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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses In Sharjah With Placements

The phrase analytics has become more prominent over the past decade or so. Analytics has become increasingly significant in the modern period due to the rise of the internet and other information technologies. Business analytics is a lucrative and in-demand career path. The reports of business analysts are critical for corporate decision-making, and their remuneration reflects this. If you’re thinking about changing careers or transforming into a business professional, you might be asking whether you require a business analyst certification to prove your worth to employers. Obtaining a certification allows you to improve your abilities. In this post, we’ll look at the multiple business analytics courses in Sharjah.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Sharjah

What if You Can Somehow Look Back on Your Past Company Performances and Outcomes and Utilize That Knowledge to Plan for the Future?

That is essentially the goal of business analytics. Business analytics comprises analyzing data to develop prediction models, using optimization strategies, and presenting the outcomes to staff and consumers. It applies a data-driven technique to the business environment, focusing on statistics and data modeling to provide business insights.

Every firm in today’s business climate is seeking a solution to make their informed decisions more efficient, and business analytics provides them with that edge. What distinguishes business analytics is its ability to be utilized in a variety of contexts.

Business Analytics Evolution

Business analytics has been around for a long time and has grown as newer and better technology has been available. Its origins may be traced back to operations research, which has been widely employed during World War II as an analytical method for conducting military operations. This strategy gradually gained popularity in the commercial world. Operations research developed into management science at this point. Again, the foundation of management science was the same as that of operations research in terms of data, decision-making models, and so on.

Management science transformed into business intelligence, decision-making systems, and Computer software as economies developed and corporations grew more competitive.

Business Analytics’ Scope

Business analytics has several applications and applications. It could be employed for descriptive analysis, which uses data to comprehend the past and present. This type of descriptive statistical analysis is applied to assess the company’s present market position and the efficacy of earlier business decisions.

It is utilized for predictive analysis, which is commonly used to evaluate past company performance.

Prescriptive Analysis is also used in business analytics to develop optimization approaches for improved business performance.

Business Analytics, for example, is being used to calculate the pricing of various items in a shopping mall based on previous and present data.

The Significance of Business Analytics

  • Organizations use business analytics to make data-driven choices. Business analytics provides businesses with a fantastic perspective and insight into how they might become even more effective, and these findings will allow such businesses to streamline and automate their operations. It should go without saying that firms that are data-driven and incorporate business analytics outperform their competition. This is because the insights provided through business analytics allow them to comprehend why specific results are attained, investigate more effective business procedures, and even anticipate the likelihood of certain outcomes.
  • Business analytics provides enough assistance and cover for companies trying to make proactive decisions. Organizations may also use business analytics to automate their whole decision-making process, allowing them to provide real-time reactions as needed.
  • One obvious benefit of business analytics is that it aids in the acquisition of critical company information. This is accomplished by providing the necessary data to work with. This not only makes decision-making more productive but also easier.
  • Performance is one area in which business analytics can immediately assist any corporation. Since its inception, business analytics has contributed a lot in supporting firms in enhancing their efficiency. Business analytics collects a large number of data in a timely and readily examined manner. This helps companies make better decisions more rapidly.
  • Business analytics assists firms in risk reduction. It may help organizations reduce short and long-term risk by assisting them in making the proper decisions based on accessible data like customer requirements, trends, and so on.

There is no doubt that business analytics has changed the dynamics and operations of firms. Its significance cannot be overstated, and with increasing numbers of businesses relying on it for decision-making, it is an aspect your company should consider integrating if it hasn’t already.

Why Choose Business Analytics

  • You can emerge your ideas if you are interested in issue solving.
  • You may also put unique ideas into action if you come across them.
  • If you want to make the world a better place, business analytics will enable you to accomplish it. You must visit many areas of society and speak with the people.
  • You should be intrigued enough to inquire.
  • This is an excellent career for you if you can grasp what others are expressing and what they desire.
  • This course is ideal if you want extensive expertise in commercial and technical domains.
  • If you like employment stability and a high-paying career, this course is for you.

As a result, possessing these interests is essential for a position in business analytics.

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The Pros of Business Analytics

  • Enhance Customer Service:

Customers are spoilt by the variety of options accessible to them. They use analytics to guarantee that businesses can keep their customers. Companies, for example, could investigate the link between consumers and historical purchasing patterns. They may use this knowledge to study patterns and improve the efficiency of their website. It might be as simple as customers adding a push prompt product to their shopping basket. In general, this would result in better customer service and, as a result, more loyalty.

  • Make Well-Informed Choices:

Businesses may also outsource portions of their activities to enhance productivity. They need to know which supplier will provide more money when selecting a vendor to do so. Analytics based on user evaluations may be used to monitor order delivery speed, consistency, and so on. These statistics assist them in determining which option is best for the organization.

