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Top 8 Investment Banking Courses In Coimbatore With Placements

We all know, a career in Investment Banking has historically been quite profitable and reputable. Henceforth, one may always anticipate a rewarding career in this field.  Studying investment banking can provide several perks, including high-income potential, worthwhile benefits packages, effective networking, the chance to work with motivated colleagues and flexible skill sets with top Investment banking courses with placement.  Before dwelling on Investment banking courses in Coimbatore, let’s first understand what Investment banking is in the next segment. 

Investment Banking Courses In Coimbatore

Investment Banking: An overview

Investment banking entails handling money in several ways and managing a wide range of investments. In their capacities as counsellors and brokers, investment bankers offer financial services to enterprises, governments, corporations, and other financial organizations.

Investment banks have a wealth of expertise in handling sophisticated financial transactions in a variety of industries, including underwriting, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, selling and trading, stock research, and serving as financial consultants to institutional customers. Investment banking entails handling money in several ways and managing a wide range of investments. In their capacities as counsellors and brokers, investment bankers offer financial services to enterprises, governments, corporations, and other financial organizations.

What Does a Career in Investment Banking Look Like?

Working for a financial organization that offers customers investment banking services is the usual employment in the investment banking industry. An analyst position is the head start for an Investment banking career. Research, analysis, financial model creation, and client presentations are all the responsibility of analysts. People who have been working as analysts for some time may advance to associate roles, where they have greater power and handle bigger business. Senior roles in investment banking include vice president, director, and managing director. More customer interaction, managing less experienced staff, and overseeing the entire transaction process are all responsibilities of these positions. Along with distinct career paths in investment banking, some persons could choose to focus on a particular field, including mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets, or debt capital markets. Some people could choose to work in venture capital, private equity, or corporate finance. Due to the long hours and stressful atmosphere, a career in investment banking may be challenging. However, it could also be quite profitable and offer chances for quick advancement.

Course Specialization in Investment Banking 

One can select from the following courses to decide which one of them would suit you according to your preferences:

Investment and Risk Management

You may learn about how to make portfolios, risk management, and the bond market in this course on investment and risk management. This specialized course includes topics including global diversification and the newest developments in asset and wealth management.

Capital and Equity

You can learn valuation, venture capital, and venture capital financing, scouting, advising, deal-making, valuation, and financing from this course. 

Financial Market

Through this course, you will learn a great deal about how a financial market works in the real world. You will learn financial markets, finance, behavioural economics, and behavioural finance abilities.

Investment Management

You will study the fundamentals of Investment banking or you can say this is the best for beginners. In this course, no prior experience is necessary. Some of the important modules include Investment Banking’s investment management strategies.

Investment Banking Skills

Financial modelling and valuation are important skills for investment banking.  Analysts and Associates at banks invest a lot of time in constructing financial models and utilizing various valuation methodologies to advise their customers and close agreements, whether for underwriting or M&A activity.

Below Are the Skills Needed for Investment Banking:

Financial Modelling:  It entails carrying out a variety of financial modelling tasks, including creating 3-statement models, discounted cash flow (DCF) models, LBO models, and other financial models.

Business Valuation: It consists of employing a variety of approaches, including similar company analysis, prior transactions, and DCF analysis.

Relationship management: It involves working with current customers to close deals and ensure that they are satisfied with the service received.

Sales and business: It involves regularly interacting with potential customers to present ideas, assist with their jobs, and offer advice that adds value and helps to secure new business.

Negotiation: Assisting clients in maximizing value generation and playing a significant role in the negotiating strategies used by buyers and sellers in a transaction are skills needed under this. 

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Investment Banking in Coimbatore

You’d be thrilled to know that several International financial institutions and Nationalized banks have their headquarters in Coimbatore. It is a magnificent metropolitan area in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Banks in Coimbatore are useful and end up being an inevitable stop for the inhabitants in day-to-day life since the city has a big commercial base with thousands of industries dispersed throughout its length and width. 

In addition, banks offer a broad range of banking services, which often include loans, credit cards, debit cards, demat, mutual funds, insurance services, share trading, and many other services. These accounts typically have calculated interest rates. 

Also, Investment banking is on the rise in Coimbatore. Growing competitiveness, an emphasis on digital transformation and fintech, and risk management are some recent developments in investment banking in Coimbatore. The investment banking sector is stronger and better prepared to handle market challenges today.

One can safely look for exciting Careers in Investment Banking in Coimbatore.

You can also witness the substantial expansion of the investment banking industry, where there are currently 70% open positions. Take advantage of the fantastic opportunities and research the possibility of greater earnings in the investment banking sector in Coimbatore via enrolling on Investment banking courses in Coimbatore. 

So, we can pretty well assume that Coimbatore is not unaware of Investment banking and courses related to it. One can look for various Institutions offering Investment banking courses in Coimbatore below. 

Investment Banking Courses in Coimbatore


IIM SKILLS is known as one of India’s top institutions for Investment Banking Courses in Coimbatore. It is dedicated to providing learners with education at a fair price. 

