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Top 4 Investment Banking Courses In Patna With Practical Training

Are you seeking the greatest institutions to work at a top investment bank? This article discusses investment banking courses in Patna. Investment banking is one of the most demanding occupations in the financial world.  Investment banking is a lucrative and hard career route for students who want to flourish in the finance industry. In a nutshell, it can be a fulfilling career if you are strong at analyzing numbers, engaging with potential clients, and supporting others in accomplishing significant goals.  Additionally, working in investment banking for a few years may lead to many job opportunities, making it an intriguing career path. This post will provide you with all of the relevant information regarding the course as well as the best Investment Banking Courses in Patna. Let’s begin.

Investment Banking Courses in Patna

Outline of an Investment Banking

Management services and consultancy for sophisticated financial transactions are referred to as investment banking. The goal of investment banking is to generate capital for organizations, corporations, and governments. 

Investment banks are financial institutions that operate as go-betweens for corporations and the financial markets. It offers a variety of investment banking services. 

Investment banking transactions have increased significantly during the last decade. As a result, investment banking specialists are in high demand. Investment banking is currently one of the most rewarding job paths.

Let’s talk about the definition of investment banking, investment banking services, investment banker talent and attributions, and learning institutions for investment banking courses in Patna.

Services for Investment Banking 

Investment banking products or services distinguish investment banks. An investment bank may opt to specialize in a certain service. Alternatively, an investment bank may meet all of the client’s financial needs. 

Among these services are the ones listed below.

Underwriting (Providing financing)

It is a primary service given by investment banks that refers to raising cash from the direct market. Initial public offerings and debt financing are examples of underwriting.

Investment banks examine capital requirements, target markets, market conditions, investor perception, and confidence, as well as economic and political situations. Based on the evaluation, it constructs and launches the public problem. In most public offerings, the investment bank also undertakes to invest a specific percentage of capital if the issue is undersubscribed.

Transaction Consulting 

It is at the foundation of investment banking and encompasses aiding mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, and consolidation. These transactions include two or more financial companies, each of which is represented by an investment bank to maximize value for its stakeholders.

An investment bank’s principal job is to assess the transaction’s feasibility and to aid in the negotiation between the parties. In exchange, the investment bank charges a fee or a fixed percentage of the deal value.  

Trading & Sales

Sales and stock placement services are also provided by investment banks. It specializes in investing and brokerage for corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

Profitable ideas are pitched to clients by the investment bank. The product could be equities, debt, commodities, derivatives, or a combination of these. The investment bank bears the responsibility for evaluating profitability and doing due diligence. In exchange, the bank charges a transaction commission or brokerage charge.  

Market Research

Almost all investment banks have a market research department dedicated to creating high-value for clients. Investment banks use research as an additional activity to support their profit centres. Most investment banks have an in-house research branch that covers financial products and industries in depth. As a result, an investment bank may concentrate on specialized financial products or operations.

Talents and Attributes of an Investment Banker

There are various prerequisites for pursuing a career in investment banking. The abilities required for an investment banking career are listed below.

  • Interpersonal abilities: Investment bankers monitor and oversee people who work under them. Individuals who choose a job as an investment banker must also handle customers and engage with them to conduct thorough research for investment worthiness. Investment bankers must also hold meetings and present their initiatives to clients and customers. Investment bankers must be proficient in both oral and written communication.
  • Numerical Understanding: Aspirants who choose to specialize as Investment bankers have accountability for evaluating the investment understanding of their potential corporations. They are also required to calculate the financial information of various clients and firms. Investment banking is a job that requires a great deal of accounting and mathematics. As a result, having a strong comprehension of numbers is essential for success in the field.
  • Decision-making capacity: Investment professionals must analyze the investing procedures of potential investment firms as well as manage the firm’s revenue losses and returns. As a result, accurate decision-making skills and the ability to make sound assessments are essential.  
  • perseverance: Investment banking is an occupation that necessitates a great deal of forethought and caution before making a choice. Investment bankers are sometimes obliged to manage their personnel as well as supervise financial reports, which demands them to remain calm under pressure. Only assurance and composure can secure a suitable outcome.
  • Concentration on detail: Accounting, money losses, information, and data analysis of consumers, and the investing department are all part of investment banking. The investment bankers must deal with a large amount of numerical data. They must be accurate in their calculations because a single error can result in a major hazard.
  • Critical analysis: Management of the investment department necessitates excellent critical thinking abilities, which entail utilizing logic and reasoning to determine the strengths and limitations of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
  • Management ability: Investment bankers are in charge of a large crew of aggressive and intelligent salespeople. They manage and oversee the employees who work for them. They are responsible for managing the work of every employee who works under their supervision. In this situation, investment bankers must demonstrate exceptional leadership and teamwork abilities. Banking advisory jobs at investment banks necessitate strong leadership abilities.
  • Continuous learning: Continuous improvement entails recognizing the consequences of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making, which is a valuable asset for investment banking professionals.

