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Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Dubai With Placements

Traditionally technical writing meant the methodology of documenting processes that are difficult for a layman to understand and which included technical jargon that needed to be broken down in simple conversational language for the consumers of the product to figure how to use or set them up via instruction manuals.


Technical writing courses in Dubai


If you have a blog that consists of technical articles, then you would need to use search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, which would drive visitor traffic to your website. You can look up the basics of SEO to know more.


Various institutes provide technical writing courses in Dubai. In this article, we shall be providing information on some of the top institutes that provide technical writing courses in Dubai, both offline and online.


Qualifications required for a technical writing career:


Employers would most likely prefer candidates whose educational background includes an undergraduate degree in English or Literature, for example. Even those with a degree in Journalism can find employment in this sector. For joining any of the technical writing courses in Dubai, it would help if one has a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic as it is widely spoken in Dubai.


Career prospects in technical writing:


With the increasing prevalence of technology in everyday lives and its omnipresent attribute leaving no aspect of life untouched, from mobile phones, automobiles, to even how we make our morning cup of coffee, technical writers have become an indispensable part of any firm rather than an option.

Business organizations these days are willing to spend a significant amount of their budget on good quality content to reach out to their target audience with appropriate communication. This is where good writing skills play an important role.


Industries that Hire the Most Technical Writers:


The sectors that currently employ the most writers are professional, technical, and scientific services at 35 percent, followed by manufacturing at 15 percent; administrative and publishing sectors at 9 percent and 6 percent respectively, according to a report released by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics.


Technical writing challenges:


  • Last-minute updates from the client in the form of a change in specification or other unforeseen developments can be a nightmare for technical writers. Researching and writing take time. Yet to cope with inevitable changes like these, it is important to realize that the documentation is never truly complete until it is released into the public domain.


  • Using the right set of authoring tools will help ease the process of technical writing. There are various options out there for writers to use. Choosing the right one that is easy and intuitive to use can help greatly in their career. For example, Trello is a great tool that will help organize your projects based on their state of completion.


  • Keeping in touch with Small and Medium Industries (SME’s), which are the main source of information for a technical writer due to their sheer number. Generally, not all of them would be ready to co-operate and answer all your questions. Making a plan and noting down thIe questions to be asked before the meeting would be a great time saver and it would be a good practice to record the interview as well.


Key Characteristics of Technical Writing:


Technical writing, as is the case with all forms of writing, has characteristics that help to distinguish it from other types of writing. It is very different from writing novels both fiction and non-fiction, essays, poems, etc.


Technical documents are written in a more formal style of writing as opposed to one that is academic or creative.

  • Clarity – Technical writing should as a rule always put forth information clearly, leaving little or no room for misunderstanding. The use of clear, concise sentences is an absolute must. Additionally, the sentences must be ideally between 15 to 25 words per sentence.
  • The language used in technical writing should be to the point, describing the procedures in chronological order.
  • Straightforward – This type of writing is fairly straightforward; it requires relaying information in a way that is direct and straight to the point, without being too eloquent. While writing a technical article do also remember to use an active voice.
  • Emphasize – Do repeat certain important points or details for stronger emphasis so that the reader knows that this particular step cannot be ignored.
  • Detailed – Technical writing has to be presented in a detailed and informative way, leaving nothing ambiguous. A good example of technical writing would be a textbook or an instruction manual for setting up a television. In both, the subject matter is presented without being ambiguous.
  • Should be able to skim through – Technical documentation should ideally be designed with the idea in mind that readers will most likely scan for the important parts to easily find the information they need. Thoughtful headings and include a table of contents would be helpful in this regard.


Popular Technical Writing Tools


Using Document360:  you can write any kind of technical writing not limited to user manuals or memos. You can write content like product descriptions, white papers, business proposals, etc. To deliver exactly what your customer requires, the right technical writing tool needs to be chosen.

