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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Mangalore With Live Classes

When it comes to the financial landscape, especially global, it is an add-on for companies, and business firms if an external service aids in helping with raising funds and offering advice regarding financial transactions and decisions. It is Investment Banking that takes up the role in doing such. One of the major roles of Investment Banking is to serve as a link between two entities- namely business organizations or companies that need capital and those looking to invest their money. With their personalized financial advisory services, they took up a vital space in the financial environment. This article will shed light on the Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore that can help you understand Investment Banking and how it works professionally. 

Investment Banking Courses In Mangalore

Let us have a look at what Investment Banking is and a few necessary details about it before getting into the top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore 

Things to Know About Investment Banking

Investment Banking is a broad spectrum that helps raise capital funds for individuals that have high net worth or companies, firms, and governments. When companies do transactions that encompass capital markets, they might get complicated and are a bit complex to handle for organizations and corporations. In this situation, they hire Investment Banks to smooth the way for them. When you learn about Investment Banking, it is important to know the distinction between Investment Banking and Commercial Banking. Commercial Banking deals with consumers and offers loans to them, whereas Investment Banking involves itself in offering advice regarding finance, mergers & acquisitions, and transactions. 

When an organization or a company wants to go for a sale or merge, Investment Banking steps up to analyze the value of the company and helps in structuring a perfect deal that profits them. They also aid in issuing securities to raise capital for clients. Since Investment Banking plays a crucial role in the financing sector, they update themselves with finance trends, new rules, economic policies, and how the current capital market works. They help companies save their time by taking up the important work of identifying risks when a deal is up for finalization. When a company, business firm, or individuals with high net worth require advice regarding their financial moves, they turn to Investment Banking so that they can help take their company to a fruitful economy. Investment Bankers are those financial industry experts equipped with immense knowledge about investments. They help companies identify risks and smoothen the deal.

Services Provided by Investment Banking

Investment Banking is known for providing advisory services to public sectors as well as private ones. Let us look into the different types of Services that are provided by Investment Banks. The most well-known significant services that are provided by Investment Banking are:

  • Underwriting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Equity Financing
  • Sales and Trading


Underwriting is typically the process of helping clients increase and raise their capital from investors as debt securities and equity. There are namely three phases when it comes to Underwriting. They are:

  • Planning – In this process, investment banking tries to understand and make sense of the demands made by the investors.
  • Timing & Demand – When it comes to underwriting, this phase of timing and demand plays a significant role in raising promising capital. But for this, certain factors need to be taken into account, which are Investors’ experience, current news flow, current market condition, benchmark offerings and precedents, and current investor appetite. 
  • Issue Structure – The issue Structure phase comes as the final and crucial phase in underwriting as it determines the future of the offering. When you are in this phase you need to consider the following questions.

How is the sale going to occur?

Are investors into the offering?

Is the issue international or domestic?

Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the main services Investment Banking provides is the service of Mergers and Acquisitions. To lay it in simple terms, this service is all about joining two or more companies into a single company. They assist the companies i.e. their clients by offering advice during the process of M&A transactions that includes negotiations, preparing legal documents, and due diligence.

Equity Financing

Equity Financing is nothing but the practice where Investment Banking raises capital by selling the securities of equity, like stocks. They are involved in helping their clients in selecting the necessary stock exchange, the perfect time for IPO, and the value of the shares. 

Investment Banks Extend Their Services in Research Which Also Includes:

  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  •  Industry analysis
  • Market research
  • Macroeconomic trends
  • Financial projections
  • Company-specific reports
  • Sector outlooks

Sales and Trading

Sales and Trading is when investment banks sell and buy securities in the name of their respective clients. Investment Banking offers various types of sales and trading services that include:

  • Trading in Derivatives
  • Market making
  • Carrying out larger trades for institutional clients

Firms implement risk management strategies to safeguard themselves during unstable market conditions.

Job Prospects in Investment Banking

Before diving into the Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore, let us know what are the various career opportunities that lie in the field. Investment Banking holds various career choices under its umbrella. According to the individual’s skills and personal preference, one chooses the path in their career. A few of the many career choices in the wide area of Investment Banking are:

  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Associate
  • Vice President
  • Director or Executive Director
  • Managing Director
  • Industry Specialists
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Sales and Trading
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Recommend Read,

There are various array of career paths in the field of Investment Banking. But one needs to improve their skill set to shine in this career path. Here are the top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore that can help you learn and enhance new skills in Investment Banking.

