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Top 10 Online Financial Modeling Courses in India

The digital era has created a great platform for online learning. We can get an ocean of information from the internet. The virtual learning environment benefits people in all categories: students, professional workers, and even homemakers. With this type of learning process, you can gain the required skills and knowledge at your convenient time and place. If you are looking to switch careers, improve your own business or upgrade your portfolio, then you are at the right spot. The below page reviews the top online financial modeling courses in India.

List of best online financial modeling courses in India

What Does Financial Modeling Mean?

Financial modeling is important for the company’s development. The expenditure and earnings of the company are summarized on a spreadsheet.  The detailed report plays a major role in decision-making. Future expenses are calculated following this model.

Every new venture needs a financial model to integrate its business plans and capital requirements. Financial models help in a business or company’s valuation. This modeling gives information on the past, present, and future expenditures of the organization.

Where is Financial Modeling Used?

  • Valuation of a company.
  • Accounting for the final value of the business or company.
  • Planning the total capital required per annum.
  • Forecasting the future expenses according to the projects.
  • Deciding the capital allocation.
  • To increase the capital investment.
  • Option pricing.

Who Can Opt for Financial Modeling Courses?

There is no barricade for people who choose online financial modeling courses in India. People who have an interest in investment banking, accounting, or financial analysis, can enroll in financial modeling courses. It is suited for aspiring students and professionals. There is no age bar for these online programs.

The course serves as an added advantage for people who pursue MBA (Masters of Business Administration), CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), CA (Chartered Accountant), FRM (Financial Risk Management), and commerce (B.com, BBA, etc.). When you start a business or your firm, having a certification in financial modeling sounds great, right! So, if there comes a situation where you need the financial modeling skill, procure a course accordingly.

List of other In-demand Courses in India:

Career Options After Completion of Financial Modeling Course:

In recent times, the financial world has boomed. This has created a greater demand for financial experts. Every company is desperate in hiring experts in the field of finance. Thus, most of the job opportunities for people who have completed financial modeling courses are seen in and around the finance field. 

These job opportunities can be procured with a certification in any of the following online financial modeling courses in India. An individual can apply for jobs in industries like equity research companies, private finance, and government & non-government companies. 

Designations a Person Can Avail of After the Completion of These Financial Modeling Courses:

  • Equity research analyst
  • Financial analyst 
  • Financial Directors
  • Investment banking analyst
  • Financial consultants
  • Portfolio managers

The required number of valuables or total raw materials for a company or business is often calculated by a financial analyst. They also forecast future needs. The financial modeling is created from the scratch or existing models are followed. The models are done when a company initiates a new project or venture. 

The Best 10 Online Financial Modeling Courses in India:


IIM SKILLS provides online learning programs across the globe. Ranked number 1 by top education blogs, the institute has trained 15000+ people. Students undergo live classes and internships. Starting as a blog, the IIM SKILLS has become one of the finest institutions in providing virtual education.

With courses in multiple domains like digital marketing, content writing, SEO, BAT, and finance, the institute upskills the individuals. Its mission is to provide people with explicit knowledge at a minimal price range. This explains why IIM Skills tops the list of the best online financial modeling courses in India.

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Certification: Available

About the Course:

The 3 months course includes 50+ hours of online lectures and 100+ weekly practical assignments. The financial modeling course endeavors for candidates with financial analysis and decision-making skills. IIM Skills offer a guaranteed internship for 2 months. After the completion of the course, the candidates get a Master’s certification from the institution which is recognized by MSME, Government of India. 

The course contains six modules. Excel is the key concept in financial modeling. Thus, the first module details basic and advanced excel chapters. After which the students are briefed about accounting concepts, financial modeling basics, and its types, business valuation, and financial statements.

The objective of the course is to provide all the necessary knowledge in the field of finance. The candidates get lifetime access to the study materials and video recordings of the lectures. They provide 24*7 online support for the aspirants. Another advantage of enrolling in a course with IIM Skills is that you can select your class schedules- weekdays or weekends. 

Other Related Courses

2. IMS Pro school

IMS Proschool offers both online and offline modes of education. Starting in 1997, IMS is providing skills that are required for future professional opportunities. This institution aims to mentor, motivate and guide the young population. IMS believes that the upskilling of the youths would build a better future for them. The institute provides programs in finance, accounting, marketing, and analytics. People with a graduation degree can be on spot for this course.

About the Course:

The online training consists of 55+ hours of live classes. Candidates who complete the course get a joint certificate from NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Preschool. Interested people can also undergo additional certification programs given by VBA and Marcos. The training program is suitable for all people who have a keen interest in the field of finance.

The syllabus consists of excel basics and advanced techniques, formulation of charts and graphs, building a model from scratch, and pivot tables. The main purpose of this course is to develop one’s practical and functional skills. You can gain knowledge of financial statements, valuation methods, management, and analysis. 

