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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses In Kochi With Practical Classes

Kochi has a reliable and good Investment banking system. A vast network of informal organizations, such as money-lending agencies, which are involved in the business of receiving deposits and lending money, exist alongside legal financial institutions including commercial banks, cooperative bodies, and non-banking financial firms (NBFCs). Commercial banks dominate the financial sector, accounting for two-thirds of all credit issued and four-fifths of all deposits received by financial institutions. Despite a high population density, Kochi has much fewer people on average per bank branch than the national average. Commercial banks in Kochi stand out for two main reasons: their effectiveness in raising deposits, particularly those from non-resident Indians who make about half of the total amount of deposits, and an apparent reduced disbursement of credit. Here we will discuss in detail the top Investment Banking Courses In Kochi.

Investment Banking Courses In Kochi

The purpose of banks is to involve all facets of society in financial operations, not just to support economic growth. For savings to be mobilized and directed toward effective investment, bank branches must be opened in remote locations. Among the nation’s semi-urban areas, Kochi has the most bank branches in terms of the total number of locations. Investment banking has developed, is well-established, and is crucial to the economy of the state of Kochi. In Kochi, one may securely search for investment banking courses.

Investment Banking: An Overview

Before analyzing the top investment banking courses in Kochi, let’s get an overview of Investment banking. Investment banking is a division of banking where banks provide advising, underwriting, merger and acquisition, and other investment services to the government, companies, and institutions. Investment banking is a specialized area of banking that offers services for financial guidance and helps people or organizations raise money.

Investment banks are businesses that utilize their money to purchase shares from other corporations or governments to resell at a profit when markets collapse or the opposite occurs.

The range of investment banking services includes stock and bond underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, etc. The majority of students enrol in common investment banking courses, such as finance or MBA programs, to break into the field.

Investment banks provide services to both businesses that issue securities and individuals that purchase securities. Investment bankers advise businesses on when and how to list their securities on the open market, a crucial activity for the standing of an investment bank. As a result, investment bankers are crucial in the process of creating new security offerings.

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How to Become an Investment Banker?

As with the majority of financial jobs, investment badnking is simpler to break into if you establish a foundation of financial knowledge during your formal schooling and early employment. 

Typical resumes for investment bankers will list prior experience in trading, financial management, financial counselling, or general business consulting. Undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration, finance, commerce, economics, or a quantitative subject like statistics are frequently sought after by investment banks. It is not difficult for people with different backgrounds to move into a profession in investment banking, but it is crucial to be able to demonstrate both strong quantitative reasoning and convincing communication abilities.

By institution and according to the duties of the profession, the time it takes to become an investment banker may change. Generally speaking, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in Financial Management, such as investment bankers, often begin the industry with a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in a similar subject.

How Do Investment Bankers Work?

To choose the optimal path for the company’s financial development, an investment banker works closely with the organization’s senior management.

The following are some of the key duties of an investment banker:

  • They keep an eye on the market’s current investment environment, pinpoint the risks involved with every given project, and assist their customers in making wise investment selections. 
  • By doing corporate valuations, financial modelling, and financial metric computations, one may predict the performance of the firm. 
  • Assist businesses in determining the initial stock price, the price of their Initial Public Offering (IPO), and the distribution of stock to different stakeholders. 
  • Present research reports, PPT presentations, and pitch materials to clients or senior management by conceptualizing, drafting, editing, and presenting
  • Make sure that the business is adhering to all the guidelines established by financial regulatory organizations.

Investment Banking Careers 

There are many distinct careers in investment banking, even though investment bankers are the one that is most well-known in investment banks. These jobs help to guarantee that the bank can quickly, securely, and correctly create money for organizations and governments. roles in investment banking include:

Investment Bankers

Investment bankers help clients raise capital, make financial decisions, find M&A opportunities, and create financial models to help clients make decisions. 

Financial Analysts

They evaluate the performance and potential of assets while also advising clients about these options.

Equity Private Managers

They aid in managing private money for both individuals and institutions, in addition to managing portfolios and searching for profitable assets.

Investment Advisors 

Investment advisors help consumers make the most of their available assets by advising them on their investment decisions.

Startup Investors

They provide capital for start-up companies with excellent financial potential.


Actuaries evaluate the risk involved in financial choices and project how certain events could affect a company’s bottom line.


Accountants monitor and document a company’s financial transactions and business relationships.

Investment Managers

Investment professionals provide their customers with advice on how to manage and invest their portfolios to get the best possible returns. 

Investment banks, like any major firm, depend on support personnel like engineers and IT professionals to keep things operating properly. Additionally, office managers, secretaries, and assistants are required by investment banks to streamline offices. However, one can opt for Investment banking courses to gain a reliable position in this field. 

