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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Azul With Placements

‘Digital marketing’ is a popular term these days, that includes a digitalized take on the marketing industry. Through digital marketing strategies and channels, an individual or company can effectively promote their products or services. Even though digital marketing initially started with this idea, modern technologies have introduced innovations like Artificial intelligence and Augmented reality that have made work easier for digital marketers. Besides these, digital marketing can be a lucrative career in the long run and bring ample growth opportunities for skilled individuals. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of top digital marketing courses in Azul, so you don’t miss out on the courses near you.

List of best digital marketing courses in Azul

A Brief History of the Term ‘Digital Marketing’:

Digital marketing has seen several changes throughout the years but the term originated back in the 1990s. Back then, several alternate terms like internet marketing, web marketing, and online marketing were used interchangeably.

It was only after 2013, that the term ‘digital marketing’ became popular and well-established in the business industry. Before this industry started impacting big cities and businesses and before students were introduced to its aspects through digital marketing courses in Azul, it went through major phases of development.

To go over them shortly, the first search engine nicknamed ‘Archie’ was launched in 1990 and was preceded by the first clickable web ad in the year 1993. The now popular search engine ‘Yahoo’ saw its inception not before 1994 and the same year we were introduced to the clickable online banner, which was the stepping stone for today’s digital marketing strategies.

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What Are the Different Components of Digital Marketing Courses in Azul?

When you take up the digital marketing courses in Azul and go in-depth with all its components, you will come across these terms very often. Some of these digital marketing components are listed below:

Content marketing – This involves the use of the internet for publishing good quality content of various types. A business can effectively use it to bring in more customers to their web page, encourage them to interact, and retain their attention. It requires great skill for a digital marketer to create good quality content that fulfills its purpose.

Online reputation management – This is an effective strategy for businesses that want to create a positive impression on their consumer base. The trick lies in collecting favorable reviews from previous consumers, who have used used the products and services. It helps in advertising the brand and makes it stand out. You can learn more about this through the digital marketing courses in Azul.

Search engine optimization – Also referred to as SEO, is a strategy used across various disciplines to enhance a content’s visibility. Some ways digital marketers can improve their content is through SEO keywords, inserting backlinks, and crosslinks.

Social media marketing – Social media is the most popular digital marketing channel, as we can see from the surge in users. Businesses can profit by creating a social media page for their brand and easily collect a sizeable customer base. Some social platforms like Instagram have introduced a feature for online shops to add price tags on product pictures and organize chats with customers.

Email marketing – Another prominent way for brands to engage with their customers is through email marketing. You might have seen promotional emails from brands you usually buy from, they are mostly about enticing deals on items, seasonal sales, or introducing new releases. These are personalized and made unique to the customers, which helps boost sales.

Affiliate marketing – It is a way for companies to sell their products through affiliates, who instead get a commission for doing the same. This can range from bloggers, advertisers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, or an external website that works as an affiliate for the company and helps with its sales. It works when these affiliates provide a link to the company’s official page and drive audiences to it

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List of Digital Marketing Institutes in Azul


It is an Ed-tech company that has been working since 2015, towards becoming the fast-growing online platform it is today. It is headquartered in Delhi, India but has its presence known in more than 23 cities across Asia, including Dubai and Singapore.

The mode of all the courses provided on this platform is 100% online, which means you don’t have to worry about traveling long hours to attend a class.


Throughout its years of service, IIM SKILLS has collected positive reviews from users, which is why it stands on the list of top digital marketing courses in Azul.

The Master Digital Marketing course provides you with special sessions with experienced mentors and you can avail personalized student support from them. The course modules are well-structured and come with counseling sessions that can help you better understand where your interests lie.

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Lastly, you will be securing industry-recognized certificates and a mandatory internship, to build your practical skills. As one of the top digital marketing training programs in Azul, you can work with a good amount of premium tools.

Course information:

Fees: 304145 Argentine Pesos + taxes

Duration: 5 months with 2 month internship

Contact details:

Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

Website: iimskills.com

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2. Coursera

Another massive education platform that is widely recognized around the world is Coursera. It has made a name for itself with its partnerships with over 275 reputed universities including Duke University, IBM, Imperial College London, and the University of Michigan.

So, if you’re looking for online digital marketing courses in Azul that are flexible, affordable, and job-relevant, Coursera has it for you. As a student, you are provided with opportunities to learn and expand your knowledge of digital marketing or any related subcategory in specific.

If you’re not well informed on marketing trends or the domain in general, no worries, Coursera’s digital marketing training programs in Azul are beginner-friendly.

It covers all the latest digital marketing skills that employers look for, all brought to you by industry experts. Non-English speakers also have an advantage, since Coursera provides over 20 languages for its video lessons.

Syllabus (video lessons):

  • Revolution of digital marketing (25 hours)
  • Understand the digital marketing world (20 hours)
  • Understand analytics in marketing theory (20 hours)
  • Understand analytics in practice (20 hours)
  • Digital marketing principles and media (20 hours)
  • Digital marketing strategies and media (19 hours)
  • Marketing capstone project (13 hours)

For information on fee structure, visit its website at coursera.org

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3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn’s platform has been operating since 2010 and throughout the years helped more than 5 million individuals transform their careers. It has its centers spread across India, California, and Singapore, making it the world’s first online boot camp for digital economy skill training.

