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Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam With Placement

Writing is a tool to express your thoughts and opinions. It is employed to communicate, connect, and spread your words to readers across the world. This form of writing comes under the purview of creative writing. Creative writing is an artistic way of expressing your thoughts, ideas, anecdotes, etc. Creative writing can also be used for informal communication. In this article, we will look into the top 4 creative writing courses in Amsterdam that can assist you in developing this critical talent.

List of best creative writing courses in Amsterdam

A piece of writing can be used to communicate important information through mediums like newspapers, technical papers, academic journals, research papers, textbooks, etc. It can also be utilized for entertainment purposes like for writing novels, poems, scripts, short stories, blogs, editorials, and lot many other things.

Creative Writing

It is an artistic way of expressing your thoughts, ideas, and stories in words to the readers. It has a variety of applications like writing novels, scripts, short stories, screenplays, poems, songs, etc., all of these, and many more are covered in creative writing. Popular consensus about creative writing is that it’s written for entertainment, but it has equal significance in other forms of writing like editorials, essays, speeches, etc.

A writer has an innate talent to write creatively, and with regular practice and abled guidance, they can develop this crucial skill. This will enable them to present their ideas, stories, and thoughts to the readers in different styles as they want to project. It is a process where you get better with regular practice and in-depth knowledge of creative writing.

To achieve insights and minute details, and to fine-tune the final results, one should consider undergoing professional training in creative writing. It not only helps you to write better but also helps to understand the creative content better and how to produce it regularly and effectively. In this article, we will discuss creative writing courses in Amsterdam that can pave the way to a flourishing opportunity.

Fiction Writing

This is a form of writing where the writer brings out original stories with their collective and creative imagination. Writing fiction stories can be an incredible and exciting journey for writers. In fiction writing, writers can take the liberty of their choice to bring out gems of beautiful, creative, and interesting pieces of writing. This type of writing can be either unreal or loosely based on some real events.  It encompasses plot creation, narrations, character development, storytelling, etc.

It Can Be Further Differentiated Into Different Types Like:

Historical Fiction:

Historical fiction is set in the old times. While writing historical fiction, the writer can take liberty with historical events and present alternative possible events or the entire fabricated story that has no link with actual history. A historical fiction story usually portrays mannerisms, social behavior, eating habits, lifestyle, etc. related to the period in which the premise is set. This required in-depth research of the cultural, social, and political influences of that era and their relevance.

The historical fiction type has gained a lot of ground in the recent past, and many writers have been writing in this type. The already available written history as source material and intriguing alternate possibilities of the past fascinates readers and writers alike. That is why this has turned out to be one of the most popular types of fiction writing.

Mystery Fiction:

Mystery fiction can be stories based on the unrevealed core of the entire plot that is revealed systematically by the end of the story. Usually, these are crime or thriller stories that are written with the aim of entertaining readers. A well-written mystery fiction keeps its readers captivated and makes them long for more. Writing mystery fiction involves creative ideas and great effort in execution.

Sometimes it is loosely based on events in the past with the majority of events being fabricated by the writer. The nature of this writing is mysterious and it keeps its readers captivated by the story. Mystery fiction has a central character with a detective capability and ultimately reveals the mystery by the end of the story. The entire story revolves around the mystery event with various characters involved in it. This type is one of the most popular in fiction writing, numerous best-selling novels are from the Mystery fiction type,

Science Fiction:

Science fiction is one of the most exciting, adventurous, and fascinating types of fiction writing. It brings out ideas anywhere from far galaxies to underwater creatures or anything we can imagine in our wildest dream. Its unpredictable nature makes it exciting and engaging for readers. Science fiction has all the imaginary elements that can portray stories based on time travel, future travel, space travel, unknown scientific and technological advances, etc.

Literary Fiction:

It is a story with a character-driven theme in the background. The entire story belongs to the well-drafted characters. Unlike usual stories, it is not driven as per plot. This kind of writing doesn’t fit properly in any identified type. It doesn’t have a particular formula that it follows. Literary fiction stories follow unknown waters that can make for exciting and unnerving stories for readers.

