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Top 6 Prestigious Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba

Are you looking for the best digital marketing course in Toowoomba but not sure about the top institutes? No problem, we are here to help you! We make sure to do our research carefully and suggest the names of the best institutes providing the best digital marketing training program in Toowoomba. The Digital Marketing industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe because of the growing demand for digitalization. It has a high scope of job opportunities for any individual.

List of best digital marketing courses in Toowoomba

About the Toowoomba City-

Toowoomba City is a city in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. It is known for its well-preserved Victorian era, historical churches, coffee, and good food. This city can provide you with everything that any big city has and at the same time it also has the beauty of gorgeous countryside.

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Benefits of Doing Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba:

As we know, the World is moving towards digitalization, like all other major small and big cities across the globe, Australia too is focusing on the growth of its cities, and Toowoomba City is one of them.

Australian Universities have excellent reputations worldwide for both teaching and research and their certificates are internationally recognised.

The certificates are also highly thought of by employers all over the world. Australia is considered to provide a safe, relaxed, and multicultural environment.

The average salary of a digital marketer in Australia is approximately $ 83,200 per year. Before diving into the listicles, we want you to know that very few institutes provide Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba, so we have also listed some online institutes.

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Top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba



IIM SKILLS is an online educational learning platform and one of the renowned Digital marketing institutes across the globe. It offers various courses online which is recognised by many universities and employers globally.

You can visit the official site of IIM SKILLS for their various services or any information on digital marketing courses across the globe.


Because of their online presence, they can provide Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba as well. There are a few simple steps to become part of the IIM SKILLS training program:

Registration and Enrolment: Candidates need to register themselves with IIM SKILLS by providing some of their details after they are sure about the courses they would want to opt for.

Course Access: Once the student is enrolled for the courses they will be provided with access to the study material and recordings of the online classes to refer to at their convenience.


Learn Engage: Learn and engage with the study material, complete the given assignments, be a part of online live classes, and take assessments to get a certificate.

Recognized Certification: Upon the successful completion of the course you will receive a Master Certificate from The IIM SKILLS which will be a government-recognized certificate.

Career Advancement: The Skills and knowledge you have gained from the Digital Marketing training program provided by IIM SKILLS, will help you enhance your career and get a high paid salary job. An individual has an option of choosing the modes of work as per their requirements. Like a full-time job or as a freelancer or remote job which is more convenient for housewives and students.

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Highlights of the Course are:     

  • Live Online Digital Marketing training program in Toowoomba in the presence of an instructor
  • Government-recognized certificate
  • 5 months of live training
  • 40 Digital marketing modules
  • 3 months program and 2 months of paid internship (flexible hours) 15+ Live projects, 10+ case studies, Tools worth 79000+
  • Receive a recognized certificate from IIM SKILLS
  • 100% Money back guarantee if you do not like the course


Tools Covered in this course are:

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • SEM
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Marketing
  • Elementor
  • Ninja Forms
  • Autoptimize
  • Async JavaScript
  • WooCommerce
  • GotMls Malware Security
  • Sucuri Security
  • Wp All in One Migration
Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation


The Benefits of this course are:

  • Build a calendar for Starbucks
  • Build a Marketing Channel with Amazon
  • First Ad Campaign on Instagram
  • Write your first SEO-friendly article
  • Build a professional blog on WordPress
  • Create a Marketing Strategy for H&M
  • Create an Email Campaign for Myntra


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Who can benefit from this course?

  • Housewives
  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Traditional Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • College dropouts


Certified Digital Marketing Controller Training Process includes:

  • Registration
  • Select your Batch
  • Attendance
  • Examination
  • Internship
  • Freelancing
  • Placement Support
  • Happy Graduates

Contact Details:

Mobile No: +91 9580740740

[email protected]

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2. TAFE- Technical And Further Education, Queensland:

TAFE institutes Digital Marketing Training Program helps students to establish their careers in this industry by providing essential knowledge and skills about social media marketing. Students will also learn management and leadership skills, as well as how to increase brand awareness and generate revenue.

At TAFE the teaching faculty are heavily embedded in the digital media industry, so they know where the industry is headed and what skills employers are looking for.

Technical And Further Education (TAFE) is one of the well-known Digital marketing institutes in Toowoomba and provides on-campus and online training to its students.

