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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses In Ireland With Placements

If you want to get noticed at the farthest end of evolving Digital mediums, then Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland could be the key. The Digital world is evolving with greater ambitions. While the domain spreads laterally and vertically, as an evolving savvy Digital Marketer, you must play catch-up and ensure that your efforts are in tune with the technology juggernaut. The Digital world is all set to improve how marketing gets done. Every other consumer gets hooked on the net and is voraciously searching the web looking at videos and media. Just as we speak, the diverse Digital spectrum is not just growing at an unprecedented pace. Still, it is also outliving its former form, which is why we would not see much of the old fashion of Digital Marketing.

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

The History of Marketing

Marketing is ancient, and most people don’t know that. While there is no commonality in understanding as to when marketing truly began, there is some consensus on the concept that came to be around 1500 BCE. That was precisely when the Mesopotamian societies started to flourish and ensured quality in their factories.

The producers of goods then would stamp their creations in the earliest form of logo known. The mark would then serve as an indication to everyone around as to where that particular product came from. It also meant that the buyers could return to that specific vendor for similar quality. Trading then started to take wings, and competition for the most superior kind of products became the norm to ensure maximum sales. Will you keep brief history by being a part of it? Start by searching for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland.

The New Face of Marketing-Digital

In the past, Marketing was more of a shot in the dark. Marketers were frowned upon as they religiously interrupted people to become their customers. The scene is far removed from that today. The times have changed with technology enabling the merchant to gauge his customer’s expectations pre-hand and then excite them with specific content and information. Marketing is now welcome to people who earlier took offence at being targeted as a prospect. Technology has helped marketers to almost read their customers’ minds. They now have the privilege of landing their messages in the lap and hearts of a chosen audience, leaving them mesmerized.

Traditional Versus Digital Marketing; if You Want to Be a Part of the Digital Takeover in Marketing, Suit Yourself by Looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland:

Glance at the following, and you will not doubt the superiority of Digital over Traditional forms of Marketing.

Global reach – a website will take you places without budging an inch. It brings new markets and trade previously impossible within reach with a shoestring budget. Lower cost – a well-orchestrated marketing campaign need not cost a bomb; Just peanuts compared with traditional marketing methods.

Trackable, measurable results – Tools like web analytics and other online metric tools make it easier than done to help you determine how effective your campaign has been. You can also get insights into how customers use your website or respond to your advertising.

Personalization – You can help visitors visiting your site get a personalized experience by showering them with targeted offers based on their online nuances. The more they surf and buy from your site, the more you get to impress your customers and market them effectively.

Openness – You can express your company creatively through social media by managing it carefully. While at it, you can build customer loyalty and goodwill by being easy to engage with. Social currency – Digital marketing empowers you to use images, videos, and articles that double up as social currency, which keeps passed around to create that much-needed viral effect to attract more footfalls to your site.

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Digital Specializations You Can Later Opt for While Making Sense of Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

  • The Science of Analytics

Analytics specialists scavenge for data that they meticulously evaluate to study marketing performance. They work around tracking data trends, recording data history, and testing data validity.

  • Audio Visual Specialist

An AudioVisual specialist lends his specialist touch to creating graphics, visualizations, and sound bytes for various social media platforms. Before the expert begins his work, he immerses himself in research to know what kind of content will generate views and interest that will spark traffic. 

  • Content Management Specialist

A Content Manager works to add maximum punch to the content he generates. He works to finetune the content to make it cost-efficient, diverse and engaging. Such a person will have a flair for content and copywriting and an adept understanding of social media marketing and search engine optimization.

  • Content Writers

Their job is to play with words based on apt keyword research. They write web pages, blogs, and topics related to services or products a company wants to advertise. While doing so, they will incorporate Search Engine Optimization Knowledge to create top-ranking content, increasing digital views and leading to profitable conversions.

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a tool used to reach out to prospects in a highly engaging manner. The ones at it will draft email content to target and attract subscribers. An Email Marketing specialist will then analyze data generated from clicks, conversions, and subscriptions to tailor his email strategy further. The final goal is to convert the likelihoods into loyal customers eventually.

  • Pay-per-Click Advertising Specialist

 The professional analyzes the number of clicks to assess return on investment figures. To do so, they employ a sound understanding of advanced analytics and conversion optimization, which they project to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in their digital marketing strategies.

