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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Guwahati With Live Classes

Are you excited about a potential career path in the investment banking sector and looking for help in guidance in choosing institutions? In this article- The top 5 E-learning Institutions for Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati, we discuss education in the investment banking area, including banking types, institutions you need, and what opportunities can learners have in this profession. Please have a read about the top 5 E-learning institutions for Investment banking courses in Guwahati, we covered all the essential details.

Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati

What is the Definition of Investment Banking?

The industry of investment banking is a department of the financial services sector that helps corporations, organizations, and authorities optimize capital (underwrite) through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and execute deals such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Market-making and securities trading for both equities (stocks and associated derivatives, such as options) and fixed income, commonly known as FICC (fixed income, currencies, and commodities), are services that investment banks may offer.

How Many Types of Investment Banking Exist?

Investment banks are commonly classified according to their size, status, area, and sector concentration.

Bulge bracket (BB) banks, middle market (MM) banks, and boutique investment banks are three prevalent groups. Below discussion of this article- Investment banking courses in Guwahati, including variations of investment banks.

Here’s a summary of the simple contrasts between these types of banks:

Banks with Bulge Brackets

Bulge bracket banks are the most visible and well-known investment banks with a global presence. Bulge-bracket banks have the most employees, the most offices, and the largest corporate clientele. The majority of a bulge bracket bank’s clients are Fortune 500 corporations.

Bulge bracket banks typically have three divisions: trading, advice, and retail, with each section serving as a revenue and profit generator. Transaction services and capital production for clients provide revenue for the advising section. The trading segment benefits from market outperformance, while the retail division benefits from loan disbursements to firms and consumers.  

Services Provided – Bulge bracket bands provide a variety of services, including merger and acquisition services. Financing options, equities research,  report issuance, and asset management services are also available. Furthermore, bulge bracket banks have a commercial and retail banking segment to make money from cross-selling financial services.  

  • Geographical Position- Bulge bracket banks engage on a worldwide scale and have a strong domestic and global presence.   
  • Deal Size – Bulge bracket banks handle the most complicated and large transactions. In general, bulge bracket banks conduct multibillion-dollar transactions. It may occasionally enter into deals worth a few hundred million dollars due to the economy or for a specific client.  

Bank of America, Credit Suisse Group, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley are examples of bulge bracket banks.

Banks in the Middle Market

Middle-market banks, as the name implies, are located between regional boutique and bulge bracket banks.

  • Services Provided – Middle-market investment banks, like bulge bracket banks, offer a comprehensive range of investment banking services. Its services include equity and debt capital raising, finance and asset management, and deal restructuring. A regional boutique bank, for example, may specialize in a specific industry or area. 
  • Location – Middle-market banks have a wider footprint than localized boutiques, but they do not have the international reach of bulge bracket banks.  
  • Agreement Size – Agreement size in middle-market banks begins at the regional level and progresses to the bulge bracket level.  

Regional & Elite Boutique Banks

Regional boutique banks are the smallest investment banks in terms of size and average transaction size. Clients of regional boutique banks include small businesses and organizations in their communities, as well as municipal and state governments. Regional boutique banks employ dozens of people with specialized skills such as:

  • Services offered
  • Locations
  • Deal size

Elite boutique banks are distinguished from regional boutique banks by their resemblance to bulge bracket banks. 

Elite boutique banks are distinguished from regional boutique banks by their resemblance to bulge bracket banks.

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Some Distinguishing Characteristics of a Regional Boutique Bank Are Listed Below. –

What Role Does an Investment Banker Play in Businesses?

Investment bankers advise and execute investments for people and organizations that need consulting services in finance. These experts act as financial consultants and assist their clients with bond and stock transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and other complex financial operations. Realizing what an investment banker does might assist you in comprehending the significance of operations counselling, sales and trading, stock research, debt issuance, and equity profit.

Relationship Management

Investment bankers must engage delinquent customers through letters and phone calls. Individuals who choose a job as an investment banker are also in charge of the business’s financial collecting department. An Investment Banker oversees workers to ensure that any finance owed to the company is billed and paid appropriately and on schedule. They are usually obliged to work for investment firms or collection agencies, but other sorts of businesses may also hire investment bankers to collect payments.


