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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Australia With Certificates

Students who wish to write and produce unique material for books as well as those who want to direct plays, whether they are modern or classic, will benefit greatly from the creative writing course. You’ll be instructed and mentored by seasoned professionals who are also employed as writers and directors in different fields in creative writing courses in Australia. You will also be able to learn about directing and production, theatre studies, and writing workshops. You will be able to realize the script while laying the foundation for character, action, performance, and production. Delve into the post to learn in detail.

List of best creative writing courses in Australia

Students have the chance to gain practical experience and get sought-after industry placements while enrolled in creative writing courses in Australia. In order to promote a thorough understanding of the craft of creative writing, you will also closely collaborate with students from other courses. Students receive a variety of real-world professional experiences so that they will be prepared for the workforce after graduation. Students can access a range of real-world experiences and industry connections through various industrial partnerships.

Creative Writing Courses in Australia: An Introduction

The goal of creative writing is to communicate ideas and thoughts in a way that is unique to you by using your imagination and creativity. Simply put, it’s about putting your own unique spin on writing and straying from the conventional lines of academic or other specialized types of literature. There is no specific writing style or method associated with creative writing. This article thoroughly explains various creative writing courses in Australia. Now we’ll go over some of the categories of creative writing.

Types of Creative Writing

There are numerous forms of creative writing. The following are the most typical:


The seventeenth century is when novels first appeared. Nowadays, most people think of novels when they think of literature. In general, a novel is a fictional story that is told in 60,000–100,000 words, though it can be as low as 40,000 words or be more prolonged than 100,000. Novellas are often used to describe stories that are neither short nor long enough to be considered true short stories. A novella is generally a tale of between 10,000 and 40,000 words. You could also come across the term “novelette,” which describes stories with a word count of between 7,500 and 19,000 words.

Short Stories:

Short stories are fictional works that typically have a word count between 5,000 and 10,000. They tell complete stories and feature at least one character, a conflict of some kind, and at least one topic, just like books. A piece of flash fiction is one that is less than 1,000 words long.


Due to its inherent ambiguity as a genre, poetry can be challenging to define. There is no set length requirement for poems. The sentence need not rhyme. Sonnets, haikus, sestinas, blank verse, limericks, and free verse are just a few of the many distinct types of poems that exist today from all over the world’s cultures.

The majority of the time, poetry’s rules are flexible unless you’re composing a particular kind of poem, like a haiku, which has certain guidelines about its form or number of lines. A poem must excite the reader’s emotions, be written from a particular point of view, and convey a theme even though it isn’t essential to follow a particular length or format rule or utilize faultless grammar.

Plays, TV Scripts, and Screenplays:

The stage is where plays are designed to be performed. TV scripts are intended to be made into television programs, whereas screenplays are intended to be made into films. Also included in this category are scripts for videos created on other platforms. There are many similarities between books and short stories and plays, TV scripts, and screenplays.

They convey topics and inspire feelings through their narratives. The distinction is that because they are designed to be performed rather than read, they frequently rely heavily on a conversation because they cannot afford to include extensive descriptive passages. However, when creating a play or screenplay, stage directions or scene descriptions are other tools available to scriptwriters.

Creative Nonfiction:

Essays About Oneself:

A personal essay tells a factual story using a narrative format. Recollections of occurrences are frequently mixed in this type of essay with reflections on those events and your individual interpretations and feelings about them.

Literary Journalism:

Consider literary journalism to be journalism that has been creatively enriched. These are the tales that magazines like The New Yorker and Salon frequently publish. Articles of literary journalism present factual information in a way that resembles personal essays and short stories while still reporting on actual events.


Memoirs are personal essays of what short stories are to novels. In other words, a memoir is a book-length collection of personal memories, frequently focused on a single incident, that frequently incorporates viewpoints, epiphanies, and emotional insights into the narrative.


A book about your life and self-reflection is known as an autobiography. The author’s role as a tech inventor or his career as a professional athlete is two examples of how autobiographies frequently highlight significant events and may concentrate on one particular aspect of the author’s life. Although autobiographies frequently share a similar aesthetic with memoirs, they typically convey the author’s whole life story in a linear narrative as opposed to being a compilation of memories tied to certain incidents.

Humor Writing:

Stand-up comedy routines, political cartoons, and hilarious essays are just a few examples of humor writing.

Lyric Essays:

When writing about a topic, event, place, or feeling in a lyric essay, the author defies accepted grammatical and style conventions. Lyric essays resemble pieces as a result. They provide a more direct analysis of the subject matter than a poem would, which is why they are regarded as essays and not extended poems.

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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Australia


 IIM SKILLS, one of the top organizations in Asia that offers a variety of professional courses online, includes a separate module for creative writing courses in Australia in its content writing course. In this course, you’ll discover how to create unique content for your poetry, video scripts, novels, nonfiction books, novels, and other writing projects.