However, it stands as one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Azul because of its world-renowned universities, corporations, and leading industry bodies.

The education platform lets you claim industry-recognized certificates with its digital marketing specialist course. It contains modules that provide you insight into ChatGPT and AI tools, more than 35 premium digital marketing tools, up to 5 capstone problem statements, and 15+ projects and case studies of big firms.

Other than that, you can claim a free Meta-certified digital marketing associate exam voucher and job assistance. Thus, we recommend it as one of the digital marketing institutes in Azul, you shouldn’t miss.


  • Session on beginner-level digital marketing program
  • Learn web creation and a strong online foundation
  • Insight into the digital marketing landscape: navigating the dynamic sphere
  • Gain insight into behavioural marketing and customers
  • Understand organic visibility with SEO
  • Learn maximum reach campaigns with SEO
  • Create brand advocacy through social media
  • Personalized Email marketing
  • Understand content strategy and create compelling content
  • Capture audiences in the digital era with mobile marketing

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 8445327688

For updated information on fee structure, visit its website at simplilearn.com

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4. Thinkful

Based in New York, Thinkful is one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Azul that brings you career support and lifelong careers. The platform has a history of helping students in their journey, through 100% remote course experience and the hard work of 600 employees.

Through its partnerships with GitHub, Power to Fly, Black Enterprise, and Women Who Code, Thinkful has been able to offer education to those who don’t get representation in the tech market.


Thinkful provides a comprehensive experience for beginners and students can benefit from flexible payment options.

Several other factors that boost its reputation among digital marketing institutes in Azul are full-time career support from the very first day, unlimited tech interview practices, support for resumes and professional LinkedIn profiles, etc.


  • Insight into the digital marketing dynamic landscape
  • Training for various campaigns
  • Insight into customers in the digital era
  • Insight into the branding module
  • Learn effective digital content marketing
  • Personalized Email marketing module
  • Learn about SMM and SEM
  • Insight into analytics and discovering the right data
  • Learn to create a professional portfolio

For accurate information on fee structure, visit its website at thinkful.com

5. Noble Desktop

On the topic of New York-based online institutes, we have Noble Desktop, which provides students with the facility of flexible payments, personalized mentoring sessions, and online setup assistance.

Thus, it stands on our list of top digital marketing courses in Azul, Argentina. You get extra benefits along with the course such as small class sizes for a better attention span, live project-based training, and verified digital marketing course certificates.

After your enrolment, get added benefits of projects and an overall hands-on experience through the instructions. The curriculum is tested by experts and proper guidance from instructors will also be provided for you.

Moreover, as one of the best digital marketing training programs in Azul, you get provisions for getting your portfolio reviewed by experts, frilling down challenging concepts, and making yourself stand out with exceptional skills.


  • Modules on web fundamentals and digital strategy
  • Participating in content marketing boot camp
  • Professional boot camp for SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing, YouTube and Facebook
  • Learn to make blogs for social media marketing
  • Insight into marketing through TikTok

Contact information:

Phone: (212) 2264149

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure, visit its website at nobledesktop.com

6. Hubspot Academy

Hubspot Academy calls itself the global leader in the field of online certified courses, which specializes in comprehensive certifications, singular topics, and bite-sized lessons for easy career growth.

The platform showcases courses on various categories like inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, which you can take up for free. Therefore, we recommend Hubspot Academy as one of the leading providers of digital marketing courses in Azul and worldwide.

Hubspot Academy takes you through comprehensive certificate courses that help you strategize inbound digital marketing and develop you professionally.

Other benefits that make the digital marketing training programs in Azul live up to its name are learning to create compelling content that appeals to online users and search engines.


  • Fundamentals of digital marketing (3 videos)
  • Content creation framework (3 videos)
  • Effective SEO strategies that fit your business (3 videos)
  • Improve the performance of your website (3 videos)
  • Ways to create quality blogs (6 videos)
  • Create a video marketing strategy (3 videos)
  • Effective social media strategies (6 videos)
  • Learn paid search advertising (4 videos)
  • High-performance emails (3 videos)

For accurate information on fees and course duration, visit its website at academy.hubspot.com

7. Skillshare

Skillshare is a diverse platform where students and experts can showcase their skills to the world. Even though it’s not a professional institute like the other digital marketing courses in Azul, it will be suitable for students who want to hone specific skills related to the field.

This online learning community caters to an international audience through diverse topics like illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and many more.

As a digital marketing student, Skillshare provides you with relevant skills in the form of video lessons. Among Skillshare’s popular digital marketing training programs in Azul, you get the 10 1 module which takes you on a step-by-step professional journey.