  • Public Relations

He gets entrusted with developing marketing, reputation management and budgeting strategies. The specialist chips away for better public relationships or affiliations that can boost marketing efforts in the short and long run.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The expert in Search Engine Optimization is called upon to improve web pages and brand visibility. His job is continuously fabricating and refining web pages to help them gain organic reach to enhance customer engagement and retention. The better the optimization, the higher your web page will rank during search results.

  • Social Media Experts

They dabble with several Social Media Platforms to reach and engage their target audiences. He customizes his marketing strategies based on user demographic research to gain a high audience count. They constantly communicate with active social media users to generate positive reviews and feedback.

  • Targeted advertising specialists

They are experts when it comes to understanding underperforming customer demographics. For underrated demographic sections, they develop targeted ads to increase customer bases in such areas. Such efforts help retain old clients while reaping new ones.

  • User Experience Design Specialists

UX designers work on different digital metrics to make sure a pleasant experience for customers who visit the site. They aim to ensure the smooth running of the entire digital machinery. That calls for a focus on readability, web page aesthetics, and application interfaces. The visitors to the site should naturally be inclined to engage and be persuaded to avail of the service or product. Such a response gets only possible if the Design and Functionality parameters are tweaked to elicit the highest favorable response from prospects.

Career Progression to Look Forward in Digital Marketing if You Have  an Eye on Doing Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

As per Deloitte and the American Marketing Association’s annual CMO survey back in 2020, Digital Marketing spending gets poised to rise by 13 percent every year while traditional spending should fall by 0.4 percent. The Digital theatre is brimming with opportunities for professionals with a creative bent of mind. Growth opportunities get projected at 8 percent according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics for Digital professionals between 2018 and 2028. This forecast is significantly higher than the 5 percent average growth for all other occupations in every other nation.

If the Salary Scale of Digital Marketers Should Be Tempting, Then You Should Be Looking to Do Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland:

The average digital marketing salary in Ireland scales up to an impressive  € 40 000  per year. Many Entry-level positions can draw  € 35 000 annually, while most seasoned workers command up to € 65 000 per year. The following tabular representation of salary scales against different specializations over the years will convince you one thing, though. That searching for Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland is like rearing a hen that lays golden eggs.

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PER ANNUM IN €K1-3 years (€K)3-5 Years (€K)5+ YEARS (€K)
Head Digital Marketing55-6060-7575-90
SEO + PPC Specialist75-8080-9090-130
SEO Head65-7575-8585+
Lead Generation Manager55-7070-7575+
Marketing Automation42-4545-55NA
Online Campaign Manager35-4545-60NA
PPC Expert40-4545-55NA
Affiliate Marketing40-5555-70
Content Specialist45-5555-6565+
Digital Marketing  Specialist55-6565-7575+
Email Marketing Exec35-4545-50NA
Junior SEO Executive30-3535-45NA
SEO Specialist45-5555-65NA


If the Idea of Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland Excites You, Here Are the Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes You Should Glance Through

1. Master Digital Marketing Course by IIM SKILLS-one of the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

IIM SKILLS has carved a notch in providing new-age skills required to thrive in today’s cut-throat competition. They have been lending their expertise for 12 + years in shaping their pupils to transform from fresh to market sought. The show directed at IIM SKILLS is by top guns who graduated from India’s formidable IITs and IIMs.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – €425.93

Your Gains

  • Guaranteed two months Paid Internship to mold you professionally
  • letter of Recommendation + Certification vouched for by the industry.
  • 300+ Placement Partners For all-round Interview Success.
  • Insights provided in Launching Your Digital Marketing Agency from a dot.
  • Get Personalized and practical Mentorship For Careers & Businesses.
  • Build your portfolio by writing Your First Blog For the leading Times of India.
  • Begin your journey to fandom; Launch your Podcast launched with Apple, Google & Spotify.
  • Launch Youtube Channel & Go live with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Tools worth 79000+

Course Highlights

  • Practical Instructor-led Online Digital marketing course, recognized by the government of India
  • Get thorough with 40 Digital Marketing Tools mastered over five months of comprehensive
  •  Live Training
  • Earn while at Internship for two months  with a fixed stipend of 6000 Rs. included in the three months program
  • 10+ case studies with 15+ Live projects
  • Learn and Master your primary certification from IIM SKILLS
  • Get help to prepare for 13 other certification preparation with Google, Facebook & Hubspot.

