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Top 10 Business Analytics Courses In Canada With Placements

The job markets for artificial intelligence, data science, data analysts, business analysts, data architects, and data engineers are booming in Canada. As more and more organizations either launch new data science departments or expand existing departments to Canada, a lot of employment opportunities are arising in this particular industry. Jobs positions are plentiful in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver. If you are aiming to be a business analyst and hunting for business analytics courses in Canada, then this article is meant for you. Here, you will be provided with a list of institutes that are offering the best business analytics courses in Canada.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Canada

Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Canada

1. Seneca 

With the help of Seneca’s one-year certified professional business analytics courses in Canada, you will be able to build skills for identifying and acquiring useful data, get that data ready for analysis, perform analysis of data sets, and present findings in an easily readable format to help organizations in making well-informed business decisions. During the advanced business analytics courses in Canada, you will be taught topics like statistics required for analytics, security, and privacy for the domain of business analytics, data predictive analytics, and leadership in the business atmosphere.

Skills You Will Be Building:

  • Business analytics to assist evidence and proof-based decision-making
  • Developing software applications programs that are related to data management and handling
  • Entrepreneurial strategies to discover new business opportunities

Course Features:

  • Real-world Experience
  • Accessible Learning Experience and Services
  • Seneca Libraries
  • Global Opportunities


This program is delivered using a hybrid method which is to say that it applies flexible training options, personal (1:1) training, and facilitating outside-of-the-classroom experience. Hence, as a participant, you are asked to carry your laptop to enhance your training experience and confirm the successful conclusion of the course. 

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2.  Conestoga

Employees must be equipped with the methods, techniques, and abilities necessary for ongoing research and analysis of historical business performance to understand what transpired and why in today’s highly competitive world. The findings will be used by a skilled business analyst to support organizational change and business strategy. With the aid of these comprehensive business analytics courses in Canada, you will gain knowledge on how to explain, interpret, and support business decisions in particular data-propelled business areas. You will get better data literacy skills and a more analytical mentality, which will enable you to base your decisions on data more effectively. Descriptive and diagnostic analytics, two of the four forms of business analytics, is the emphasis of the Business Analytics Graduate Certification program. You will practice summing up data findings using these two types of analytics to convey what is happening in business right now and assist stakeholders in understanding what led to the result of your findings.

Other Available Courses in Canada:

3. Rotman School of Management

Rotman School of Management, in collaboration with online education giver Emeritus, provides one of Canada’s most complete business analytics courses. During the program, you will be able to enhance your data literacy and communicate successfully with data professionals to learn more regarding when to apply as well as how to explain prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics.

You will receive guidance on assessing different data analytics tools like regression analysis, machine learning, dashboards, and prediction models. You will implement procedures to apply scientific thoughts on businesses like analyzing cause as well as its effects in data assessment and designing an experiment. Lastly, you will build a deep knowledge of building a data-forced organization, comprising handling privacy issues and formulating strategies for cultivating evidence and proof-based decision-making.  

Program Curriculum:

Each lesson is designed to assist you in creating the story for your organization’s data literacy by enhancing your own data proficiency and helping you comprehend the benefits that high-quality data and professional analytics can provide for your company.

  • Module 1 – Data Foundations
  • Module 2 – Dashboarding
  • Module 3 – Introducing Prediction
  • Module 4 – Regression
  • Module 5 – Applying scientific thoughts on Prescriptive Analytics
  • Module 6 – Building a Data-powered Organisation

Course Features:

  • Try-it activities
  • Peer discussion groups
  • Crowdsourcing activities
  • Quizzes
  • Real-life applications assignments
  • Live workshops and seminars

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4. Desautels Faculty of Management

Being of the top business schools in Canada, the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University offers one of the finest business analytics courses in Canada. Today’s business experts, managers, and entrepreneurs must be able to make use of the power of data gathered by global organizations. Business leaders as well as technical leaders can communicate more effectively because of this advanced Business Analytics program.