The sort of business for which an Investment Banker works will dictate their specific tasks; however, there are some key roles that an investment banker must do. A profession as an investment banker requires one to supervise a collection crew. He or she holds responsibility for mitigating financial losses; a big part of an Investment Banker’s job comprises reporting the fund and investment department’s progress and statistics on a regular schedule.

The Planning of Taxes

Tax preparation can take a variety of shapes. Investment bankers frequently assist corporations and individuals in addressing specific tax concerns and determining a feasible approach to enhance tax returns while minimizing tax liability. Individuals might seek the assistance of Investment Advisors to prepare their tax returns.

File Management

The investment file is a customer-owned document that contains information about a person’s borrowing and repayment behaviour. The file contains the information used to calculate a customer’s investment score. Investment bankers must monitor investment files to track their customers’ financial reports.

Sales Jobs

Investment managers are in charge of a broad spectrum of tasks, including revenue expansion, growth into emerging global markets, more favourable financing terms, bad debt reserve reduction, actionable economic knowledge, protection against non-payment and catastrophic loss, increased sales and profits, and upgraded lender interpersonal connections.

Strategies for Investment

Investment bankers are in charge of managing the assets of various corporations, as well as assisting them with their investment portfolios by determining how and where they should make investments.

Online Coaching Institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati


IIM SKILLS is a globally recognized virtual educational resource for learners from all around the world. Both students new to the industry, as well as working participants, are eligible for enrollment in IIM SKILLS for Investment Banking courses in Guwahati. Students from all across the world can enrol in IIM SKILLS’ three-month Investment Banking Course

  • The total fee for the training is Rs 39900 (plus +18% GST).
  • There are 7 interest-free EMIs available (for a monthly payment of Rs. 6,726).
  • Job Employment Assistance: 1 Month Internship (100% Job Support)

Learners from all over the world have the opportunity to participate in live substantive sessions, eliminating the need for travel and saving a substantial amount of time and energy. Students can study or ask questions in person with industry specialists during live, super-interactive training classes. To establish a stimulating learning environment, IIM SKILLS emphasizes creative and student-centered strategies. There will no longer be any traditional methods of lulling students to sleep.

Investment Banking Course Abstract

A module in IIM SKILLS’ Investment Banking course is skillfully created by academic specialists and covers every topic from fundamental to advanced levels.

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

Module 1: Microsoft PowerPoint 

  • A general review of Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as a grasp of the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their significance.
  • Slide creation, arrangement, and generation 
  • Inserting and modifying images and hyperlinks
  • Creating images and geometric forms
  • Developing a wide range of graphs and graphs, such as bar graphs, line charts, combo charts, football fields, scatter plots, histograms, pie charts, waterfalls, and stacked column charts.
  • The recourse to the use of formatting themes and distinctive schemes

Module 2: Excel in Microsoft Excel

  • Understanding of Microsoft Excel and the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their application
  • Conditional formatting guidelines
  • Number and font formatting concepts Freezing of cells, rows, and columns
  • Excel functions and formulas for data sorting, validation, and filtering
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel, as well as knowledge of the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their significance
  • Excel functions and formulae are used to validate, sort, and filter data.
  • Making the Master Slide
  • Rules for conditional formatting Formatting of numbers and fonts Cell, row, and column freezing concepts

Module- 3 Highlights the financial system and the basics of the market

  • The Principles and Framework of an Investment Banking System
  • Market Participants and Regulators in Various Financial Markets: Money Market – Capital Market, Primary Market – Secondary Market
  • Long and short-position understanding, as well as the ability to liquidate
  • Understanding of long and short positions, as well as the ability to sell short, are required. 
  • Receipts from Depository Institutions: A Quick Overview
  • Bond Characteristics, Securitization, and Bond Types
  • Definitions and Ideas for Interest, Bond Yield, and Bond Price
  • Equity shares and shares with preferential treatment are the two types of shares.
  • Securities exchanges and financial institutions

Module 4: The Derivatives Market

  • A description associated with the futures marketplace and its prospects.
  • Financial substitutions and different kinds of them (including equity investments, interest rates, and foreign exchange) 
  • Different advantageous outcomes and mechanisms for price determination exist in derivative markets.

