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Top 8 Tally Courses In Pune With Practical Training

Pune is a place of advanced technology. Here you will find the courses you want to join to boost your career. Tally courses in Pune give various opportunities to students as well as working professionals to do better in the future. This article will give you a basic understanding of the Tally course and how Pune performs well in this subject. The place is also open for domestic as well as international students who can join any courses here and want to kick-start their careers. In this article, we have shared the top 8 tally courses in Pune and other detail related to the course. Let’s check the details mentioned below.

Top Tally Courses In Pune With Practical Training

Definition of Tally Course

When we talk about the definition of tally course, we must keep in mind that Tally is an accounting software. In this article, we have discussed Tally Course Benefits. Along with we have shared the eligibility criteria of the Tally Course, topics covered in the Tally, etc. In this article, we have discussed the Top 8 Tally Courses in Pune in detail. The features of tally help you access to record business transactions easily.

After the completion of the course, the candidates can get lots of opportunities in this field. You can join the Tally course in offline mode as well as online. Therefore, the Tally course is beneficial for students as well as working professionals. Students who have pursued commerce will get an opportunity after attending the course. Students who are from a commerce background have a great understanding in this field as they have prime knowledge of it. They can kick-start the said course to increase their knowledge and skills. Students who have completed a Tally course can get opportunities for high salaries in India. In India, an average salary of an employee who works in a related field is more than Rs 9,26,000 per annum.

What will the students get after the completion of the course?

The below-mentioned information is on the key benefits of the course. One can get it after completing the Tally course.

  1. Reliability of Information
  2. Assurance of Information
  3. Tally Audit
  4. Tally Vault
  5. Effortless Data Movement
  6. Elimination of Human Error
  7. Continuous Processing
  8. Tally Makes Business Easy
  9. Assistance with GST Filing
  10. Remote Access
  11. Accounting bills, managing the inventory and Compliances helping the clients

What are the topics covered in Tally?

The topics covered in the tally course are

  • Accounting Fundamentals merchandise and Services Tax
    • Company Formation record
    • Ledgers Printing of Cheques
    • Bank Reconciliation Credit Limit
    • Theories of Taxation TDS
    • Data Synchronisation Cost classes and Centres
    • Stock Analysis VAT and Excise Duty
    • Sales and Purchase Contra, and producing Voucher

Subjects you must explore in Tally Course are:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Taxation
  • Billing
  • Banking
  • Inventory

Eligibility Criteria to pursue the course

To pursue Tally Course (Certificate and Diploma) the candidates have to achieve certain degrees.

  • The learners have to complete 10+2 or equivalent level in any stream to apply for the course.
  • Tally course is suitable for Finance, Accounts, and Business Management students.
  • Basic knowledge of Business Management and Accounting is required while pursuing the course.
  • You can also apply for this course after finishing your graduation or higher studies.

Modules in Tally

In the tally course, the below-mentioned modules are covered by the guides. The modules are:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting
    • Introduction of Tally
    • Meaning of company creation in Tally
    • Opening Associate in Nursing account
    • How to line the future preciseness of a corporation
    • Selecting the value class and value center
    • How to line list
    • Introduction of F11 and F12
    • Introduction to VAT
    • Calculation of VAT
    • Introduction to TDS
    • Calculation of TDS
    • How to feature custom duty
    • Tally standard Courses
    • TALLY.ERP9 Simplified

Volume IA

  • Accounting & Inventory Management obtaining Started
    • Creating Masters in Tally.ERP9
    • Basics of Banking
    • Cost Centres and value classes
    • Reports in Tally.ERP9
    • Order process & Pre-closure of orders
    • Price Levels & tariffs
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Zero-Valued Entries
    • Different Actual and beaked Quantities
    • Batch-wise Details,
    • Bill of Materials.

Volume IIA

  • Essentials of Taxation
    • VAT
    • Service Tax
    • TDS
    • Excise (Dealers)
    • Excise (Manufacturer)
    • Advanced options.
    • TALLY.ERP9 Advanced