The best characteristics of technical programs like data science programs and management majors are combined in this course. Strong managerial students will gain the ‘need-to-know’ skillset from data science, while students with exceptional technical skills will acquire the business skills needed to compete in the market. As a business analysis program participant, you will receive training in a wide range of analytics methods and tools that can be used in several managerial disciplines.

You can traverse the data world with the help of the business analytics specialization, which will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills that you need. This focus provides coursework from a range of managerial disciplines that have a strong practical as well as applied orientation.

5. Sauder School of Business

Analytics is an exciting, difficult, and rapidly expanding field. Data is in no short supply at cutting-edge organizations. However, they do suffer from a lack of skilled professionals who can analyze this data and apply it to drive responsible decisions. As businesses look for analysts to assist them in making strategic, data-driven decisions, opportunities are expected to grow within both the public and private sectors, according to experts.

The UBC Master of Business Analytics (MBAN) program trains you to fill this gap with equal parts data analysis and strategic decision-making. This acclaimed degree will not only equip you with the technical know-how to analyze substantial amounts of data in a year, but it will also get you ready for the business world. To prepare you to analyze data in a wider business context, the advanced business analytics courses in Canada offered by the institute include advanced analytics along with everything from marketing to operations.

Course Features:

  • Learning experiences
  • Internship programs
  • Interact with the persons who will teach you
  • Personalized Career Enhancement

6. DeGroote School of Business

Established in 1952, Degroote School of Business is one of the six faculties at McMaster University, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The institute offers specialized business analytics courses in Canada. Its business analysis program contains prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics programs along with other application courses. Besides the necessary year-one fundamental functional area of business programs, this unique program also offers basic courses in the prescriptive and predictive program during the second year. However, the majority of the programs ensure the utilization of pertinent analytics application software so that you are equipped with the essential analytics platform. 

Data analytics has been hailed as the next breakthrough for productivity and innovation by many business leaders. Data analytics is expected to experience the largest job increase of all professions in Canada. Students can choose from a wide range of careers in operations, finance, and marketing by specializing in business analytics. This business analytics program serves as the ideal gateway for useful professional titles like the SAP Business Combination Certification course and INFORMS Accredited Analytics Professional (CAP).

Course Outline:

  • Required Courses
  • Data Mining along with Business Intelligence
  • Modeling along with Analytics by the usage of Spreadsheets
  • Predictive Modeling and also Analytics
  • Global Environment, Business, and the Government
  • Strategic Management

Additional Two Optional from These Courses:

Highly Suggested Optional:

  • Business and Economic Predicting
  • Introduction to Finance & Technology or financial technology
  • Usage of Big Data within Finance
  • Dealing with the Execution of Enterprise Systems
  • Business Applications of AI and Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Analytics
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Strategic Marketing Analysis
  • Simulation for Business Analytics
  • Data Analytics by the usage of Python

Other Optional:

  • Portfolio Principles and Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Inventory handling and Production Arrangement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Acquirement
  • Solo Research Project within Business Analytics

7. Alberta School of Business

Established in 1916, the Alberta School of Business is a branch of the University of Alberta that is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The entirely research-oriented publicly funded institution offers two-year advanced business analytics courses in Canada. This MBA-degree business analysis course will you to complete the key business programs and also it focuses on the constantly growing domain of business analysis. The full-time business analytics program covers the foundations – of prescriptive, data examination and decision-making, and predictive analytics. 

The on-campus Programme Also Concentrates on the Below Mentioned Core Areas:

  • Financial Reporting and Assessment
  • Information on accountancy and internal decision making
  • Economic Fundamentals
  • Morals and CSR – that is Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Managerial Finance
  • Theories of Marketing Management
  • Data Evaluation and Decision Making
  • Controlling People
  • Leadership Skills

This program will help you to apply your theoretical knowledge of functional areas to examine regular organizational scenarios

The Programmes of the Business Analytics Course Are:

  • Operations handling
  • Introducing Business Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Simulation as well as Computer Modeling processes in Management
  • Decision Assistance Systems

8. HEC Montreal

Established in 1907, HEC Montreal, a branch of the University of Montreal, offers professionally certified MBA business analytics courses in Canada. The name of that program is Master of Science (MSc) in Data Science and Business Analytics. With the help of this program, you will become a specialist in analytics and data science to equip yourself to handle one of the biggest management concerns in the era of digital technology and also artificial intelligence. You’ll master the skills you will need for effective decision-making, increasing your capacity for innovation and competitiveness.