Institutions for Investment Banking Courses in Patna


Investment Banking Course certification is available through IIM SKILS. It is approved by the MSME Ministry of India and has a three-month online learning term. The complete Investment Banking program at IIM SKILLS is skillfully constructed by subject matter experts, with diverse disciplines linked from basic to advanced levels. 

The primary goal of the course is to prepare participants, regardless of academic background, for careers in the investment banking sector. Students from any educational background can become investment banking professionals with our comprehensive investment banking training curriculum.

  • Course Name – Investment Banking Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 1 Month Internship
  • Course Fee – INR 39900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

Because IIM SKILLS firmly believes that learning should be an ongoing process, it gives continual access to investment banking study material.


The course format benefits both students and full-time working professionals. IIM SKILLS offers extensive online investment banking courses that can benefit both new graduates and working professionals. By completing the investment banking degree at IIM SKILLS abilities, students will be equipped with the technical knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the competitive finance business.  It can assist recent graduates in launching their careers in finance. Similarly, business professionals can connect this course’s aims with their own to improve their chances of landing better jobs. As a result, anyone interested in a career in finance may benefit from this training. It is one of the best investment banking programs in India.

Learners will be able to return to the course content at any time, even after completing it. With an easy-to-use Learning Management System, learners may access course material and learn at their own pace. IIM SKILLS is an excellent choice for investment banking courses in Patna.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Great Learning

Great Learning’s no-cost online program delivers the essentials of investment banking. This online Investment Banking course is taught by industry specialists and allows pupils to learn investment banking terminology, actions, formats, trading stages, and trading.

The content of this course is meant to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Investment Banking, particularly its terminologies and operations, as well as a variety of Investment Banks and the trade cycle that they encompass. Students will learn about the multiple processes and important components of the financial system involving securities sponsors of investment banks, such as underwriting, the merger and acquisition process (M&A), and restructuring their financial advice, in the course being studied. They also go over various kinds of Investment Banks, such as full-service banks, boutique banks, and global banks.

Learners will learn how to collaborate with banks with a wide variety of different client bases, ranging from small businesses to huge multinationals. Knowing that the trade cycle is essential in investment banking because it allows banks to predict which industries and companies will be profitable. The Institute studies the many stages of the business cycle and how they affect decisions about investments. A further major field of study in Investment Banking is Merchant Banking. While they are sometimes confused, there are key distinctions between them. Merchant banking is concerned with strategic investments in businesses, whereas investment banking is concerned with transactions.

Courses Description

  • An overview of Investment Banking • Scope and description of Investment Banking • Investment bank services • Investment banks and their many types
  • The distinction between investment banking and commercial banking • Trade Phases

This comprehensive course material on organizational behavioral theory discusses the topic’s concept, relevance, elements, stages, varying types, and aspirations. It gives a complete understanding of the subject to strengthen skills in communication and interpersonal relationships, as well as to build a healthy work atmosphere.

Hence, the Great Learning is a pretty good option for Investment Banking Courses in Patna.

Recommended Read

3. Coursera

Students can learn the core skills required for a career in investment banking, valuation, and other corporate finance-related fields through Coursera. Its goal is to give students hands-on exposure to financial statement analysis and valuation processes that are commonly utilized by professionals in the sector.

The route is broken down into major sections. It focuses on financial statement basics and ratio analysis.  The course also applies financial statements and forecasts to firm valuation, making use of standard sector valuation methodologies.  

The goal of this course is to assist students in understanding financial analysis and valuation methodologies commonly applied in investment banking. The course is taught by finance experts.

Among the topics addressed in the course are financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, discounted cash flow analysis, and financial modelling. The course is well-organized and easy to follow, with video lectures, quizzes, and homework assignments. The lectures are well-organized, and the quizzes and study assignments are simple to understand. It aids pupils in reinforcing their understanding of the content. 

One of the most intriguing aspects of this course is that the activities are meant to improve valuation and financial analysis skills in a practical setting by simulating real-world occurrences. Students must assess and evaluate organizations utilizing the knowledge learned in the course.

The Following Are Some Investment Banking Topics:

  • Financial Analysis and Valuation (Financial Markets and Investment Banking) 
  • Stakeholders and Equity
  • Modern Approach to Valuation and Strategy (M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Investment Management and Tock Analysis with Comparable Companies
  • Using Ratios to Assess Company Performance
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling • Funding Fundamentals

Coursera is an unquestionably reputable online institution that students could explore for Investment banking courses in Patna.

4. Financial Edge

Financial Edge was formed by industry veterans to produce high-quality learning systems. This e-learning platform can be considered for Investment Banking Courses in Patna.

Financial Edge offers online master classes in investment banking courses for individuals or groups of people looking for the simplest way into finance, professionals with experience looking to cement previous knowledge or fill gaps in their skill sets, and new, or fresh recruits whose jobs require a rapid upgrade and readiness for the desk. Students will receive a Wall Street-recognized credential.

This course is intended to prepare prospective employees for employment. The course will give learners at Investment Banks an intensive style of education that places a high emphasis on practical application through the use of real-world case studies.