The Significance and Benefits of Investment Banking Courses In Kochi

Investment banking is neither an easy nor hard type of industry, despite the term giving it a pretty simple aspect. You must have in-depth knowledge of stocks and other topics related to them to be a professional. 

Each module has a distinct set of characteristics and complexity. Along with other things, you also need to be mindful of the regulatory environment. You gain familiarity with the ideas needed to have a fruitful banking career by taking an investment banking course. It will also help to boost your resume and have an everlasting impact on your career. 

Benefits of Working in Investment Banking:

Excellent Professional Growth

One of the rapidly expanding professions in India is investment banking. With a starting wage range of 6 to 10 lakhs per year, you can land a high-paying position. One of the most sought-after occupations allows you to advance your career and earn more money by taking on senior executive or managing positions. You may even access the prestigious C suite of the business.

Global Possibilities

Want a job that would allow you to travel or maybe relocate abroad? Investment banking is appropriate. Investment banks have a global presence and provide you the chance to move to various offices across the world. This is a job to pursue if you want to broaden your network internationally or learn more about other cultures.

Status & Reputation in Society

There is no questioning the significant benefit an investment banker brings to their organization and economy. They serve as senior management’s go-to strategic counsel on all matters about financial transactions. Investment bankers perform extremely skilled jobs in every way. Their job presents them as accomplished experts who have achieved great success.

Now let’s dig deep into Investment banking courses in Kochi. 

Investment Banking Courses in Kochi


IIM SKILLS has been providing top Investment Banking Course in Kochi for the past few years and is a pioneer in the industry. It is a leading provider of online education in India. The institution has trained over 30 thousand students worldwide. More than 9000 batches have been completed by them.

Materials and lectures on tape are available twenty-four hours a day through the learning management system (LMS) at IIM Skills. Students receive a placement guarantee and a guaranteed internship to help them find opportunities that fit their skills, interests, and experience.

Given that it is by industry principles and best practices, it is one of India’s top investment banking courses. Even 100+ hours of hands-on work and five or more case studies will aid students in understanding real-world business experience.

Course Module:

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Imarticus Learning

A vast number of courses in the business, analytics, marketing, and technology disciplines are offered by the online education and training institute Imarticus Learning. They’ve provided more than 20 courses since they launched their institute in 2012. 

Not just in India, but also in Asia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, they have a presence online. Around 10 lac students have been taught by a team of more than 150 instructors, more than 350 mentors, and top experts in their fields. They collaborate with several renowned investment banking businesses.

There are at least 500 global hiring partners. It has benefited 100,000 students’ lives thus far. The IIM Lucknow Executive Programme in Sales & Marketing Leadership, the IIM Ahmedabad General Management Programme, the Postgraduate Financial Analysis Program, and the Full Stack Developer Pro are the most well-liked courses among students.

One of the best business schools in the world and India, IIM Calcutta, and Imarticus have a partnership. Imarticus Learning offers the best investment banking courses in Thane since their investment banking curriculum is considered to be among the best investment banking courses in Kochi. 

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3. WallStreet 

WallStreet has been an industry leader in education since 2009 and has helped tens of thousands of finance and investment banking professionals launch successful careers. At every level of your upskilling journey, whether it is through classroom programs, online courses, or corporate training, your professional transformation takes shape with individualized attention.

Their boot camp, which is designed for the best financial courses in India, focuses on financial modelling. You may hear lectures and views from people who have worked at McKinsey, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs and have substantial knowledge in private equity, market risk, credit risk, and other areas when you enrol in the bootcamp course. There isn’t another method that is certain to raise your professional qualifications. It is one of the most coveted investment banking courses in Kochi. 

Your success starts with Both their online and boot camp programs ensure that:

Relevance: Their instructors have more than 20 years of teaching experience, and their lessons are practical. They only use the latest educational resources and real-world examples, and they encourage you to have lots of questions and arguments to make you ready for the actual task.

Placement: Their priority is getting you placed; getting an upfront payment is not. You thus pay the majority of the tuition for their financial and investment banking courses once you land a job. 

More time is spent on hands-on education than anywhere else. Several hundred hours of practical teaching on each topic are provided, along with mock examinations and interviews.

4. Edenbridge

The goal of Edubridge’s investment banking course with placement is to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to manage the various facets of investment banking roles and responsibilities, such as asset management and security valuation, to accomplish the specified investment goals for the benefit of businesses and investors. 

Corporations and individuals can also make use of other useful aspects of investment banking, such as investment and portfolio management, advisory services, and mergers and acquisitions. This online investment banking course covers the treasury, clearing, and financial operations sections of an investment bank. It also includes a comprehensive understanding of risk-return frameworks across different asset classes. You may study and enhance your career in investment with logically organized courses, activities, and real-world case studies.

