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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Lucknow With Live Training

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow’s infrastructure and economic development have opened up potential opportunities in investment banking services. Investment banking covers a broad spectrum of financial consulting and its efficient management for both individuals and businesses. Despite how straightforward the concept may appear, it is one of the hardest skills to put into practice, with a variety of occupations in the management, financial, and accounting areas. A course in investment banking can help you choose the career you want to pursue. Here, in this article, we have defined investment banking and the top 5 investment banking courses in Lucknow with scope in the IB industry. 

Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow

What is Investment Banking?

Investment Banking is a financial business that provides advice on various financial transactions to clients like governments, firms, and high-net-worth individuals.

These transactions involve raising cash, creating and issuing securities, mergers and acquisitions, and other forms of financial restructuring.

Who is an Investment Banker?

A specialist in investment banking is known as an investment banker. Large financial institutions like investment banks, commercial banks, and private equity firms are frequent employers of investment bankers. 

  • They have a focus on a specific area of finance, that includes corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, or securities underwriting.
  • They frequently has a strong background in finance, economics, accounting, or business in addition to a variety of analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills.
  • They must be able to handle high-pressure scenarios. additionally, they should put in long hours while working in a fast-paced, competitive atmosphere.
  • A successful investment banker can establish a rich career. They make a substantial impact on the financial sector.
  • Investment bankers are typically in high demand due to the state of the economy, business activity, and capital markets.
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs) and debt issuance are two common capital-raising strategies that are in higher demand in a developing economy.
  • In addition, businesses can seek guidance on restructuring, other strategic initiatives, and mergers and acquisitions, which can increase demand for investment bankers.

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A Career in Investment Banking

For those with a passion for finance, a desire for challenge and the ambition to have a significant impact on the financial world, choosing an investment banking profession can be a lucrative and promising path.

The following list of factors makes banking a great career choice:

Financially Rewarding

High base salary, performance-based bonuses, and other rewards are common in investment banking, which is recognized for its competitive pay structure. There may be a lot of work to do, but top performers in particular can receive significant financial benefits. People who want to build wealth and find financial stability are highly motivated by this pay scheme.

Fame and Reputation

Some of the greatest minds in finance are known to lean toward investment banking. It is simpler to land future possibilities in finance, consulting, or other related sectors when one is a member of a reputable industry because it lends credibility to one’s professional profile.

A sense of success and recognition within the financial sector can also come from working on high-profile acquisitions and transactions.

Better Professional Development

Investment banking has an extensive education process and exposes young professionals to difficult real-world problems and financial transactions.

People have the chance to acquire a wide range of skills, including financial analysis, transaction structuring, negotiation, and communication, as a part of a vibrant and fast-paced sector.

Investment banking experience is very transferable to various fields of finance and business, providing fascinating future career opportunities.

Dynamic and Challenging Environment

The demanding and fast-paced nature of the work keeps professionals interested and motivated all the time. New possibilities to resolve challenging financial issues, negotiate market uncertainty, and develop client success strategies present themselves every day. Due to this ongoing intellectual stimulation, banking is a fun and rewarding job choice.

Opportunities for Network Building

Building broad networks with clients, industry insiders, and colleagues throughout the world is possible for people who work in investment banking. Throughout a person’s career, these relationships can be extremely helpful in generating new business chances, possible clients, job offers, and mentoring opportunities.

The investment banking sector places a strong focus on developing relationships, which fosters a culture of cooperation and teamwork.

Worldwide Access

International clients and companies are served by investment banking on a worldwide scale. Professionals in this industry are consequently exposed to various economics, cultures, and legal systems. The work’s global scope broadens one’s perspectives and cultivates a global mindset, both of which are increasingly important in today’s connected society.

To get started in this lucrative and challenging industry, here are the top 5 investment banking courses in Lucknow that offer both the theoretical knowledge that employers are looking for and the practical expertise needed to succeed in the field.

1. Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: IIM SKILLS

About: A well-known international organization, IIM SKILLS, focuses on real-world experience for its affordable-priced professional certification program in investment banking.