You’ll be able to clearly understand how creative writing is different from copywriting and content writing. The extraordinarily gifted and experienced mentors support you in writing, publishing, and marketing books of any genre in addition to giving you a sizable platform to promote your books. Additionally, guidance on using a variety of methods, such as Kindle Direct Publishers and Google Books, to publish your book online will be offered.

You Will Get to Learn:

  • Draft Your First Book (Fiction – Nonfiction.)
  • Write your first draft of your creative content.
  • Write a short story.
  • Write a chapbook.

Content Writing Course Covers:


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

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2. Bachelor of Commerce in Creative Professional Writing at La Trobe University

In creative writing courses in Australia provided by La Trobe university, you may polish your writing abilities in various genres and forms with the Creative and Professional Writing major. This major offers you the chance to experiment with short stories, extended fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, mobile story-telling, writing for performance, and screenwriting if you have a passion for telling stories and utilizing words to alter how we perceive the world.

Along with creating your own works, you will study the connections between creative practice and literary studies and find out how your writing adheres to or defies literary conventions. By closely observing the techniques that other writers employ to evoke emotion and meaning, you will practice reading in the role of a writer.

What You Will Get:

  • Scholarships
  • Internships

3. Master of Writing and Publishing at RMIT University

With this industry-focused master’s degree, you will have the chance to expand your knowledge of a particular field. This newly created, industry-focused master’s degree is a distinctive offering, regardless of whether you want to start a career in writing, editing, or publishing or want to get more specialized knowledge in your current field.

Building on the well-known Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing curriculum, you’ll study the skill of writing and editing across genres, print and digital production, project management, and marketing tactics for authors and publishers.

Additionally, through their creative writing courses in Australia, you will conduct research and get a deep awareness of writing and publishing culture both domestically and internationally. In order to meet the demands of this rapidly changing work environment, you will gain sophisticated writing, editing, and project management abilities as well as high-level industry insight.

After graduating, you can pursue a variety of vocations, including traditional jobs in the trade, education, corporate, and digital sectors, freelance writing and editing positions in these traditional industries, and the quickly expanding and career-rich digital world. The Australian Publishers Association has accredited the Graduate Diploma in Editing and Publishing, supported by the Society of Editors.

What You Will Get:

  • Scholarships
  • Internships

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4. Master of Writing Editing & Publishing at the University of Queensland

In the center of Brisbane, Australia stands the Institution of Queensland, a modern public university with a focus on research that provides creative writing courses in Australia. This university has sustained a global reputation for bringing about good change by providing intellectual leadership for a better world for more than a century.

Based on a number of important independent rankings, this university is considered to be among the best in the world. The school has built a reputation for generating graduates who are prepared to forge successful lives and become an institution that offers a fun schedule of extracurricular activities and events to meet the interests of its students outside of the classroom.

In order to choose a career path and apply for work experience, internships, and job opportunities, this university’s Careers and Employability Service offers advice and counseling. A yearly schedule of courses on finding a job and networking events are also held by the distinguished service, introducing students to the vast network of university alums and business associates.

Because it stands for diligence, motivation, and academic excellence, graduates from this university will depart with a tool that will aid them in finding further study or work.

5. Associates of Arts in Creative Writing at Langara College

Langara College offers a variety of academic and career programs that assist students in finding their path and also provides creative writing courses in Australia. Students who attend school in Vancouver, one of the world’s most livable cities, get to enjoy both the breathtaking natural scenery of the west coast and the mountains, as well as the activities and attractions that come with living in a big city.

In more than 130 programs, the College has more than 1,700 courses available. Included in this are more than 70 career programs that equip students with the real-world knowledge and abilities they need to work and learn as they prepare for new careers. The variety of educational options available to students and graduates enables them to pursue their own educational goals and follow their own educational paths.

The College is one of Canada’s top universities for transferring students, enabling them to begin at Langara and complete a bachelor’s degree at another top Canadian university. When compared to universities, its tuition costs are less expensive and it offers education. Small class sizes and outstanding teachers are to the student’s advantage.

Before beginning academic programs where English is the language of instruction, one of the top ESL programs in Canada is Langara’s LEAP program, which teaches students English for Academic Preparation. The homestay housing program allows international students to apply to live with a Canadian family.

Poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, and stage play are all studied in the creative writing courses in Australia offered at Langara College. You will be forced to express yourself in a variety of voices while studying a wide range of styles and techniques in a reading- and writing-rich atmosphere.

What You Will Get :

  • Scholarships

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6. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Guelph

The creative writing courses in Australia by the University of Guelph seek to prepare students to enter the workforce as socially conscious authors and creative professionals. For that purpose, the creative writing program gives students the chance to interact creatively with topics relating to social justice and environmental consciousness.

Additionally, students develop a broad and deep grasp of literature, which enables them to analyze and assess how their own creative work engages with, modifies, or challenges literary traditions, genres, and forms. The goal of fusing artistic practice and literary study is to create a special kind of aesthetic maturity.