Similar tools: Bloomfire, Confluence & Caspio


Adobe Framemaker is ideal for industrial-sized documents that run into a few hundred pages. It has ready-to-use templates that comply with industry standards such as legal agreements and financial statements. It also supports graphics. There are many other low-cost or free document authoring tools available.

Similar tools: Oxygen XML Author, Twixl & Microsoft Publisher


Adobe RoboHelp is an industry-standard tool that is used to create systems that provide for contextual help database for desktop and web-based applications. Whenever you reach for the F1 key to look for help, the window that pops up is most likely created by RoboHelp. It is also used to make guides and training manuals.

Similar tools: FlowShare, Doc-O-Matic & Contenta Publishing Suite


Recently, Dillinger Markdown Editor has garnered a fair amount of interest and attention. Markdown was initially developed as an easier-to-use alternative when compared to HTML. The idea was to assist those who didn’t have much HTML experience to create web pages easily using everyday writing. The rise in popularity of the tool grew as more and more people became aware of its ease of use.

Similar tools: AsciiDoc, StackEdit & iA Writer


SnagIt is an easy-to-use and versatile screen capture software from TechSmith which is targeted at marketers and technical writers. SnagIt works on both Windows and Mac OS. You can capture a screenshot and save them in PNG or JPG image formats.

Similar tools: Screenpresso, Ashampoo Snap & Fireshot


Adobe Photoshop is one tool that most technical writers across the technical writing industry use regularly. It is by far the world’s most popular image editing tool for creating and editing photos. It can be used to create user interface designs, web pages, video graphics, editing and manipulating an image, refinement of a photograph to iron out imperfections, correcting lighting issues, and more.

Similar tools: Luminar, GIMP & PhotoScape X


Grammarly is the go-to writing assistant that most technical content writer’s use. It is indispensable for technical content writers. Grammarly is free as an online text editor and also as a free extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Similar tools: Readable, Ginger & Sentence Checkup


Importance of social media in technical writing:


Social media is prevalent everywhere and is a juggernaut that can’t be ignored if the writer wishes to market himself/herself well. Everyone from casual users to big companies are using social media to some extent.


Technical writers can’t afford to be left off the social media bus. Social networks help to bridge the huge gap between the writers and the readers. Due to the widespread use of social networks, this gap has narrowed down considerably to a large degree, if not disappeared altogether.


Another popular use of social networks among companies is to share technical documentation with their customers, such as annual reports of publicly listed companies, product documentation such as car catalogs, etc.


This creates an approachable image of the company in the eyes of the public. The use of social media here helps to dispense with the required information on demand.


Best Institutes for Technical Writing Courses in Dubai:




IIM SKILLS is an online Educational Technology Company providing a well-curated portfolio of courses to help you upskill and advance your career. Though it’s not an offline course, it can qualify as one of the best well-known technical writing courses in Dubai as it is online and is easily accessible worldwide, which is also true for other courses on this list as more and more institutes embrace the online medium of instruction.


Their programs offered span from 4 to 12 weeks and are suitable for students, professionals, fresh graduates, homemakers, and freelancers looking to upgrade their skills to be relevant to their chosen industry. Their technical writing course is recognized by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India. These attributes would make it an ideal technical writing course in Dubai to consider pursuing.


Download IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Course Brochure


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Other Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Centre for Executive Development of the University of Dubai


Technical Communication is an important facet of everyday life and an important part of the corporate world. In virtually every industry, the employees rely on clearly stated procedures and instructions. The job of technical writers is to improve on the technical communications for both internal and external use.


The technical writing course of the Centre for Executive Development is arguably one of the top technical writing courses in Dubai and is a 6-month self-paced course. All courses at the University of Dubai are approved by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Government of Dubai. Being certified by the Government of Dubai is a bonus when considering your choice of a technical writing course in Dubai.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


3. Google


The collection of technical writing courses by Google aims to improve your technical documentation skills. In it, you will learn how to plan and author technical documents. You can also get exposure to the role of technical writers working at Google. Google, being a household name these days, deserves a special mention among the available technical writing courses in Dubai.


