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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses In Nigeria With Placements

Do you stay in Nigeria? Are you aiming to be a data professional? If you are going to say yes, then read this article. Here, we are going to mention the institutes that are offering the best business analytics courses in Nigeria.  If you take up a business analytics course in Nigeria, you will be well-equipped with all the necessary skills and expertise to be a data professional.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Nigeria

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Top 8 Business Analytics Courses in Nigeria

  1. Simplilearn

Offered in collaboration with IBM, this advanced business analytics course in Nigeria will assist you in making a progression in your career as a data professional – be it as a data analyst or business analyst. This comprehensive business analytics course in Nigeria will create many new career prospects as a certified data professional.

If you are someone who possesses outstanding analytical skills and wishes to thrive and make big leaps in your life, this is the career and field to choose. Once you enroll in this rigorous business analytics course in Nigeria, you will get equipped with all the requisite skills and expertise needed to flourish in this field. This comprehensive business analytics course in Nigeria will not only make you learn essential principles like CCBA, Tableau, Agile Scrum Essentials, Agile Scrum Pro, SQL, Microsoft Excel, and, CBAP, but also expands your skillsets by making you learn such concepts.

Besides that, you will also obtain skills for constructing compelling dashboards, acquire a lot of useful information for business investigation, learn more about the skills and necessary duties and tasks performed by a business analyst, and, also understand how to manage SQL databases. After you complete all the modules, you are ready to be a data professional.

With the assistance of this highly intelligent business analytics course in Nigeria, you will be learning the below-mentioned skills that are critical to be a certified data professional:-

  • Understand the essentials of detection, offering resolutions, getting analytical reports ready for analysis, and, completing tasks
  • Knowing the various SQL theories, primarily Universal Query Tool (UQT) and also SQL command
  • Knowing how to work in the field of the real-world live online problems
  • Exploring Tableau and building persuasive dashboards
  • Expertise in everyday synchronization, sprint structuring, executions, Agile Scrum project manipulating, and, re-examining
  • Gaining knowledge of business testing core concepts and business testing core concept model
  • Gaining the skills of tools requisite for business analytics ordering and supervising
  • Becoming a master in the skills of cycle administration
  • Learning the fundamentals as well as advanced Scrum projects
  • Gaining knowledge of the method of applicability of Scrum in organizations
  • Gaining knowledge of rudimentary and high-level MS Excel

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

  1. Piston & Fusion (P&F)

In order to offer training in Certification, Executive, and Professional Programs, a team of seasoned professionals founded Piston and Fusion Ltd (P&F) in 2009. Its training is offered to professionals, recent graduates, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and corporate members. More than 5000 people have been trained by its 30 highly qualified and experienced trainers, who have worked with more than 200 corporate clients. In Nigeria, P&F has placed itself as the top professional training provider.

This institute’s elite business analytics course in Nigeria is specially meant for those who wish to begin their career as a data professional and also for the persons preparing for the Certified Business Assessment Professional certification exam (CBAP). This program will help you build business test skills required for the profession.

During the course, you will learn how to deal with data using advanced MS excel, along with excel statistical functions. You will be using functions like HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP to search end-user information in a table. Moreover, you will learn how to raise the readability as well as the efficacy of functions by naming of rays, and, creating team records, and drawing logical distinctions with nested if statements permit.

You will learn how to find data by applying multiple errors and search functions, how to report visualization and data in spreadsheets (MS Excel), how to utilize visual charts and graphs for effective storytelling, sum up and examine data through the utilization of pivot table, and, how to group filter and trim business data for assessing effective insights. You will also learn how to create a dashboard for the visualization of data and storytelling by using your data, report data, and visualization using Power BI, inserting fundamental graphs, charts, and, visuals to handle and understand roles, etc. Lastly, you will be provided necessary training for MS Excel like rudimentary formulas and functions, and, many more, for analyzing data using pivot tables and data reporting using MS Excel charts.

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  1. The Knowledge Academy

One of the biggest providers of classroom-focused and online training courses is The Knowledge Academy. Since its establishment, the institute has gained recognition for offering top-notch training programs in areas including business analytics, data science, business skills, data analytics, IT service management, and many more.

