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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses In Noida With Live Classes

Investment Banking is a method of guiding investors in their best interest with financial advisors handling massive, complicated financial transactions. These responsibilities will be made simpler with the help of investment banking capabilities. One of the finest choices you might make for your financial career is to choose investment banking. It results in increased customer satisfaction and company improvement. If you want the greatest option and a comprehensive guide for the top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Noida, then this article is for you. By the end of the article, you will be able to comprehend both what investment banking is and what these institutions have to offer.

Investment Banking Courses in Noida

Who is an Investment Banker?

To accomplish investment banking, the bank offers its clients access to qualified investment bankers who will assist them in managing and planning their investment ideas. The investment banker will also work to reduce any risk associated with any significant investment plans.

Investment bankers are the one who knows how to invest money wisely and on the correct projects, they can also predict the outcome of their investment since they carefully consider all relevant factors. 

Analyzing the data’s trends, modifying it to maximize outcomes, and then requesting funding from customers if it offers less risk and greater rewards.

Skills Required for Investment Banker

You need both hard and soft skills to succeed in investment banking, such as the ability to comprehend difficult mathematics and the commitment to put in the lengthy, occasionally demanding hours necessary for the position. After completing investment banking courses in Noida, you will enhance so many skills that are required in the industry.

Here is the List of Skills Required for an Investment Banker:

Hard Skills:

  • Knowledge of computer programs such as PowerPoint, Excel, Power BI, Word, PitchBook Etc.
  • Need to Know Calculations Such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Book Building, Equity Value, Net Present Value, Unlevered Free Cash Flow (UFCF), etc.

Soft Skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration
  • Analytical Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Dedication
  • Negotiation
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Work Ethic

Roles and Responsibility of Investment Banker

  • Make use of multiple market reports and databases to investigate, analyze and collect information for financial decision-making.
  • Observe the current investing environment, spot potential risks with specific projects, and provide customers advice on how to continue.
  • Meeting preparation, call and email-replying, and travel planning are additional administrative duties.
  • For the advantage of their customers, they organize, assist in and analyze mergers and acquisitions.
  • Run daily financial metric computations, financial modeling, and company evaluation to forecast business success.
  • Investment bankers may issue securities, underwrite multiple bonds, and carry out debt and equity transactions to raise private or public capital.

Eligibility for Investment Banking Courses in Noida

Most Financial organizations normally require candidates to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a business-related field, such as business administration, finance, commerce, or economics, or a more analytically-oriented field, such as statistics, to be qualified for investment banking.

These degrees give candidates, the knowledge and comprehension of the financial markets that are crucial for success in investment banking.

Additionally, a lot of investment banking courses in Noida, do not require any prior experience but applicants who have previous expertise in the field through internship or volunteer work have an added advantage of doing investment banking. This experience demonstrates a familiarity with the expectations and work responsibilities related to the role.

Career and Scope of Investment Banker 

Future investment bankers frequently begin their careers by participating in internship programs while still undergraduates. Although it is not required, a certification from a recognized institute is an excellent way to get started in the industry.

The field of investment banking is vast. Along with banks and investment rating agencies, investment bankers are in demand across a variety of sectors and organizations. Many sectors, like automakers, retail giants, and even utilities and energy providers, need investment from their clients and depend on investment bankers to handle it for them.

Building a career to a job as an investment banker, portfolio manager, or loan or trust manager is the goal of an investment banking profession.

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Best Investment Banking Companies in India

Top investment banking companies both domestic and international frequently have access to the greatest professionals in the field. As a result, they ensure that their workers receive enough compensation by offering some of the highest incomes in India. Here is the list of the top highest-paying investment banking companies.

  • Axis Capital Limited
  • Avendus Capital
  • Edelweiss Financial Services
  • JM Financial Institution Securities
  • ICICI Securities Limited
  • IDBI Capital
  • 03 Capital Global Advisory Services
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Citi Bank
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Barclays Bank
  • HSBC
  • Credit Suisse

Job Profiles and Salary in Investment Banking

The pandemic has also increased the uncertainty surrounding the issuing of shares, debt, and expanding corporations. Investment banking is unquestionably the one lucrative profession in the financial industry that is exciting. One of the most in-demand jobs in the financial industry is an investment banking position.

Even graduate-level employment at the entry level pays an investment banker well. Here is the list of job profiles in investment banking.