It can begin with a simple generic theme, and the moment you think it’s simple and predictable, the entire story will turn on its head. Literary fiction challenges generally accepted ideas like good vs. bad and happy endings and it can bring the most unexpected results for its readers.

Literary fiction stories can take their readers anywhere and bring out the most unexpected outcomes. This makes readers more anxious and excited. Writers have the freedom to experiment and bring out the most unexpected and out-of-the-box events in the stories and ultimately make for extraordinary stories for the readers.

Children’s Fiction:

As the name suggests, children’s fiction is written for children. Writing children’s fiction is very important as it helps set seeds of good morals, reality, and fairness in children’s minds. Simultaneously with all the good learnings for children, it also entertains them and draws them to reading and literature.

This writing has a huge impact on the reader and often these stories are carried from childhood a long way almost forever. This type of writing is very close to its readers’ hearts as it can stay and leave an everlasting impact on the children for a very long time.

Fan Fiction:

Fan fiction is an extension of existing original stories. These are often written by fans of original content. A fan fiction work can range from a paragraph to a full-fledged book. Fan fiction has gained a lot of ground after the advent of the internet. People got a platform for expressing their imagination based on the existing platform. It has also given a lot of material to read and enjoy for the fan of original readers.

Fan fiction authors use already available and copyrighted characters and intellectual properties. This work can have a positive, neutral, or negative approach from the original content creators. Often fan fiction authors have to face legal action from the intellectual property owners. These possible copyright infringements limit the financial viability of fan fiction authors.

Fan fiction gives a different perspective than the original plot of the story. It can be a treat for the other fans to read similar characters or premises with some minute to drastic changes. With the advent of the world wide web, fan fiction has gained a lot of ground. It enables readers and writers to think and answer questions beginning with “What if…?”.


Writing poetry is a creative process and a form of creative writing. It takes a lot of skill, hard work, and command of the language to write good poems. Poetry may or may not follow structure or rules. A good understanding of words and optimal application of thesaurus to find the right words are essential for writing good poetry.

The writer can also employ multiple literary devices like metaphors, allegories, metonyms and in the form of anecdotes to write better poetry. Poetry can be used for storytelling, expressing ideas, giving messages figuratively, etc.  A writer can choose to decide either to write in free verse form that is free from any rules or villanella which has a few rules and constraints to be followed.

Multiple forms of poetry vary based on rhyme-unrhyme, the number of lines used, the subject matter discussed, and more. These forms and considerations make poems unique from others and can help to distinguish them.

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Creative non-fiction is a real story but expressed in creative writing form to its readers. This makes for entertaining, easy to remember, and effective storytelling of a series of events. To bring this into action, writers use creative literary crafts, techniques, and literary devices to bring out vivid, compelling, refreshing, and dramatic stories. These stories find relevant and entertaining at the same time to their readers.

Creativity is considered to be something that’s fabricated by the writer and created for entertainment consumption but that’s a very skewed way to look at it. A writer can produce creative, straightforward, honest, and genuine content at the same time. Creative writing is not just about exaggeration, prevention, fabrication, invention, or embellishment of events.


Writing a biography needs a lot of research about the subject. Usually, it’s written on or by popular and celebrated personalities and their struggle to succeed. The majority of such personalities have their lives available in the public domain, this makes it even more difficult for the writer to bring out unknown facts, stories, and events of their lives.

Writing a biography can have multiple objectives. It could be to spread the story of the subject or to correct the public image by telling their version, it can also serve as an inspiring, motivating, and learning experience for the readers. A biography can either be in the form of a memoir, autobiography, or biography. Memoirs are about a particular event that takes place in one’s life and their detailed implication on other factors, events, and people concerning it.

Along similar lines, an autobiography is written on the series of events taking place in the writer’s life and how these have brought the life of the writer to the current scenario. Here subject and writer are the same, whereas, in the case of biography, writer and subject are different. To write a biography, the writer has to carry out in-depth research, a series of interviews, and the impact brought by the subject.