  • Reduce Employee Sales:

Businesses must pay significant annual costs for worker onboarding and turnover. HR practitioners may utilize predictive approaches to save time and money by determining the likelihood of an employee who has been associated with the company community, how pleased they are with their present position, and other relevant concerns. People who will stay in the organization for a long time will be simpler to recall if they are acquainted with these reactions.

  • Performance Improvement:

Workers’ productivity is not always constrained. Businesses should also assess and learn about alternative tools. The grocery shop chain, for example, reduced cooling expenses by simply detecting the temperature changes of in-store refrigerators. It was discovered that far too many degrees below than necessary were maintained in the freezers, increasing electricity usage. As a result, the cost of energy fell while maintaining optimal food storage by boosting the temperature.

  • Detecting Fraud:

Finance firms have started employing fraud reduction analytics. One method is to use data from an audit of previous customer transactions to discover potentially suspicious purchases. Businesses employ predictive analytics to establish customer profiles and risk levels. The relevance of business analytics methodology assists in assessing the likelihood of losses and creating stronger consumer interactions with customers.

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Professionals in Business Analytics Have a Bright Future

The future of business analytics is quite bright, therefore professionals wishing to create a career in this field are in for a ride of a lifetime. This also implies that the need for such specialists will grow, so having some cards under your sleeve will give you an advantage. Pursuing online analytics classes is one approach to developing your abilities and offering yourself an advantage. Online analytics classes from reputable platforms may provide you with the most up-to-date tools and technology that other applicants may be unaware of. 

As a new-age business working with updates through social media and news, you receive a lot of information about your customers or potential customers. All data items that reach you, whether from formal or informal sources, must be turned into knowledge that you can utilize to make decisions. Right present, data is the most important component of a company’s business strategy and long-term goals.

When data is transformed into information, the result is intelligence or analytics. These ideas are discussed in depth in business analytics courses in Sharjah

List of Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

Let’s Discuss the List of Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah Below:

1. Middlesex University Dubai

The Middlesex University Dubai provides business analytics courses in Sharjah. Their business analytics program is designed to equip you for the difficulties of management in a complex international setting. You will get a grasp of the basic disciplines which contribute to the understanding of administration while being accompanied by world-class instructors from leading worldwide corporations with a combination of theoretical and practical experience.

An emphasis on both practice and theory is key to the approach. In class, you will participate in a range of learning activities such as lectures, seminars, and guest speaker addresses. You will get hands-on experience through the well-established International MBA program, as well as a variety of professional development activities that will provide you with the management, communication, and cross-cultural skills needed to further your career. The climax of your MBA will involve a large practice-based assignment that you can tailor to your interests and career goals by choosing between consulting, entrepreneurship, or applied research.

Courses Include:

  • Strategy and Innovation 
  • Financial and Economic Analysis
  • Managing and Developing People 
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Personal and Professional Development 
  • Business Transformation Project 
  • Consultancy Project

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. University of Wollongong Dubai

The University of Wollongong Dubai offers one of the best business analytics courses in Sharjah. The Master of Business Analytics program will help you build technical, quantitative, rational reasoning, and decision-making abilities while also teaching you how to use them in a global, modern corporate setting. This degree was developed in conjunction with Statistical Analysis System (SAS), a global analytics company with over 40 years of experience in 147 countries.

As more businesses rely on data gathering to stay competitive, there has never been a greater need for competent Business Analytics Specialists. If you want to specialize as a Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Investment Banker, Statistical Analyst, Management Consultant, or Competitive Research Analyst, the Master in Business Analytics degree is for you.

Course Objectives:

This program will educate you on how and where to integrate your quantitative, analytical, critical reasoning, and decision-making skills in a global, modern corporate setting.

Graduates will be able to assist firms in efficiently implementing data-driven innovations to organizational processes, brands, and solutions, and start order to boost efficiency and provide value.

3. Exeed College

The one-year fully certified and globally recognized Executive MBA in Business Analytics program is designed for career-progressing management professionals and will prepare them for employment in Marketing, Research, Operations, IT, Supply Chain, and Consultancy, among other fields. The curriculum assists in developing deep expertise in the skills required to adopt and manage data-driven business choices.

This Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah is a sophisticated curriculum developed for management professionals seeking worldwide managerial or senior administration jobs in global firms. Learners will get a postgraduate diploma in Business Analytics from Cambridge International Qualifications, UK, as well as an MBA in Business Analytics from Universidad Católica de Murcia, UCAM, upon completion of the program.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental values and concepts of business analytics, as well as their application in companies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to generate acceptable graphical and mathematical descriptive statistics for various types of data and utilize them to make decisions.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of analytics in various corporate areas including marketing, procurement, human resources, and so on.
  • Application of various numerical and quantitative approaches, as well as data visualization tools, to business challenges.