  • Fundamental module on digital marketing
  • Understand the main digital marketing aspects
  • Learn to understand your audience
  • Learn ways to create your brand
  • Part sessions on web design and web creation
  • Understand setting up Google Analytics
  • Understand about Google conversions
  • Understand modules on different marketing channels

For more details on fee structure, visit its website at skillshare.com

8. Udemy

Established in 2010, Udemy has worked its way up to become the Ed-tech platform that provides affordable courses to students around the world. Like some other diverse platforms, it keeps a list of categories ranging from science, commerce, self-care, healthcare, design, art, etc.

Udemy is well-reputed in the international market and like some other digital marketing courses in Azul, it has a multiple language option which facilitates a seamless way of delivering instructions.

It presents each course topic through a series of video lessons which are conducted by professionals. As a digital marketing student here, you have a range of over 10,000 videos to choose from and sort them according to their ratings or language and other features.

As one of the top digital marketing institutes in Azul, each course is equipped with a better learning experience, timely assignments, discussion forums, video lectures, and quizzes.


  • Understand the copywriting modules
  • Understand modules on SEO
  • Gain insight into Email marketing
  • Gain insight into market research and web creation
  • Understand digital marketing using YouTube, Facebook, X, and Quora
  • Understand modules on Google Analytics and Google Ads

For accurate information on fee structure and ways to contact the support team, visit its website at udemy.com



IIDE also known as the Indian Institute of Digital Education provides top quality courses related to the digital marketing field. Most graduates can secure a job at reputed firms like Kinnect, Group m, Madison World, Zomato, Sugar, Socialpanda, OnePlus, and more.

You get to choose from a variety of courses and levels such as Postgraduate, advanced, and professional certificate digital marketing courses in Azul. If you want to expand your knowledge in the domain, IIDE provides a digital marketing masterclass completely free of cost.

What can you expect from the digital marketing course?

  • Artificial Intelligence-based mock interviews for candidates
  • Placement support services for each student
  • More than 20 digital marketing and AI tools to work with
  • Curriculum curated by industry professionals for accurate knowledge
  • Personalized mentoring sessions and doubt-clearing
  • Provision of demo classes before you jump into the course

Some premium tools you can master in its digital marketing training programs in Azul are Google Ads, Meta, Ubersuggest, Rankwatch, MailChimp, Semrush, Keywords Everywhere, WordPress, and more.


  • The foundation of the course with 1 live project
  • Social media marketing with 2 practice assignments
  • Social marketing and 2 practice assignments
  • Growth and analytics module with 1 capstone project
  • Planning and strategy with live project and case study
  • Business skills with practice assignments and simulation

Contact information:

Phone: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure, visit its website at iide.co


10. Henry Harvin

Since its inception in 2013, Henry Harvin Education has formed a good reputation among students across the world, through its exceptional portfolio of courses. You can get yourself a selection of more than 1,200 course options spanning 37 categories.

So far, the institute has centers across countries like the UK, the US, India, and the United Arab Emirates that have trained more than 4 million individuals and organizations across the world.

We recommend it for the top digital marketing courses in Azul for its exceptional training and services provided through benchmarked resources.

Henry Harvin offers features like certifications and weekly job opportunities after you enroll for the course. Sessions are conducted every week led by experts and you can also get the chance to grab an exclusive one-year membership with Henry Harvin Marketing Academy.

Moreover, as one of the best digital marketing institutes in Azul, you can hone your skills in SEO, SEM, URL architecture, Indexing basics, and App Store optimization.


  • Starting session on digital marketing basics
  • Session on website page designing
  • Master session on search engine optimization
  • Master session on SEO techniques
  • Session on Facebook marketing
  • Session on LinkedIn marketing
  • Session YouTube marketing

Contact information:

Phone: +1 2093823469

Email: [email protected]

For accurate information on fee structure, visit its website at henryharvin.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Below are the FAQs related to digital marketing courses in Azul.

Q) How much can one make as a digital marketer?

Digital marketing can be turned into a profitable career option in the long run if an individual is skilled in what they are doing and has a fresh take on the subject. In the higher positions which require sufficient experience, you can earn up to $ 1,981,000, while on average it can be $ 171,000.

Q) Will AI and AR take over the digital marketing domain?

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have surely helped the digital domain. However, the chances of these diminishing other digital marketing strategies are very unlikely because it is still an expensive marketing method.

Q) How can I use Augmented Reality in digital marketing?

Augmented Reality (AR) strategies are applied by some MNCs like Amazon, Lenskart, and many other shopping platforms. For instance, its website presents 3D models of products so that customers can better understand their proportions and see them from all angles.


With the help of digital marketing, individuals and businesses can have a digitalized take on the industry and include premium tools that make the work process less tedious and more productive. Through the above-mentioned digital marketing institutes in Azul, you can unlock your hidden potential and build a lucrative career. This field has flexible work schedules that enable you to balance your day-to-day life.

Online marketing involves the use of a lot of online channels or the internet as its base for building solid advertising campaigns. Today it is an attractive career option for the youth, with more than 1000 job vacancies in several cities. Not just that, this field is expected to prosper even further because innovations impact its dynamic landscape.

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