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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses In Dubai With Live Training

In the last decade or two, the term analytics has risen to the fore. Because of the expansion of the internet and information technology, analytics has become extremely important in the modern era. Business analytics is a rewarding and in-demand job path. Business analysts’ reports are essential for organizational decision-making, and their pay reflects this. If you’re considering a career change or becoming a business professional, you may be wondering if you need a business analyst certification to convince companies that you’re competent. Getting a certification helps you to enhance your skills. In this article, we’ll look at the various business analytics courses in Dubai, as well as their worth and how you may demonstrate your abilities to companies.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Dubai

The potential benefits of data analysis are nearly limitless. People who can evaluate raw data sets and draw conclusions—for example, in sales data, customer data, or staff data—have become indispensable in many firms. To make sense of all that data, employees with the titles “business analyst” or “data analyst” will use similar analytical abilities and technologies.

Business analytics has been around for a long time and has grown as newer and better technology has been available. Its origins can be traced back to operations research, which was widely used during World War II. This strategy gradually gained popularity in the commercial world. Operations research evolved into management science at this point. Again, the foundation of management science was the same as that of operations research in terms of data, decision-making models, and so on.

Management science evolved into business intelligence, decision support systems, and PC software as economies developed and corporations grew more competitive.

Before we move on to the list of business analytics courses in Dubai, let’s see the importance of business analytics.

Importance of Business Analytics

A business analytics methodology or tool is used to make sound commercial decisions. As a result, it has an impact on the overall operation of the company. As a result, business analytics can assist enhance a company’s profitability, gain market share and revenue, and give a better return to shareholders.

Business analytics is a tool used by organizations to make data-driven choices. Businesses may optimize and automate their processes by using business analytics, which gives them a great overview and insight into how they might become more efficient. It is not surprising that businesses that use business analytics and are data-driven outperform their rivals. This is because the insights offered by business analytics enable them to comprehend how particular results are achieved, look into more efficient business procedures, and even estimate the likelihood of specific outcomes.

It improves knowledge of accessible primary and secondary data, which has an impact on the operational efficiency of numerous departments.

Companies benefit from a competitive advantage. In this digital age, the flow of information is nearly equal for all players. The company’s competitiveness is determined by how this information is used. To improve company decisions, business analytics combines existing data with numerous well-thought-out models.

Business analytics also provides enough support and coverage for companies trying to make proactive decisions. Businesses can employ business analytics to fully automate their decision-making process, enabling them to respond in real time as required.

The collection of crucial company information is a clear advantage of business analytics. It does this by giving the right information to work with. Decision-making is not only more effective but also simpler as a result.

It converts readily available data into useful information. This information can be presented in any format that the decision-maker prefers. Since its debut, business analytics has played an important role in assisting businesses in improving their efficiency. Business analytics gathers a significant amount of data quickly and conveniently. This enables businesses to reach better decisions faster.

Business analytics assists firms in risk reduction. It can help businesses reduce short and long-term risk by assisting them in making the proper decisions based on accessible data like customer preferences, trends, and so on.

Professional Courses To Pursue

There is no doubt that business analytics has changed the dynamics and operations of businesses. Its importance cannot be emphasized, and since more and more companies are using it to make decisions, your firm should think about incorporating it if it hasn’t already.

Let us now see the list of business analytics courses in Dubai

The first institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai is Simplilearn.

1. Simplilearn

In this program, you will develop a data mentality and analytical abilities to comprehend and convey data for business problems. This Business Analytics certification course will demystify data analysis and provide you with the skills you need to apply it to your work or advance your education, regardless of your job function or educational experience. The specific skills necessary in the field of business analytics are covered in this highly engaging, market-driven course on business analytics, covering Excel, SQL, R, Python, data visualization tools, and many others. Working on projects related to your sector will allow you to obtain on-the-job experience through our curriculum.

Course Features:

  • Carlson School of Management program certificate and participation in the Simplilearn University of Minnesota Alumni Association
  • Live online Masterclasses from renowned UMN faculty
  • IBM credentials that are accepted in the industry for IBM courses
  • Masterclasses, Ask Me Anything sessions, and hackathons led by IBM specialists
  • 12+ hands-on projects connected with several industry verticals
  • 14+ practical tools and frameworks to improve the effectiveness of your work
  • Case-based, industry-relevant education

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The second institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai is the University of Wollongong Dubai.

2. University of Wollongong Dubai

Business analysts help organizations interpret obtained data by employing various statistical methodologies and techniques to monitor business performance and provide insights for better business decisions. Using predictive data analytics would allow a company to analyze and predict business and industry trends, allowing it to make informed decisions that would help it expand.

The Master of Corporate Analytics program will assist you in developing technical, analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making skills, as well as teaching you how to apply these to an international, modern business context. This degree was created in collaboration with Statistical Analysis System (SAS), a worldwide analytics leader that has been operating in 147 countries for over 40 years.