Creative essay writing is information presented in a narrative form to its readers. It helps the writers to summarise analyze and exhibit knowledge about the subject to the readers in a creative but precise way. A creative essay goes beyond the realm of rules, regulations, and structures. It tells the story to the readers compellingly and interestingly which helps them to stay fascinated and attached to the subject.

Writers can take liberty in expressing their thoughts with a variety of tones, premises, language, words, etc. which is suitable for the context they want to present to the readers. It also helps to develop a different perspective in the readers’ minds about the subject.


Before writing a speech, the writer should have a detailed understanding of listeners. While addressing the subjects, one needs to have a good grasp of the subject matter supported by good in-depth research in the intended direction. All this can help to create a compelling, gripping, and effective speech for listeners. The usage of poems, prose, and anecdotes is pretty much common in speech writing, it also makes up for the entertainment part for the listeners and keeps them interested in the orator’s speech.

Here are the excellent Creative Writing Courses in the World

Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Amsterdam

1. IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course

IIM SKILLS is a renowned, coveted, and award-winning online platform. It can be a boon for someone looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam. This course comes with a global certification that helps participant land a good job or acquires skills to start their writing agency.

IIM SKILLS provides one of the most comprehensive courses that contain 16 hours of lectures along with practical assignments and free tools to help you write better. This course also offers a guaranteed live internship to interested participants. This also includes lifetime access to the recorded sessions which makes it easier for them to revise, analyze and create much-needed changes as per the trends in the writing market.

Following is The Content Offered With the IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • WordPress web development
  • Digital content
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Email writing
  • Social media writing
  • Video scripts
  • Creative writing
  • Business listing
  • Legal writing
  • Technical 101
  • SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Adsense
  • Freelance writing
  • Resume writing


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

This course is available in an online format. Anyone interested to learn fine details of all the aspects of writing can avail and benefit from this course. It is one of the best options you can opt for in your hunt for creative writing courses in Amsterdam.

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More Professional Courses From IIM SKILLS:

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2. Udemy Complete Creative Writing All Genre

Udemy is one of the most popular and affordable options for online learners. It is also one of the best options available to someone looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam. Its course “Complete Creative Writing All Genre Course” is one the most sought-after and comprehensive courses.

This course helps budding authors and writers to understand the complex process of creative writing in a fun and practical way. This course helps to find and understand your own writer’s voice and use it to give voice to your ideas creatively. This course comes with 12 hours of on-demand recorded video lectures, which you can access at your convenience.

This course comes with lifetime validity that can be completed on your electronic devices like television, smartphones, desktop, or laptops. This course comprises 43 video lessons that cover various topics individually, followed by assignments at the end of every video. This also offers 37 quizzes that help to reinforce the concept covered in the course.

It also provides 145 downloadable resources that make your journey of creative writing smooth and spontaneous. This course can be good source material for your search for creative writing courses in Amsterdam. Anyone having an interest in creative writing courses in Amsterdam can register for this course for a very small sum of money, but the deliverable is invaluable.

Let’s Look Into the Content Offered by This Course on Udemy:

  • Study poetry writing and project
  • Creative writing for a nonfiction story
  • Creative writing for fiction
  • Basics of Script and playwriting

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3. Coursera Creative Writing Specialization

 Coursera is also one of the most renowned and established online platforms for individual and group learning. This has numerous courses. Its creative writing specialization is one of the highest-rated courses with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. This is an online course that offers certification after completion.

Anyone with an interest in learning creative writing can join this course, which means it’s perfectly suitable for beginners. This comprehensive course can help you reach the desired goal if you are looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam. This specialization offers five different courses on content writing that deal with subjects comprehensively.

Let’s Have a Brief Look at These Courses:

The Craft of Plot:

This is an introductory course for writers that helps them to engage and get along with the plot. Plot development is considered to be the most important, challenging, and foundation element of storytelling. The participant will learn to develop the plot with the help of multiple techniques and how to get going with it. Various situations, expectations, feelings, desires, and lot many points are covered with a view of their effect on the further development of the story.

