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Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar With Practicals

Of the cities of New Delhi, Patel Nagar is one of the most famous. With a plethora of genuine job opportunities in the quickly changing investment banking industry, Delhi, the busiest capital city in India, is fast becoming a hub for an increasing number of financial professionals. The flourishing finance industry is creating a rapid demand for qualified investment banking professionals. Professional courses are increasingly vital for individuals who wish to work as investment bankers because they provide the skills and knowledge required as the complexity of finance changes. We welcome you to this blog the “Top 8 investment banking courses in Patel Nagar”, which will help you advance your career in this field by pointing you in the direction of the best courses to enrol in.

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar

Before looking in detail into the Investment Banking Courses in Patel nagar, let’s understand what investment banking is.  The branch of financial services known as “investment banking” raises capital for governments, big businesses, and private individuals. Underwriting services are offered by investment banks to assist clients in raising capital and completing mergers and acquisitions (M&As). For large, complicated financial transactions, an investment bank essentially acts as a middleman, and investment banking makes these transactions possible. There are, though, different types of investment banks.

Investment banks act as financial intermediaries, connecting users and providers of capital. They facilitate fund flows and capital allocations, regulating prices and coordinating investments between corporations and institutions. As top financial institutions, they may use bailiffs to collect money from defaulters.

Investment banks efficiently raise capital for issuers and investors, offering the lowest cost of capital for issuers and the highest return-to-risk ratio for investors, thereby enhancing the efficiency of financial instruments. Issuers aim to raise capital at the lowest overall cost, based on debt and equity costs. The cost of debt is determined by interest rates, repayment schedules, and covenants. The cost of equity is the dilution of current stockholders. Investment banks facilitate efficient capital markets by matching the specific profiles of issuers and investors.

Investment banks thus assist companies in raising capital through the capital markets. Usually, they assist with:

  • Growing Debt in Capital
  • Acquiring Stock Capital
  • Purchasing bonds
  • Introducing new products

Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and the Bank of America are a few prominent investment banks.

Now the Question Arises How Does an Investment Bank Work?

Investment banks perform from two sides. One is the buyer’s side and the other is the seller’s side.

The sell-side sells IPO shares, market-making services, and bond issues, while the buy-side trades securities like bonds and stocks, working with mutual funds and hedge funds.

Types of Investment Banks:

  • Middle-market bank
  • Bulge-bracket bank
  • Regional boutique bank
  • Elite boutique bank

Regional Boutique Bank:

Regional boutique banks are the smallest funding banks, offering specialised offerings like mergers and acquisitions for unique industries. They cater to precise areas in a rustic, with places of work and operations that specialize in those areas. The average deal size for these banks is $50 to $100 million or much less, with dozens of employees with specialized skill sets.

Middle-Market Bank:

Middle-marketplace banks offer a wide range of investment banking services, which include raising equity and debt capital, financing, asset control, and restructuring deals. They concentrate on unique industries and feature a much wider reach than regional boutiques. Deal sizes usually fall between $50 and $500 million.

Elite Bank:

Elite boutique banks, equivalent to bulge bracket banks, offer a restricted range of investment banking services, mostly specializing in mergers and acquisitions. They have a significant national and international presence; however, they lack a global presence. The common deal size is $1 billion, with the maximum beginning as regional banks.

Bulge-Bracket Bank:

Bulge bracket banks are global investment banks with strong employee strength and large corporate clients, primarily in the Fortune 500 list. They have three divisions: trading, advisory, and retail, each generating revenue and profit. They offer services like mergers and acquisitions, financing, equity research, and asset management. They operate internationally and handle complex, multibillion-dollar deals. Examples include Bank of America, Credit Suisse Group, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

With a focus on combining theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, this blog unveils the top 8 investment banking courses in Delhi. A successful career can be achieved by taking the right course from the right institute, regardless of whether you are a working professional looking to climb the corporate ladder or a finance graduate eyeing Wall Street.

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar #1. IIM SKILLS :

IIM SKILLS, India’s top online educational technology institute, offers professional courses to help redefine careers and make informed decisions.

IIM SKILLS courses to help redefine careers and make informed decisions. It offers Investment Banking Course which is very comprehensive. The curriculum blends theory and practicals, enhancing competence, presenting skills, and workplace success, aiming to provide the best teaching.

