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Top 8 Tally Courses In Chennai With Practical Learning

The number of transactions authorized in a linear line yard is referred to as the tally. It is the commercial accounting software industry standard. The tally software manages all accounting procedures, from daily financial paperwork to the creation of liabilities and property accounts. It is, in essence, an automated variation of prior manual bookkeeping procedures. Interested people with a financial or commerce background have excellent prospects to advance in their professions. To address the increased need for excellent accountants, companies in India are looking for professional accountants with tally skills. Tally offers computerized accounting to make the accounting process more predictable and straightforward. Tally Courses in Chennai is a popular search for professional courses in the city.

Top Tally Courses In Chennai With Practical Training

Accounting, in its most basic form, refers to the activity of documenting data linked to various financial activities. Accounting is the bedrock of all industries. The accounting department, sometimes known as the finance department, is the beating heart of any modern organization. Accounting is the foundation upon which all businesses are formed and operated, regardless of industry or sector. If you want to work in the accounting department as an aficionado, your main focus should be on keeping a strong and healthy record of all the transactions that occur in the business you work in. These transactions may include, among other things, revenue, losses, payments, and expenditures. 

Accounting is a demanding profession. Accounting is impossible without a tally, hence we call it tally accounting. There are various Tally courses available to assist you to gain a complete understanding of Tally and how it works. Tally Training in Chennai is in high demand.

All of the colleges on this list of Tally Courses in Chennai provide excellent tally training. 


IIM SKILLS is none of the leading edtech education providers offering professional training to students and professionals. The Advanced Tally Course is a rigorous curriculum that gives you the freedom to self study. the prerecorded sessions are replete with informative videos, and practical training in software like Tally, Tally ERP 9, and advanced accounting and finance concepts.

The course is covered in 3 main modules 

  • Business Accounting
  • Advanced Tally Software Including Tally prime and Tally ERP9
  • Advanced Accounting (Tally)

Topics Include

  • Branches Of Accounting
  • Accounting Definition
  • Compensation Of Accounting
  • Transaction Effects
  • GAAP Accounting Standard
  • Different Types of Accounts
  • Order processing
  • Tracking Numbers
  • Stock journal
  • Ledger Creation
  • Inventory management, and May More

You gain superior communication skills and develop robust analytical and numerical abilities. the course helps you to understand the nitty-gritty of accounting and tally software. The tools you master in the course help with maximizing your productivity thereby decreasing manual labor. You also gain a superior knowledge of MS Excel.

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2. Sai Infosys

Sai Infosys now handles accounting classes, programming courses, and spoken English courses. Sai Infosys offers an experienced team of trainers that are experts and professionals in their respective fields for each course they handle. This allows students to obtain a complete understanding of whatever course they take at Sai Infosys. As a result, the student’s concerns are addressed right away. This allows students to specialize in that particular course. This also helps pupils easily pass interviews and be hired by a respectable employer. 

The first step toward mastery is to learn things practically. When a student learns anything practically, the notion becomes very apparent and is not readily forgotten. As a result, Sai Infosys provides students with 100% practical instruction and requires them to practice in a real setting. This can determine whether or not the pupils properly understand the idea. There will be comprehensive hands-on workshops for programming language classes. Sai Infosys is a non-theory training school that does not believe in boring lectures using books. 

Furthermore, studying and teaching just through books is not an appropriate way. As a result, Sai Infosys always prefers to provide students with hands-on training. It provides students with the greatest notes and encourages them to study and practice practically. When a student is provided with an experienced top teacher and practical instruction, 100% job placement is assured. Sai Infosys has the greatest trainers who are experts and professionals in their fields, and the trainer also practically instructs the students. It offers one of the best Tally courses in Chennai.