Diploma of Social Media Marketing: With this social media marketing course at Technical and Further Education (TAFE), students will get diploma-level qualifications to develop their skills and knowledge to be eligible to work in this fast-moving industry.

This course can be delivered via online mode. Students will receive the certificate in the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

Modules of the Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba:

The achievements of this course require all the students

to complete all core and 3 elective units listed below:

Core units:

  • Plan, Implemented, and manage content marketing
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Plan, conduct and optimize organic social media marketing
  • Plan, managed, and optimized organic social media advertising
  • Build your own brand on social media
  • Plan, manage and implement social media conversion strategies

Electives unit:

  • Undertake project work
  • Write persuasive copy
  • Establish and monitor the marketing mix


Course Details:

Full Fees- $5,735

Duration: Average duration course 1 year

Choices of profession after the completion of the course:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Community Manager

Contact Details: 1300 308 233

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3. University Of Southern Queensland:

The University of Southern Queensland is a regional university based in Toowoomba, Queensland in Australia. Along with one campus at Toowoomba, it has 2 other campuses at Springfield and Ipswich.

As per reports, the University of Southern Queensland ranked #452 among the best global universities. It offers a Digital Marketing training program along with many other courses in engineering, law, science, business, arts, and health.

It is also a recognized university providing one of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba. A range of scholarships is offered at The University of Southern Queensland and they deliver some of the best courses on Digital Marketing they are:

  1. Graduate Certificate of Business (Digital Marketing)- This Digital Marketing program is suitable for both domestic and international students. It provides campus mode at the Toowoomba and Springfield campuses. It is about 6 months.

Overview of the course are :

  • influencer marketing strategies and
  • Digital Marketing specialization will help to develop the know-how and experience to be able to thrive in this ever-changing and high-speed industry.
  • The a need for qualified marketers who can drive real business through an increase in data-driven insights.
  • Explore topics such as consumer behavior, developing marketing strategies, using analytics to inform marketing tactics, and understanding more about marketing tools and technologies.

Entry Requirements for Domestic and International Students:

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor’s degree in any area or equivalent, or
  • Minimum 3 years of professional work experience, or equivalent.
  1. Graduate Diploma Of Business (Digital Marketing) – This course is available to students through both On-campus and Online modes at both Toowoomba and Springfield campuses. The course completion tenure is approx. 1 year or part-time equivalent. It is suitable for both domestic and international students.

The Overview of this course are:

  • Learn to analyze effective marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Gain the in-demand digital skills, experience, and insights necessary for success in this fast-paced industry.
  • Understand customer behavior, and know how to implement data-driven decisions and drive real business change.
  • Explore topics on consumer behavior, marketing tools and technologies, marketing strategy developments, and how to use these analytics to inform marketing tactics.

Entry Requirements for both domestic and international students:

  • Completion of an Australian Bachelor’s degree in any area or equivalent, or
  • Minimum of 3 years professional work experience, or equivalent.
  1. Masters Of Digital Marketing- This course is available at Toowoomba and Springfield campuses for both domestic and international students. It is a 2-year or part-time equivalent to a Digital Marketing program.


Overview of this course are:

  • How to analyze effective marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Gain the in-demand digital skills, experience, and insights necessary for success in this fast-paced industry.
  • Understand customer behavior, and know how to implement data-driven decisions and drive real business change.
  • Explore topics on consumer behavior, marketing tools and technologies, marketing strategy developments, and how to use these analytics to inform marketing tactics.

Entry Requirements for both domestic and international students:

  • Completion of an approved Bachelor’s degree in the area of business or equivalent,
  • Equivalent minimum 3 years of professional work experience

Degree Structure- To complete this course the students must complete 16 units, 4 core courses, 4 foundation courses, and 8 discipline study units in a specialization.

Contact Details: 1800 269 500

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4. Australian Institute Of Management (AIM)-

The Australian Institute of Management is a Digital marketing institute. They provide short courses on Digital Marketing in the presence of highly skilled and trained faculty.

The skills you learn in this course will help you to understand content marketing engines to create as many likes, shares, and downloads.