Volume I

Fundamentals of Accounts and Inventory

Volume II

Advanced Inventory and Technological Capabilities

Volume III

  • Fundamentals of Taxation
  • TALLY.ERP9 Advanced Taxation

Volume IV

Advanced Taxation

Volume V

Payroll and Advanced options

Detailed Syllabus for Tally Course

  • Basics of Accounting Account types, accounting rules, accounting principles, double-entry system, financial statements, etc.
  • Basics of Tally ERP 9 How to functionalize Tally ERP 9.
  • Masters in Accounting in Tally ERP 9 Concepts related to F11 and F12
  • Inventory in Tally ERP 9 Concepts related to stock categories, units of measure.
  • Voucher Entry in Tally ERP 9 Concepts related to invoicing, and inventory vouchers.
  • Advanced Accounting in Tally Bill-wise details, cost categories, bank reconciliation, budget and controls.
  • VAT How to configure VAT, enter transactions, and create VAT reports.
  • Central Sales Tax Basics of CST, CST payment, etc.
  • Multilingual Capabilities How to access Tally ERP 9 for multilingual capabilities.
  • Service Tax The basics of service tax.
  • Tax Collected at Source The basic idea of TCS along with how to configure Tally ERP9, create masters, enter transactions, and create a TCS report
  • Payroll Accounting How to include payroll in Tally ERP 9, accounting for employer provident fund

We have discussed the syllabus of the Tally course in detail so that any candidate will not be confused by the huge and quite complex structure of the syllabus.

Tally Course for Beginners

Course Name

  • Tally ERP 9: A Complete Course for Beginners to Advanced (Provided by Udemy)
  • Tally ERP 9 Basic to Advance Training Course 2021 (Provided by Udemy)
  • Tally Prime for Beginners (Provided by Udemy)
  • Tally Course Online (Provided by TallySchool, Free Course)
  • Tally ERP 9 for Beginners (Provided by Apna Course, Free Course)
  • Tally ERP 9 Beginner to Advanced Online Course(Provided byLetsute, Free Course)
  • Tally Prime Basic with Accounting (Provided by Tally Brains, Free Course)
  • Tally Erp9 Expert Course (Provided by TallyTraining.in, Free Course)
  • Accounting with Tally.ERP9 (Provided by NIIT)

Tally vs SAP Fico

Tally Course

  • The eligibility criteria for the course are 10+2 in the commerce stream
  • The educational level for pursuing the course is a Certificate or Diploma
  • Course fee: INR 2,000 –INR 20,000
  • The skills required in this course are Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Interpersonal Skills, Technical skills, etc.
  • After completing the course, the students will get scopes in various positions like Accountant, Finance Manager, Chartered Accountant, Executive Assistant, etc.
  • The average salary in this field is INR 5,00,000 –INR 10,00,000


  • Full form of SAP FICO isSAP Finance and Controlling
  • The eligibility criteria for pursuing the course are graduation or post-graduation in commerce
  • The educational level for this course is a Certificate
  • Course fee: INR 10,000 – 4,00,000
  • The skills required in this course are Business Process, Master Data, Profitability Analysis, etc.
  • After the completion of the course, the students will get scopes in positions like SAP Functional Consultant, Project Leader, SAP FICO Consultant, Process Developer, etc.
  • The average salary in this field is INR 2,00,000 –INR 6,00,000

Top 8 Tally Courses in Pune

1. SevenMentor

SevenMentoroffers one of the most significant Tally Courses in Pune. The course can boost career success for freshers as well as working professionals in Tally Software. The course is provided by industry experts. After the completion of the course, you will get a certificate fromSevenMentor.

Course Modules

Basics of Accounting
Types of Accounts, Golden Rules of Accounting, Double Entry System of Book Keeping, Mode of Accounting, Financial Statements, Transactions, etc.

Fundamentals of Tally.ERP 9
Getting Functional with Tally.ERP 9

Accounting Masters in Tally.ERP 9
F12 : Configurations
Setting up Account Heads

Inventory in Tally.ERP 9
Stock Groups
Stock Categories
Godowns / Locations
Units of Measure
Stock Items
Creating Inventory Masters for National Traders

Voucher Entry in Tally.ERP 9
Accounting Vouchers
Inventory Vouchers

Advanced Accounting in Tally.ERP 9
Bill-wise Details
Cost Centres and Cost Categories
Multiple Currencies
Bank Reconciliation

Advanced Inventory in Tally.ERP 9
Order Processing
Tracking Numbers
Additional Cost Details
Bill of Materials (BoM)
Stock Valuation
Zero Valued Entries
Inventory Ageing Analysis
Different Actual and Billed Quantities

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Configuring VAT in Tally.ERP 9
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions
Accounting for Return of Goods
Rate Difference in Purchase / Sales
Accounting for Interstate Transactions
Exempt Transactions under VAT
Purchases from Unregistered Dealers
Claiming ITC on Capital Goods
Inter-State Branch Transfers
VAT Reports
VAT for Composite Dealers