Job ProfilesJob DescriptionsAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Venture CapitalistVenture Capitalist (VC) mostly finances start-up businesses in exchange for a share of their revenues. They help businesses in several ways, including capital investment, analytical abilities, money management, and closing investment.Rs.6.5 Lakh
Credit ManagerInvesting and assessing the creditworthiness of clients. 

They develop credit scoring methods to assess risks.

Approving and rejecting loan requests based on their legitimacy and the possible gains and losses.

Rs.6 Lakh
Investment AnalystThey gather data, do research, and examine assets including stocks, bonds, money, and commodities.

They concentrate on specialized niches to become authorities in their chosen industries, such as a certain sector, a specific geographic area, or a specific asset class.

Rs.8 Lakh
Capital Market Operations AnalystAs a member of the investment banking team, your primary responsibilities will be selling securities and underwriting the issuance of additional equity shares to raise capital funds. They serve as an intermediary between security issues and investors and facilitate the IPO of new businesses.Rs.2.7 Lakh
Hedge Fund ManagerA Hedge Fund Manager is in charge of keeping an eye on investors’ accounts. They guide costs and assist investors in managing their assets by monitoring stability.Rs.13 Lakh
Portfolio ManagerThey are the financial expert who manages investment opportunities for clients. They achieve this by putting investing plans into practice, examining market trends, and finding fresh investment possibilities for customers.Rs.11 Lakh
Account ManagerLeads the accounting team, which is in charge of payroll, billing, collections, and budget preparation.

Executes hiring, performance reviews, and recruitment for accounting and financial employees.

Organizes training initiatives for new hires and determines the training requirements for current employees.

Rs.5.5 Lakhs
Investment ManagerThe investment Manager is in charge of creating plans for managing a significant portfolio of assets, which includes attending meetings with fund managers, setting up analyses of investments, and reporting on these analyses.Rs.4 Lakh
Financial AnalystThey offer financial advice to businesses and groups, including suggestions for stocks and bond investments.

To determine the possible returns on investment, they utilize investment prospects and offer advice on how to improve financial performance.

Rs.4.5 Lakh
Relationship ManagerThey are in charge of establishing and preserving goodwill with clients, seeing chances for company expansion, and addressing client complaints.Rs.3.5 Lakh
Merger and Acquisitions AnalystsThe majority of the groundwork for possible agreements is done by merger and acquisitions (M&A) analysts. 

They gather data on growth, rivals, and potential market share to analyze industry prospects. 

They also examine the financial accounts and fundamentals of the organization.

Rs.6 Lakh
Bank ManagerReports, budgets, and statutory returns are all managed by bank managers.

They also organize and supervise the collection of accounting and financial data.

They keep an eye on sales goals, advertise and market the company and it’s good. Additionally, they make sure that customers are well-served.

Rs.7 Lakh
Research AnalystThey check and confirm the correctness of the data, to make sure that the data delivers useful information.

After collecting the data, research analysts utilize statistical, mathematical, and analytical models to look for trends that might indicate commercial projects.

Rs.3.5 Lakh
Chief Investment OfficerA senior executive who oversees the company’s assets is known as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

They collaborate closely with the investment team and offer insightful feedback on the investments the business makes.

Rs.50 Lakh
Equity Research AnalystThey analyze stocks, to assist portfolio managers in making wiser investment decisions.

To comprehend and forecast a particular security’s behavioral perspective, they use a variety of approaches, including problem-solving techniques, data interpretation, and other tools.

Rs.6 Lakh

There are so many recognized institute that provides investment banking courses, but here is the list of the Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Noida with Certifications

1. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: IIM SKILLS

About: The  Investment Banking Course by IIM SKILLS is a three-month live online training program. Additionally, it gives you the freedom to study from the convenience of your own home and helps you get ready for placements in investment banking. They provide 100% placement assistance and 1 month of guaranteed internship to the students who have completed their investment banking program.


Course Name:Certified Investment Banking Master Course
Duration of the Course:3 Months
Eligibility Criteria:A bachelor’s degree in BBA, Commerce or a related field

A great ability to work in the investment banking industry

Basic knowledge of finance and statistics

Mode of the Course:Instructor Led Online
Fees:Rs.39,900 + 18% GST
Course Curriculum:Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Module 2: MS Excel

Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial System and Market

Module 4: Derivatives Market

Module 5: Technical of Investment Banking

Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7: Technical of Financial Modeling

Module 8: Business Valuation

Program Offerings:1 Month Guaranteed Internship

Super Interactive Sessions

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Flexible Scheduling

Learning Management System

Placement Support

Expert Faculty

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740


Modules Covered

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation


Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

2. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: EduBridge India

About: India’s top workforce development company is Edubridge. The platform, which aids learners in constructing careers by guiding corporations through training and other career-building services, was founded by IIM graduates and academics in 2009.