What You Will Get:

  • Scholarships
  • Internships

7. Master of Arts in English Creative Writing at the University of Toronto

The MA Program in English in the Field of creative writing was established in 2004–2005 by the English Department at the University of Toronto. The creative writing courses in Australia by the University of Toronto make use of both the knowledge of University of Toronto faculty members and the extraordinarily vibrant literary community in Toronto. The climate for fostering emerging talent is provided by internationally renowned writers, a diversity of cultural traditions, and an active publishing sector.

The English Department’s academic and artistic resources are available to students, including its strengths in traditional scholarship and historical research, numerous interdisciplinary partnerships, its well-known proficiency in world literature, and a faculty actively engaged in cutting-edge theoretical studies in culture, race, and gender.

Additionally, students have access to one of the finest library systems in the world, which includes the manuscript holdings at the Fisher Rare Book Library. The program will qualify individuals desiring to pursue additional graduate studies even though it is intended to prepare participants for jobs as professional writers.

  • Scholarships
  • Internships

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8. Associate of Arts in Creative Writing at Capilano University

The novel, micro fiction, creative non-fiction, writing for children, fiction-criticism, and radio and short film scripts are among the forms of literature that are being taught in creating writing courses in Australia by this university. You’ll study a variety of genres in your first year before expanding out in your second year to look at poetry, fiction, non-fiction, playwriting, and children’s writing. Along with your associate degree, you’ll also receive transfer credits for first- and second-year English and creative writing courses.

What You Will Get:

  • Scholarships

9. Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing at Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Globally renowned for its career-focused education for more than 50 years, Humber institute also provides creative writing courses in Australia. There are nearly 33,000 full-time students in Toronto pursuing bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and postgraduate certificates in more than 220 programs at three different campuses, including 6,000 foreign students from more than 130 different countries.

As they transition from the classroom to the workplace and gain practical experience, students with a Humber education are more prepared. Programs at Humber provide students the chance to learn through a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, with an emphasis on absorbing current industry trends and imparting useful problem-solving skills.

Students will be even closer to their dream careers by the time they graduate, thanks to a variety of experiential learning options, including work placements, internships, applied research projects, and more. Humber College is dedicated to ensuring that its students succeed in all facets of their lives, through student groups, mentorship programs, and international possibilities for a rich study or work experience.

Everyone who comes to visit, reside, or study in Toronto will find it to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is not only the center of Canada’s economy and culture, but it is also a recognized hub for business, innovation, research, and the study of the humanities and the sciences of health.

With easy access to the main subway lines of the public transit system with connections to the airport, the GO Transit system, and a vast bus system, Humber’s new International Graduate School (IGS) is situated in the center of Toronto, only steps from the Yonge and Bloor crossroads.

The IGS offers a professional learning environment by putting a focus on business and technology and connecting students with businesses and industry in the city center. Students will be able to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects in a small-group setting, thanks to brand-new classrooms, and cutting-edge technology.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. What does a degree in creative writing entail?

Typically, a bachelor’s degree with a creative writing concentration counts as a degree in creative writing. Students who are working toward a degree in creative writing take classes about written works, such as plays and novels, as well as courses on how to write better.

2. Which nation is the best for studying creative writing?

The top nations for creative writing studies are India, The United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada all have vibrant creative writing courses. You can also do creative writing courses in Australia.

3 Is a profession in creative writing a good choice?

You can work as a copywriter, or content writer, and do other similar freelance jobs, where the learning potential is exponential. If you take it seriously and fully commit to it, you can definitely make a career out of it. You can write novels, short stories, and journalistic articles for digital media platforms, as well as other types of writing where the learning potential is exponential.

In the End:

By taking creative writing courses, you can explore a wide range of professional options. Before that, there are a few skills you need the practice to become a good creative writer, such as writing samples, creating a blog, learning about SEO, revising and polishing your grammar, and writing for your friends and family. The present-day demand for creative authors is high. From 2020 to 2030, it is anticipated that the employment of writers and authors would increase by 9%, which is approximately average for all occupations. Over the next ten years, there will, on average, be about 15,400 opportunities for writers and authors.

With a degree in creative writing, you can work in a variety of fields, such as content writing or authorship, copywriting, journalism, travel blogging, social media specialist, email marketing specialist, editor, and columnist, among others. There aren’t any particular degrees that you need to become a creative writer, but there are some creative writing courses that can truly sharpen your skills.

Some writers opt for a journalism degree, while others select an associate or bachelor’s degree in English with a writing or creative writing emphasis. In addition to writing, authors must enroll in standard degree programs. However, In order to write well, you must use words and sentences as vehicles for your own unique expression of thoughts and feelings. Whether they write fiction, history, memoirs, poetry, or blogs, great writers must strive to develop their unique style. Happy reading.

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