Media Coverage


More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Reviews

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2.  Digital Marketing Certificate Course by Cork Institute of Technology-one of the Favourite Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

The certificate program in Digital Marketing gets formulated to include an intensive one-semester part-time program entailing live-case work, seminars, and lab work. The course design aims to achieve a robust outcome of the required skills, knowledge, and confidence to be digitally ready post-course completion. The imparting modus involves a potent mix of real-world situations and problems to provoke and innovate solutions in a fast-evolving digital scenario intellectually. The participants experiment with different approaches, gaining a practical bedrock of knowledge and insights that they can instantly deploy in various business contexts.

Course Content

  • Digital Marketing Environment
  • Digital Advertising and Social media
  • Website Optimization and analytics
  • Applied Digital Marketing Strategy

Your Gains

  • To have an excellent command over digital marketing tools, instinctively inclined to
  •  strategize right in a business context.
  • To align traditional marketing principles with digital marketing activities in online settings.
  • To web design beautifully and practically inlaying it with superior optimization using advanced SEO and content management techniques.

Progression Opportunities

Depending on one’s prior experience and education, this certificate may allow a participant to enter semester 2 of the master’s program.


All the speakers drawn are from the best of the business world.

Mode of Delivery: Online

Course Duration: 15 Weeks Part-Time

Course Fees: €1,500

3. Diploma in Digital Marketing by Irish Times Training-one of the Esteemed Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

Irish Times Training has been instrumental in professional development for 40+ years. A subsidiary of the Irish Times, they engage with a broad spectrum of Irish society to deliver the highest in Management, Digital Marketing, and Personal Development Programmes to organizations. Their panel of Digital Marketing experts constantly updates course content to ensure you get only world-class industry content. In every way, the institute commits to supporting you through immersive learning achieved through up-to-date case studies and the latest technologies.

Course Content

  •  Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy 
  •  Developing an Effective Website  
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  •  Creating a High-Impact Content Marketing Strategy 
  •  Google Ads & Search Engine Marketing 
  •  Email Marketing & Lead Generation Design, 
  •  Social Media Marketing 
  •  Creating Online Display Advertising  
  •  Creating Live Action Marketing Videos 
  •  Data-Driven Marketing & Website Analytics 
  •  Creating an Integrated Digital Marketing Plan 

Who Should Attend This Programme

  • Marketers keen on developing a focused Digital Strategy
  • Business owners or managers eager to learn to use Digital Marketing for their company
  • Anyone wanting to transition to Digital Marketing is looking to earn a Digital Marketing qualification.
  • Faculty
  • Top Industry Veterans

Course Duration

12 Weeks

Course Fees


4. Digital Marketing by Dublin City University ( DCU)-one of the Renowned Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

DCU is a thriving colony of diverse international students from over 55 countries. The University is continuously ranked for superior student experience alongside gets lauded for producing the highest turnout of employable graduates in the nation.

The Learning Outcomes

  • Conceive strategic and tactical digital marketing plans;
  • Evaluate the role of search in the digital marketing mix and structure appropriate SEM
  •  strategies
  • Critically analyze and identify emerging options in the social space
  • Form the right social media plan by identifying apt platforms for the target audience
  • Evaluate the political and ethical issues surrounding digital media

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • The Different Digital Marketing Plans
  • Learn all about Search Engine Management
  • Content marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media
  • The role of Viral marketing, Affiliates, e Word of Mouth, and Influencers
  • The emergence of new marketing technologies
  • Legality, Trends, and Privacy in digital media.


All are Industry Veterans

For Course Duration and Fees, please contact DCU

5.  The MSc Digital Marketing Programme at Nui Galway- One of the Popular Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland

A uniquely designed specialist program enables students to create a blending of sorts between traditional and Digital Marketing. The process involves using analytical, strategic, and digital skills needed to open new doors in Marketing. The MSc Digital Programme is up for grabs for anyone interested, as is evident from the massive input of students from Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, the UK, USA, Ireland, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, and India.