You will be motivated to maximize your abilities by enrolling in this comprehensive course. It focuses on improving your knowledge of financial statements, accounting, KPI analysis, Business Valuation, and capital raising in addition to developing your Excel skills from beginner to expert. When it comes to learning Investment Banking, it starts you off right.

Course Objectives:

The IIM SKILLS online investment banking course targets to teach candidates from any educational background, supplying monetary and business acumen, more advantageous valuation abilities, and talents for company deals like M&A, LBO, and IPO.

You will be motivated to maximize your abilities by enrolling in this comprehensive course.

Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Duration: 3 Months (1 Month Guaranteed internship)

Course Fees: INR 39,900 + Taxes

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation



Media Coverage

Course Features:

Experienced Trainers:

Experienced trainers provide comprehensive instruction, offering advice on productivity and career advancement. They are personable, subject-matter experts, and lead discussions on relevant business topics. They also provide additional steerage and strategies to offer students a bonus.

Unlimited Access:

IIM SKILLS  course offers unlimited access to all modules, lessons, recordings, and study materials for free. It uses cutting-edge, student-centred methods, promoting real mastery. Students can use course content material whenever, anytime, using the most useful forums on the website.

Support for Placement & Internships:

This course gives a two-month guaranteed internship in investment banking, and value consulting, with specialized placement units considering employment prospects. IIM SKILLS gives career guidance, interview prep, and targeted soft skill training to boost confidence and help ace interviews.


IIM SKILLS offers a Master Certification, recognized through the MSME Government of India, allowing you to work with companies worldwide. Online studies provide simplicity and credibility, making them well-known with the aid of huge corporations and the labor market.

Access anywhere and every time:

IIM SKILLS gives a cutting-edge, scholar-centric mastering experience, allowing students to attend training from anywhere, eliminating the need for commuting. The platform additionally features discussion interactive classes, permitting students to engage in conversation and clear any doubts, ensuring a satisfying learning experience.

Also Check,

Adaptable Time Management:

IIM Skills offer flexible mastering schedules for investment banking courses, available weekdays and weekends, on laptops or computer systems with solid internet connections, ensuring everyone has access to the essential knowledge.

Learning Materials:

The program stands out because of its notable curriculum and useful resource material. Their user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) offers access to eBooks, session recordings, and different sources, permitting you to discover at your tempo. The LMS is lifetime-accessible, permitting you to update your know-how and practice anytime.


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 2. IB Institute:

The Investment Banking Institute (IB Institute) provides a course on investment banking that offers students the knowledge and abilities to work inside the industry. Among the many essential subjects covered in the course are mergers and acquisitions and financial modelling.

It is meant to provide thorough training to people who want to enhance their careers in finance as investment bankers, financial analysts, or other related fields.

The IB Institute offers a course with experienced faculty, practical application, and interview education for students aiming to secure finance jobs.

Course Name: Financial Modelling and Investment Banking Route

Course Fee: Rs.50,000

Contact Number:  9312222566, 9896999313

E-mail[email protected]

Centre Location: Patel Nagar

Course Objectives:

  • Placement Support
  • 400+ Videos back-up
  • Interactive sessions
  • Experienced faculties
  • Mock Interviews
  • Multiple certifications
  • Mobile App access
  • Flexible Schedules

Course Modules:

  • Learn advanced Excel 2016
  • Financial Statements and Analysis
  • Design Financial Models from Scratch
  • Constructions-based Projects Finance
  • Company Valuations: DCF and Relative Valuations
  • Merger and Acquisition Analysis

The IBI investment banking course is highly praised for its knowledgeable instructors, comprehensive curriculum, hands-on exercises, practical projects, and supportive instructors, enhancing students’ learning experience.

 Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 3. Imarticus Learning:

Imarticus Learning provides an array of industry-certified, specialized post-graduate courses, executive programs, and diplomas. One of their courses Investment Banking, is designed to turn students into experts in investment banking operations.

The foundations of financial markets, trade life cycles, risk management, and regulation are all covered in the course. It also prepares students for job interviews at top companies with a comprehensive 150-hour program.