During the whole course, you will grasp the concepts for building models and advanced techniques in the machine or deep learning, modeling, statistics, and optimization. You will build the necessary skills for solving decision-making problems in handling like optimization models or building intricate data and problem-solving through programming language and relevant along with appropriate software. You will enhance your learning theories for optimizing business methods.

You can select the monitored project track to acquire practical work experience or discover a particular area of interest in the study-oriented hypothesis track. Companies emphasize the expertise students with this master’s degree have earned. Instances of newly proposed supervised projects provide proof of this.

Course Modules:

  • Analysis of data about sentiment analysis
  • Building predicting models about a business context like unsubscribing, sales, breakdowns, purchases, and cancellation
  • Credit risk modeling
  • Optimization of inventory handling
  • Customer division in a marketing context

9. Schulich School of Business

Investigate the limitless prospects in the rapidly growing field of business analytics. The ability to evaluate and interpret Big Data is becoming more and more in demand as business analytics gain prominence. The Schulich Master of Business Analytics (MBAN), a 12-month full-time program that is the first of its type in Canada, will equip you with the skills, knowledge, tools, and processes necessary to become an expert in this rapidly evolving, in-demand industry.

The program culminates in an Analytics Consulting Project, where you, the student, work with real data over the course of two terms to benefit the community. You will complete a practical, problem-driven analytics project and create workable business solutions through the usage of resources of the cutting-edge Deloitte Cognitive Analytics as well as Visualization Laboratory, mirroring actual “Big Data Contests.” You will interact with business leaders directly and hone your technical and organizational expertise.

Upon successful completion of the advanced business analytics courses in Canada, all Schulich students receive the SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) certification. The Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence validates the certificate as providing a curriculum that equips graduates with the skills and competencies required by industry. You will acquire the strategic mentality, technological know-how, and quantitative expertise required to facilitate data-driven business decision-making through Schulich’s MBA Business Analytics program.

Several industries, including e-commerce, finance, retail, and healthcare, are recognizing the value of analytics and recruiting highly skilled individuals to analyze big data, create value, and power decision-making as a result of increasing data made available by new technologies. The institute also offers MBA business analytics careers services through which you can access the center for career designing (CCD) and web access to the one-year job vacancies and postings, career technologies, and tools along with corporate information.

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10. IVEY Business School

Founded in 1922, the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey Business School is a part of the university and is situated in London, Ontario, Canada. Undergraduate, Ph.D., MBA, MFE, and MSc degrees are all offered full-time at Ivey. The institute provides extensive business analytics courses in Canada, wherein you will be developing the skills and abilities required to transform the vast amount of real-world data available today into insights that can be used to make business decisions. You will also learn how to produce insights that will open up new growth prospects and prepare businesses for changes in the market dynamics. 

Ivey Necessities and Key Programmes

Key Programmes

Art of Modeling:

As a participant, you will learn how to handle business decisions methodically, logically, and quantitatively in the Art of Modeling curriculum. The course covers data processing and visualization, mathematical and statistical model creation and development, evaluation of decision and outcome ambiguity, translation of analysis, and managerial business insights informed by data analysis in the process of value creation.

Instead of imitating conventional exercises, the case settings give students the chance to choose suitable and relevant analytics techniques from an unorganized environment, explain model output, arrange the data, and develop models to either make better decisions or respond to other people’s decisions more smartly. In conclusion, the course’s goal is to equip you with the skills necessary to apply data and also mathematical models to guide managerial decisions.