The maximum number of subjects required to graduate from the Master of Business Analytics degree is 10 – 12. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant business area or a UOWD Graduate Certificate in Business, you may be able to complete the MBA program in ten (10) subjects by UOWD’s Credit for Prior Learning policy, which must be decided in consultation with UOWD’s Faculty of Business office before the start of the program.

Our relationship with SAS will give you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain access to a large range of information and technologies extensively utilized in the industry. You will also be awarded the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) specialized certification upon graduation, which will help to improve your work chances.

As more firms rely on data acquisition to stay competitive, the demand for qualified Business Analytics Specialists has never been greater. The Master of Business Analytics degree is for you if you wish to work as a Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Analyst, Hedge Fund Manager, Quantitative Analyst, Data Engineer, Management Consultant, or Market Research Analyst.

Course Outcomes:

This degree will teach you how to apply your technical, analytical, critical thinking, and decision-making abilities in an international, modern business context.

Graduates of this program will be able to help organizations effectively execute data-driven improvements to business processes, products, services, and strategies to increase efficiencies and add value.

Job Opportunities:

  • Data Scientists
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Hedge Fund Managers 

The third institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai is the University of Dubai.

3. University of Dubai

The University of Dubai, in collaboration with Michigan State University, is offering a 100% online Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics, which provides a fundamental understanding of how to use data to increase business performance, decision-making speed, and long-term plan formulation.

Over six months, you will be able to complete three courses that will prepare you to become a Data Analyst who predicts and delivers business decisions in specific areas using business analytics software and tools, all while ensuring you are focusing on the issues that matter to the business and avoiding time wasted on the ones that don’t.

You will be able to develop techniques for analyzing social media, geospatial, mobile, location-based, video, and imagery data as part of the Business Analytics training program, as well as investigate how external data and internal data spread across departmental silos and systems can be mined and modeled to solve complex business problems.

The University of Dubai’s Business Analytics training course will guide you through advanced analysis capabilities, allowing you to realize new opportunities and develop innovative solutions that can be applied across a variety of functional areas, including Customer Service, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, and Procurement, as well as multiple industries and fields, including Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retail.

The curriculum is designed exclusively for students seeking a solid foundation of knowledge and applicable techniques in Business Analytics.

With this master’s Certificate in Data Analytics from Michigan State University, you can harness the potential of big data and learn how to gather, structure, interpret, and utilize data.

Course Learnings:

This certificate program requires three eight-week courses. Each build on the before offering you a thorough understanding of business, data management, and application.

Increase your data intelligence to better comprehend and apply your data and connect your skills to a developing market.

Understand today’s analytics landscape, as well as analytics problem identification and structure, as well as data privacy and ethical problems.

Understand the most important analytical, modeling, statistical, and programming tools.

Examine the most recent industry trends and expectations, such as how to exploit geographical data from mobile and social media generation, and how to understand client lifetime value.

Use analytics to grow a company’s value chain, marketing/sales, HR operations, and more.

Other Courses Available in Dubai:

You Will Be Able To:

  • Develop completely functional applications using business analytics software and technologies after completing this course.
  • Solve company problems with effective data-driven solutions.
  • Understand data within a company and how to improve decision-making.
  • Statistical approaches should be used to analyze data.

The fourth institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai is ExcelR.

4. ExcelR

ExcelR created the Certified Business Analyst Course in partnership with IT giant IBM. After passing the written exam, students are certified by IBM.

The demand for business analysts has increased dramatically in recent years. This has created several opportunities for those with backgrounds other than programming.

Why Attend a Business Analyst Course with ExcelR:

Companies across the world have chosen the approach of analyzing massive amounts of data generated as part of their operations. The analysis assists these businesses in gaining vital insights that boost profitability to new heights.

ExcelR, as one of the pioneers in upskilling learners in the Data Analytics industry, has developed a curriculum that precisely meets market demand. ExcelR is well-known for its service in addition to its curriculum. There is a dedicated assignments team that assists students in resolving their issues.

Course Contents:

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Basics
  • Python Basics
  • Agile

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The fifth institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai is Global Business Advisor.

5. Global Business Advisor

Global Business Advisors (Corporate Training Providers), as the name implies, is a one-stop shop for a variety of training requirements. It operates in 15 countries and provides a wide range of bespoke training programs. GBA serves the UAE market by providing corporate training in over 200 courses.

This program is specifically designed to improve business analysts’ core knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities and functions.

You will learn about effective approaches and the best strategies for developing supplies for business system projects. You will learn how to gather the requirements from users and stakeholders.

The sixth institute on the list of business analytics courses in Dubai in United Arab Emirates University.