Attendees will be coached by expert instructors from J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and other high-profile firms to give an amazing learning experience with optimal team training, whether face-to-face or remotely and on-demand.

The professors, technology, and client staff of the online platform have decades of combined experience providing the most challenging training programs worldwide. They are driven by innovation and technological proficiency, and they like working with mutual partners to provide customized training solutions. Students can put their trust in this educational institution for Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun.

Students Will Learn the Following in Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun or Around the World:

  • For calculating the worth of companies, multiples of valuation and DCF valuation are used. 
  • To verify the valuation 
  • To better understand how to assess potential merger and acquisition transactions
  • For the creation of a merger model  
  • To fully understand the significance of alternative deal finance approaches.
  • Understand how to fund private equity ventures.  
  • To build an LBO model and use it to evaluate a potential LBO transaction.

The main syllabus is as follows:


  • Increasingly complex three-statement of model
  • Making a model with a cash sweep
  • A model’s integrity and error-checking

LBO and M&A

  • Analysis of comparable M&A transactions and premium paid
  • Cash transaction in M&A
  • LBO Assessment
  • Debt capacity and purchase finance analysis
  • Analysis of private equity acquisitions and leveraged buyouts
  • Overview of Football Field Valuation


  • A bridge between equity and enterprise value
  • Comparable trading valuation
  • WACC analysis: A Practical Approach
  • Discounted cash flow analysis

Following their training, learners will have access to a large streaming library of learning content as well as real-time access to financial data and files. It is designed to provide you with the tools you need to put your acquired knowledge to use and stay ahead of the ever-changing financial world.

Take Financial Edge as a remote learning option for Investment Banking Courses in Patna 

Mode of Study: Online Education Fee: 181545 (including tax)

Frequently Asked Questions of the Article A Comprehensive Overview of Investment Banking Courses in Patna With the Best 4 Institutes

Question 1) What are the dimensions of investment banking?

Investment Bank Dimensions

Investment banks are classified into several types based on their size. Size is a relative term, and the size of an investment bank is determined by a variety of factors. For instance, the services provided, the number of clients or staff, the average deal size, the number of offices or locations handled, and so on. 

Investment banks are classified into three types: bulge bracket banks, middle-market banks, and boutique banks. These banks frequently include regional boutiques as well as elite boutique banks.

Question 2) What is the primary function of an investment banking professional?

Professionals in investment banking and related industries help customers raise funds in the capital markets by releasing loans or selling equity in the companies they represent. Underwriting new debt and equity securities for all types of firms, assisting with the disposal of securities, and arranging mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and broker transactions for both financial institutions and private investors are all responsibilities of investment bankers. Investment banking jobs entail advising clients on unconventional investment opportunities such as derivatives and assisting them with mergers and acquisitions.

Investment bankers perform a wide range of tasks for their prospective clients. Investment bankers in some organizations have broad responsibilities, whilst, in others, the team is more specialized, with individual bankers performing specific jobs.

Question 3) What points does a prospective professional need to remember while working in Investment banking?

If you want to work in investment banking, you should examine the following factors: 

  • Required Skills  

You must be well-versed in financial modelling and valuation techniques. You must also be comfortable writing presentations and pitchbooks, as well as financial papers such as term sheets, agreements, investment teasers, and so on. Negotiation is a necessary skill for a successful transaction.

  • Work Objectives 

For specialization, you must focus on the type of work. Each investment bank provides a unique set of services. A boutique bank, for example, provides distinct services from a middle market or bulge bracket institution. If you’re looking for trading desks, a bulge bracket firm is your best chance. If you want advisory services, a regional boutique bank will provide greater and faster growth potential. Before applying for jobs, you must first decide what type of work you want to do.

  • Gains 

This element may not differ significantly between a bulge bracket and a boutique bank. While the deal size for bulge bracket businesses is large, the volume of transactions is often fewer. Even if the transaction size is small, the quantity of transactions at a boutique bank is high. Furthermore, a boutique bank’s fixed overheads are far smaller than those of a bulge bracket. As a result, the overall profitability is comparable.

Investment banking offers numerous options to each expert. For those committed and diligent investment banking experts, the sky is the limit.

Conclusion of This Reading a Comprehensive Overview of Investment Banking Courses in Patna With the Best 4 Institutes:

The Patna investment banking courses are intended for both young learners and working professionals who want to pursue a career in finance and succeed in a constantly expanding financial environment. It can also help professionals improve their financial analysis and quotation abilities. Investment banking education does not require any prior knowledge of finance, making it accessible to all interested parties.

To summarize, Investment Banking courses in Patna prepare students for a variety of employment opportunities in the financial sector. If you want to study investment banking courses in Patna, these educational institutes are a wonderful place to start. The course is well-structured and constructive, and it provides practical and useful insights into the field of investment banking. If you are seeking a career in investment banking, I hope this post has given you a detailed overview of Investment banking courses in Patna with the best 4 Institutes and has helped you grasp the fundamentals.



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