Students who enrol at Sai Infosys are guaranteed a job. Sai Infosys offers hands-on accounting and taxation training with Tally ERP9. Attend the Tally ERP9 Classes to gain hands-on experience with various accounting systems. Unlike other institutions, it does not educate you on a board or a projector. Instead, they give their students practical instruction and private courses. This will assist you in gaining excellent accounting knowledge of various taxes, as well as performing well in interviews and landing a decent accountant job. They offer the best Tally courses in Chennai.


3. eStaarMax Tally Education 

eStaarMax Tally Education offers Tally Training to ambitious candidates both online and in-person. It is Career Oriented Training that supports applicants in being certified and successfully placed. eStaarMax also provides training and software services to businesses to assist them to achieve their accounting demands using the evergreen software -Tally. They can also collaborate with them to meet their recruitment needs in the accounting area. The academic goal is to create the appropriate learning environment via expertise gathered from industrial sectors with experience and industry understanding of real-world performances. They have excelled in training their pupils, who have gone forward to advance with growing technologies to construct the future. 

They offer Tally Courses with both Online Training and Live Classroom Sessions. They provide Online Tally Training on weekdays and weekends, based on the interests and needs of the students. The faculty members are well-versed in industry needs and are ready to assist students with full-fledged, industrial-based Tally Training as well as Online Training. 

eStaarMax Education provides an excellent platform for students to learn and explore the topic under the supervision of experienced educators and industry specialists. Students of Diploma, Arts, and Science may learn how to utilize this unique accounting software through online and offline training programs provided by eStaarMax. We’ve also organized several seminars at educational institutions to assist students in grooming themselves and preparing for their careers after graduation. 

They additionally offer Training Services to Small, Medium, and Large Enterprises to bridge their Accounts and Taxation demands with this evergreen Accounting Software Tally. Entrepreneurs may get Tally Software Support and Service from us. They can also collaborate with them to achieve their recruitment needs. eStaarMax offers Career Oriented Training to help people become Certified and Placed quickly. It is known for offering the best Tally courses in Chennai.

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4. TTI – Tally Training Institute in Chennai 

  Tally Training Facility in Anna Nagar, Chennai is the premier Tally training institute. They provide high-quality training to match the current industry demands. Tally Training Institute in Anna Nagar was founded to satisfy the increasing need for various accounting-related areas. They advise Account Executives, GST Account Assistants, and Tally Executives. You’ve come to the correct spot if you want to study at the Tally Training Institute in the centre of the city, which focuses on changing the world for the better future. It provides one of the best Tally courses in Chennai.

They don’t employ any specific formulas to choose pupils. They examine each applicant’s application, both academic and personal, to pick students from a diverse variety of backgrounds who will fit within their community. As per the institute, the points necessary for a good course are Meeting Student’s Requirements,  Producing quality education and services, Encouraging innovation & creativity, Fostering employee commitment, and Creating a distinctive competitive advantage  

The mission of TTI is to deliver an accounting education that changes students through in-depth knowledge and an awareness of the demands of society and business. To foster an environment in which new ideas, research, and future leaders and innovators can emerge. In their hectic, fast-paced culture, they prioritize long-term connections, both inside their company and with their clients. They aspire to be their clients’ partners, combining old traditions with contemporary concepts to provide unrivalled service. 

A tour of the campus for potential graduate and professional students is also designed where you will see how their Institute looks, its facilities, students, and living in this environment, among other things. Tally Training Institute has joined forces with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). They offer government-approved certification. To obtain the Government of India Certificate, students must attend a one-month full-time training at the Tally Training Institute in Anna Nagar. Tally Training Institute has a large alumni network throughout India. Their graduates work in the majority of the major accounting firms. Its Placement Officer works with firms to provide placement services to their students. It provides the best Tally courses in Chennai.

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5. Neo Orange Training 

Neo Orange Technology is a rapidly expanding firm that provides a wide range of services to meet your carrier’s requirements. Neo Orange Technology has a long-term aim to expand and flourish in the IT business. The team’s teachers and faculties are highly qualified and experienced. Their social goal is to train students on what the business requires and to place their talented students in top-tier industries, and their main motto is to provide quality education at an accessible rate. 