Their main goal is to provide you with a comprehensive educational experience. They retain to assist you as you step into your career with a fresh perspective thanks to their unique career support services. Candidates gain access to more than 500 placement partners and discover endless possibilities.

Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP)

Course Fee: Rs.1,40,000

Course Duration: 150 hours

Course Features:

Course Features:

  • 100% assistance
  • Extensive Career support
  • Industry-recognized certifications
  • Job-specific skills
  • Live training modules
  • Experiential Learning

Imarticus Learning’s Investment Banking course gives a stable foundation for aspiring investment bankers, with online and offline interactive sessions, case studies, and industry projects. Despite issues about control behaviour and LMS content material, positive candidate testimonials advocate promising results.

Contact Number: 099538 94060

E-mail[email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 4. CFI:

CFI is a global provider of training and productivity tools for finance and banking professionals, offering practical skills development, expert-led training, interactive lessons, and on-the-job resources to enhance their careers. 2016 saw the establishment of this institute.

The Certificate in Investment Banking and Research (CIBR) program at CFI Education in Delhi equips students with essential skills for a career in investment banking, covering topics like financial modelling, M&A, pitchbook preparation, and interview preparation.

Course Fee:

INR 45000(Live/Classroom classes)

INR 30000(Self-paced)

Course Modules:

  • MS Excel Training-Basic to Advanced Excel
  • MS PowerPoint Skills
  • Financial Statements analysis
  • Business and Financial Modelling
  • DCF Valuation
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Comparable Transaction Analysis
  • Introduction to Project Finance
  • Company Profile and Pitchbook
  • Industry Analysis, Benchmarking and Charts
  • M & A Merger Modeling
  • Introduction to Credit Analysis
  • Introduction to Stock Market Investments
  • LBO Modeling
  • Soft Skills and CV Building

Learning Outcomes:

  • Investment Banking Research
  • Credit Analysis
  • Equity Analysis and Research
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Financial Advisory Services

Contact Number: 9354266554

E-mail[email protected]

 Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 5. Careerbulls:

Careerbulls aims to rethink education by providing publications that go beyond traditional study room mastery, equipping college students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to the workplace. The company offers excellent training at a reasonable cost, excellent career counselling, and first-rate learning opportunities.

Careerbulls also focuses on CV building, soft skills development, and interview preparation to help students create a strong impression on potential recruiters.

Their Certificate in Investment Banking & Equity Research course provides 85 hours of training in financial modelling, pitch book creation, industry research, and report writing.

Course Fees: INR 37,999(Live Interactive Classes)

Course Features:

  • Exposure to investment banking
  • 100% Placement Support
  • 100% Real Life Examples
  • Mock interview and soft skills training
  • Personal Attention
  • Industry accepted Certificate

The organization offers a comprehensive course curriculum that equips applicants with the latest knowledge in investment banking. Successful course completion results in a 1-2 certificate and an additional certification from the Financial Modeling Institute, Canada, based on an online test.

Contact number:91-97175-75668

Email: [email protected]

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 6. Quintedge:

Quintedge is a leading investment banking course in Patel Nagar, Delhi, offering a comprehensive training program with a curriculum tailored to industry demands, backed by seasoned professionals providing a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights.

The course offers mock interviews, innovative learning methods, and a comprehensive, industry-relevant curriculum to prepare students for real-world scenarios and future opportunities. It uses tech for engaging learning, with live projects and quizzes for practical application.

Course Fee:

INR 22,000+ GST

Course Highlights:

  • Doubt sessions
  • Case Studies
  • Mock Interviews
  • Tests & Quizzes
  • 200+ hours videos

Course Features:

  • Fully Practical Approach
  • Most Detailed Curriculum
  • Highly credible Trainers
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Contact Number: +91 73048-33625

E-Mail[email protected]

 Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 7. EduPristine:

EduPristine, based in 2008 through industry professionals, offers accounting and finance training in five verticals: Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Healthcare, and Analytics. Trusted by way of Fortune 500 companies, it offers realistic information via self-paced, online, and classroom learning, allowing newcomers to interact with case studies and assignments.

Courses Overview:

EduPristine, India’s largest training company provides

  • High-exceptional training
  • 24×7 online ACCA content material
  • 15+ centers
  • 50,000+ college students
  • Mock tests
  • ACE (After Course Engagement)
  • Discussion forums
  • Customized profession steerage
  • Online learning solutions: and
  • Placement assistance.