Below is the list of a few Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba delivered by the Australian Institute Of Management:

1. Email Marketing: Email Marketing has the highest return on investment of all traditional methods of digital marketing. It is a 1-day course that allows marketers to communicate directly with their audience.

If delivered correctly to the right set of audiences, email marketing can help brands pull the right set of consumers and brand awareness. This course allows you to go deeper into email list segments, lead magnets, and metrics, to take your organization to the next level.

You will learn the two main types of Email Marketing in this course:

Email Campaigns: a message sent to your list, or a segment of people.

Email Automation: a series of automated emails sent over a predefined period of time, triggered by some specific action, such as someone downloading an asset from your website.

This course is suitable for any individual, social media freelancer who is seeking the knowledge and skills to execute email marketing campaigns.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what email marketing is, its benefits, and advantages to the organizations.
  • Learn how different types of emails can be sent, as well as updated Software and designs for sending campaigns.
  • Key features of email automation, and how to align it to the email campaign.
  • Develop an email marketing strategy, including strategy, segmentation, time, and content.
  • Learn the techniques to stop emails from being sent to spam.
  • Design emails, create engaging content for emails, and personalization
  • Understand the key metrics to measure and how to optimize results

2. Social Media Strategy: Strategy is important to achieve goals that are usually limited and we want to make the best use of them. It is a one-day course that involves settling goals and priorities, working out what needs to be done, and using your resources effectively. Social media strategy helps in planning Social media plans. It helps in building a strong online presence. Knowing exactly who your audience is very crucial.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Have an understanding of audience or buyers stages and their impact on strategy and content
  • Put your social media strategy in the context of your organization and personal brand
  • Conduct an audit of your existing presence on social media
  • Assess consistency, SEO, performance, brand, and competitors
  • Develop customer personas and choose the right channel to target with the right content
  • Choose the correct way that suits your organization or personal brand
  • Understand content categories and purpose
  • The right set of audience and influencers will help to get greater engagement
  • Don’t go over budget so plan every detail for budget, resourcing, and management
  • Analyse data metrics to gain insights


Contact Details:

AIM Student Support-

Phone: 1300 658 337

[email protected]

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Upgrad is one of India’s leading and well-known online educational platforms that provides Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba and other parts of the world.

UpGrad as a Digital marketing institute helps its students to grow in their careers and makes them ready to face any industry challenges. Their Digital marketing training program is extraordinary and globally accepted and recognized by many universities and employers.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Up-to-date modules integrated with Generative AI
  • 15+ Case studies and live projects
  • Video library with 90+ Tools
  • Personalized Resume Feedback
  • Daily doubt resolution
  • Certificate from MICA in association with UpGrad
  • MICA Executive Alumni Status
  • Fortnightly coaching by Industry Mentors
  • Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
  • Video Classes

Who can do these Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba?

  • Freshers
  • Traditional Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Brand and Communication Managers
  • Sales Professionals

Top Skills to Learn with MICA’s Digital Marketing Course:

  • Generative AI in Digital Marketing Course
  • SEO
  • Search and display advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Branding

Job Opportunities after completing this digital marketing program:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEM Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media and Content Manager
  • Associate Consultant Business Analyst (Sr.)
  • Associate Digital Marketing

Minimum Eligibility Required for Digital Marketing Course:

  • Bachelor’s or Equivalent Degree

Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms:

  • Get Response
  • GTMetrix
  • Ubersuggest
  • Solar winds Pingdom
  • Screaming frog
  • SEO SiteCheckup
  • Woorank
  • Ahrefs
  • Sprout Social
  • Tweet Deck
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Ads Manager
  • Buzzsumo
  • Answer the Public
  • Google Trends
  • Spy Fu
  • Mention
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Crazy Egg
  • Data Studio
  • Similar Web
  • Optimize
  • Google Ads
  • Optimize
  • Bing Ads
  • Google search console
  • Balsamiq
  • Landingi
  • Mailchimp
  • Canva
  • Bitly
  • Freepik
  • HubSpot
  • Yoast

Learn to Leverage ChatGPT in Digital Marketing:

  • Generate Content with ChatGPT

The Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate learners will receive from MICA and UpGrad.