The course offered by EduBridge called “Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations” is made to give students the skills they need to handle the various tasks and responsibilities of investment banking, like asset management and security valuation for equities, debt, and other financial contracts. This assist in reaching certain investment goals in the best interests of companies and investors.

Course Name:Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations
Duration of the Course:326 Hours
Eligibility Criteria:Education in CA/MBA/CMA/CFA/MCOM/B.com or any other Businesses/Commerce related degree

Age above 18

Good Communication in English

Mode of the Course:Online
Course Curriculum:Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)

Value Investing

Financial Markets

Financial Advisor

Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Equity Derivatives and Capital Markets

Debt Advisory and Restructuring

Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)

Program Offerings:1:1 Career Mentoring

Dedicated Placement

Guest Lectures

Career Fairs

Edubridge Job Portal Access

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information:

Please, go to their official website for details.

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3. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: Mentor Me Career

About: The training program for the certificate in investment banking operations is intended for those who want to work in India’s growing financial services sector.

Interview preparations are guaranteed upon successful completion of the investment banking course with a placement guarantee.

In the worldwide market for outsourcing financial services, India has a significant market share. Mentor Me Career’s CIBO course prepares you for the skills required for operations responsibility.

Course Name:Certificate in Investment Banking Operations Course (CIBO)
Duration of the Course:200 Hours
Pre-Requisite:Basic Mathematics

Interest in Finance

Spoken and Written- English Language

Mode of the Course:Self-Paced and Live Online

Basic: Rs.4,999(+GST)

Plus+: Rs.9,999(+GST)

Live Online

Basic: Rs.14,999(+GST)

Plus+: Rs.24,99(+GST) 

Course Curriculum:Module 1:

Investment Banking Foundation

Equity and Markets Structure I and II

Derivate Instruments I and II

Fixed Income Securities I and II

Asset Management

Corporate Governance

Module 2:

Trade Execution

Trade Agreement


Settlement Failure


Internal Reflection

Module 3:

Securities Lending and Borrowing

Safe Custody

Corporate Actions


Module 4:

Risk Management

Anti-Money Laundering

Basic Excel

Program Offerings:50 Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions for Self-Paced Students

Lifetime Access to Learning Portal

Interview Preparation 

Placement Assistance

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 8459 738 033

+91 7821 018 605

4. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: IMARTICUS Learning

About: Imarticus Learning developed a credential program called Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional for its online digital India-based platform. They also provide offline classroom training in Noida. 

Imarticus’s certified investment banking operations professional course includes theory, case studies, and simulations for hands-on learning. Their curriculum is also industry-aligned and collaborates with London Stock Exchange Group Academy as a knowledge partner, covering many key updated themes.

Course Name:Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
Duration of the Course:2 Months for Full-Time

3 Months for Part-Time

Eligibility Criteria:  Recent Graduates (0-3 years of experience) from Commerce, Finance, or Business Management Streams

Fresher from a non-STEM field with a background in Finance and Business Management Streams Only.

Applicants with a justified gap of up to 1 year can also apply

Mode of the Course:Classroom and Live Online Training
Course Curriculum:Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets

Introduction to Investment Banking

Cash Equities and Fixed Income

Foreign Exchange and Money Markets

Derivatives Markets

Job Readiness

Module 2: Trade Life Cycle

Reference Data Management

Corporate Actions

Asset Management


Introduction to ISDA

Stock, Borrow, and Lending

Collateral Management

Trade Life Cycle

Module 3: Risk Management

Risk Management and Regulatory Environment

Anti-Money Laundering and KYC

Job Readiness

Program Offerings:Full-time and Part-time coursework options

Case Studies


Job Guarantee

Career Support

Live Training Modules

Interview Prep

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9953 831 030

5. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: FinXL

About: FinXL is an education-based institute that offers courses in financial modeling, PowerPoint, and investment banking.

The learner receives real-time investment banking and equity research exposure through this course.