An intensive business analytics course in Nigeria has been introduced in recognition of the role that business analysts play as the liaison between business and IT stakeholders. This course will assist you in gaining the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to begin a rewarding career as a data professional. The training course will assist you in developing your skill for stakeholder communication so that you may better understand their needs and meet them in dynamic business environments.

After you complete the program, you will be able to:-

  • Apply strategic testing approaches
  • Increase your knowledge of the techniques required to evaluate an organization’s business systems
  • Apply a stakeholder analysis process
  • Encourage and offer recommendations and solutions for business growth
  • Be aware of the risks, benefits, costs, and implications

Program Outline:-

Strategic Context:-

  • Internalalongwith external environmental analysis
  • Core Performance Metrics
  • Key Success Metrics
  • Understanding numerous business scenarios and issues
  • InvestigativeMethods
  • An elaborative perspective of the business possibilities


  • A Business Development Lifecycle
  • Business Analysts Tasks
  • The Business Investigation Framework Experiments
  • Recommending Future Remedies
  • Elaborating a new and the most recent Business Model
  • Gap Inspection
  • Spotting IT or IS requisites to support the most recent and new Business Models

Stakeholder Stance:-

  • Stakeholder Inspection
  • Testing and Modelling Business Deals

Course Features:-

  • Reasonable course price in the industry
  • The training program is recognized globally because it has been evaluated and certified by BCS
  • Select the course delivery methods and modes that best suit your learning preferences
  • Top-notch resources for in-depth training
  • Implement business analysis principles across a range of industries
  • Build skills that can be used in real-world professional situations
  • Review functions and offer suitable solutions that will boost the organisation while fulfiling all requirements

Course Eligibility:-

This training course is designed for people working as business analysts who wish to improve their understanding of business testing methods and how to put those procedures into action when running an organisation. Prior training and expertise in business analysis are not necessary. However, we still advise you to have some practical experience with business testing methods in a professional setting.

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  1. Invensis Learning

One of the most well-known certifications in the field of business analysis is offered by Invensis Learning in partnership with EXIN if you’re seeking popular business analytics courses in Nigeria. There are two certification phases: Business Analysis Foundations is the first, and Business Evaluation Practitioner is the second. One of the greatest live online trainer-led business examination certifications in Nigeria is offered by the institute.

You will discover the fundamentals of business data analysis and the skills that a business analyst holds with the aid of this curriculum. As a result, you will be able to provide the best business solutions based on the demands and available resources. Your career will be greatly improved by taking this four-day live online certification training course with a trainer. The certification courses are offered in two formats – live online training and team-focused training.

As soon as you complete your Business testing training (Essentials as well as Practitioner), you will gain deep knowledge on the below-mentioned:-

  • Responsibilities and work of business analysts
  • New testing, interview, and analysis techniques
  • Managing stakeholders, grouping, and testing requirements
  • Modeling business processes
  • Construction of a business case and assessing the practicability
  • Establishing, documentation, and modeling requirements

Key Course Features:-

  • Appealingtrainer-led curriculum
  • Instructors holding in-depth subject-matter expertise, extensive industry experience, and international training and certification
  • Exam preparation to increase your self-assurance before the business evaluation certification test
  • Excellent study e-content and e-learning materials for the Business Analysis Certification test are available
  • The freedom to reapply for the business analysis certification training in Nigeria in two months

Course Eligibility:-

This curriculum is for you if you want to learn in-depth information about business theoretical perspectives and techniques. If you want to learn more about business research and the best practices of business organizations, this program is also appropriate for new professionals, product owners, project managers, and business transformation managers.

  1. ABUJA Data School

To assure that professionals get the competitive edge to work in demanding environments with better pay, Abuja Data School was founded to train data analysts. This institute’s exceptional business analytics course in Nigeria is usually taught by qualified and expert instructors who apply real-world examples and practical classes to enhance your skills so that you become a master in data analysis. ABUJA’s programs will slowly take you from the beginner’s level, followed by the intermediate, and, finally make you reach the advanced stage, so that you, the aspiring data professional, can solve any real-life business issue with ease.