Business Statistics:

With the help of the essential statistical tools, you’ll learn in this comprehensive business analytics courses in Canada, you’ll be able to analyze information and data accurately and formulate an analytical strategy for comprehending and resolving challenging business issues.

Ivey Necessities:

This course concentrates on business basics – Strategy, Marketing, Accounting, Leadership, Operations, and Finance. You will be introduced to Ivey’s high-engagement case-based learning methodology. The course is designed to aid you in understanding materials for their courses throughout the program.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Accounting – Financial business transactions are recorded and used to guide and support decision-making
  • Business Communications – Learn how to customize your message to your audience and change your style to fit them.
  • Finance – Examining the financial issues that corporations confront, such as controlling exchange risk, determining taxes, cost of capital, and also capital budgeting
  • Leadership or Organizational Behaviour – Recognizing the factors that result in effective and poor team behaviour will enable you to supervise and participate in teams effectively
  • Marketing – Finding and maximizing market opportunities
  • Operations – Spotting and learning how successfully handling operations leads to customer value
  • Strategy – Core concepts as well as tools in terms of distinctions between functional, competitive, and corporate tactics and strategies, and competitive tactic and strategy

Course Outline:

First Semester

Key Programmes and Optional Courses

Primary Courses:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Simulation along with Risk Assessment

Optional Courses:

Choose One Option from the following:

  • Accountancy, Administration & Risk
  • Causal Conclusion
  • Contesting within and against China
  • Data Propelled Handling
  • Data Handling
  • Entrepreneurship as well as Growth
  • Bound Markets
  • Global Corporate Finance
  • Global Financial Markets
  • Global Supply Chain Handling
  • Disparity and Business
  • Prudent leadership
  • Macroeconomics meant for Managers
  • Coping with Risks in Companies
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Pricing along with Revenue Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics and also Digital Marketing
  • Maintainability
  • Systems Think
  • Technology and also Humanity

Key Course & Optional Courses:

Primary Course

Prescriptive Analytics and also Optimization:

The creation use, and concepts of optimization are all covered in this course. You will learn how to create models for decision issues using nonlinear, integer, and linear programming procedures, how to use the newest software to run these models, how to evaluate the results, and how to obtain managerial as well as business insights.

You can pick up three optional from the list above.

Why Select an MSC in Business Analytics?

  • The Ivey’s MSc degree certification in business analytics tackles any need for the latest brand of manager – professionals who are aware of what explains a business best practice and can put that knowledge into practice
  • Convert real-life data into workable insights for business decision-making
  • Gain an entrance to the industries where the demand for analytically minded folks is rising
  • Establish yourself as unique by building a collection of useful and recognizable skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the employment rate in Canada?

In October 2022, Canada’s unemployment rate was 5.2%, which was unchanged from the previous month and topped market expectations of 5.3%, indicating that the country’s job market is still tight. At 1,073,400, the number of jobless people was essentially unchanged from the previous month. In the meanwhile, employment increased by 108,300 and touched 19,656,200, the biggest gain since February and much more than the predicted 10,000 new positions.

Q2. What is the scope of data professionals in Canada?

In Canada, the average salary for data scientists is higher than in the majority of countries. Students can choose from a variety of jobs because of the demand for and diversity of a data science degree. Data scientists in Canada typically earn Rs. 5500000 per year. The starting salary for data scientists in Canada is worth about Rs. 4500000, while the most experienced professionals can expect to make up to roughly Rs. 8000000 per annum. Given the importance of data science professionals in Canada, students should acquire the necessary skills.

Q3. What is the duration of the business analytics courses in Canada?

Although the course duration varies depending on the institute you have chosen, usually, the average course duration is between one and two years.

Q4. What is the course fee?

See, the course fee varies as per the institution and, according to the facilities and benefits they offer.


With it being one of the top and most famous countries to pursue higher education, Canada offers an outstanding job market, and data analytics and data science are fascinating domains to study and work or make your career in. You may get a list of the best 10 business analysis programs in Canada in this post. Now that you have carefully read about the characteristics, advantages, and facilities various programs are offering, it is up to you to choose the institution.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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