Module 5: Theories and Regulations of Investment Banking

  • Elements of Investment Banking
  • There are three distinct kinds of investment banks: the bulge bracket, the mid-market, and the boutique 
  • Understanding the concepts of buy-side and sell-side in business 
  • Private equity versus venture capital versus investment banks Conceptual and architectural approaches and provides an overview

Module 6: Marketing Components and Financial Plans

  • Mutual Collaboration on exclusive Information and Memorandum, as well as Pitchbook

Module 7: Stresses on the Subject of Business Valuation

  • Modelling of financial affairs
  • A variety of types of evaluation will be implemented.
  • Calculating the worth of a business using equity value and other factors
  • What is the distinction between a Deal, an Offer, and a Transaction Value?
  • Recognizing and calculating the link between FCFF and FCFE
  • Many different techniques are used to calculate the Beta Terminal Value.
  • Mid-period assessments

IIM Skills is a trustworthy virtual resource for Investment banking courses in Guwahati.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected] 

2. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning website that delivers investment banking programs in Guwahati. Skillshare training sessions allow users to learn about a variety of skills and topics, such as investment banking. Skillshare, like Udemy, is a one-of-a-kind educational website where teachers can post instructional learning materials. Skillshare provides a diverse choice of courses in both industrial and professional fields, and membership permits you to access any lesson in the library’s resource centre. Customers are sometimes required to pay a monthly subscription fee to receive access to all of Skillshare’s courses. The site offers a 14-day free trial to new users, during which time they can access everything on the site for free.

Furthermore, because this course is only one hour long, students will have a considerable amount of time to get through it during their free trial.

Students may think about Skillshare for Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers multiple learning programs through online mode for passionate learners around the globe. The purpose of this course of study provided by Coursera in Investment banking is to help students comprehend financial analysis and valuation procedures used in investment banking.

Coursera enables learners to acquire the fundamental competencies needed for a long-term position in investment banking, investing, valuing, and other corporate finance-related areas of expertise. Its purpose is to provide students with hands-on experience with financial statement analysis and appraisal procedures used by professionals in the industry.

The journey is divided into major portions. It focuses on the fundamentals of financial statements and the evaluation of ratios.  The course also uses common sector valuation approaches to apply the information in financial statements and predictions to firm valuation.  

Financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, and financial modelling are among the subjects covered in the course. With video lectures, quizzes, and homework assignments, the course is well-organized and simple to follow. The lectures are well-organized, and the tests and homework assignments are straightforward. 

One of the most interesting parts of this course is that the activities are designed to strengthen valuation and financial analysis skills in a practical context by mimicking happenings in the real-world market, leveraging the industry-based knowledge gained in the course, students must examine and evaluate organizations.

Coursera is a reputed online education provider for Investment banking courses in Guwahati.

4. Great Learning

In this free online lesson, Great Learning explains the principles of investment banking. This free Investment Banking course is taught by industry specialists and allows students to learn about investment banking terminology, operations, designs, trading stages, and dealing.

This course is aimed to provide participants with a thorough grasp of Investment Banking, including its components and purposes, as well as the many types of Investment Banks and the trading process. In this course, students will learn about the numerous operations, and critical components of the financial system that connects securities issuers of investment banks, including underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and restructuring their financial guidance. They also go through the many sorts of Investment Banks available, such as full-service banks, boutique banks, and global banks.

Learners will learn how to assist banks for a wide range of customer bases, from small businesses to large corporations. Understanding the trade cycle is critical in investment banking because it enables banks to determine which industries and companies are likely to be profitable. The Institute investigates the many stages of the trade cycle and how they influence investment decisions. Merchant Banking is an area of Investment Banking. It focuses on long-term investments in firms, whereas investment banking focuses on deals.