The Business Testing Certificate Program will provide you with the skills you need to assess your organization’s needs and suggest solutions to its problems. Business analysis skills are crucial for delivering projects successfully and implementing organizational transformation. This certificate program will provide you with a foundation in all areas included in the most recent edition of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) as a professional wanting to be a reshaping agent in a non-profit organization or government and corporate organization.

Course Outline:-

  • Agile Business Examination
  • Assess, Plan, and OrderDemands
  • Business ExaminationNecessities
  • Business TestingArranging and Supervising
  • Business MethodTesting and Modelling
  • ExtricatingNeeds with Stakeholder Partnership
  • Learn More Business Tactics and Strategies

Course Features:-

  • Self-paced Learning – With the assistance of its in-house instructors, Abuja makes sure that every registered student or learner may study at their own pace using a variety of training guides presented on flip boards, graphics, and video
  • Physical, Online, and,PersonalClasses – For the convenience of working professionals, students can get their analysis training through physical one-on-one sessions, online sessions, or a combination of physical and virtual sessions
  • Networking – In Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, the institute is creating the next-largest community of data professionals to share experiences, offer professional assistance, and act as a guide
  1. JK Michaels

A non-profit, progressive project management, training, and consulting institute is JK Michaels. The solutions provided by the institute assist companies in enhancing performance, measuring the increase in the return on investment, managing transformation successfully, and delivering exceptional business outcomes.

JK Michaels is also engaged in providing specialized business analytics courses in Nigeria for organizations that require data on a daily basis to solve their business issues. This training program aims to give you a foundational understanding of business analytics as an element of your business education. It involves aspects of data finding and acquisition, data quality, assessment, and data sharing, as well as extending the application of data analytics findings to more extensive business decisions and conclusions.

During the program, you will be using the IBM SPSS software application that is implemented for a broad range of business applications, including calculating and predictive assessment. You will graduate from this course with the capability to apply a wide range of data, descriptive and predictive models, quantitative and statistical assessment, and, fact-oriented management, actions, and decision-making as a driving force.

The training coursework combines:-

  1. Techniques like Market Basket Evaluation, Categorisation, Aggregating, Data Exploration, Predictive Analytics
  2. Tools like Python, MS Excel, R, and, SAS
  3. Implementations in Telecommunication, Finance, Retail, etc

Course Outlines:-

  • Introducing you to Social Media and Mobile Analytics
  • Linear as well as Multiple Linear Regressions
  • BPM Execution Tactics and Strategies
  • Logistic Regressions
  • Market Basket Examination
  • Categorizing
  • Aggregating
  • MS Excel
  • Python& R
  • Introduction of Big Data and Hadoop

Key Course Features:-

  • Institute is PMI certified authorized training partner
  • Programs taught by expert and qualified instructors
  • Certified course study material
  • Access approved course study material, text, and, e-books and digital books
  • Daily monthly webinars, revision classes, and exam guidance
  • Action-focused training using cases studies, games, role plays, etc
  • CV/Resume preparation assistance, job searching, and, career profiling


Business Analyst Online Courses

  1. Careerera

One of the leading institutions offering language training, K–12 education, examination preparation, higher education professional accreditation training, and other skill training for adults and children in the fields of project management, software development, management, IT, quality assurance, and many more is Careerera. The organization provides one of the most exclusive business analytics courses in Nigeria.

The postgraduate program in business assessment is designed to make it necessary for you, the students, to advance in your careers by providing the necessary educational strength and support. It enhances business analytics skills that are suitable for the industry. Business analytics refers to the process of monitoring and evaluating previous business information and propaganda in order to use it to inform current business decisions.

In order to help a business institution or company lead in its overall organizational objectives, and profits, the course trains students to be sufficiently informed and justifiably educated to understand what is right and wrong when they make significant decisions within a business environment.

As a result, the Business Analytics certificate program provides ample room for professionals to evolve and develop in a way that is desired by the professional business globe. The course also equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze data, including Data Modelling, Tableau, and Data Warehousing along with Business Intelligence, ETL, Power BI, Data Warehousing Architecture, ERwin, Reporting, Informatica, Teradata SQL, Data Security, SQL Advanced Optimisation, Data Visualization, and several other concepts. Today, professionals are very interested in the PGP program in Business Analytics curriculum and certification. Everyone has remained interested in the Business Analytics program’s offerings.