The Course is divided into three sections. Tally Basic Level, Tally Advance Level, and Tally Corporate Level. You will get an understanding of fundamental accounting and bookkeeping abilities, day-to-day record transaction skills, and receivable and payable administration skills after completing the Tally basic level. After completing the Tally Advanced level course, you will have an advanced level understanding and application of tally erp9 in business accounting skills, Generating management information system reports for analysis skills, department-wise cost analysis skills, and extensive and in-depth coverage of Tally. After finishing the Tally Corporate level course, you will have expertise in direct taxation (TDS, TCS, and so on), understanding service tax, sales tax, expert taxation knowledge from registration to return filing, advanced and updated payroll, ESI and EPF, HR accounting, and salary accounting. It institute offers the best Tally courses in Chennai.

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6. Bright Infosys

Tally Prime is a great place to start. You can set up the application in less than a minute and get started with invoicing much faster. It just operates in the manner that you would expect it to. Tally Prime incorporates a diverse set of quickly available business reports with powerful and substantial experiences, supporting you in making educated decisions for your business development. You may also personalize the reports by creating and preserving several viewpoints on the same report as needed. With Tally Prime, you can view company reports from any internet browser, from any location, and with the assurance that your information is only available to you. This manifests as several clients and component-based security levels.

Bright Infosys started as a Tally Prime Training Institute in Chennai in 2008. Everyone’s ambition after completing their B.com, M.com, or MBA (Finance) is to become an expert in Tally and E return filing for corporations and companies. Some critical accounting subjects are not adequately taught to students. They offer Professional Training to people who desire to work as Accountants in small to large corporations. They provide in-depth training on complex Tally features that you may be unfamiliar with, such as the Inventory, Cost Center, Invoicing, Payroll Module, Purchase and Sales Management, and so on. You will be able to function successfully as an Accountant in Small, Medium, and Large Companies after completing this Expert Level course. The institute provides the best Tally courses in Chennai.

7. TEPL – Tally Education 

It is a Tally Solutions education effort that originated at the House of Tally. They are, of course, the creators of the country’s most basic and widely used business software, Tally. Their years of domain knowledge assures that They deliver the best-in-industry accounting learning courses and certifications with Tally Prime! Tally Certifications and Tally Courses sharpen your skills, increasing your chances of better work possibilities, greater salary, and new career opportunities. 

A specialist or expert is always studying and improving their skill. They are constantly investigating, gaining, and finding new ideas and thoughts. Tally Courses & Tally Certifications guarantee that they are a part of this never-ending adventure. Primary through professional courses provide students with a comprehensive learning platform and experience. From certificates to courses, their many chances, they aim to cover various sectors and issues. 

They have a large network of partners throughout India and the Middle East. You may also find a partner via the Tally Education App. The success of Tally software has increased the need for Tally-trained and certified experts across the country over the years. As a result, they began intervening in the market over a decade ago. Initially, they developed the courseware and oversaw the training provided through their partner network. After much discussion, they chose to abandon “Training” in favor of certification. 

They are currently settling on a standard for measuring capability for a specific purpose that can scale for the large SME client base. This will allow you to study through the media of your choosing while also validating your competency for work. Change is the one constant in our life; everything around us, including us, is changing. “Learning” is what keeps one relevant in an ever-changing environment. 

Unlearning is “all new learning” in terms of technology, general knowledge, particular domains such as accounting, and so forth. The desire to study evolves with time and maturity. They do a lot of organized learning as they are growing up, usually throughout the education era of their life. Then there’s unstructured learning, which is based on need, curiosity, and staying current. Learning in this phase can be roughly characterized as “Self-Learning” or “Assisted-Learning.” It offers the best Tally courses in Chennai. 


8. GNIT Training Insititute 

Global Institute of Networking Technology (GINT) has carved out a place in the IT industry by offering qualified individuals to meet client needs. They take on the task of preparing candidates for the IT business by training them in the field and developing them into comprehensive professionals through their tough syllabus that is both industries friendly and practical. They have a staff of young professionals that teach them in many fields, and these world-class instructors deliver training programs both in-person and online, nurturing them with particular attention. 