The three-month, unique  Investment Banking Course includes a one-month guaranteed internship. Their extensive master’s program is divided into 8 modules, with a total of 70+ hours of training (50+ hours of lectures + 20+ hours of doubt clearing session) and 100+ hours of practical assignments. This course equips students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to begin a career in investment banking.

IIM SKILLS programs are ideal for upskilling both professionals and beginners since they include lifelong access to a Learning Management System (LMS), which provides recorded lectures, classroom presentations, pre-session reading materials, and tools for improved learning.

Course Name:Investment Banking Master Course
Course Duration:3 Months
Fees:Rs.39,900 + 18% GST
Pre-Requisite:An undergraduate degree in commerce, business administration, or related field

A strong desire to work in the investment banking field

Fundamental knowledge of statistics and finance

Mode of Learning:Online 
Course Curriculum:
Module 1:MS PowerPoint
Module 2:MS Excel
Module 3:Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
Module 4:Derivatives Market
Module 5:Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 6:Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 7:Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 8:Business Valuation
Certificate Availability:Yes
Placement Assistance:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740
Email ID:[email protected]


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Imarticus Learning

About: Imarticus Learning created a credential program called Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional that focuses on providing excellent, industry-specific education using innovative technology, specialized training, professional career assistance, and mentorship from experienced professionals in Lucknow.

The 150 hours of the CIBOP program train candidates for positions in investment banking by giving them a thorough understanding of the industry’s products, procedures, and operations with both part-time (3 months) and full-time (2 months) option.

You will learn the basics of financial markets, the trade life cycle, risk management, and regulation in this program, which will also help you get ready for a job interview with a reputable organization.

Course Name:Investment Banking Operations Professional
Course Duration:150 Hours
Mode of Learning:Live Online and Classroom
Course Curriculum:
Level 1Introduction to Investment Bank and Financial System

Introduction to Cash Equities

Introduction to Fixed Income Securities

Introduction to Foreign Exchange Markets

Derivatives Markets – Forward, Future and Options

Derivatives – Swaps

Introduction to Money Markets

Soft-Skill Training

Level 2Reference Data Management

Corporate Actions

Asset Management


Introduction to ISDA

Trade Life Cycle and Settlements Process

Stock, Borrowing, and Lending

Collateral Management

Personality Development Session

Level 3Risk Management and Regulatory Global Markets

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer

Basic Excel

Job-Interview Readiness

Certificate Availability:Yes
Placement Assistance:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9953 728 090
Email ID:[email protected]

3. Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Times Pro

About: Aiming to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in investment banking roles, the PGCPIB program by Times Pro has collaborated with IIM Indore. That provides, practical training to help participants become successful investment bankers and covers a variety of topics, such as risk management, asset valuation, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Essentially, the program teaches participants how to effectively make decisions and strategies in the field of mergers and acquisitions. Initial public offerings, valuation, bond trading, portfolio advisory services. 

Course will be delivered through online mode but, a session or two from a few of the course will be included in the module for on-campus immersion. In-depth knowledge of finance topics, real-world applications, and useful case studies are all provided in the course.

Course Name:PG Program in Investment Banking
Course Duration:12 Months
Fees:Rs.15,000 (Registration Fees)

Rs.4,00,000 + Taxes

Mode of Learning:Online and Campus Immersion
Course Curriculum:
Module 1:Financial Reporting, Analysis and Valuation
Module 2:Financial Management
Module 3:Investments and Portfolio Management 
Module 4:Investment Banking Part I
Module 5:Investment Banking Part II
Module 6:Mergers and Acquisitions
Module 7:Options, Futures and Derivatives
Module 8:Economic Environment
Module 9:Spreadsheet Modeling For Finance
Module 10:Industry Lecture
Certificate Availability:Yes
Placement Assistance:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:1800 120 2020
Email ID:[email protected]

4. Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Edu Pristine

About: One of the top training providers for Accounting and Finance is Edu Pristine.  Their certificate in Investment Banking provides various types of learning including self-paced learning, online learning, and classroom learning. CIB Course with 100 to 200 hours of rigorous training and course curriculum with 4 modules that cover all the aspects of finance topics along with practical case studies.

