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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun With Live Classes

Do you want to broaden your career in investment banking and look for trustworthy institutions in your comfort zone? Investment professional careers can be incredibly fulfilling, thrilling, and profitable. This read about Investment banking courses in Dehradun will give you a detailed insight into some of the best online educational platforms. Let’s commence the introduction of investment banking:

Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun

An Overview of Investment Banking

Investment banking is a branch of banking that specializes in raising cash for companies, authorities, and other organizations. It is a critical component of the financial system that connects securities issuers with investors eager to purchase them.

The investment banking profession is a specific field of finance that raises funds for individual investors, significant businesses, and government agencies. Underwriting services are provided by investment houses to assist potential customers in raising funding and accomplishing mergers and acquisitions (M&As). An investment bank performs the role of a sort of intermediary for substantial, skilled monetary transactions, and investment management supports these transactions.

Skilled Investment Bankers’ Roles in the Profession

A skilled investment banker possesses both practical and intellectual knowledge, including an understanding of finance, mathematics, and economics.

In addition to innovative thinking, an investment banker should be able to comprehend and, interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds, and maintain commercial relationships.

Investment banking capabilities are provided by major financial banks, middle market capitalization banks, and boutique investment banks.  

  • Providing investment management and guidance to a diverse range of clients, from individuals to government agencies. 
  • Facilitating initial public offerings (IPOs), in which a privately held company seeks to go public.
  • Participating in corporate mergers and acquisitions (M&As).
  • Market research and analysis to inform the bank’s and its clients’ investment decisions
  • Underwriting or generating funds for their clients by selling debt or other marketable assets like stocks or bonds
  • Risk assessment and management is intended to guarantee that the bank makes prudent financial choices and is aimed at helping clients get acquainted with the risks they may encounter when making specific choices regarding their finances.

Investment banking institutions are normally broken down into two categories: the buy side and the sale side. The purchase side is mainly concerned with providing guidance regarding investments, such as assisting an establishment, in the acquisition of another company or assisting an institution in deciding on capital investment. The sell-side supports the sale of securities, also known as assets that are traded such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives.  

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Top Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun


IIM SKILLS is a widely recognized virtual educational platform for global students all around the world. IIM Skills for Investment Banking courses in Dehradun are open to both freshmen and working participants. IIM SKILLS offers a three-month Investment Banking Course to students all around the world. Learners from all around the world can engage in live conversational lectures, reducing the need for travel and saving significant time and energy.

In live, super-interactive training classes, students can learn or ask questions in person with industry professionals. IIM SKILLS emphasizes creative and student-centered techniques to foster a stimulating learning environment. There will be no more traditional means of lulling students to sleep. The most important component of this curriculum is that the interactive discussion sessions provide a great platform for students to participate in debates and clear any doubts.

  • The course fee is Rs 39900 (plus +18% GST).
  • 7 Interest-Free EMIs are available (for a monthly payment of Rs. 6,726 per month).
  • Job Assistance: 1 Month Internship (100% Job Assistance)

IIM SKILLS is a reputed e-learning platform with excellent live interaction with faculty, learners can opt for Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun.

Course Outline for Investment Banking

Each module in the Investment Banking education at IIM SKILLS is expertly crafted by academic specialists and covers every topic from fundamental to advanced levels.

Module 1: Microsoft PowerPoint 

  • An introductory explanation of Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as an understanding of the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their value.
  • Making, arranging, and generating slides 
  • Inserting and editing photos and links 
  • Generating illustrations and shapes
  • Creating a variety of graphs and graphs, including bar graphs, line charts, combo charts, football fields, scatter plots, histograms, pie charts, waterfalls, and stacked column charts, to name a few.
  • The usage of formatting themes and unique schemes