They are Chennai’s number-one training institute. GINT is a well-known Training Institute for Tally courses in Chennai. GINT has given exceptional learning experiences to both individual and business clients. As a trusted education partner, They provide more than 150 IT and NON-IT training courses for 20+ vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, and others. They combine these suppliers’ expert technical training content with their award-winning course teachers to deliver consistently excellent training. 

They have over ten years of education experience and are focused on job-oriented courses and skill development. They have around 50 affiliated corporate trainers and over 150 training courses. It is the most reputable training centre in Chennai. GINT is a prominent provider of IT training and management training to businesses on an individual, team, and organizational level. a contemporary method that speeds the execution of technical and business procedures necessary to improve IT service delivery. 

They build organized learning paths before training and provide implementation services that prolong the usefulness of training long after a training event has been completed assisting both businesses and organizations in their workforce optimization efforts. GNIT is one of the most well-known computing institutes for Tally Courses in Chennai. 

Additional Points 

Tally Accounting is used by Tally operators, Accountants, Data entry operators, Bookkeepers, Inventory Managers, Tally freelancers, Information and Technology accountants, and Billing executives, among others. Tally Courses in Chennai colleges have their terms and conditions. 

Tally makes it easier to capture financial and monetary data methodically. Tally simplifies the execution of monetary and financial computations. The use of tally has the potential to significantly reduce human errors and blunders. Banking activities have been significantly simplified as a result of the simplicity with which computations may be performed. Tally’s most recent features enable you to multitask by running two operations at the same time based on their importance and urgency. Tally operates at a rapid pace and is hence extremely efficient. It contains a powerful security system that works in the background to keep documents safe.

Tally has replaced the manual data recording method. Tally accounting is referred to as a single term in today’s world since the two are so intertwined. Anyone considering a job in finance, accounting, or taxation should be familiar with Tally. Tally has significantly boosted the overall pace of the accounting and banking divisions as human labor and manual labor have been replaced with digital computer-based software. Many aspiring entrepreneurs have enrolled in Tally Courses in Chennai. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Why are the costs of BAT courses higher than that of Tally courses?

The two courses have significantly different costs. Tally training focuses on Tally and how it may be integrated with other systems such as IS, taxes, and payroll. A BAT course is comprehensive professional training that covers topics other than tally. A BAT course will also take significantly longer to complete than a Tally course. A BAT course is an advanced training program. 

Q2. What is the time duration of a Tally course?

A Tally course is not very long. A certificate course in tally would take about 2 months because it is a very practical skills-based education. A Tally certificate or degree would likely take 1-2 years to complete. 

Q3. Is it worth enrolling in these courses?

Choosing an alternative to a traditional degree program is always a matter of personal preference. A counting course, on the other hand, is beneficial since it is a professional job-training course. Of course, possessing this will always give you an advantage over your peers. You are given a wealth of technical information and strategies that you would only acquire via trial and error. Furthermore, the credentials you will receive will be a valuable addition to your CV. 

Q4. What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in these courses?

This course does not have any requirements. This topic is most likely to be pursued by students in the commerce stream who want to work in a financial company or the accounting department. On the other hand, this course is available to anybody with a non-business background. Because Tally is computer software, everyone must have a basic understanding of computers.


The digital world desires that you be digitally sculpted. The banking business, as well as the accounting department, has transformed. New methods for completing the same old tasks have emerged. Tally Training in Chennai has made life much easier for those who work in this crucial area. Even though it requires the employment of numerous approaches and procedures, it has finally reduced the process of calculating and recording data. Humans created this digitally aware software to improve people’s lives because individuals are prone to making blunders. As a result of digital development, complex computations may now be performed and recorded error-free. I hope you found my information about Tally Courses in Chennai informative.

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