Course NameInvestment Banking Course

Course Module:

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

Course Duration – 3 Months + 1 Month Internship

Course Fee – INR 39900 + 18% GST (Includes Exam Fee)

IIM SKILLS has connections to recruitment partners in a variety of sectors, including consumer products, banking and finance, e-commerce, digital marketing, government, healthcare, media, and real estate. The curriculum for the Investment Banking Course includes 10+ templates and 5+ case studies to help you become ready for the real-world industry. They provide live, instructor-led online lectures on weekdays and weekends that span more than 50 hours of content and 20 hours of Q&A. It has taught more than 35000 students so far, and they are satisfied with it.

This is supported by both the student testimonials posted on the website and Google’s ranking algorithm. Its worldwide certification and assistance with international job placement make it the top ed-tech firm. 

The learning management system (LMS) at IIM Skills provides materials and recorded lectures that are available around the clock. To help students find appropriate work opportunities based on their credentials, interests, and experience, placement assistance and a guaranteed internship are provided for one month. Because of this, if someone is seeking Investment banking courses in Coimbatore, they are the best option.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Imarticus Learning

This is another leading institute offering one of the best investment banking courses in Coimbatore. A vast number of courses in the areas of business, analytics, marketing, and technology are offered by Imarticus Learning, an online education and training institute. Since the institute’s launch in 2012, they have provided more than twenty courses.

Along with Asia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, they also have a presence online. They have trained close to 10 lac students under the guidance of a team of more than 150 instructors, more than 350 mentors, and leading authorities in their fields. They collaborate with several prestigious investment banking businesses. 

Their teaching staff members not only possess high levels of competence and substantial professional knowledge, but they also serve as caring and understanding role models.

On Imarticus, there are numerous methods to learn. If you select the Live Classroom option, all of your questions will be promptly addressed. In the Live Classroom mode, every lecture is recorded and delivered to the students for review. Their self-learning movies are of great value.

3. Grant Thornton Academy

Both professionals and students may take advantage of the result-driven training programs offered by Grant Thornton’s upskilling service in India, the Learning & Development Academy. To get the most out of their potent programs and maximize your return, you may modify them.

Grant Thornton firmly believes in the benefits of a classroom setting in the modern digital age of online learning, maximizing group learning while concentrating on addressing individual concerns. Their instructors are seasoned professionals who will share their knowledge of the industry’s best practices as well as their own experiences.

Learning & Development Academy will draw on the Firm’s extensive expertise in several sectors and areas as well as its knowledge base to impart real-world insights and aid participants in comprehending and putting complicated ideas into practice.

Training methods available are online live streaming, classroom learning, and e-learning.  Their “Certificate in Financial Modelling & Valuation” programme is intended to assist working professionals and students in understanding and developing business and valuation models by providing them with practical experience in financial modelling and valuation. The design of the curriculum perfectly integrates conceptual understanding with industry best practices. It is one of the top investment banking courses in Coimbatore. 

To assist their participants in connecting the scenarios to their employment tasks, their methodology focuses on ideas through case studies.  This program will help you create financial models that are easy to understand and utilize, enabling you to comprehend the opportunities and risks that businesses are now experiencing.

The performance of a financial asset, portfolio, business endeavour, or any other investment may be evaluated with the use of this application.

This Course Will Emphasize:

  • Resolving MS Excel questions and updating Excel formulas.
  • Making financial model designs.
  • Building macros and designing revenue
  • Expenditure models for a variety of sectors.
  • The development of dashboards that summarize models.
  • Using models to provide reports.
  • Valuation strategies.

The efficiently curated curriculum, mentors and carefully designed teaching pedagogy makes it one of the leading investment banking courses in Coimbatore.

4. Wharton

Being a global leader in finance education, Wharton is in a unique position to provide you with the most recent, important financial information you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Finance leaders look to Wharton for expertise and business perspective on a variety of topics, including mergers and acquisitions, distressed asset investing, private equity, venture capital, and real estate. Wharton offers top-notch executive education that is cutting-edge, supported by research, applicable, and results-focused to help people and companies succeed. Enrollment is Open to Both Individuals and Groups. Highly immersive programs equip professionals with the business and leadership skills they need to succeed more quickly in their careers.

There are personalized & blended programs for businesses available. Learning solutions that match your organizational objectives and produce long-lasting effects are provided by Wharton educators and their skilled team of program designers. Wharton advances professional education and organizational talent development via strong knowledge that is scalable, adaptable, and practical.

For investment professionals and private investors who wish to make educated judgments in Investment banking, this course will provide you with deep insights into understanding the risks and benefits that emerge when demand for commercial real estate increases or declines in different sectors, help you better comprehend the forces at work, remove anxiety, and help you better understand the forces at play.

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5. Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs provides banking courses in both existing and developing regions across the world. Their bankers can contribute significantly to the development of relationships and the execution of transactions thanks to our team approach to client service. Investment bankers with a traditional approach have experience advising customers in a variety of markets, products, and sectors. 