These courses are aimed at people in the following roles:

  • Software engineers
  • Computer science students
  • Engineering-linked roles, such as product managers


You will need some level of writing proficiency in English to take these courses. However, you will find these courses easier to understand if you have at least a little background in coding, though you don’t need to be proficient at it.


4. Udemy ­


Another well-known name that provides technical writing courses in Dubai is Udemy. The course provided by them covers various facets of technical writing techniques, editing documents effectively, the many components of a document enlightens the student on the use of tables, images, and flowcharts, and also highlights the future trends of technical communication.


The technical writing course highlighted here covers a wide range of topics that introduce technical writing and presents also technical writing as an alternate career path.


5. Cherryleaf


If you are working in an industry where you need to create instructions for end-users of your products, but don’t know where to start, then Cherryleaf is the place for you. Cherryleaf imparts you with the appropriate skills to create instructional content with ease. Cherryleaf ranks as one of the top technical writing courses in Dubai, thanks to its teaching methodology and its approachable and highly experienced faculty.


Prospective students can choose from online or in-person classes. Podcasts and workshops in technical writing and business communication are an option as well. If you have prior exposure to technical writing, then you could consider their advanced courses to upgrade your skills and keep them up to date.


6. Coursera


This course helps develop the technical writing skills that are necessary to help communicate the information that is gained through technical or experimental work. This is one of Coursera’s popular technical writing courses in Dubai and is affiliated with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


You will get exposure to writing various kinds of technical reports, for example, medical reports, research reports, financial reports, etc.


7. Technically Write It


This course by Technically Write It, is one of the relatively new technical writing courses in Dubai. It is also a live online course like the others on this list. Participants can engage in creating technical documentation and content in a way that is fun, practical, and interactive. They specialize in imparting technical writing for life sciences and the software industries.


8. University of Wisconsin


The Technical Writing Certificate from the University of Wisconsin is consisting of three courses that have been specifically developed for those who are new to the technical writing industry making this course an obvious choice of a technical writing course in Dubai for those who wish to enter this field.


The technical writing program is led by highly qualified faculty in the technical writing industry. This program is in its 15th year of inception and has been designed for those who are looking to enhance existing careers in technical writing or move in a new direction within their firm.


The individual courses are mentioned below:

Introduction to Technical Writing for Industry

Intermediate Technical Writing

Advanced Technical Writing


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


9. Henry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin is a company in the field of Educational Technology or EdTech for short and they are based out of India and the United States. Their range of services includes College Programs, Corporate Programs, Skill Development Programs, etc. The duration of their course is 32 hours via live online classrooms and they are interactive. This course is recognized by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt of India. Henry Harvin deserves a special mention in the list of technical writing courses in Dubai due to their long-term expertise in the field.


This wraps up the list of some noteworthy mentions with regards to technical writing courses in Dubai. If you wish to add any to this list or provide any feedback do leave a comment below.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is it necessary to get a technical writing degree or certificate?

If you’re in a position where the time required for education can be factored into your schedule, go for it. A technical communication degree isn’t mandatory to get a job in technical writing. If your situation in life or work schedule doesn’t permit you to pursue technical writing studies, don’t worry about it. Not all successful technical writers have obtained degrees or certificates in technical communication anyway.


  1. How to get a technical writing job without experience?

If you don’t have any experience, you could start writing a blog on articles of technical nature and how-to guides on various topics. For example, you could create instructions for a product you use or have at home, such as your phone or camera, maybe even a coffee maker.

Potential employers will be interested in your writing style, your ability to articulate various complex concepts, and your level of proficiency in using advanced tools to author the information, and how well you exhibit your organizational ability.


  1. Is technical writing boring?

Technical writing isn’t boring at all. It will tap into quite a few of your creative skills, but that creativity isn’t manifested all that much in writing. It exhibits itself as creativity in problem-solving, planning the layout and design, and finding ways to illustrate concepts, as well as contemplating different ways that people might use the product.