Module 2: Microsoft Excel

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their relevance
  • Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match, Sumifs, Offset, Paste Special, Concatenate, Indirect, and their combinations are frequently used functions.
  • Rules for conditional formatting
  • Concepts of number and typeface formatting Cell, row, and column freezing
  • Data sorting, validation, and filtering with Excel functions and formulas
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel, as well as an understanding of the Ribbon Keyboard Shortcuts and their importance
  • Hlookup, Index, Vlookup Match, Sumifs, Offset, Paste Special, Concatenate, Indirect, and their combinations are frequently used functions.
  • Conditional formatting rules Number and font formatting Concepts of cell, row, and column freezing
  • Data validation, sorting, and filtering with Excel functions and formulas
  • Producing the Master Slide

Module 3- Focuses on the Financial System and Market Fundamentals

  • The Basics of a System of Investment Banking
  • Various Financial Markets – Market Participants and Regulators: Capital Market – Money Market, Primary Market – Secondary Market
  • Exchanges of securities and financial institutions
  • Depository Receipts: An Overview
  • Bond Features, Securitization, and Bond Types
  • Interest, Bond Yield, and Bond Price Definitions and Ideas
  • Understanding of long and short positions, as well as the capacity to liquidate
  • The two categories of shares are equity and preference shares.
  • Understanding of long and short positions, as well as the capacity to sell short 

Module 4: Derivatives Market 

  • A summary of the futures market, and possibilities
  • Financial swaps and their variants (including equity investments, rate of interest, and forex) 

Module 5: Investment Banking Theories and Processes 

  • Investment Banking basics 
  • Business Definition of buy-side and sell-side 
  • Private Equities vs. Venturing Capitals vs. Investment Banks Underwriting Concept and building approaches and overviews

Module 6: Marketing Materials and Financial Models

  • Non-Disclosure Contract on Protected Information 
  • Memorandum, Pitchbook / Pitch Deck

Module 7 involves the valuation of businesses.

  • Financial simulations
  • Multiples of assessment will be applied.
  • Calculating the worth of an enterprise with equity value and other elements
  • What is the difference between Deal, Offer, and Transaction Value?
  • Understanding and computing the relationship between FCFF and FCFE
  • Various strategies are used to estimate the Beta Terminal Value.
  • Mid-period evaluations


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Imarticus Learning, Dehradun

In Dehradun, Imarticus Learning offers Job-Guarantee Training in Certified Investment Banking Operations Professionals (CIBOP). The CIBOP session is a 150-hour classroom or online training program that qualifies candidates for careers in investment banking by providing a comprehensive awareness of everything from services to processes and operations.

Imarticus Learning Dehradun has covered all bases of courses with cutting-edge topics and modern techniques and facilities. It provides high-quality, industry-specific education in Dehradun using new technology, specialized training, career support, and mentoring from industry specialists.

In terms of comprehensiveness, competence, and relevance to the investment banking business, the CIBOP program stands out among finance certification courses. It is the only investment banking degree that includes placement, providing an appealing pattern of developing industry-relevant subject expertise and being placed in a prominent global bank. The program is designed for students just graduating with 0-3 years of professional work in commerce, business management, or finance.

The founders identified a significant skill gap among professionals as well as a dearth of legitimate upskilling possibilities for both new and experienced professionals. They provide cutting-edge new-age Investment Banking programs such as Data Science and Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Fintech, Finance, Marketing, and others.

Imarticus Learning is committed to providing students with a holistic learning experience through uniquely designed career assistance services and will continue to support them as they take a fresh look at their professions. Students will get access to over 500+ recruitment partners and discover endless possibilities for their future endeavours.

Study mode: Online and classroom training 

Program Fee: ₹ 1,40,000 (Inclusive Of All Taxes)

Duration: 150 hours

Criteria for admission eligibility: New graduates (0-3 years) from non-STEM subjects with a background in business management and finance exclusively.

Join your learning adventure in Investment banking courses in Dehradun with Imartis Learning and strive to maximize your knowledge.

3. Great Learning

Great Learning teaches the fundamentals of investment banking in this free online training. Industry experts teach this free Investment Banking course and let its students discover investment banking definitions, functions, formats, trading phases, and merchant baking.