Most investment banking platforms nowadays are linked to well-known banks. Thanks to their career acceleration program’s 110% job placement promise, you may grow and alter your career.

You will be able to comprehend and evaluate the concepts of the Indian Financial System, Stock Markets, Derivatives – Types of Derivatives Products, and Derivatives Applications via the use of this application.

 Additionally, it ensures that you are aware of the various bond kinds, bond price sensitivity metrics, and the relative advantages of investing in bonds as opposed to stocks.

 It helps with the study of an in-depth understanding of financial modelling issues including portfolio theory, time value of money, and capital asset pricing model (CAPM).

Through Edubridge, you may learn more about investment banking concepts such as merchant banking, the distinction between over-the-counter (OTC) and exchange-traded products, due diligence, knowing your customer (KYC), and anti-money laundering (AML).

It simply deepens your comprehension of the duties and obligations of an investment banker. It is anticipated that by taking part in this program, you will acquire the information and skills you require. It is for all these reasons that the program is considered one of the best investment banking courses in Kochi. 

5. CFI Education

The Corporate Finance Institute (also known as “CFI Education” or “CFI”) is a group of enthusiastic educators with more than ten years of expertise in the field. CFI, which has its roots in India, offers extremely practical program training in subjects including financial modelling, investment banking, and the CFA Prep course.

Its foundation was created in 2013 and is known as the Corporate Finance Institute TM in India. They began creating an appropriate curriculum for the “Financial Modelling” program in 2013 to deliver a skills-based curriculum.

The “Certificate in Investment Banking & Research” (CIBR), which is also offered together with work placements, is a popular investment banking course with placement. It was previously known as the “Certificate in Investment Banking” program and is today regarded as one of the best investment banking courses in Kochi.

6. IIFP (Indian Institute of Financial Planning)

A renowned centre for financial education in the nation is the Indian Institute of Financial Planning (IIFP). The reasons why IIFP has won over both students and the industry are its industry-integrated curriculum, first-rate professors, and creative teaching methods.

A unique, industry-integrated one-year full-time PG Diploma in Advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management is now the most well-known programme, having been successfully offered for the past three years.

With accreditation from a university recognized by the UGC, IIFP is effectively offering an MBA program. The program is known as MBA Plus and includes the first year of the PG Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management as well as the first two semesters of the MBA with the possibility of a placement and weekend sessions to complete the MBA.

A well-known institution for providing CFPCM certification training across the nation is IIFP.

For students seeking a career in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, or stock research, IFP has just introduced the unique and prestigious PG diploma in investment banking, which incorporates the internationally renowned CFA. This top-notch program is intended for both new graduates and working professionals who want to transition to the exciting field of investment banking.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Investment Banking will provide students with enduring knowledge and abilities that are applied daily in the investment industry. Additionally, it offers concepts, ideas, and methods for comprehending the dynamic and intricate character of global investment. Students will have a thorough foundation of information for making investment decisions by the conclusion of the course.

Additional Benefits of Investment Banking Courses In Kochi:

  • An internationally acclaimed curriculum that equips students to succeed right away when they join financial firms after the course is over. The students in this program receive all materials linked to their work needs.
  • Students are exposed to advanced Excel and financial modelling.
  • Students are given real-world tasks to work on while being supervised by their mentors. They gain practical experience in the financial sector, exposure to the retailing of financial goods, and the opportunity to receive financial goal-oriented guidance throughout this process.
  • Extensive and frequent presentations made by the students that cover the whole curriculum.
  • To encourage students’ writing and debate abilities, several clubs have been established as part of the instructional style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Investment Banking Courses In Kochi

Q. How can I pursue Investment banking?

It is not enough to have a degree or a certificate in the area to work there. It is advised that individuals approach the appropriate parties to start at the appropriate time and start their internship. Participating in an analyst program also aids applicants in strengthening their profiles. They make relationships during the process and can apply for greater jobs.

Q. Is a career in Investment Banking worth it?

Even though the profession is quite complex and important, one may still succeed and create a career in it. The only requirements are a desire to work hard and the capacity to learn from experience to get better over time. Additionally, the positions and pay at investment banks are competitive with the sector. The one joining would feel both personally and financially gratified as a consequence.

Q. What’s the future of having a career in Investment Banking?

Although investment bankers have previously been held responsible for financial crises, such as the 2008 financial crisis, they are the ones who assist governments in raising money through the sale of bonds to investors and the financing of infrastructure and other necessities for the development of the economy. Therefore, the existence of these institutions is essential for a future with a stable economy.

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