Training Module

  • Overview and Guide to Investment Banking 
  • Summary and Definition of Investment Banking 
  • Investment Bank Services
  • Investment Banking vs. Merchant Banking 
  • Commerce in different stages

The extensive module on the corporate theory of behavioural change covers the topic’s concept, relevance, factors stage of development, varying types, and objectives. It teaches a full understanding of the subject to improve abilities to interact with others and communicate and build an atmosphere that is positive at work.

For learners looking for a remote learning alternative, Great Learning is a credible virtual website for Investment banking courses in Guwahati.

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5. Udemy

Udemy is a digital educational portal that provides a wide range of courses, including several in investment banking. Students will understand the principles of the financial markets and master all technical topics such as stocks, bonds, options hedging strategies, swaps, Greeks, and other regulations related to banks. Students can rely on Udemy for Investment banking courses in Guwahati.

Investment banking courses at Udemy include the following:

In 2023, Complete the Investment Banking Course.

  • Create a grasp of financial models from the start.
  • Understand how investment banks work and what they can do for your business.

Finance and Investment Banking

  • Learn the principles of private equity, an essential Investment Banking skill for any Wall Street analyst.
  • Learn about how private equity funds work. 
  • Learn about technical language and understand essential phrases.

Integrated Investment Banking Services

    • Learn about the domains, words, and topics that correspond to the investment banking sector.
    • Learn about the Investment Banking Industry and its Principles.
  • Acquire everything there is to know about DCF methodology and valuations.

Fundraising for Venture Capital in Investment Banking and Finance

  • The course educates you on all you need to know about raising venture capital for your startup.
  • Discover how venture capital firms evaluate business, finance, and startup tactics to make investment decisions.
  • Learn how to approach and email venture capital and angel investors effectively.

Investment Banking: An In-depth Assessment of Financial Ratios

  • Using examples of practical scenarios and world situations, the comprehensive financial ratio analysis approach enables students to evaluate the financial performance of any organization.
  • Course teachers provide pupils with constant assistance. Every query from students will be answered within a specific time range. 
  • Learners will be able to identify a company’s performance trend by using important financial ratios.

2023 Financial Analyst Training

  • Develop knowledge to operate Microsoft Excel Format spreadsheets professionally.
  • Routine duties should be completed more rapidly.

Corporate Finance Financial Analysis

  • Learn how to effectively measure a company’s financial health by using financial ratios (liquidity, profitability, and efficiency).
  • Analyze financial statements using the current ratio, quick ratio, and cash ratio to assess the company’s liquidity situation.
  • Calculate the debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and interest coverage ratio for a more in-depth study.

Learners interested in Investment banking courses in Guwahati might go to Udemy.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Article Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati.

Question 1: What are an Investment Banker’s duties?

An Investment Banker is in charge of assisting businesses and governments in raising funds as well as assisting companies in merging or acquiring other firms.

An investment banker involves himself or herself in a variety of finance-related tasks such as financial planning, underwriting agreements for clients, equity financing, managing acquisitions and mergers, and so on.

Question 2: Why it is necessary to do an internship and how can get it after investment banking courses?

Aspirants should work as an intern for a company or organization to gain industry knowledge as well as understanding how to apply the techniques, and methods taught at institutions.

Investment banking internships can be found on online employment boards and bank websites, as well as through campus placements, job referrals by institutes, networking, and HR consulting services. Aspirants can learn to improve their presentation skills, communication, and ability to deal with others in addition to financial training. They may be offered a permanent career as an investment banking employee based on internship experiences and achievements.

Question 3: What is the Financial Planning professional’s role?

Professional financial planners advise customers to keep their finances and projects in order. They assist their clients in identifying objectives related to finance, such as when the client will use their money and what they will use it for. 

Financial planning advisors are required to be familiar with their customers’ personal, professional, and financial affairs so that they can make estimations and offer recommendations to help them reach their goals.

Conclusion of the Article The Top 5 E-learning Institutions for Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati

A career in banking can be financially and professionally worthwhile. If you have proficiency with data and enjoy working in a fast-paced workplace, this could be a great job for you. However, before you begin your job hunt, you should be aware of the courses, institutions, and career options for the future.

We attempted to cover every relevant and important aspect of courses in this article Top 5 E-learning Institutions for Investment Banking Courses in Guwahati, and we believe that this was reached.


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