This course aims to equip students with a thorough grasp of Investment Banking, from its terms and activities to the many types of Investment Banks and the cycle of trading. Students will learn about the numerous roles of investment banks, including underwriting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and financial restructuring guidance. They also go over the many sorts of investment banks available, such as full-service banks, boutique banks, and global banks.

Students will learn techniques to cater to banks for a variety of customer bases, ranging from small businesses to huge enterprises. Understanding the trade cycle is important in investment banking because it allows banks to assess which industries and companies are more likely to be lucrative. Institute looks at the many stages of the trade cycle and how they affect decisions regarding investments. A further substantial field of study in Investment Banking is Merchant Banking. While the two are sometimes mistaken, there are significant variations between them. Merchant banking is more concerned with long-term investments in businesses, whereas investment banking is more concerned with transactions.

Course Module

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Investment Banking Scope and definition
  • Investment bank services
  • Investment Bank and its different kinds
  • Trade Phases

This detailed course module on organizational behavioural theory covers the topic’s idea, significance, elements, stages, ranging types, and objectives. It teaches a thorough understanding of the subject to improve interpersonal and communication skills and foster a healthy work environment.

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4. Financial Edge

Financial Edge was founded by industry veterans to develop top-tier technologies in the context of learning.

Financial Edge brings online master classes in investment banking courses for Individuals or groups of people looking for the simplest way into finance, professionals with experience aiming to cement previous knowledge or fill skill gaps, and new, or off-cycle recruits whose jobs need to swiftly upgrade and become ready for the desk. Learners will get a Wall Street-recognized certificate.

This course is designed for prospective employees to make them job-ready. The course is an intense form of education that will be provided to learners at Investment Banks, with a strong emphasis on practical application through the use of real-world case studies.

Students will be taught by educators from J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and other high-bracket luminaries to provide an exceptional learning experience with perfect training for the team, whether face-to-face or remote, on-demand.

The online platform’s faculty, technology, and client team have decades of combined experience providing the most demanding training programs worldwide. They are motivated by innovation and technological competence, and they enjoy collaborating with mutual partners to deliver customized training solutions. Students can trust this learning institution for Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun.

Students Will Learn in Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun or Globally:

  • To assess companies using both multiples of valuation and DCF valuation. 
  • To verify valuation 
  • to understand how to evaluate possible merger and acquisition transactions
  • To create a merger model  
  • To comprehend the significance of various methods of deal financing.
  • Learn to fund PE ventures.  
  • To create an LBO model, and to utilize it for assessing a potential LBO transaction. 

Main Syllabus:


    • Iterative three-statement model
    • Constructing a model with a cash sweep
  • Integrity and error checking of a model


    • Equity value to enterprise value bridge
    • Trading comparable valuation
    • WACC analysis – practical application
  • Discounted cash flow valuation

M &A and LBO

    • Comparable M&A transactions and premium paid analysis
    • M&A cash transaction
    • LBO Evaluation
    • Analysis of debt capacity and acquisition finance
    • Analysis of private equity acquisitions and LBOs
  • Football field valuation overview

Learners will have access to a wide streaming library of learning content as well as real-time access to financial data and files following their training. It is intended to provide you with the tools you need to put your newfound knowledge into action and stay ahead of the ever-changing financial world.

Study Mode: Online

Training Fee: (inclusive tax) ₹181545

5. Skillshare

Skillshare is an e-learning portal that also offers investment banking courses in Dehradun. Users can learn about a variety of skills and topics, such as investment banking, via Skillshare training sessions. Like Udemy, Skillshare is a one-of-a-kind educational site where instructors can submit course material. Skillshare offers a wide range of courses in both industrial and professional professions, and joining the site entitles you to stream every lesson in the library. Customers are frequently asked to pay a monthly subscription fee to access all of the courses on Skillshare. For new users, the site provides a 14-day free trial during which you can access everything on the site for free. Also, students will have plenty of time to complete this course during your free trial because it’s only one hour long.