Higher skill enhancement, practical experience with modern-day business analytics methodologies, training using clear theoretical concepts, and new and latest data application software are some of these. Notably, professionals have benefited from top-tier companies thanks to their acquired skills.

Industries have reached new heights with the right source of information, devotion, tendency, and caliber thanks to students who transform into favorable experts with the best skills, expertise, and business knowledge. The PGP in business data analysis is vital because it enables experts to derive useful information from the data at hand

Objectives of the PGP in Business Examination Certification Training are as follows:-

  • Help you, the student, to locate the connection between numerous variables within a business environment
  • Build and test business concepts to produce more accurate forecasts and smart managerial decisions
  • Work with sample cases to have a full understanding of the business world outdoors
  • Learn to perform accurate statistical analyzes so that you may make more informed decisions using the data at hand.
  • Employ MS Excel to carry out variable regression analyzes

Course features:-

  • Live Online Instruction
  • Receive student study learning materials, hand-outs, notes, and, sample papers
  • Live online classes and classroom-based training
  • Visit the institute’s Learning Management System (LMS) 24×7 for recorded live online classes if you have missed them to clear your doubts and queries
  • Fixed program curriculum
  • Practical Training experience

Course Eligibility:-

The program has some specific demands and prerequisites that must be met before registering for it:-

You can graduate from any field. However, if you have a degree certificate in science or commerce, you can enrol in the course with relative ease. You might find it easier to finish the course if you have a background in statistics and mathematics. The fundamentals are a must.


  1. Knowledge Hut

Knowledgehut is a top provider of online courses, including business analytics. It offers one of the best business analytics courses in Nigeria, through which you can be adept at core business assessment concepts that are summarised in the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge) guide version, using the institute’s advanced CBAP certification program. You will also acquire advanced skills and recognize as a top member of the business assessment group. During the program, you will come to know about the numerous optimal practices to construct preferred business results for your organization. You will be taught using a mixed learning and self-paced mode. So far, Knowledgehut has trained above 400000 professionals across 100 plus countries.

Course Features:-

  • Live online trainer-led guidance amounting to 35 hours
  • Highly-demanded Self-paced training totaling more than 86 hours
  • Case Studies, preparation exams, quizzes, evaluations
  • Detailedtestassistance
  • Receive unlimited classes with a special 180-day mega pass

Course Eligibility:-

Below listed are the persons who can take this course:-

Management Consultants, Systems Analysts, Data Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, Process Analysts, Product Managers, Requirements Engineers, Business Architects, Enterprise Analysts, and Product Owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What career options are available for graduates of business analytics programs?

You might land a job as a junior analyst at an entry level in Nigeria after finishing business analysis programs. You will be appointed as a senior business analyst with experience and certain advanced skills. You must ensure that you have the relevant skills, such as those in Python, R, SQL, MS Excel, etc., before applying for any job. You will have opportunities to grow in your career after accumulating several years of experience as a business analyst. You may get roles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Architect, Data Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, Chief Data Analyst, Health care Analyst, Data Consultant, System Analyst, Marketing Analyst, etc.

  1. Where can I pursue Business assessment programs in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are many institutions that provide the top business analysis programs. This post might have simplified things for you if you’re hoping to be a data professional. Here are some of Nigeria’s top educational institutions.

  • The Knowledge Academy
  • Simplilearn
  • Abuja Data School
  • Piston & Fusion
  • Knowledgehut
  • Careerera
  • JK Michaels
  • Invensis Learning

3. Which institute can be considered the best for business analytics courses in Nigeria?

All the institutes mentioned in this article meet the basic criteria of providing high-grade business analytics courses. the rest depends on your priorities like duration, fee, and your other expectations from the course. be wise and choose one that ticks the boxes in your checklist for business analytics courses in Nigeria.


By the end of this article, I hope that it has helped you to become aware of the institutes that provide the best business analysis programs in Nigeria. Now, you not only know the institutions offering business analysis programs but also their features, benefits, and, facilities.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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