Central Sales Tax (CST)
Basics of Central Sales Tax (CST)
Enabling CST in Tally.ERP 9
Recording Interstate Transactions in Tally.ERP 9
Payment of CST
CST Reports

Multilingual Capabilities
Configuring Tally.ERP 9 for Multilingual Capabilities
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions in Multiple Languages
Generating Reports

Technological Advantages of Tally.ERP 9
Security Control
Tally Audit
Backup and Restore
Split Company Data
Export and Import of Data
Printing of Reports and Cheques

Tally.NET and Remote Capabilities
Overview of Tally.NET
Configure Tally.NET Features
Connect Company on Tally.NET
Create Remote Users
Authorize Remote Users
Remote Access

Application Management and Controls
Concept of Control Centre
Installing & Activating Tally.ERP 9
Logging to Control Centre

Service Tax
Basics of Service Tax
Configuring Tally.ERP 9 for Service Tax
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions
Accounting for Advance Receipts
Accounting for Opening Service Tax Credit
Payment of Service Tax
Service Tax Reports

Tax Deducted at Source
Basic concepts of TDS
Configuring TDS in Tally.ERP 9
Creation of Masters
TDS Reports

Excise for Dealers
Basic Concepts
Creating Masters
Entering Transactions
Excise Reports
Sales & Purchase Extract

Payroll Accounting and Compliance
Configuring Payroll in Tally.ERP 9
Creating Payroll Masters
Accounting for Employer ESI Contributions
Payment of Professional Tax
Generating Payroll Reports

Recommended Reads

2. IPA

IPA offers another Tally Course in Pune. You will study Tally Accounting Software with Accounting, Inventory, GST, TDS, Payroll, etc.

Key features of this course

  • The institute offers live & Class Room of Tally Training.
  • It offers Tally Industry Recognised Certificate.
  • It offers placement assistance after Tally Course.
  • You can go for their flexible schedule.

Course fee: Rs. 10,000/.

3. Sulekha

Sulekha offers one of the best tally courses in Pune. It is a certification program.The industry professionals provide you with real-hand experience via projects, assignments, etc.


ACTE offers one of the best Tally courses in Pune.

Key benefits of the course

  • It offers hands-on Acquired Learning in Tally.
  • It offers online as well as classroom training.
  • Industry experts provide assignments, projects, real-hand experience, etc. to the learners.

Tools covered in this course

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • GST
  • TDS
  • VB Macros
  • SAP FiCo
  • Group
  • Ledger
  • Voucher
  • Payroll
  • MIS Report
  • Cost Center
  • Cost Control
  • Account
  • Inventory
  • MS Advanced Excel
  • POS
  • VAT
  • CST

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

5. Synergy

Synergy offers another tally course in Pune. The course will help you manage receivables and payables, credits, fund flow, and cash flow, banking, ledgers, budgets. This course will assist learners with detailed knowledge of the Tally course with GST.

Key benefits of the course

  • You will get in-depth knowledge of GST provisions
  • You will get the impact of GST on various sectors and their business models
  • You will get practical training for GST registration, Certification
  • They will provide technical skills to learn the new GST regime
  • It is a certification course
  • It will give live chat support
  • It will provide assignments, projects, etc.

6. Udemy

Udemy offers one of the best online tally courses in Pune. It offers a range of courses for tally such as Tally Prime with GST, and Tally ERP9.

Key benefits

  • Become efficient in GST Accounting with the help of Tally software.
  • You Will be Able to Maintain Accounts with Confidence.
  • Maintain Payroll of Employees, Workers
  • RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Price List
  • Filing Return

7. Internshala

Internshala offers online tally courses in Pune.

Course highlights

  • This online platform offers a certificate training program.
  • It offers placement assistance.
  • The industry experts give real-hands experience.
  • It is a beginner-friendly course.
  • You can access their LMS forever.

8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin also offers tally courses in Pune. It is an online platform that gives opportunities to students to take the tally course.

Key Benefits of Advanced Tally Course (ERP9)

  • The platform offers 28 hours of live interactive and instructor-led online training.
  • The students will get a certification known as the ‘Certified Tally Accountant (CTA)’ certification after the completion of the course.
  • The trainers have more than 10+ years of experience.
  • You will get benefits like access to the E-learning portal, Bootcamp sessions, multiple modules, Resume writing, etc.
  • You will also develop your soft skill.
  • They will give an opportunity for internship and complete placement support.

You can also check other courses for lucrative career opportunities

Career Prospects

You can pursue the course to get opportunities in the below-mentioned options.