Students can consider Skillshare for Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun.

6. Coursera

Coursera’s educational program includes an investment banking course in Dehradun or across the world that teaches students the principles of investment banking, valuation, and other corporate finance-related topics.

Coursera specialties are truly one-of-a-kind in that they combine a variety of courses to present you with a well-rounded career-building opportunity. Coursera, like many other global learning systems, is widely regarded as a good MOOC platform, with students frequently receiving free courses that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars. This specialization is more extensive and takes about five months to complete; over half of those who completed it went on to start a new profession.

There are investment banking courses in Dehradun that provide specialist knowledge such as understanding the markets for financial instruments, the banking sector, asset management over longer periods, and how to successfully manage capital vulnerability. Students will understand and evaluate investment goals from a global viewpoint, as well as how various budgeting procedures are used to attain such goals, during this specialization. Furthermore, students will be assigned tasks to complete a hands-on project and will receive a free global printable certificate upon completion. These courses begin at every level, allowing participants to specialize in any module such as:

  • Students will learn about financial accounting, financial predictions, estimating, and LBO and M&A analyses.
  • Required knowledge for top investment bank interviews
  • Recognizing whether a business should consider a merger or acquisition, among other factors.

After getting the required understanding through coursework, students must hone vital skills that will assist them in obtaining the ideal career as an investment banker.

Certain competencies will be taught throughout the course, while others will have to be learned on their own.  Learners must have particular capabilities, such as analytical thinking, communication skills, networking, management, and leadership qualities, to advance their careers as investment bankers. This institute must not be ignored if learners looking for an online platform for Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun

Question 1) How to get enrolled in Investment banking courses in Dehradun?

Students must understand how to pursue a career as an investment banker in India after the 12th grade.  You can go through the stages of becoming an investment banker after high school. Students must pass their 10+2 test in Accounts, Economics, Mathematics, or Statistics with a decent grade from a recognized board in India.

Commerce students can take a variety of entrance tests to gain admission to any reputable college or university in India. Throughout the country, numerous online and offline courses provide a variety of learning programs in finance and commerce. These institutions have unique admission criteria, and students must meet the basic criteria to be admitted.

Question 2) What is the core job of an investment banker?

In Investment banking and related occupations, professionals assist clients in raising finance in the capital markets by releasing loans or selling equity in the companies they represent. Investment bankers work for organizations, underwriting new debt and equity securities for all types of companies, assisting in the disposition of securities, and facilitating mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, and broker transactions for both financial institutions and private investors. A job in Investment Banking entails counseling customers on unusual investment opportunities such as derivatives and supporting them with mergers and acquisitions.

Investment bankers handle a variety of activities for their prospective clients. Investment bankers in a few firms have a wide range of responsibilities, whilst, in others, the staff is more specialized, with individual bankers executing distinct tasks.

Question 3) What is employment opportunity in the Investment banking sector?

The employment opportunities in investment banking are vast. Along with banks and investment rating agencies, investment bankers are in high demand across a wide range of industries and organizations. Several businesses, like automakers, retail shop chains, and even utilities and energy firms, extend investment to their clients and rely on investment bankers to do so. An investment banking job can lead to a career as an investment banker, portfolio manager, loan or trust manager, or other positions. 

Several industries, like banking, accounting, and information technology, require investment bankers to improve customer service and manage their firm’s finances.  Whether applicants are looking for accountant jobs or finance job opportunities, there are numerous opportunities accessible in practically every industry.

Conclusion of the Article- Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun- Best 6 Online Institutions

Investment banking is booming with opportunities, and it necessitates a particular capacity and skill set, much of which can be learned and learned in trustworthy educational institutions, and the above discussed will help you a lot in choosing the correct learning platform. Investment banking requires someone who strives for, commits to, and hunger to learn and perform at the top echelon in a demanding environment, in addition to these taught and natural skills. I hope this read- Investment Banking Courses in Dehradun is helpful enough to deliver appropriate knowledge about the necessary details of investment banking and learning options.


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