Also check,

6. United Arab Emirates University

The postgraduate Company Analytics program at UAEU introduces numerous information technologies, as well as analytical models and methods, for transforming business data into information, knowledge, and, eventually, digital assets. The program covers both the fundamentals and advanced applications of statistics, visual analytics, machine learning, data analytics, optimization, and other analytical approaches. The program is distinguished by three features: the emphasis on real-world applications in various functional areas of business; the enrichment of lecture materials through practical experience with cutting-edge software tools; and the flexible program structure, which allows for the completion of a capstone project based on a data-driven real-world problem provided by a client company.

During an eight-week term, each course is presented intensively in nine 5-hour sessions. The Fall and Spring semesters each have two eight-week terms. Each term, two courses are offered.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Through sophisticated and specialized expertise, evaluate various information technologies, as well as analytical models and procedures, for translating data into information, knowledge, and, ultimately, digital assets.
  • Based on the problem context, business objectives, and data sources, choose descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical models, methodologies, and tools.
  • Apply advanced analytical tools, such as statistics, data analytics, and optimization, to data-driven problems in business and industry.
  • Create revolutionary research-driven solutions for gaining actionable insights, making sustainable decisions, and creating new business models.
  • Effectively communicate the results and interpretation of data-centric studies of business and industrial challenges to expert and non-specialized audiences, verbally, visually, and in writing.
  • Execute business analytics operations and projects autonomously, entrepreneurially, and with leadership.
  • As an effective and collaborative team member, carry out business analytics activities and initiatives.
  • Implement privacy, ethics, and governance principles in business analytics while considering socio-cultural norms.

Let us now go through some of the commonly asked questions regarding business analytics courses in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are business analytics and data science the same?

Before enrolling in any course from the list of our business analytics courses in Dubai, you must understand the difference between business analytics and data science.

Data analytics, business analytics, and data science are all words that are occasionally used interchangeably. Whereas data scientists focus on data creation, development, and modeling, data analysts examine trends within huge data sets to derive conclusions and frequently generate visualizations to assist corporations in making strategic decisions. Data analysts can use a range of technologies to address real-world business issues, such as why a marketing effort failed or why sales are growing year over year.

If you choose to pursue any of the business analytics courses in Dubai, then you will end up in functional jobs, such as becoming a business analyst or marketing analyst. 

Q2. What is the scope of Business Analytics?

Business analytics has numerous applications and uses. This type of descriptive analysis is used to assess the company’s present market position and the efficacy of earlier business decisions.

It is utilized for predictive analysis, which is commonly used to evaluate past business performance.

The prescriptive analysis is also used in business analytics to develop optimization approaches for improved business performance.

For example, business analytics is used to calculate the pricing of various products in a department store based on historical and current data.

Q3. Which are the types of business analytics?

After pursuing business analytics courses in Dubai, you will be working in any type of business analytics.

Various business analytics talents can be used in a variety of business analytics applications, such as:

Descriptive Analytics

What is currently occurring in my business:

Insights specialists can obtain thorough, accurate, up-to-the-minute analytics by mining and aggregating raw data through a real-time dashboard. Despite being the least useful step in the big data value chain, data mining can nevertheless be valuable for spotting patterns of behavior that may have an impact on future outcomes.

Diagnostic Analytics

To figure out what happened and why diagnostic analytics examine the historical performance of campaigns and processes. It eliminates all ambiguous data to pinpoint a precise cause-and-effect link.

Predictive Analytics

Based on insights from big data, probable scenarios of what can happen can be predicted using statistical models and forecasting techniques. Complex forecasts can be supported by this kind of analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics concentrates on the recommended course of action. Prescriptive analytics provides you with a far more targeted response to a certain topic than big data analytics, which might shed light on a particular business area.


The truth is that companies want someone who can execute the job well and require confirmation of it. The less time they must spend on training you, the sooner you can start establishing your worth. So, it is necessary to pursue business analytics courses in Dubai

Whether you want to be an IT business analyst or a more general business analyst, you should be able to demonstrate expertise with software such as Microsoft Power BI and Excel, as well as a programming language such as SQL.

You’ll learn how to use these apps and complete the projects that match the real-world duties you’ll have to do as a business analyst if you enroll in any of the business analytics courses in Dubai listed in this article. This allows you to put your talents to the test and compile your work into a portfolio that you can show potential employers.

A skill certification that precisely displays your abilities in action, in addition to your portfolio, we believe is considerably more valuable than a general business analyst certification. Passing an exam of this level will demonstrate your ability to collaborate with stakeholders to define project needs and convert data you’ve gathered into effective visual aids that will advise decision-makers on their next steps. 

So, developing your portfolio and obtaining certification by pursuing any of the courses from the list of business analytics courses in Dubai will assist you in becoming a business analyst and ensuring that you can succeed in your career path.

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