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Top 7 Online Investment Banking Courses With Certification

Investment banking offers excellent compensation, significant prospects for advancement, and the potential to build a network of professional contacts with industry leaders, so it should come as no surprise that this field is a top choice for recent business school graduates or even professionals who wants a change their career into investment banking. Nowadays, online courses are more convenient and affordable than in-person classes. Many reputable institutions provide online investment banking courses which makes it easy to learn anywhere and anytime. So here in this article, we have provided the top 5 online investment banking courses with certification.

Online Investment Banking Courses

What is Investment Banking?

An investment bank is a particular kind of bank that specializes in high finance, assisting businesses in gaining access to capital markets like the stock or debt markets. Investment banks function as underwriters, middlemen, and financial consultants in carrying out complicated financial services and transactions on behalf of their clients. So, for example, if a government wishes to generate money by issuing bonds to raise funds for the building of a highway, it may turn to an investment bank.

Investment banks essentially act as intermediaries between a corporation and the general population. Most investment banks are involved in a variety of the following activities:

  • Investing in securities or issuing new stocks during an IPO to raise money
  • Finding investors for corporate bonds to raise debt money in order to assist a company in growing
  • Facilitating corporate restructuring and mergers
  • Trading, investing, and other proprietary activities involving the bank’s funds for personal use

Investment banks often offer consulting, funding, trading, and research as part of their services. They generate revenue by providing these services to clients, who range from companies and governments to investment funds and others.

The work that these investment banks complete on behalf of their clients results in fees and commissions. This is different from how conventional banks generate revenue. 

Why Choose Online Investment Banking Courses?

Most of the people who want to work in investment banking start by earning a bachelor’s degree in economics, business administration, or finance. The basis for success as an investment banker is provided by this. 

Especially online courses are convenient in every term even if you are working professionally you can still get into investment banking. Many reputable institutions provide online programs with the same effect as traditional classes. You can learn investment banking in your comfort.

Through their placement assistance of the courses, networking with clients, investors, professionals service providers, etc. they will be able to develop relationships within the industry and become familiar with market data analysis techniques and corporate finance principles, as well as an understanding of securities regulations and industry standards, which are crucial for this line of work.

Here we have listed the top 5 online investment banking courses with certification.

Online Investment Banking Courses: IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS is one of the top leading education institutes in India that offers a variety of finance, writing, analytics, marketing programs, and competitive exam training for fresher and working professionals and help people advance in their career. More than 35000+ learners from 35+ countries have benefited from IIM SKILLS’ affordable online courses with certification and placement assistance.

Their investment banking course with instructor-led online training has rigorous 70+ hours of live training that will help you understand various topics that fall under the subject with 20+ hours doubt clearing sessions and 100+ hours of practical assignments. 

The course curriculum covers 8 modules that are carefully designed for both professionals and beginners by industry experts.  Also, 5+ case studies to give you real-world experience for this career.

Once you enroll in the investment banking course, you have lifetime access to its learning management system, which provides, pre-session reading materials, recorded sessions, PPTs, assignments, and many more. Additionally, they provide 1 month guaranteed internship that will help you get ready for the industry.

Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Master Course
Duration of the Course: 3 Months + 1 Month Internship
Fees of the Course: Rs.39, 900 + 18% GST
Eligibility Criteria:A bachelor’s degree in commerce, BBA, or related field

A strong desire to work in the investment banking industry

Basic knowledge of finance and statistics

Course Curriculum

ModulesTopics Covered
1.MS PowerPointIntroduction to MS PowerPoint and Understanding the Ribbon

Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Importance

Creating, Managing, and Designing the Slides

Adding Transition and Animations

Formatting by Using Themes, Different Color Schemes

Creating the Slide Master

Inserting Pictures, Links, and Editing Them

Working on Illustrations and Shapes

Building Different Kinds of Graphs Like Bar Graphs, Line Charts, Combo Charts, Football Field, Scatter Plot, Histogram, Pie Chart, Waterfall, Stacked Column Chart to name a few

2.MS ExcelIntroduction to MS Excel and Understanding the Ribbon

Keyboard Shortcuts and Their Importance

Regular Use Functions like Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match, Sum ifs, Offset, Paste Special, Concatenate, and Indirect among others, and Their combination among themselves

Rules of conditional formatting

Font and number formatting

Cells, rows, and columns freezing concepts

Using Excel tools and formulae, Data validation, sorting, and applying filters

Table functions and dynamic arrays

Data presentation using pivot tables, pivot charts, and slicers

Introduction to macros

Creating different types of charts and graphs including but not limited to bar graphs, line charts, combo charts, football fields, scatter plots, histograms, pie charts, waterfall, stacked column charts