  1. Is it possible to be a good technical writer even without a background in technology and/or writing?

Most technical writers don’t come from a background in technical writing. Your chance of being a good technical writer increases if you have some or all of the following qualities:

  • Good problem solver.
  • Patient
  • Tech Savvy.
  • Enjoy interviewing and talking with people.
  • Like writing and language.
  • Appreciate working with layout, design, and visuals.


  1. Could I get a job as a technical writer working remotely?

If you’re new to the field, chances are you won’t find a remote technical writing contract. Usually, some level of experience is required before employers will trust you to work from home. Employers, as a matter of policy, may require you to be on-site at least part of the time.


  1. What are that technical writers do?

Technical writers perform a variety of tasks, not limited to the following:

  • Research products and analyze data sufficiently to become an expert concerning the product.
  • Plan and interview the experts on the subject matter in regular meetings to enquire and learn more about the products.
  • Create lucid instructions on using various software applications and hardware products.
  • Create appropriate visual ways to explain technical concepts such as illustrations, diagrams, and graphs.
  • Explain how to use technical products with the help of video tutorials.


  1. How to obtain a job as a technical writer?

Getting your first job as a technical writer is not an easy thing, but once you’ve established yourself in the field, the jobs come by easier.

Work on your knowledge of tools and languages. It would be useful to learn a help authoring tool, a graphics tool, a video recording tool, and lastly a page layout tool.




Technical writing as a field is growing exponentially to cover far more than just creating user manuals. Technical writers should now also be able to go beyond traditional text-based writing and incorporate multimedia elements, such as video, audio, and interactive content to make it more appealing.


Technical writers would derive benefits by having an online presence in various social media tools. One such tool is LinkedIn in which they can become part of a community. There you will most certainly find people who are just as passionate about technical writing as you are.


They would be willing to share their experience as well as other useful information. This not only contributes to your professional advancement but also can give a good boost to your technical writing career. So, there is much to be gained by maintaining an active social media presence.


Whichever of these institutes you choose among the above technical writing courses in Dubai, rest assured, they will impart the necessary skills for your technical writing career.’

  • I am awaiting my transition from engineer to technical writer since a while now . I feel like my current job is tiresome and monotonous, therefore I’m ready to pick up a new skill and make a career move. Given my lifelong fascination with technology, I believe technical writing will be something I will undoubtedly find enjoyable. I find it helpful to narrow down the Technical writing courses in Dubai by reading this post about the best technical writing programmes there. So please help me in picking up a good course and academy which will truly benefit me in the future. Thanks

  • hey Fazeel, your article is very helpful, I have been looking for a content writing course in Dubai for a while now. read a lot of articles and procrastinated a lot because most of the courses are expensive, but your list includes some affordable courses, but are they helpful in finding a job here in Dubai?

  • I just switched careers from marketing to content writing and I quite enjoy it . I completed a content writing course but I do not want to stop just there so I researched on what other courses can I pursue to make me an all rounder when it comes to writing. I thought of doing a SEO course first but then I feel Technical writing courses in Dubai could be a good option for me . I don’t know about the competition level in that area of writing as most content generation online is about making blogs and vlogs . Maybe making a career in technical writing could be rewarding after all. Thanks and please do advice

  • I just switched careers from marketing to content writing and I quite enjoy it . I completed a content writing course but I do not want to stop just there so I researched on what other courses can I pursue to make me an all rounder when it comes to writing. I thought of doing a SEO course first but then I feel Technical writing courses in Dubai could be a good option for me . I don’t know about the competition level in that area of writing as most content generation online is about making blogs and vlogs . Maybe making a career in technical writing could be rewarding after all.

  • I am an international student in Dubai and looking for technical writing courses in Dubai with placement so that the job hunt becomes easy after graduation. But options on the internet are so vast that it left me confused. This article narrows down the number of options to choose from. some of the courses mentioned are online and have flexible schedules, which is perfect for me as a student. This article not only provides me with information about technical writing courses in Dubai but also answers all my queries related to technical writing.

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