’s learn what is creative writing and how it is useful to enhance your skills.

What is Creative Writing?

To bring out the best in anything, such as a thing as basic as a potato, you describe it as a brown-skinned underground grown vegetable found majorly in India. Giving your creative touch to the subject of the writing is creative writing. As the meaning in the dictionary says, creative writing is an original idea of the expression of the subject in hand.

Every individual writer can have their ideology behind creative writing as the human mind can produce numerous stories around a single object. This is why creative writing courses in New Zealand are a broad topic to acknowledge. For example, if there is a glass of water filled to its half capacity, one might think that half glass is filled, and the other might look at it from a different perspective.

Or when there is a black & white checked dress on a mannequin. person A can perceive the domination of the color black, person B can observe the white color. None of them is wrong as the dress is equally colored. Perception and portrayal of it play a major role in creative writing; this is how two articles written on the same subject can be different. There are millions of takeaways from a single story, bringing out the best is the essence of creative writing.

Elements of Creative Writing

Creative writing can come naturally to some and that is the most beautiful way to bring out the original and creative voice of a brain. If a writer keeps these elements in mind and follows the same flow, the content gets a structure that makes the presentation decent and not clumsy. 


To write a story, a writer needs an object to move, that object is the character of the story. This object may or may not be a human but the premise of the story is built, moved around, and concluded with a character. It is necessary to make this character’s identity easily understandable to the reader as they should connect with it. 


Consider this as the barren plot on which a building is constructed. If a builder wants to construct a building, he would need cement, rocks, sands and so much more. Similarly, you have a blank page in front of you, build a story that has everything from the basics (the storyline) to the advanced (twists and turns) but everything should connect with the storyline you have created. If the plot fails to deliver the message, the content goes haywire. 


With creative writing, the writer has no constraints, it can move the character from one universe to another. This change of geographical location or connecting the plot to a historical era in a few instances is a basic setting. Settings are often used by writers to explain their point better about the place and introduce them to a world that is unfamiliar to them. Utopia, historical palaces, mythical places, and parallel universe are a few settings that are used by writers.


The style that you carry in every article is the style that makes an impression. A writer has a style of writing, any writer on the planet has a way of writing which can not be plagiarised even after multiple attempts. If you as a creative writer are unfamiliar with your style, read a few articles written by you, and you’ll get it.

There is always a tone, a way of writing that belongs to the writer and it is the intellectual property that you might be unaware to even own. Some of the writers give special regard to their readers before they leave, a few of them have a style of amalgamating humor into serious scenes, and some might just have a style of flourishing their words with intelligence. An original style is necessary to leave your impression on every article.


The theme of the set of words a writer is going to write is a pre-decided thought and keeping that in mind the plot, settings, styles, and other elements of creative writing are incorporated into the article.  A theme is a deliberate work that is pre-decided and the plots, settings, characters, etc move in a direction with the theme.


For example, if an article is a love-themed article, then even after the characters of the story reach a point of hatred, it could deliver a bigger message that it led to this the love for betterment, love for family, etc. The theme is misinterpreted as the moral of the story but the climax of the story concludes the theme that was followed in the entire course of it.


When two characters of the story begin to have a conversation and the writer writes it in a dialogue format, is also an element of creative writing, and for this one author might need to enroll in creative writing courses in New Zealand as this element is a bit riskier to follow. The exchange of words from one character to another also helps to build the character’s personality and how the writer would want the reader to perceive it.

Dialogues make the job easier for the writer but only if it is followed properly. These were a few elements of creative writing that if incorporated into the writing format can add a feather to the writers’ cap. To learn them in detail and how to sharpen the edges of the creative skills let’s move to the next section.

You May Also Want to Know About the Other Lucrative Courses in New Zealand:

Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand

Creative writing can come naturally to writers and it is the portrayal of the creative minds on work, but if a writer wants to ace up the game and enter into this industry, it is highly advised to enroll in a professional course first which can brush up the skills quite beautifully. The Creative courses in New Zealand can not only help you with structuring the content but also marketing it so one could get the desired results.


IIM SKILLS is an online platform with 15000+ students under their guidance and five-star ratings from them. They claim to serve with a world-class education that is not restricted by any geographical location. Found and based in India, IIM SKILLS has proven to be the most efficient and true to their word platform in terms of providing high-class education.

Their niche is skills development courses which escalate the talents of the individuals and helps to reach heights with their skills mentorship. With lifetime access to reading and practical material, they are labeled as one of the best online platforms to provide education with real-time guidance.

Students of IIM SKILLS have always reviewed them with bright words as their services are often considered top-notch in the country and beyond. IIM SKILLS has outshined its institute with creative writing courses in New Zealand. Let us have a look at how was this possible.

  • IIM SKILLS has been at the top position in the online education system.
  • With expert mentors who are on the ground practicing and flourishing their careers and giving real insights into the industry.
  • Lectures that are not only informative but also interactive.
  • Students are considered to be the priority.
  • Lifetime Access to the academic material but also anytime guidance from mentors.
  • Certifications by IIM SKILLS and authorities in power.
  • Placement opportunities and internship programs pave the way for the career to follow.

In addition to the skill development courses, they plan to spread education in finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and business departments. 

Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand With IIM SKILLS Will Include the Following Curriculum:

  • A four-week live lectures content writing course which also includes SEO, Keyword research, and more.
  • A three-month internship program that is guaranteed but optional to the candidate
  • Free tools and plugins for sites, opportunities for freelancers, and placement opportunities to follow.
  • IIM SKILLS Certificate, Hubspot content marketing certification based in the USA, and test of legal English center at Cambridge based in the UK. 
  • Opportunity to set up your content writing agency, publish an e-book, blog posts with news channels, and more.

IIM SKILLS is known to be budget-friendly and the creative writing courses in New Zealand with IIM SKILLS is priced at 299.23 New Zealand dollars.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Here is the list of in-demand Online Creative Writing Course you must consider.

2. NZ Writers College

In the course of the journey of NZ writers college, which began back in 2005 with only 2 mentors and local students, they now top the list of creative writing courses in New Zealand with virtual education. Their prime focus is on three countries namely, the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand.

From two mentors, the number of mentors has increased to 22 international mentors, which has increased the number of students incredibly. If you want to get your books published, set up a content writing agency, get freelance opportunities or write for magazines and newspapers, they are the helpers at work with esteemed professional writers guiding you in the course.

They are Known to Best Provide Services to:

  • Someone looking for brushing up on creative writing skills
  • The specific field of writing
  • Someone who wants to work on their punctuality with work
  • Getting back on track
  • Marketing the content writing services

Types of Creative Writing Courses in New Zealand Available with them are:

  • Basics of Creative Writing
  • Advanced course
  • Short story writing
  • Flash Fictions
  • How to write a Novel
  • Poetry writing courses
  • Video Game writing course
  • Course on writing books for children

There are special courses available for a niche that the candidate would want to master and published writers who were once their students are an example of their exceptional services.


Call: 09 550 4635

Email: [email protected]

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3. Victoria University of Wellington

Give words to your voice and escalate your skills with a one-year full-time master’s program which can help the writer bring out the creative side of the writing. At Victoria University of Wellington, there are frequent workshops conducted by mentors from the International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML).

The university is the oldest and the most prestigious in New Zealand with 125 years of history aligned with it. Creative writing courses in New Zealand with Victoria University of Wellington is one university to look forward to with all practicing writers as tutors, with strong careers as examples to follow.

The set of programs and Ph.D. courses in creative writing can amplify the writing game for authors and have proved to do so in the past, with alumni being published authors today, the university proudly keeps the position one for the course.

 With the Creative Courses in New Zealand One can have the Following Takeaways:

  • Certain Scholarships and Prizes are available depending on the level of student
  • Wellington Doctoral scholarship available for candidates looking for a PhD
  • The campus is home to many content writers
  • The full-time and offline course
  • Opportunity to be a part of launch events, poetry nights, and plays at BATS
  • References available for placements
  • Placement opportunities, Connect with publishers, etc.

Types of Courses Available at the University:

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Master of Arts in Creative writing
  • Ph.D. in creative writing


Email[email protected]

Contact: 0800040404, +64 800842867 

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

 Q1: What are the best creative writing courses in New Zealand?

With an ample number of courses available in hand for creative writing, only a few can be of help to you. The search has to be short-listed based on the requirement of the candidate. For example, online or offline courses, placement requirements, internship programs, undergraduate or advanced, and much more. To name a few, IIM Skills, Udemy, Nz writers college, and Victoria University of Wellington are the ones that make it to the top of the list.

Q2: What are the elements of Creative writing?

Unlike many other types of writing formats, creative writing is something that doesn’t follow a format but is entirely dependent on the creative mind of the writer and thus, there are a few elements to incorporate into the writing to give the article a structure and something that connects the beginning to the end, leaves the reader with a takeaway. Character, plot, settings, themes, point of view, dialogue, and style are a few of the elements of content writing.

Q3: What are the career options available with creative writing?

Once the writer gets the piece of the art structured after getting professional guidance and the creative side has been brightened, the creative content writer can get into many specific fields of creative writing, for example, Script writing, poetry, fiction writers, screenwriters, lyricists, bloggers, writers with originality and entrepreneurs. 

Q4: What are the types of creative writings?

Similar to the limitless energy of creativity, creative writing can start anywhere and the end is far from imagination. Creativity lies in the minds of the author and it is his way of creative writing that has the beauty of merging earth into a parallel universe. If you are looking for an endpoint for creative writing, it is where the imagination of the mind stops and that is nowhere to be found at least at the time when we speak. Creative writings have many genres to them and the most common ones are, poetry, fiction writing, Memoir/ autobiography, Flash Fiction, screenplay, Drama, Novels, etc. 

Q5: What are creative writing techniques?

Creative writing techniques are unique to the author and entirely the choice of the writer. The techniques that can be followed are consideration of the audience (considering the mindset of the audience), Choice of the genre (horror, comedy, romantic, etc), Metaphors (personifying things, usage of the figure of speech), Point of view (it depends of the writer from whose lens he wants the reader to look at the situation), Rhymes, etc.


Creative writing is the most beautiful aspect of writing if you have the mind space to reach the sky while typing on your screens, it is something that makes your mind go on a ride and eventually bring the best out of the world. If that author resides in you, give the creative writing courses in New Zealand a shot. 

Happy Writing!

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