Sensitivity analysis using data tables

Dynamic dashboards

Time value functions like PMT, FV, NPER, PV, RATE

Functions for text include proper, find, replace, substitute, left, right, and middle among others 

Delimit and flash fill methods for text to columns

Return functions like IRR, NPV, XIRR, XNPV

Iterative calculations and circular referencing

Using scenario manager, goal seek, and data table to do what-if analysis

3.Fundamentals of Financial System and MarketBasics of a financial system

Different kinds of financial markets – primary market – secondary market,  capital market – money market

Market participants and regulators

Stock exchanges and financial centers

Difference between over- the counter exchange-traded securities

Share types include – equity and preference shares

Understanding of long and short positions including short sell

Meaning of depository receipts

Characteristics, securitization, and types of bonds

Definitions and explanations of interest, bond price, and yield

Yield to maturity

Forex and its features

Quotes and trades

4.Derivatives MarketIntroduction to derivatives

Forwards, futures, and options

Understanding of long and short positions

Discussion of call and put options

Different types of payoffs and pricing in derivatives markets

Concepts of swaps and their types (including equity, interest rate, and forex)

Meaning of hedging and speculation

Overview of credit default swaps

5.Technical of Investment BankingOverview of Investment Banking

Role of investment bankers

Types of investment banks- bulge bracket, mid-market d boutique

Merchant bank vs investment bank vs commercial bank

Meaning of the buy side and sell side of the business

Venture capital, private equity, and investment bank 

Concepts of mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, spin-offs, and capital raise

Vertical and horizontal mergers

A sell-side deal lifecycle

Concepts of due diligence

Various stages and forms of investment, include seed rounds, several series, initial public offerings (IPO), rights issues, and private placements

Concepts of understanding and book-building approach

Overview of green shoe option

Understanding of corporate restructuring and turnaround

Discussion on the tender offer, earn-out, leveraged buyout, etc.

6.Different Marketing CollateralsBuyer list investor list

Non-disclosure agreement

Pitchbook /pitch deck


Confidential information memorandum (CIM)

Financial models

7.Technical of Financial ModelingIntroduction

Creating scenarios utilizing a variety of methods, such as index, pick, and scenario manager 

The IS, BS, and CFS financial statements’ projections and forecasts

Creating comprehensive revenue and cost drivers for many company sectors, such as conglomerate/MNC companies, real estate, e-commerce, utility, business services, automobiles, food aggregators, subscription-based enterprises

Preparation of multiple schedules comprising equity, depreciation, debt working capital, fixed assets, etc.

Best practices for error-tracing techniques and financial modeling 

Important formatting hints, such as the ideal print setup procedure

Addition of a cover page, index, financial summary, and other key tabs

8.Business ValuationRelative Valuation – trading and transaction comps:

Difference between GPC and GTM

Difference between transaction value, deal value, and offer value

Criteria to screen peers

Valuation multiples to be used

Using equity value and other components to calculate enterprise value

The ideal time to focus on includes the last twelve months, the next twelve months, historical years, and projected years

DCF Valuation:

Calculation and Knowing the link between FCFF and FCFE 

Related terms for NOPAT, working capital changes, and capex adjustments

Using WACC exact cost component estimates are made, including CAPM and multi-factor models

Understanding various risk concepts and how to include them in valuation calculations (ERP, IRP, CRP, SSRP, DLOM, DLOC)

Different ways of calculating beta

Concepts of leveraged and unleveraged beta

Various methods are used to calculate the terminal value, including the H-model, the exit multiple techniques, and the Gordon growth model

Mid period valuations

Sensitivity tables

Certification of Completion: Yes
Placement Assistance: Yes

Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740
Email ID:[email protected]

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Online Investment Banking Courses: Imarticus Learning


Imarticus Learning offers live online and offline training of certified investment banking operations professional courses.

With 150 hours of rigorous instruction with a distinguished faculty, that provides aspirants with an in-depth understanding of products, processes, and operations and prepares them to take on roles in investment banking. 

The two-month (full-time) and three-month (part-time) is designed to provide learners with real-world experience and hands-on training that will equip them to solve real-world issues in the industry.

They also offer career services and mentoring to help learners enhance their portfolios and prepare them for job interviews based on industry-specific requirements.

Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
Duration of the Course:2 Months (Full-Time) or 3 Months (Part-Time)
Fees of the Course: Rs.1, 40, 00

Course Curriculum

ModulesTopics Covered
Introduction to Financial MarketsIntroduction to Investment Banking and Financial System

Introduction to Cash Equities  

Introduction to Fixed Income Securities

Introduction Foreign Exchange Derivatives Markets – Forward, Future, and Options

Derivatives – Swaps

Introduction to Money Markets

Soft Skill Training

Trade Life CycleReference Data Management

Corporate Actions

Asset Management


Introduction to ISDA

Stock, Borrowing, and Lending

Collateral Management

Trade Life Cycle and  Settlements Process

Personality Development Session

Risk ManagementRisk and Regulation – Global Markets

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer

Basic Excel

Interview Preparation

Certification of Completion: Yes
Placement Assistance: Yes


Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 99 5357 8090
Email ID:[email protected]

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Online Investment Banking Courses: Data Trained


Data Trained offers a six-month distinctive teaching approach in their post-graduate program in investment banking and financial modeling that includes 200+ learning hours which is suitable for both working professionals and freshers. With 12+ modules on hands-on curriculum and career mentoring with a job guarantee, this certification program is also among one of the best choices for an investment banking career.

Course Name:PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling
Duration of the Course:6 Months
Fees of the Course: Rs.90, 000 + GST

Course Curriculum

Module 1:Basics of Finance
Module 2:Introduction to Financial Statements
Module 3:Basics of Economics
Module 4:Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation
Module 5:Basic to Advanced Excel
Module 6:Microsoft PowerPoint
Module 7:Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Module 8:Cost of Capital
Module 9:Relative Valuation
Module 10:Start-Up Valuation
Module 11:Merger and Acquisition along with LBO
Module 12:Financial Management of Start-Ups
Certification of Completion: Yes
Placement Assistance: Yes


Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 95 6008 4091 
Email ID:[email protected]

Online Investment Banking Courses: Edu Bridge


Edu Bridge is one of the leading providers of professional training that offers certification in investment banking operations is an intensive course that covers 14 modules. They assist learners in creating their professions with training and other career-building services. This course is designed to equip students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to manage the various duties and responsibilities of investment banking.

Course Name:Certification in Investment Banking Operations
Duration of the Course: 326 Hours
Fees of the Course: Rs.50, 000

Course Curriculum

Module 1:Investment Banking and Financial System
Module 2:Trade Life Cycle
Module 3:Cash Equities
Module 4:Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Due Diligence
Module 5:Fixed Income Securities
Module 6:Reconciliations and Its Types
Module 7:Foreign Exchange Market
Module 8:Reference Data Management
Module 9:Money Markets
Module 10:Risks, it’s types, and Regulations in Respect to Global Markets
Module 11:Derivatives – Forwards, Futures, Options and Swaps
Module 12:Asset Management – Mutual Funds, Fund Accounting
Module 13:Corporate Actions and Their Types
Module 14: MS Excel and PowerPoint (IB)
Certification of Completion: Yes
Placement Assistance: Yes


Contact Information
Phone Number:1800 120 1193
Email ID:[email protected]

Online Investment Banking Courses: IMS Pro School


IMS Pro School is a reputable institute that offers Post graduate certificates in investment banking

You will learn the fundamentals of investment banking through six modules of the course that also covers extensive case studies to help you grasp the full knowledge of the real-world industry. Their certification is provided by NSDC in collaboration with IMS Pro School

Course Name:PG Certificate in Investment Banking Course
Duration of the Course:12 Months
Fees of the Course: Rs.1, 20,000

Course Curriculum

ModuleTopics Covered
Excel for FinanceExcel Functions



Time Value of Money

Pivot Table

Case Study

Basic PowerPoint

Equity, Debt MarketsMarkets Organization and Structure



Debt and Pooled – Types, Characteristics

Risks and Returns

Forex and DerivativesCommodities

Forex Markets

Characteristic of Futures


Options and Swaps



IB OperationsIntroduction to Investment Banking

Corporate Actions

Trade Life Cycle

Front Office and Back Office Operations

Settlement and RiskClearing and Settlement




Risk Management

Investor Grievances

OTC ProductsOver the Counter (OTC) Vs. Exchange Traded (ET)

OTC Products


Trade Life Cycle

Certification of Completion: Yes
Placement Assistance: Yes


Contact Information
Phone Number:77 1004 4425
Email ID:[email protected]


Online Investment Banking Courses: Coursera


Coursera is one of the most popular online learning platforms for both technical and non-technical courses. Coursera offers classes for free for auditing but you must pay to get a certificate. 

The fundamental skills needed for a career in investment banking will be taught in this course. It is intended to offer realistic application methods which are frequently used by experts in the field.