Course: Financial modeling course

Certification: Available

3. Corporate Finance Institute

CFI has created a trademark in the list of top online financial modeling courses in India. The focus of this institute is to upskill individuals in the finance industry. Established in 2016, the finance institute is known for its recognition in finance training programs, certification, and skill development around the globe. CFI provides 100+ courses with 5000+ lessons and topics. The institute brings practical courses and training which could help tackle real-world situations.

About the Course:

Financial modeling and valuation analysis is a certified program consisting of 29 courses, from which you have to choose at least 14 courses. The FMVA certification will be mailed to you after the completion of the 14 mandatory courses with a 70% (or above) grade level. The certified individual has the essential skills to perform financial analysis. 

The course gives you an overview of financial modeling skills, accounting, budgeting, and forecasting processes. The 180+ interactive learning exercises guide you into a professional finance expert. The FMVA program makes sure to provide a better confidence level and decision-making ability in the world of finance.

Courses: Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst

Certification: Available

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4. Imarticus Learning

The institute believes that learning can be done at any stage of life. With the advancement of technology, Imarticus thrives to prepare a tech-driven, skilled community. The learning platform was started in 2012 and has partnered with leading academic institutions and corporations like KPMG, NSE, IIM Lucknow, Moody’s Analytics, and IIM Calcutta. The programs include finance, analytics, technology, and marketing subjects. 

About the Course:

The financial analysis course is a collaborative program with KPMG. This skill-building program covers accounting & financial modeling, strategies for valuation, and equity research. 180+ hours of curriculum enhance the knowledge of financial analysis. Imarticus provides you with placement services once done with the course.

As the course gives a 360-degree learning experience, the enrolled candidates are ready to take up jobs. The mock interviews are expert-driven. The curriculum of the course contains case studies, lectures, and projects. The hands-on projects are analyzed by the program mentor.

Each person gets a dedicated mentor who will support you throughout the financial course timeline. After completion of the course, you get certification which is co-branded by Imarticus learning and KPMG in India.

Course: Financial Analysis Prodegree

Certification: Available

5. NSE India

NSE is yet another outstanding institute offering online financial modeling courses in India. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd has served the nation for the last 25 years. The vision of this platform is to create leaders from the sub-continent to the global level. The institute offers online interactive courses, recorded courses, offline classrooms, post-graduate programs, and partner programs in multiple domains.

About the Course:

The online financial modeling course consists of 59 videos. NSE provides 30+ study materials for reading purposes. Passing the full-length test gains your certification eligibility. The course covers financial modeling & statement basics, valuation methods, DCF modeling, trading & transaction comparables, strategy & prospective analysis, and related case studies. 

This learning helps you to build financial models. This online learning exercise is suitable for students who pursue commerce, professionals who are in the trading field, and individuals who have an interest in investment banking, or finance. Rapid development in the financial markets has created large scope and competition for skilled financial experts. People looking for an elaborate financial modeling course can enroll here. 

Course: Certification in Online Financial Modeling

Certification: Available

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6. Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

The search for top online financial modeling courses in India has no border limits. As the learning platform is online, institutions that offer distance education across the globe can be taken into account. Wharton being the first business school is the best choice for people seeking international certification programs. This business school has been a great place for visionaries and inventors. Since 1881, the institute has helped people with its immense knowledge in trading and financial skills.

About the Course:

The specialization program offers a 100% online study curriculum. You can complete a course within 3-4 weeks. The financial specialization teaches you fundamental modeling and valuation skills. The syllabus introduces key topics like spreadsheet models, financial modeling techniques, forecasting, and common investment analysis.

All the participants are enlightened with a Capstone project. This gives a real-world situation to work with. You get an international certificate after the course completion. You are infused with data analyzing skills and risk identification techniques.

Program: Business and Financial Modeling specialization 

Some courses in the specialization program:

  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models
  • Modeling Risk and Realities
  • Business and Financial Modeling Capstone

Certification: Available

7. Coursera

Coursera is yet another online platform for developing skills. The virtual site offers a lot of professional courses ranging in different domains. Most of the people joining the online financial modeling courses in India prefer Coursera. With a mission to provide education to all, Coursera has partnered with 200+ best institutions and universities across the globe.  The courses are mostly free of cost or at an affordable price. 

About the Course:

When you search for financial modeling course on their site, you may end up with 150 different financial courses. From basic modeling techniques, cash flow modeling, and decision-making abilities to spreadsheets, you can select the required topic. Coursera has limitless topics and study plans.

They provide the candidates with immense knowledge in flexible hours. With a 7-day free trial, you gain a better understanding of the curriculum. The self-paced learning methodology is seen here. There are no live classrooms. You understand the topics with help of course materials and video recordings. Grading is done by analyzing the candidate’s quiz scores and assignment works. 