Course Content:

  • Key terminologies
  • Classification and collection of data
  • Good and bad datasets
  • Graphical and tabular presentation of data
  • Measures of variations
  • Statistical graphics and their uses
  • Big data and its applications
  • Data analysis and decision making
  • Sampling and sampling techniques
  • Statistical data analysis methods
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Regression and Statistics
  • Multivariate analysis

Course Name: MBA in Business Analytics

Fee: AED 32,000

Duration: 12 months

4. ExcelR

ExcelR developed the Certified Business Analyst Course in collaboration with IT behemoth IBM. IBM certifies students once they pass the written test. In recent years, there has been significant growth in the need for business analysts. This has several chances for those with backgrounds apart from programming.

Companies all around the world have opted to analyze large volumes of data collected as part of their day-to-day operations. The study aids these companies in getting critical insights that propel revenue to new heights.

ExcelR has built a program that fulfills a market need as one of the pioneers in training and skill development learners in the Business Analytics sector. ExcelR is well-known not just for its curriculum but also for its service. A specialized assignments staff aids students in resolving their problems.

Course Contents:

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Basics
  • Python Basics
  • Agile

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5. UAEU – United Arab Emirates University

The UAEU postgraduate Business Analytics program presents a wide range of information technologies, along with analytical models and methodologies for transforming corporate data into useful information, ideas, and, ultimately, digital assets. The curriculum includes both the foundations and advanced applications of statistical data, visualization techniques, machine learning, database management, optimization, and other analytical methodologies. The program is distinguished by three characteristics: the importance placed on real-world applications that cover various functions within the organization; the enrichment of lecture materials through professional exposure to cutting-edge software tools; and the program’s structured approach, which permits the finalization of a capstone particular project on a data-driven real issue provided by a client company.

Every course is given intensely in nine 5-hour overuse over an eight-week semester. Each semester has two eight-week periods in the fall and spring. Two courses are available each term.

Course Objectives:

  • Evaluate different information and communication technologies, as well as quantitative models and techniques, for converting data into information, knowledge, and, eventually, digital assets, using sophisticated and specialized skills.
  • Consider analytical models, approaches, and tools based on the issue context, business objectives, and data sources.
  • Bring innovative analytical methods to data-driven challenges in business and industry, such as statistical data, data analytics, and optimization.
  • Create ground-breaking research-driven solutions for generating actionable insights, making long-term choices, and developing new business models.
  • Effectively convey the findings and interpretations of data-driven studies of commercial and industrial difficulties to specialist and non-specialized audiences, vocally, graphically, and in writing.
  • Fully autonomous, entrepreneurial skills, and with leadership, carry out business analytics operations and initiatives.
  • Conduct all business analytics operations and projects as a productive and collaborative team member.
  • Consider sociocultural norms while implementing privacy, morals, and guidelines in corporate analytics.

Let us now go through some of the most often-asked questions about business analytics courses in Sharjah.

FAQs on top business analytics courses in Sharjah

Q1. What exactly is Business Analytics?

Company analytics refers to the skills, technology, and techniques used for iteratively exploring and investigating historical business performers to obtain insight and drive business strategy.

Q2. From a professional standpoint, how valuable are Business Analytics courses in Sharjah?

From a quantitative standpoint, a master’s degree in business analytics might be an excellent value offer. There are several good institutions with excellent programs.

Q3. Why do individuals pursue a career in Business Analytics?

Studying business analytics because it helps them decide how to employ data as well as what models can be used to improve their businesses.

Conclusion on the top business analytics courses in Sharjah

The fact is that employers want someone who can perform the job well and want proof of it. The less time they have to spend teaching you, the sooner you will be able to start proving your worth. As a result, business analytics courses in Sharjah are required. You should be able to demonstrate proficiency with programs such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel, in addition to a programming language such as SQL, if you want to work as an IT business analyst or a broader general business analyst.

If you enroll in either of the business analytics courses in Sharjah described in this article, you will learn how to utilize these tools and complete projects that correspond to the real-world activities you will have to perform as a business analyst. This enables you to put your skills to the test and create a portfolio of your work to offer potential employers.

We feel that a skill certification that specifically showcases your talents in action, in complement to your portfolio, is far more important than a broad business analyst certification. Passing this level of exam will demonstrate your ability to work with stakeholders to establish project needs and turn data you’ve obtained into appropriate visual aids that will guide decision-makers on their next actions. So, improving your portfolio and earning certification by enrolling in any of the business analytics courses in Sharjah can help you become a business analyst and ensure your success in your career path.

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