Course Name:Financial Analysis and Valuation
Duration of the Course:11 Hours
Fees of the Course: Enroll for free

Course Curriculum               

ModulesTopics Covered
Course IntroductionIntroduction to Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation

Meet Your Instructor

Learn on Your Terms

Module 1: Financial Spreads and AdjustmentIntroduction to Financial Spreads – Overview

Introduction to Financial Spreads – Multiples

– Fully Diluted Shares Outstandingeads –

Introduction to Financial Spreads – Financial Adjustments

Module 2: Introduction to Valuation Analysis and Comparable Public Companies AnalysisValuation Techniques and Uses

Basic Overview of Multiples-Based Approaches

Overview of Comparable Public Companies Analysis

Selecting Comparable Companies

Spreading Financial Information and Benchmarking

Valuation Multiples and Ranges

Comparable Public Companies Analysis and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Module 3: Comparable Precedent Transaction AnalysisSimilarities and Differences Between Public and Transaction Comparable Analysis

Steps to Performing Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis

Finding Transaction Comparable

Unique Aspects of Spreading a Transaction Comparable

The Final Analysis is the Same

Advantages and Disadvantages of Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis

Building a Valuation Summary

Module 4: Discounted Cash FlowsAn Introduction

Projecting Free Cash Flows


Terminal Value

Calculate Present Value and Determine Valuation

Course ConclusionGies Online Programs
Certification of Completion: Yes


Contact Information:

Please, Visit their official site for more information.

Online Investment Banking Courses: Udemy


Udemy is one of the unique online education platforms that allows teachers to publish and set prices for their course materials based on the difficulty and length of the program. 

The comprehensive curriculum of Udemy’s complete investment banking course includes all the essential factors of investment banking and learner can enroll for free. It is one of the best self-paced online crash courses that provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in this field. Students will learn the fundamentals of investment banking in addition to advanced-level courses to help them land a job in the financial industry.

Course Name: The Complete Investment Banking Course
Duration of the Course: 13.5 Hours
Fees of the Course: Rs.3,699

Course Curriculum


The Ascendance of Investment Banking Services

Investment Banking Activity and Their Four Major Areas

Strategies Pursued By Investment Banks

Capital Markets – Equity Capital Markets

Capital Markets – Debt Capital Markets

Advisory Services – Mergers and Acquisitions

Advisory Services – Restructuring

Trading and Brokerage

Asset Management

Company Valuation – A Step-By-Step Guide 

Financial Modeling Fundamentals

DCF Valuation – Introduction

DCF Valuation – Forecasting of Key P & L items

DCF Valuation – Developing Clean Output Sheets

DCF Valuation – Calculation of Net Cash Flow  and Unlevered Cash Flows

DCF Valuation – Calculation of Present Value of Cash Flows in the Forecast Period

DCF Valuation – Calculation of Enterprise Value, Continuing Value, and Equity Value

DCF Valuation – Analyses  Supplementing The Financial Model

Tesla Valuation – Complete DCF Exercise

Multiples Valuation and  Practical Example of Volkswagen

A Guide to Leveraged Buyouts

LBO Case Studies: Dell’s LBO

LBO Valuation – Creating a Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model from Scratch

Building a Comprehensive LBO Model

Interview Preparation

What Does What in Finance?

Bonus Lecture

Certification of Completion: Yes


Contact Information:

Please, Visit their official website for more information.

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Career Path in Investment Banking

A job in investment banking entails assisting businesses and governments in raising funds to fund significant projects or maintain ongoing operations. 

After completing the necessary educational requirements and these courses, people should look for entry-level jobs like a financial analyst or associate at banks, asset management companies, private equity funds, or other financial services organizations involved in investment and capital market activities such as merger and acquisition advisory firms and brokerages, etc.

One can advance to the position of managing director or partner with enough experience and skill. This role places a strong emphasis on client relationship management and management of the transaction team, which includes all stakeholders.

The ultimate objective would be to obtain partner status at any reputable institution, which entails taking responsibility for important strategic decisions, ensuring that all interests are in line with the organization’s long-term goals, and ensuring that transactions are successfully closed without major legal issues emerging.

Online Investment Banking Courses: FAQs

Q. Is investment banking a good career?

The profitable field of investment banking has recently seen an increase in popularity. It includes helping customers with corporate finance, M&A, the issue of securities, financial restructuring, etc. Despite the potential advantages, it also carries a high degree of risk and requires an extensive skillset.

Q. Is investment banking tough to study?

It makes it a little more difficult for newcomers to break into this highly visible sector. However, if you have a sharp analytical mind and are determined to pursue a career in investment banking, you may do it with the proper training and the right education.

Q. Is online investment banking certification valid?

Yes, online certifications granted by respectable institutions and recognized by the government are completely valid and accepted by employers.

Online Investment Banking Courses: Conclusion

In this article, we have covered the top 7 online investment banking courses with certification available in the market. Indeed, investment banking is one of the most lucrative careers in today’s modern era and hopefully, you found something that fits both your budget and learning requirements through this article. We have also provided the contact information so you can also contact the institution if you have any queries regarding the courses.


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