There is no necessary need of having a finance background because their course makes sure that the fundamental principles of accounting and finance are addressed in-depth and with practical examples. The practical application is 80%, including case studies from the industry.

Course Name:Investment Banking Certification
Duration of the Course:4.5 Months
Eligibility Criteria:CA, MBA, B.E, CFA, BCA, BBA, M.Com
Mode of the Course:Online
Course Curriculum:Module 1: MS Excel Expert

Module 2: Data Collection and Modeling

Module 3: Financial Modeling and Valuations

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)

Relative Valuation (RV)

The Sum of The Parts Analysis (SOTP)

Module 4: M&A, LBO Model

LBO Analysis

Merger & Acquisition

Buy Side


Pitch Book

Steps for Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Regulators and Market Requirements

Market and Investor Requirements

Initial Public Offering IPO Process

Module 5: Power BI

Module 6: Presentation, Real Case Studies, Mock Interviews, Soft Skill

Program Offerings:Lifetime Access

Real-Time Case Studies

Job Assistance

4 Month Internship

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information
Email ID:[email protected]
Phone Number:+91 9158 882 688

6. Investment Banking Courses in Noida: UDEMY

About: Udemy’s Complete Investment Banking Course 2023 has a thorough curriculum that covers the fundamentals of investment banking, such as asset management, equity markets, leveraged buyouts, discounted cash flow, etc. The goal is to provide students with the information and abilities they need to be successful in the field of investment banking.

Course Name:The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023
Duration of the Course:13.5 Hours
Mode of the Course:Online
Course Curriculum:Introduction

The ascendance of investment banking services

The four major of investment banking activities

Strategies pursued by investment banks

Capital markets

– Equity capital markets

-Debt capital markets

Advisory Services

-Mergers and Acquisitions


Trading and Brokerage

Asset Management

A step-by-step guide to company valuation

Financial modeling fundamentals

DCF valuation


-Forecasting of Key P&L items

-Forecasting key balance sheet items

-Creating clean output sheets

-Unlevered cash flows and net cash flow calculation

-Calculating the present value of cash flows in the forecast period

-Calculating equity, continuing, and enterprise value

-Additional analyses accompanying the financial model

Tesla  valuation- complete DCF exercise

Multiples valuation

-Triangulating DCF results with multiple

-Practical example-Volkswagen

A guide to leveraged buyouts

LBO case study: Dell’s LBO

Building a leveraged buyout (LBO) model from the bottom: LBO valuation

Building a comprehensive LBO model

Who does what in finance?

Bonus lecture

Program Offerings:7 Articles

228 Downloadable Resources

Real-World Examples and Case Studies

Interview Preparation

Certification Availability:Yes
Contact Information:

Please, visit their official website for further details.

Investment Banking Courses in Noida: FAQS

Q. What is Investment Bank?

It is a type of financial institution that performs the function of investment banking but also have many other finance-related activities including buying and selling of various financial instruments, equity research, asset management, and more. In addition, an investment bank may be just one division or a larger financial institution such as a commercial bank.

Q. Is investment banking a good career?

Anyone seeking to have an effect in the financial industry can consider a career in investment banking. Excellent income, employment stability, the possibility to work with interesting customers, and the chance to receive incentives make investment careers very fascinating.

Q. What makes a good investment banker?

The most effective investment bankers can inspire others and make them feel important. When a client is provided investment terms, they should be active in the sales process and have a solid working relationship with the sales department.

Q. What are the Big 4 investment banks?

Goldman Sachs, BofA Securities, Morgon Stanley, and JP Morgon Chase, these four are the biggest investment banks.

Q. What are the types of Investment?

  • Stocks
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Retirement planning
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Mutual Fund Investment
  • Bonds
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Derivatives etc.

Investment Banking Courses in Noida: Conclusion

In conclusion, investment banking is a compelling opportunity for people seeking to progress their careers quickly and create significant contacts while doing so. Investment Banking provides the chance for a professional to progress quickly in their career.

I hope this article on investment banking courses in Noida has helped you in getting a summarized look at the various top investment banking courses in Noida.

Swati Varli is an intern at IIM SKILLS as a Content Writer. Always being the happy kid whenever it comes to nature, she holds a Master’s degree in wildlife. She is a weeb and passionate about arts and crafts, reading, journaling, dancing and solo travel. For her interest she is always ready to explore new things against her better judgment. At the same time also being the person who will meow back to stray cats just to get their attention.

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