The Craft of Character:

Characters are the crusader of a good story. They carry the story forward. This course helps participants to identify and create interesting, complex, gripping, and unforgettable characters. This course will help authors to identify important traits and bring those closer to real-life characters on pages. Participants will also learn the art of identifying inner thought processes and outer traits from real-life characters and utilize this knowledge for character build-up.

The Craft of Setting & Description:

This course deals with the multiple techniques that writers can employ for setting concrete stories. This helps authors, writers, and storytellers how to describe the physical world around the plot and characters with sharp, sensory, and tangible details. This course also teaches how to make authentic storylines with in-depth research and use different creative exercises to enable readers to imagine, live, and connect to the world of the story and its characters.

The Craft of Style:

As every person on this earth is unique, be it features, voice, fingerprint, and whatnot. Similarly, every writer has a uniqueness in their work. Its writers’ voice, can improve, enhance, modify and make better with various techniques and diligent practice. This course is all about those techniques that bring a unique style to writers’ work and make them distinguishable from the rest.


After all the elements are brought together, you understand, analyze, and revise to make a 10-15 pages capstone. This capstone has all the elements starting from the plot, characters, setting, and style. This capstone can be distributed to different readers and on their advice and recommendations, you can make it more suitable for your target audience.

This also offers methods and techniques used by professional writers to make their work available in the public domain. These subject-specific courses are carefully designed with intention of keeping them lucid and easy to comprehend. This specialization can be the one-stop solution to your need for creative writing courses in Amsterdam.

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4. International Writer’s Collective

This creative writing course is one of the best for beginners. The entire course is structured in four levels that take beginners from intermediate to advanced levels. This course has a rigorous process that enables participants to write gripping, captivating, and entertaining fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other forms of creative writing. It teaches various techniques that help beginners to master the essence of creative writing.

It gives guidance to produce amazing content that can make for popular and critical adulation. The course starts with how to read like a writer, and the tools required needed for in-depth research for content to write long and interesting essays. This comprehensive course is highly rated for opting for creative writing courses in Amsterdam.


A writer can have innate talent, or they can develop the skill of creative writing. The quality of creative writing always keeps on getting better with regular practice. After all, to be a complete and good creative writer, one needs to grasp all aspects of creative writing. In-depth understanding, fine details, and execution in the right direction can help the writer to bring out originality with refreshing creative content.

A writer can achieve all this with the able guidance and by having different aspects of creative writing at their disposal. This can be facilitated with multiple creative writing courses. If you are looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam, you should consider one of the courses discussed. Beginners can start creative writing with the help of the following tips. With diligent effort and experienced direction, one can turn out to be a great creative writer.

  • Tips to write creatively
  • Reading reading and reading
  • Start journaling
  • Attend a Creative course
  • Practice using the literary device
  • Write write and write

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Why creative writing is a critical skill?

Ans.- With the advent of the internet and increased digital content consumption, good content can easily find its target audience. This has opened a door of opportunities for budding writers and content creators. On these lines, the skill of creative writing is turning out critical. If you are looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam, one of the above-mentioned courses can turn into a good resource.

Q2. What are the career options one can have after completing creative writing courses in Amsterdam?

Ans. – After completion of creative writing courses in Amsterdam, you can get a job in various companies as a content writer. Those who don’t want to take a job can do freelancing and start their content writing agency.

Q3. Is creative writing only for creative people?

Ans. – Yes, the course is for creative people. To understand it better, everyone is creative in their way. All those who can write can write creatively.

Q4. Do I need to have a specific prior qualification to do one of these creative writing courses in Amsterdam?

Ans. – No. If you are looking for creative writing courses in Amsterdam, almost all the courses are offered for beginners and slowly and steadily move to the advanced level. Enrolling in one of these courses requires only a basic understanding of language.


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