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Accounting Associate
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Accounts Executive
  • Accounts Officer
  • Accounts Supervisor
  • Tally Operator
  • Tally Accounts Manager
  • Tally Accounts Executive
  • Service Coordinate with Tally
  • Tally Junior Accountant
  • Tax Accountant

Let’s check the below-mentioned courses for your career journey

FAQs concerning Tally Courses in Pune

1. What is a Tally course in a nutshell?

Tally course is an aspiring course for today’s generation. It helps create calculations in small and mid-level businesses.

2. What are the topics covered in the Tally?

The important topics covered in the Tally course are Goods and Services Tax, Balance Sheet, Printing of Cheque, Credit Limit, Records, Ledgers, TDS and its calculations, etc.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing the tally courses in Pune?

The eligibility criteria are pretty simple. Students who belong to a commerce background can join this course without any hindrance as they know basic concepts regarding this course. Students who have completed a minimum of 10+2 and have some information and ability in business management can also join the Tally Course.

4. Is tally tough to learn Tally for an absolute beginner?

No, it is easy to learn. A basic understanding of this course will help you grasp the complex materials.

5. What is the ultimate goal of tally certification after completing tally courses in Pune?

After the completion of the course, a tally certificate helps to become an accountant. It provides job opportunities within the public and private sectors. It is the ultimate goal of tally certification.

6. What are the career opportunities once finishing the tally courses in Pune?

After completion of the Tally course, you can be able to apply in sectors like MNCs, academic institutes, government organizations, private sectors, etc. Various career opportunities are waiting for you after the course.

7. What is the fee for the tally course?

It is between INR 3,000 to INR 10,000.

8. Who can do Tally Computer Courses in Pune?

We have discussed in the article that students who have completed 10+2 or equivalent can join the course. Graduates or post-graduates can also join the course. Even working professionals can learn tally for the sake of their future.

9. What features are available in Tally?

Outstanding Management for better Finance Management, Cost/Profit Management, Invoicing of all dealers, and Budget/Scenario supervision. These are the features available in Tally.

10. What is the full form of Tally?

Tally is noted as Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards.

11. Do the learners need to be experts in Mathematics for Tally?

No, the learners do not need it. The learners have to know basic mathematical knowledge. Mathematical ideas like fractions, percentages, decimals, etc. are enough to pursue the Tally course. Maths is an advantage to solving the general problems in Tally.

12. What modules are covered during this course?

The modules are

  • Basics of Accounting
    • GST
    • Balance Sheet
    • Company Formation
    • Ledgers
    • Credit Limit
    • Taxation Principles
    • Stock Analysis
    • VAT
    • Excise Duty
    • Cheque Printing
    • Bank Reconciliation

13. What are the types of ledger students have to make in Tally ERP 9?

The students have to make

  • Creating a sales/purchase ledger
  • Creating an Income/Expense ledger
  • Creating a party ledger
  • Creating bank account
  • Creating a tax ledger
  • Creating current liabilities

14. What are the objectives of the Tally Courses in Pune?

The objectives of the Tally course are

  • Control of access and security.
  • Consistency in the law
  • Invoicing for GST.
  • Budgets and the executive’s predicament.
  • Bookkeeping for payroll.

15. What are the types of Tally ERP 9 vouchers?

The types of Tally ERP 9 vouchers are:

  • Contra Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Journal Voucher
  • Sales/Invoice Voucher
  • Credit Note Voucher
  • Purchase Voucher
  • Debit Note Voucher
  • Reversing Journals
  • Memo Voucher

16. Name the available statutory features in Tally ERP. 

The statutory features available in Tally ERP are:

  • Service Tax
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Excise
  • Value Added Tax
  • Payroll Statutory
  • The tax collected at the source
  • Tax deducted at the source


In this article, we have discussed the Top8 Tally Courses in Pune in detail. In today’s world, learners are getting into the business world with their gaining skills from the tally course. It is a business accounting software. It is a great advantage to those who are joining the course and after they can easily get a job in well-managed companies if they grasp complex things in tally. These courses are very reliable and reasonable at a price that can help you throughout your journey. We can assure you that you will get an extra advantage in your field after this course. We hope this article will help you to understand the general information that we have shared thoroughly on the Tally Course. You must experience real-hands experience that will boost and help enhance your knowledge to do better in your career. The knowledge you will gain after completing the course will give an impact on your career. We wish you happiness in the near future. We know you will get successful in life and we have faith in that.

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