1. IIM SKILLS – Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore

IIM SKILLS is a renowned online education platform that has been in service since 2015. IIM SKILLS offers a wide array of courses such as the Content Writing Master Course, Financial Modelling Course, Business Accounting, Taxation course, Certified Investment Banking Course, etc… 

Individuals who are interested in Investment Banking can get themselves into the Investment Banking Course in Mangalore. Individuals who are relatively new to the field and working candidates no matter where you are globally from, can apply for the Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore. This Investment Banking Course is a three-month course that helps learners get to dive deeply into the world of Investment Banking. One of the many reasons to opt for IIM SKILLS is their interactive classes where the learners can have interactive sessions, clearing their doubts with industry experts.

IIM SKILLS also offers a 1-month Internship with full job support. The notes and materials that you get during the course are accessible for a lifetime. The course contains 8 modules that cover every essential topic of Investment Banking.

Module 1MS PowerPointModule 5Technicals of Investment Banking
Module 2MS ExcelModule 6Different Marketing Collaterals
Module 3Financial System and MarketModule 7Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 4Derivatives MarketModule 8Business Valuation

Module 1 – MS PowerPoint

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – an overview and an understanding of the Ribbon Keyboard shortcuts and their importance
  • Creating geometric forms and images
  • Arrangement, slide creation, and generation
  • Inserting and converting hyperlinks and images
  • Generating an extensive range of graphs like line charts, bar graphs, football fields, combo charts, pie charts, and scatter plots. Stacked, waterfalls, and holograms.
  • Formatting themes and distinctive schemes.

Module 2 – Microsoft Excel 

  • Microsoft Excel – an overview and an understanding of the Ribbon Keyboard shortcuts and their importance
  • To make a master slide
  • Conditional formatting guidelines
  • Formula and functions in Excel for validation, filtering, and data sorting
  • Font and number formatting concepts freezing of columns, rows, and cells.
  • Excel formulae and functions that are used to sort, filter, and validate data
  • Formatting of numbers, font cells, columns, and rows.

Module 3 –  Highlights the financial system and the fundaments of the market

  • The entire design of the system of Investment Banking
  • Market Regulators and participants in different markets in Finance such as Money Market – Capital Market, and Primary market – Secondary Market
  • Bond types, Bond Characteristics, and Securitization
  • Financial institutions, and Security exchanges
  • 2 types of shares: Preferential treatment shares, and Equity Shares
  • The potential to liquidate, and understand short and long-position

Module 4 – The Derivatives Market

  • Derivative – An Introduction
  • Future of the marketplace and its scope
  • Price determination exit in derivative markets – its outcomes and functions
  • Hedging and Speculation

Module 5 – Investment Banking – Theories and Regulations  

  • Investment Banking’s Elements
  • 3 types of Investment Banking – the bulge bracket, the mid-market, and the boutique
  • Concepts of sell-side and buy-side in the land of business
  • Private equity vs venture capital vs investment banks architectural and conceptual approaches

Module 6 – Different Marketing Securities

  • Pitchbook and mutually beneficial collaboration on Memorandum, and exclusive information
  • Financial Models

Module 7 – Financial Modeling

  • Financial Model – An Introduction
  • Forecasting 3 statements of Finance i.e. BS, IS, and CFS
  • Practices on financial modeling, and tricks on error tracking
  • Preparing different schedules which include depreciation, equity, fixed assets, working capital, etc… 

 Module 8 – Business Valuation

  • Different ways to calculate Beta
  • Different risks and their concepts and their involvement for valuation purposes (IRP, SSRP, ERP, DLOM, CRP, DLOC)
  • Difference between GTM and GPC
  • Calculation of Enterprise value with the use of Equity value and other factors
  • Sensitivity Tables
  • Mid-Period valuations

The course fee for the Investment Banking courses in Mangalore offered by IIM Skills is ₹ 39,900 + GST(18%). It is one of the leading Investment banking institutes in Mangalore for the outstanding student support and placement opportunities. 