  • Discounted cash flow modeling
  • Fundamentals of quantitative modeling
  • Introduction to spreadsheets and models
  • Modeling risk and realities
  • Decision-making and scenarios

Certification: Available

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8. Udemy

Udemy is a platform dedicated to knowledge seekers. The online learning platform connects people throughout the world. They provide 196k+ courses in 75 languages. The course count increases day by day. According to their report, a total of 50 million people has been benefited with the help of Udemy.

It is a self-paced program. You can learn in your comfort zone along with content access on your gadgets. The virtual site has shared its knowledge with students and professionals all over the globe.

About the Course:

As online learning has nothing to do with limitations, there are an enormous number of courses available in the financial modeling category. You can choose a course according to your requirement; may be an excel specialization, modeling for business, or investment banking.

You can be ahead of your competitors just by selecting the course, adding it to the cart, and pursuing it. The learning process is made very simple by the above steps. Udemy offers courses at flexible hours – an anywhere; anytime learning objective. A sharable certificate can be downloaded after completion of the course.

Note that the certificate is only available for paid courses. It can be seen that Udemy also has secured a place in the list of top 10 online financial modeling courses in India.


  • Introduction to financial modeling
  • Financial modeling and valuation

Certification: Available for paid courses

9. The Wall Street School

The Wall Street School, commonly referred to as TWSS, was started to provide practical skills in investment banking and equity research. Founded in 2009, the Delhi-based institution has a remarkable spot in the list of finest online financial modeling courses in India. The customized corporate training is an added advantage.

About the Course:

Individuals applying for the course must crack an eligibility interview. Merit-based seat availability is seen here. Spending 6 weeks can make you upskilled in a particular field. Candidates may select their preferred learning process: classroom training, live online classes, or self-paced video recordings.

Initially, you are requested to pay only 40% of the total fees. The remaining 60% is charged after the placement with 90 days of maximum commitment. The curriculum is split into 10 modules. The course covers intermediate and advanced excel basics, finance concepts, business modeling, comparable company, and transaction analysis, discounted cash flow, merger model, and leveraged buyout.

The last module helps you with mock interviews and resume editing techniques. Their placement network has about 250+ leading global firms.

Course: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Certification: Available 

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10. LinkedIn Learning

Last in our line of online financial modeling courses in India is a program offered by LinkedIn Learning. This network is the world’s largest professional platform for skill sharing and job opportunities. With a total of 830 million members in around 200+ countries, the LinkedIn Learning site not only serves as a social platform but also offers courses for updating your skills. Launched in 2003, the platform brings leading professional companies, startups, self-made services, and a lot of people in various domains together.

About the Course:

You can avail of the course if you’re at the beginner or intermediate level. The video recordings can be accessed to understand the fundamentals of financial modeling in detail. The instructor, Michael McDonald highlights financial models & statements, DCF models, buyout models, and investment banking, models.

Excel is used for the teaching curriculum. The overall learning process contains 2 exercises and 9 quizzes. A sharable certificate can be obtained after the course completion. 

Course: Financial Modeling Foundations

Some other courses to be noted:

  • Financial Forecasting with Big Data
  • Forecasting Using Financial Statements
  • Excel for Corporate Finance Professionals

Certification: Available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the best online financial modeling courses in India?

The top online financial modeling courses in India are:

  • Financial modeling course – IIM Skills
  • Business and Financial Modeling specialization program – Wharton, University of Pennsylvania 
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst – CFI
  • Financial modeling course offered by IMS Pro school

Q2. Are online courses worth taking?

In this digital world, everything has become a one-step process. While sitting in your comfort zone, you could learn, write or talk about anything. Thus, an online course does not degrade the educational qualification. Yet, completing a course from a reputed institution or site is required. Virtual classes cannot be compared with physical classrooms. You must select a course by analyzing the curriculum and certification standards. In the end, skills procured during the learning process matter. Online learning has a great advantage in terms of time management. A person from South Africa can do courses offered by an Indian institute and vice versa; no border limits.

Q3. Does a certification in financial modeling course get me a job?

The financial market is growing at a drastic rate. People who can analyze the financial situation and make immediate decisions are in demand. So, if you have a certified skill in the required field, you would have a better chance to get the job. You will be in the spotlight more than your competitors. Certification gives a good impression of you. 

Q4.  What designation can a person with financial modeling knowledge get?

The designation a person with financial modeling knowledge can get are equity research analyst, financial analyst, financial director, investment banking analyst, financial consultant, and portfolio manager.

Summing up

This article overviews the top Online Financial Modeling Courses in India. Here, the course curriculum, skills developed, duration, and fee structure are analyzed to give a brief report. You could get a basic idea about financial modeling courses in and around the world after reading the above content. Online learning has made education easier and more comfortable. Every course has its upskilling solutions. So, you can surf the internet to analyze the best training programs according to your job or educational needs. Don’t let your chances fade away.

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