MICA’s Digital Marketing Course Syllabus:

Digital Channel- Dive-1:

  • Designing a Web presence
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blog Creation Project (WordPress)
  • Social Media Marketing Live Projects (Facebook Ads Manager)

Digital Channels- Deep Dive-2

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Programmatic and Display Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • User Nurturing
  • Google Ad Search Campaign (Google Ads Manager)
  • Email Marketing Live Project

Marketing Analytics and Integrated Strategy:

  • Web Analytics
  • Defining a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Planning DM resources (Agency / Team)
  • Web Analytics Live Project

Capstone Project and E-Commerce Bootcamp:

  • E-Commerce Bootcamp
  • Capstone Project

Projects in this Digital Marketing Course:

  • Run a Social Media Marketing Campaign and Google Ads Campaign to gain Real-time experience working as a Digital Marketer.
  • WordPress- Blog Creation Project
  • Ubersuggest- SEO
  • Google Ads- Search Engine Marketing + Display Marketing Live Project
  • Google Analytics 4- Google Analytics

Generative AI:

  • Introduction to Generative AI
  • Prompt Engineering Techniques
  • Limitations and Challenges of Generative AI
  • Role of AI in content creation
  • Text-based Content creation
  • Image-based content creation and manipulation
  • Video-based content creation and manipulation

Tools Used:

  • Open AI
  • Bing Ads
  • Bard
  • Copy AI
  • Midjourney
  • Runway
  • E
  • Synthesia
  • Descript
  • Simplified
  • ADOBE firefly
  • D-ID

Social Media and Content Marketing:

  • Content Marketing Specialization
  • Paid Advertising and Social Media
  • Community Management

Tools Covered: 

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Quora
  • Hootsuite
  • Mention

Industry Projects and Case Studies from MICA and UpGrad

  • Run Live Marketing Campaigns
  • Leverage Proofwork during interviews
  • Get mentored by Industry experts like:
  • Star Sports Mauka Mauka
  • Bajaj Auto Projects
  • Zivame Project
  • Mama Earth
  • com
  • Rupee circle
  • Bajaj Auto case study
  • Netmeds
  • Google Ads search campaign
  • Get Response
  • Amazon Associates
  • Infidelity
  • Fit

Admission Process:

  • Fill out the Application form
  • Get Shortlisted
  • Pay and Start Learning

Contact Details: +91 8045604032



Coursera is a Digital marketing institute that offers a world-class Digital Marketing training program along with other various courses online. It is a well-known institute for Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba and other parts of the world.

Learning from the Course:

  • To get a career hike in the digital marketing and e-commerce industry learning fundamentals is important
  • To attract and engage the right customers, digital marketing channels like email are essential
  • Grow customer loyalty through building e-commerce stores, and analysing performance

Skills included in this Course are:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Data Analysis
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Strategy
  • Web development
  • Writing

How to have a successful career :

  • Receive professional-level training from Google
  • Demonstrate your proficiency in portfolio-ready projects
  • Earn a recognized certificate from Google

Highlights of the Digital Marketing Course in Toowoomba:

  • This program includes practice-based assessments
  • The course content is by Google employees with experience in a similar field
  • Exclusive access to career resources upon course completion
  • To get personalised LinkedIn feedback get support on resume review
  • Get support in Interview Preparation
  • Career Support to move your career with the Coursera jobs search guide
  • Learn popular tools and platforms for entry-level jobs, through a mix of videos, assessments, and hands-on activity.

Tools Used:

  • Canva
  • Constant Contact
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Hootsuite
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Shopify
  • Twitter

Connect on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


Below are the FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba:

1. Is it easy to get Digital Marketing jobs?

Ans. Finding a good digital marketing job is not at all difficult. An individual should have the right knowledge and the idea of digital marketing.

2. What is the diploma of digital marketing in Australia?

Ans. The diploma in digital marketing provides the knowledge and skills of digital marketing to perform important functions required by the industry.

3. How to get admission to Digital Marketing courses in Toowoomba?

Ans. To get admission to Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba, one should have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or social and digital media.

Conclusion On Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba:

Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba and other parts of Australia are highly in demand which means it also gets saturated at some point because this industry is highly competitive with businesses in every sector requiring consumer attention. It is advisable for interested candidates willing to do Digital Marketing Courses in Toowoomba to refer to the above-mentioned Digital marketing institutes along with their own research as well.

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