Course Content

  • Social Media Marketing Theory
  • Inbound Marketing and Content Creation
  • Research Methods
  • Applied Marketing Project
  • Marketing performance3 Productivity
  • Services Marketing
  • Digital Metrics and Analytics
  • Digital Sales Management
  • Strategic brand management
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Social Marketing and Sustainability

Eligibilities created by the Course

  • Campaign Operations Analyst
  • Marketing Partnership Manager
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Data and Analytics Specialist
  • Digital Analyst
  • PPC & Paid Social Specialist
  • Account Executive
  • Digital Channel Executive
  • E-Commerce Executive
  • Founders of their own companies
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Website Content & Listing Editor
  • Search Engine Optimization Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager


Researchers and innovators from the Digital Domain

Course Duration

1 Year Full-Time

Course Fees

€9,970 p.a

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Q1. Can Someone without any Marketing background get into Digital Marketing?

Yes, they can, though a marketing background will be a significant plus.

Q2. Digital Technologies are constantly changing; how can I stay updated?

Through research and self-development you can remain updated with the latest information. Also visit digital marketing blogs and sign up for newsletters.

Q3. Will doing  Digital marketing Courses in Ireland improve my Marketing profile?

By all means, it will improve your marketing profile.


So at the end of it, are you all set to pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Ireland? If marketing is your thing, then better give it wings the digital way. Go ahead, get trained to be an ace in Digital Marketing. If you, however, beg to differ and would like to stick to the traditional forms of marketing, then you have called for wishful thinking. Remember, it is not just the digital future of marketing; the present is getting tweaked to accommodate change constantly. Snap out.

  • Hi I am Ciara. I am part of a marketing team in an organisation. Businesses today need to embrace and put into practise smart marketing strategies and digital campaigns to increase their position in the online market. Digital marketing is the most vital and efficient strategic tool available to business organisations today that help scale up, boost return on investment, and lower the acquisition costs in order to achieve maximum outcomes and optimal benefits. For appropriate practical implementation and execution of these techniques, I need to participate in a digital marketing course in Ireland to upskill. Thanks for presenting this article, it helped a lot.

  • Hello I am Ella. I am a Marketing Manager in a firm. Our firm has clients from diverse backgrounds, biopharmaceuticals is one of the emerging sector which is focusing on digital marketing. Despite the pressure of cost-control, regulatory limitations, and international rivalry, the pharmaceutical industry will adjust in the future to focus on the user rather than the pharmaceuticals. As the usage of digital media and technology has grown, new customer journeys or paths to purchase have emerged that are extremely complicated since many different engagements have the potential to impact a customer’s choice to make a purchase. On the internet I am browsing to research and identify the best digital marketing course in Ireland to enroll. Brushing up my marketing skills and abilities with focused training on digital marketing is my priority. Comparing various institutes offering digital marketing courses in Ireland , I found IIM skills very reasonable, considerable, affordable and IIM skills course gains, highlights,and content is suitable and covers entirely all the topics with practical training through internship opportunity in an affordable price. And, not to mention the internship opportunity after course completion is paid which is added advantage, giving return on investment in the course. Plus offering a live demo session before enrolling to course. I would like to attend its live demo session. Thanks.

  • Hi, I am Murphy, a Marketing Manager. Digital marketing has gained significant importance. The strategies utilised for digital marketing, assists marketers in defining clear set of goals achievable, specific target audience, and develop a strategic digital marketing plan that reaches the targeted audience. With these, digital marketing also helps in directing the path to be followed for the digital campaign or program devised, and framework for evaluating the results. So, to be able to compete successfully, effective implementation and execution of digital marketing strategy is vitally important. With the growing demands of digital marketers in companies, lot of digital marketing institutes in Ireland has emerged, good to see.

  • Hi, I am Murphy, a Marketing Manager. Digital marketing has gained significant importance. The strategies utilised for digital marketing, assists marketers in defining clear set of goals achievable, specific target audience, and develop a strategic digital marketing plan that reaches the targeted audience. With these, digital marketing also helps in directing the to follow for the digital campaign or program revised, and framework for evaluating the results. So, to be able to compete successfully, effective implementation and execution of digital marketing strategy is vitally important. With the growing demands of digital marketers in companies, lot of digital marketing institutes in Ireland has emerged, good to see.

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