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+91 9580740740, [email protected]

2. Great Learning Academy – Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore

Great Learning is one of India’s largest learning platforms for professional courses which has established its ground in over 170+ countries all over the world. They offer different online courses from different sectors such as Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Sales, Business Development, etc… If you are looking for Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore, Great Learning Academy is of great choice. Once you are finished with the course you will receive your course completion certificate.

Candidates or Individuals who want to get to know about Investment Banking from the basics can go for this course since it is completely free to learn. The course also gives access to a lifetime. You can access and learn the course at your own pace and explain every topic with examples so that it is easy to grasp for the learners.

Outline for the Investment Banking Course by Great Learning

  • Summary – offers an in-depth understanding of Investment Banking
  • An Overview of Investment Banking
  • Definition of Investment Banking
  • Investment Banking functions
  • Investment Banking types
  • Trade Cycle
  • Merchant Banking 
  • Investment Banking and Merchant Banking differences

Course Duration – 1.0 hours of video lectures that are self-paced.

3. Intellipaat – Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore

Intellipaat as an Institute has been providing a variety of courses collaborating with IT bigshots like Microsoft, IBM, etc… They are providing technical training courses of over 150 which include Data Science, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, etc…So far they have trained 600,000+ learners and has made a ground for themself. One of the top picks for Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore is Intellipaat’s Investment Banking Course.

Course Certification:

Executive Post-Graduate Certification in Investment Banking and Capital Markets.

Once the candidate completes their respective assignments, projects, and quizzes they’ll be given a course completion certificate that is from IIM Ranchi(industry-recognized). This course offered by Intellipaat covers a wide range of topics in Investment Banking which includes:

  • Equity Research
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Financial Products

Along with their service, they also assist in placements for all the learners of the course. Since they work closely with banks like Goldman Sachs, State Street Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Northern Trust, etc… they guarantee career opportunities along with 3 guaranteed interviews.



Perks of the Course: 

  • Job Assistance
  • Live sessions for 9 months by IIM Faculty
  • Session to clear doubts(one to one)
  • Can attend as many batches as the individual wants(lifetime)
  • Self-paced

Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Session for preparing the candidates – Data Transformation using MS Excel (Live Course)

Module 2 – Financial Markets Innovations and Business Organization forms(Academic Faculty)

Module 3 – New Business Capital, Primary, and Secondary Capital Markets(Academic Faculty)

Module 4 – Computational and Quantitative Techniques for Capital Markets(Academic Faculty)

Module 5 – Trading and Market Operations (Academic Faculty)

Module 6 – Sources of Financial Information and Intelligence (Academic Faculty)

Module 7 – Regulatory Environment, and Fixed Income Market (Academic Faculty)

Module 8 – Business Valuation, Strategic Investments, and Equity Valuation (Academic Faculty)

Module 9 – Portfolio Investments (Academic Faculty)

Career Service: Job Assistance, Portfolio Building, and Interview Preparation

Course Fee: ₹ 125,001

Contact Details:  +91-7022374614

4. Wall Street Mojo – Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore

Wall Street Mojo is an educational platform that specifically focuses on finance and accounting. They are well-known for providing the finest resources and courses that are available online. The courses they offer are Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banking, Financial Modeling, Excel, and Accounting. They offer their service globally, especially in India, the UK, the US, Singapore, and Australia. Most of these courses are beginner-friendly which makes this institution take place in our top lists of Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore. They try to deliver well-equipped study materials that are easy to learn and understand and are designed by industry experts.  

Course Name: Investment Banking Fundamentals Course

Course Fee: Free

Things You Learn in This Course:

  • Investment Banking and its introduction
  • Commercial Banking vs Investment Banking
  • Sell vs Buy side in Investment Banking
  • Trading and Sales in Investment Banking
  • Underwriting of Securities
  • Learn how asset management and equity research make a profit
  • What are the role played by Investment Banking in Capital raising
  • Market Making by Investment Banking
  • Reorganizing and Restructuring of Investment Banking
  • Investment Banking Career Opportunities

Learners who have enrolled in this course get a video tutorial of 1 hour and more than 10 Excel templates that can be downloaded. They also have access to this online course for 15 days (unlimited access).