Course Name:Certificate In Investment Banking
Course Duration:100 – 200 Hours
Fees:Contact the institute for fee structure
Mode of Learning:Online and Classroom
Course Curriculum:
Module 1: Financial ModelingBasics of MS Excel

Advance Excel Functions

Valuation and Modeling

Company and Project Valuation

Merger and Acquisitions

Project Finance



Accenture Case Study


Module 2: Chartered Financial AnalystEthical and Professional Standards

Quantitative Methods


Financial Reporting and Analysis

Corporate Finance

Fixed Income and Derivatives

Alternative Investments

Portfolio Management

Module 3: Data VisualizationData Visualization Process: Tableau

Financial Reporting and Analysis – Dashboard Best Practices

Calculation on Tableau

Comparing Measures Against Goals

Module 4: Workshop on Investment BankingWorkshop on Equity Research and Report Writing

Workshop on Project Finance

Monte Carlo Simulation

Workshop on Investment Banking

Certificate Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Phone Number:1800 200 5835
Email ID:[email protected]

5. Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Udemy

About: Various platforms offer investment banking courses, one of the best among them is Udemy. It is another well-known online learning resource that provides a huge number of reputable investment banking courses suitable for students of all skill levels, from complete novices to working professionals, who wish to learn investment banking courses. 

Such as Intro to Investment Banking, M&A, IPO, Modeling + Free Book, Investment Banking: The Complete Financial Ratio Analysis, Advanced Accounting for Investment Banking, Investment Banking for Beginners, and many more These courses are at affordable prices and can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Among those, we have discussed The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023 which introduces you to the capital markets, advisory, trading brokerage, and asset management the four main key divisions of investment banking 228 downloadable resources, and 7 articles to improve learning.

Course Name:The Complete Investment Banking Course
Course Duration:13.5 Hours
Mode of Learning:Online
Course Curriculum:
Course Introduction

The Ascendance of Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking Activity’s Four Primary Section

Strategies Pursued by Investment Banks

Capital Markets-

Equity Capital Markets

Debt Capital Markets

Advisory Services-

Mergers and Acquisition


Trading and Brokerage

Asset Management

A Step-by-Step Guide to Company Valuation

Financial Modeling Fundamentals

DCF Valuation-


Forecasting of Key P&L Items

Forecasting Key Balance Sheet Items

Creating Clean Output Sheets

Unlevered Cash Flows and The Calculation of  The Net Cash Flow

Predicting Future Cash Flow and Calculating Their Present Value

Continue Value, Enterprise Value, and Equity Value Calculation

Additional Analyses Accompanying the Financial Model

Tesla Valuation – Complete DCF Exercise

Multiples Valuation –

Triangulating DCF Results with Multiples

Practical Example – Volkswagen

A Guide to Leveraged Buyouts

LBO Case Study: Dell’s LBO

Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model Construction from Scratch: LBO Valuation

Building a Comprehensive LBO Model

Interview Preparation

Who Does What in Finance?

Bonus Lecture

Certificate Availability:Yes
Contact InformationPlease, Visit their official website for further details.

Students of investment banking programs can pursue a variety of employment options, including those in investment banks, corporate finance divisions, financial consultancies, private equity firms, and other organizations. 

The curriculum prepares students for careers as investment bankers and another role in investment banking by giving them a solid foundation and hands-on knowledge. Professionals can advance to senior roles with more responsibilities and lucrative pay with experience and skills.

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Scope after Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow

For India’s young, ambitious workforce, investment banking is increasingly a viable career path. Some of the factors that influence investment banking aspirants to pursue this job include the following:

  • It is an interesting and fulfilling job with several financial, personal, and professional advantages.
  • This position requires someone knowledgeable about the market yet still has a lot to learn.
  • The salary for investment bankers is comparatively higher than in other fields.
  • This is a common career route in finance since it opens access to more prestigious careers like wealth management, entrepreneurship, and venture capital.
  • Investment banking career prospects are growing as India’s economy develops, and new job openings are arising.
  • Starting compensation ranges from 6 to 8 lakhs per year, but as one works more and gains more experience, the salary progressively rises.
  • It is a fantastic career opportunity due to the settlement in investment banking and its financial services, Banks now need skilled investment bankers who can contribute to the organization’s success.
  • There will always be a need for investment bankers with great market knowledge and financial expertise to manage the market because numerous factors can have an impact on market movements.