Teams are organized by industry group, including the Cross Markets Group’s divisions for the Consumer Retail Group, Financial Institutions Group, Financial and Strategic Investors Group, Healthcare, Industrials, Public Sector and infrastructure, Natural Resources, Real Estate, and Technology, Media, and Telecom, as well as by region, nation, and company size.

6. ARA Education

By delivering internationally acclaimed, benchmarked professional courses, ARA Education (ARA) aims to provide the new generation of job seekers with highly distinguished and in-demand employment opportunities in professionalism. Their faculty members’ full-time commitment, completely updated knowledge, and methodologies they have developed to make even the most complex ideas understandable are the foundation of our institute. Their faculty has consistently worked to provide solutions to the most challenging challenges in the most comprehensible manner. 

ARA is your one-stop destination for comparing and enrolling in international vocational courses that can help you showcase your talents, advance in your job, or start a new one. ARA offers unbiased information on professional certifications and courses that are offered in India through online learning and study. Their catalogue of courses is always growing. Additionally, the integrated courses from our carefully chosen list serve to advance your [future] job. 

They offer advice and outline what companies in India and across the world are searching for. Their institute’s mission is to deliver high-quality instruction in the most straightforward manner possible. Only subject-specific specialists will offer coaching, and each student will receive individualized attention and care regularly. ACCA has granted Ara Education the title of Gold Approved Learning Partner. Only institutions that can successfully achieve a demanding set of performance benchmarks are granted ACCA Gold Status. 

It is an official acknowledgement of Ara Education’s excellence and achievement in assisting students as they pursue their degrees. Since its founding in 2005, Ara Education has always strived to provide excellence by enhancing the quality of education to mould effective pupils. Ara Education facilities enable students with the necessary skills to take on any challenge in the global corporate environment.

Their academic performance in the past and present, as well as their social engagements, provide conclusive evidence of their achievement in the education sector. The conceptual explanations are supplemented by current issues gleaned from tests taken not just in India but all across the world. The question set covers both prior exams and situations that may crop up in the future.

At their institution, they take great pride in having the best faculty, made up of academics with years of industry experience and relevant teaching experience, as well as professionals with a variety of professional backgrounds who can guide students through all aspects of the degree to which we cater. They provide a decent library, housing options, and a campus with Wi-Fi and air-conditioned digital classrooms. Our extra appeal is our commitment to providing personalized service. Ara Education’s facilities are adequate for running the sessions. As a result, it is one of Coimbatore’s top investment banking schools.

7. Diksha Academy for Banking and Finance

To help the rapidly expanding banking and financial services sector meet its human resource issues, the Diksha Academy for Banking and Finance was founded. Today, Diksha Academy is one of India’s top organizations for talent development. Since its beginnings, it has influenced the lives of those aspiring to a career in banking across the vast region of South India. Diksha Academy, a pioneer in private banking education in India, has kept up with demand by offering a variety of cutting-edge solutions to meet the labour demands of the rapidly changing banking industry.

Diksha’s obligation extends beyond only providing you with the necessary information and abilities; through its corporate connect program, Diksha offers you guaranteed interview chances so you may put your abilities to use.

8. CFA Institute

CFA Institute offers a comprehensive selection of courses and certificates to help you open the correct doors in your professional journey, whether you are just starting your career, seeking industry certification, or looking to stay ahead in the financial business.

To provide students with a broad grasp of the global investment sector, this course presents an overview of the fundamentals of finance, ethics, and investment responsibilities. Through your increased knowledge, you will be able to think critically, pose the proper questions, and finally knock on the business’ doors.

The Investing Foundations® Certificate will give students an introduction to the fundamentals of finance, ethics, and investing responsibilities while also giving them a thorough knowledge of the terms and fundamental ideas used in the global investment sector. 

For people who want to work in support jobs within the investment and financial industries or who are already doing so, this series of courses is intended. It will assist people in positions like marketing, sales, project management, human resources, IT, and law by improving industry awareness, enabling communication with coworkers, and helping one advance in their profession. It is for all these reasons that it is regarded as one of the leading investment banking courses in Coimbatore. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Investment Banking Courses In Coimbatore

Q. What competencies do investment bankers require?

  • Strong interpersonal, networking, and communication skills are required for an investment banker.
  • Competent in analysis and research.
  • Strong presentation skills
  • The capacity to handle tasks and time.
  • Understanding of pertinent securities and M&A rules

Q. How long are investment bankers at their jobs?

An investment banker typically works 80 hours per week, however depending on particular circumstances, this might go up to 100 hours per week. Depending on the investment banker’s role, there are different working hours.

Q. What two categories of investment banking are there?

Boutique, middle-market, and bulge-bracket banks are the three primary categories of investment banks. Regional boutiques, which are smaller and more locally oriented, and elite boutiques, which frequently handle major projects, are other categories of boutique investment banks.


We hope this detailed article on the top Investment Banking Courses in Coimbatore will help you make the right decision for upskilling and will help you make an informed decision on which course to opt for.



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