Contents That Are Covered in This Course:

  • What is Investment Banking
  • Investment Banks vs Commercial Banks
  • Sell Side vs Buy Side
  • Asset Management Company
  • Sale and Trading
  • Capital Raising
  • Underwriting of Securities
  • Equity Research
  • Market Making
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Restructuring and Reorganizing
  • Roles and Positions in Investment Banking
  • Front Office, Middle Office, and Back Office versus one another
  • A Conclusion on Investment Banking


  • Graduates and Students
  • Investment Bankers
  • Finance Professionals
  • Individuals who need a Career change into Investment Banking


Once you pass the MCQs after every learning with at least minimum scores, you will gain your course completion certificate.

5. DataTrained – Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore

As an Educational platform, Data Trained Education was started in the year 2012, with the sole purpose of offering quality education that is easily accessible to learners. The course focuses not only on the theoretical part but also on the practical application of it in the Industry. They tie their hands with various leading corporates who assist their learners in job placements. Data Trained has nearly 500+ professionals who curate the curriculum and teach the students. They also offer various Micro Degree Courses such as a PG Program in Business Analytics, a PG Program in BlockChain Development, a PG Program in Machine Learning and Natural Processing(NLP), etc…A few Certificate courses offered by Data Trained are Applied Data Science with R, Complete Time Series Analysis using Python, Writing Professionals Emails, Natural Language Processing: Machine Learning NLP in Python, etc…

Data Trained as one of the top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore is globally recognized and is equipped with in-demand tools, technologies, and techniques in Investment Banking. It even has weekend classes for those who are working and all of the training that is given by DataTrained is practical. 

Name of the Course:

PG Program in Investment Banking and Financial Modeling

Course Duration:

6 months




0-3 years experience in working or Graduates


Weekdays and Weekends


Industry Recognized Certificate after the completion of the course


  • Module 1 – Basics of Finance
  • Module 2 –  Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Module 3 – Basics of Economics
  • Module 4 – Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Module 5 – Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Module 6 – Basic to Advanced Excel
  • Module 7 – Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Module 8 – Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Module 9 – Cost of Capital
  • Module 10 – Relative Valuation
  • Module 11 – Start-Up Valuation
  • Module 12 – Mergers and Acquisitions in addition to LBO
  • Module 13 – Financial Management for Startups

Case Study:

  • Maruti Suzuki Ltd. – Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 
  • Tats Motors Ltd. relative valuation
  • Uber Valuation: A successful start-up
  • Vodafone-Idea Cellular merger modelling
  • Hilton Hotels LBO

Course Fee:

₹ 90000 + GST

Placement Success Fee:

₹ 50,000 

Contact details: +91 9560084091

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the expected per month average Salary of an Investment Banker in India?

According to Moneyview. in, an Investment Banker’s per annum salary goes around 9.12 L and thus an Investment Banker can earn an average salary of ₹ 76,000 per month. Bthe the range of the salary per annum or per month differs according to the individual’s skills, experience, and the company they work for.

Q. Can Investment Banking be considered a good job?

Yes, Investment Banking as a career is a good option for people who are interested in the industry of Banking. Investment Banking stands as the 3rd largest industry in Business. There is an ample number of job roles in Investment Banking that provide various opportunities for professional growth. It also pays fruitfully and also has a high demand in the present and near future. So, considering taking a career in Investment Banking is a wise choice for those who are ambitious and eager in the field.

Q. Can I apply for the IIM SKILLS investment banking course if I am outside Mangalore?

Yes, they offer an online learning platform. This is why you can learn the courses with IIM SKILLS from any corner of the world which has good access to the internet services.

To Conclude:

In the arena of Investment Banking, the space for professional growth is abundant. Even though the workload and the working hours might be a handful and sometimes stressful for those who are in this field, the end pay they receive makes it up to them. Here we have listed a few of the top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Mangalore that can equip you or upgrade your skills in Investment Banking. In terms of economy, Mangalore sports massive growth with its industrial and commercial aspects. Mangalore also poses as the 2nd largest business nub in Karnataka thus providing a bright future in the field of Investment Banking.   

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