Job Profiles in the Investment Banking Industry

Job ProfilesJob DescriptionAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Account ManagerThey act as a point of contact between businesses and their clients. 

To establish and preserve solid connections, an account manager must respond to customer’s wants and concerns as soon as possible.

Rs.5.6 Lakhs
Anti-Money Laundering AnalystInvestigate and measure the potential for questionable financial activities within an organization. Implement measures that confirm anti-money laundering regulations to reduce the risk of money laundering, and communicate with auditors and regulators.Rs.4 Lakhs
Capital Market Operations ConsultantYou will be a member of the investment banking team, which specializes in underwriting the issue of additional equity shares and selling securities to raise capital. They serve as a middleman between security issuers and investors and help start-up companies in going public.Rs.17 Lakhs
Chief Financial OfficerA top executive in charge of overseeing a company’s financial operations is referred to as chief financial officer. CFO responsibilities include monitoring cash flow, budgeting the company’s finances, identifying its financial strengths and shortcomings, and making recommendations for improvement.Rs.46 Lakhs
Equity Research AnalystEquity analysts conduct stock analyses to help portfolio managers make better choices. They frequently involve doing quantitative research regarding recent market behavior and creating investing models and screening tools.Rs.6 Lakhs
Global Finance ResearcherOversee the financial reporting process in every aspect. Compare actual financial data results to forecasts, plans, and budgets. Create and implement a management reporting package for financial and operational data. Drive the processes for forecasting and budgeting, coordinate their execution, and prepare and present them to internal management.Rs.8 Lakhs
Investment Banking Operations LeadTrade settlement, money spending and receiving, and security delivery are all ensured through operations. They also take care of the documentation needed to launch new products like bonds or equity offerings. Operations also assist the bank in conforming to regulatory standards.Rs.21 Lakhs
Investment WriterTo be considered for this position of investment writer, you must know about finances and asset management, analytical skills, and expertise in analyzing data and financial decisions. You should be able to provide understandable content that is clear to our target audience. The fundamental objective of an investment writer is to give readers knowledge that will enable them to make better investment decisions. They achieve this by providing analysis and discussion on recent financial news events.Rs.10 Lakhs
Relationship ManagerKeeping up through understanding of the company’s goods and services establishing and maintaining trusting connections with both existing and potential customers, and hunting for and seizing fresh business chances. Identifying client’s needs and expectations and providing the best solutions.Rs.3.5 Lakhs
Risk Management ConsultantRisk consultants oversee business risk management initiatives to ensure low loss exposure and carry out administrative and compliance tasks. They establish and manage an organization’s insurance budgets as well as maintain corporate insurance data.Rs.14 Lakhs

Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is investment banking right for me?

Being an investment banker can be an exciting and difficult career choice. This can be a fantastic option for you if your main criteria for a career are financial rewards. But investment banking can also end up being a difficult profession given the lengthy hours and intense competition.

Q. How investment banking courses in Lucknow can be helpful?

A finance graduate with a passion for investment banking has a wide range of opportunities to explore. They can determine what area of specialization they are interested in pursuing by taking investment banking courses in Lucknow. Candidates can leverage their academic knowledge while learning about practical job skills through these courses. Therefore, courses offer an educational means of bridging the gap between a job and a degree. 

Q. What skills are most crucial for an investment banker?

Due to the greater focus on pitching to customers in investment banking professions, frequently call for higher level communication and public speaking skills. In the world of investment banking, entrepreneurial skills are also valued more.

Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow: Conclusion

That’s it. We hope this article might have helped you gain some insights into investment banking careers and available Investment Banking Courses in Lucknow. The program’s extensive curriculum, business partnership, and international certification make sure that learners are well prepared to succeed in this fast-paced market of Lucknow. 

The top 5 investment banking courses in Lucknow will help you gain attractive career possibilities and a start road of professional growth and success in Lucknow’s flourishing financial sector. If you have any queries regarding the course, contact the institution for further details.


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