It offers a Chartered Financial Analyst program that is of 24 months duration. This training is a complete course designed to help finance and investment professionals pass the Post-Graduate Professional Certification with the help of US-based CFAI. The program covers subjects which include financial analysis, economic forecasting, monetary control, finance segment, equity investments, global operations, and portfolio management. The program includes 3 levels, requiring 300+ hours of intensive classroom sessions and experiential learning methodologies.

Course Highlights:

  • Classroom training/Online training/Self-paced learning
  • 120 hrs. Live Online Class training
  • Live Virtual Classes (LVC) training
  • Course duration: 300+ hours
  • Real-life case studies
  • 24-hour online assistance as well as access to educational resources
  • After Course Engagement (ACE)
  • Mock exams and Quiz
  • Exam-oriented content
  • Weekday classes
  • Tutorials
  • Q and A sessions
  • Interview skills workshop
  • One-year validity to repeat classes

Course Features:

  • Classroom training
  • doubt solving forum
  • weekday classes
  • mock exams
  • case study approach
  • 24×7 online support
  • post-session practice
  • after course engagement
  • Live Virtual Classes
  • quizzes

Contact Details:

Contact No: 0124 6666360

Email: [email protected]

Must Read,

Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar # 8. The Wall Street:

The Wall Street School is a pinnacle Delhi institution supplying finance and investment banking courses, consisting of financial modelling, business valuation, and equity research. They provide comprehensive education and training, preparing participants with vital information and skills for their chosen courses. The college has experienced faculty members in the finance industry.

Course Name: Investment Banking Program

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to Basic & Intermediate Excel
  • Understanding Excel Functions
  • Introduction to Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
  • Understanding Basic Finance Concepts
  • Concept of Financial Statements
  • How to determine Financial Health
  • Introduction to Business Modeling
  • Understanding Comparable Company Analysis
  • Understanding Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow Valuation (DCF)
  • Concept of Merger Models
  • Introduction to Leveraged Buyout Models (LBO)

Course Highlights:

  • Training by Industry Experts
  • Placement assistance support
  • Real case studies & discussion
  • Weekday & Weekend Batch Flexibility
  • Online Self-Paced recorded videos
  • 40% payment of fees in enrollment & 60% after placement

Course Fees – INR 42,000 + GST (weekend batch) / INR 45,000 + GST (weekday batch) and INR 75,000 if a candidate gets placed through placement assistance support.

Contact Information – +91 9953729651, [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions related to Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar

Q1. Are positions in investment banking among the highest-paying positions in the finance sector?

In the finance industry, investment banking positions are unquestionably regarded as some of the highest-paying corporate positions. There are plenty of chances for people in the investment banking sector to advance their careers in the finance sector. People can receive competitive salary packages, bonuses, and overtime work payments if they work for prestigious investment banking firms. Within the finance industry, one of the most esteemed and financially lucrative career paths is investment banking.

Q2. What benefit does financial modelling offer?

When making important business decisions, financial modelling is regularly applied. Particularly for net businesses, it assists in figuring out risks mainly business decisions. By constructing a financial version, you possibly can take a look at diverse situations to assess a marketing strategy’s viability, risks, and potential benefits

Q3. Which lessons are most essential to take into account for an investment banking career?

A successful career in investment banking can be attained through these courses, which provide a combination of theoretical knowledge and realistic insights, as well as skilled faculty.</p>

Conclusion Re</strong>

lated to Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Patel Nagar

So, here we wind up to our weblog. Hope you discover it useful in making a correct decision.

Investment banking is a tremendously competitive career option in the finance industry, attracting finance enthusiasts. This article provides information on pinnacle investment banking courses in Patel Nagar and the eligibility criteria for those courses. It aims to help individuals select the right path for a successful career in the investment banking industry.

Patel Nagar’s top-notch institutes provide a stepping stone for investment banking aspirants. These institutions provide unique faculty, practical learning procedures, and robust curricula. Proper education is the gateway to the dynamic world of investment banking. Choose the proper institute primarily based on your preferences and take a well-informed step towards your financial career aspirations.

Good Luck.



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