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Top 5 Short-term Finance Courses in Hyderabad

The top 5 short-term finance courses in Hyderabad that are well-liked by both students and businesses have been enumerated below. This is a representative list based on Google Trends, the availability of positions on leading employment sites, and overall applicant popularity. If you’re from Hyderabad and searching for finance courses there, where should you go? This post will certainly assist you in selecting the best course in finance for career growth..

Top Short-term Finance Courses in Hyderabad

Prior to a few decades ago, only Chartered Accountants and MBA financial students could enroll in financial courses. But now, circumstances have shifted. Many courses are available to assist you in getting into the industry, which is one of the most sought-after areas by students and young workers. Finance courses cover topics including accounts, econometrics, investments, lending and borrowing, and other financial transactions.

One of the most prominent finance specializations is financial analysis, along with financial modeling, corporate finance, and other topics. Finance-related degrees are available at the bachelor’s, master’s, certificate, certification, and doctorate levels. Among other things, investing, saving, borrowing, and forecasting are just a few of the financial activities that students learn about in finance programs. Due to the wealth and fulfillment of the career prospects they open up, finance degrees are among the most popular worldwide. The cost and accounting administration of the business depends heavily on qualified finance specialists.

After completing any financial education, graduates have access to career profiles including Cost Accountant, Financial Manager, Professor, Chartered Accountant (CA), Tax Assistant, Finance Executive, Bank PO, and more. The annual starting salary for these occupations ranges from INR 2,00,000 to INR 12,00,000.

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Here Are the Top 5 Short-term Finance Courses in Hyderabad

  • Financial Modeling Course 
  • GST
  • Business Accounting and Taxation
  • Tally
  • Data Analytics

Financial Modeling Course

We can easily comprehend that anything including the word “finance” must be connected to the financial industry. You couldn’t be more right. Perhaps the most crucial division in every company or organization is the finance and accounting department. Finance performs the most crucial function, regardless of the size of the company, whether it is a large corporation or a tiny startup.

The finance department is one of the short-term finance courses in hyderabad places a high priority on financial modeling. It simply refers to the method used to record financial data on a daily basis. The profits made, losses suffered, total revenue, new investments, payments that have not yet been received, taxes, expenses, etc. are all considered financial data. Tally and MS Excel are the two main tools here.

Although you may be aware of these tools, you might not have the actual application-based expertise that is necessary. Your theoretical understanding will be sufficiently backed up by appropriate practical training with these tools thanks to the financial modeling courses in Hyderabad. As a comprehensive course, this one will provide you with a thorough understanding of the financial sector.

Careers You Can Enter After Completing Financial modeling Training in Hyderabad:

  • Accountant
  • A tax analyst
  • Modeler of finances
  • Auditor
  • Book-keeper
  • Analyst, Financial
  • Forecaster
  • Financial Analyst
  • Cashier


The institute was established in 2015 and is regarded as one of the top educational platforms offering live instruction to students. This institute launched some of the most cutting-edge courses that students have recently desired after realizing the gap between academic and practical knowledge that most students experience. The institute adapts and shapes its courses in line with how the market has changed as a result of digital intervention.

IIM SKILLS offers courses created by professionals with extensive experience in this industry. Along with hands-on instruction, you will receive career counseling to help you better understand the demands of the profession and your particular area of expertise. Your doubts will always be resolved thanks to the trainers’ ongoing assistance and support. One of the greatest courses offered in this subject is the Financial Modeling course offered by this school.

Modules Covered

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

  • INR 39,900 in fees plus 18% GST 
  • The course will last three months.

Advantages of Taking this Course:

The institute offers its students lifetime access to its LMS as support and direction. Included are an infinite number of movies, session recordings, supplemental materials, updates to the field, case studies, etc. You just need to log in if you wish to access one of the most recent session recordings, even 10 years after it was recorded.

The institute is aware of the value of training and practical experience. As a result, the course is split into 100+ hours of practical training and 50+ hours of live instruction. You will gain the essential practical skills in this practical training and put them to use in the daily assignments that you will get.

The institution will give every one of you the chance to complete an internship because internships are highly regarded in today’s economy. Your own experience in the financial sector will benefit from this internship. Additionally, you will receive ongoing guidance from a special placement cell.

Due to the fact that this course is skill-oriented, you will be taught a variety of strategies that will enable you to build a number of highly significant talents. These abilities include the capacity for problem-solving, analytical abilities, valuation abilities, presenting skills, etc. 

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

GST Course

One of the most preferred locations in India for employment and improved professional prospects is Hyderabad. There are several job titles to apply for in the subject of finance. The implementation of GST has increased the number of job opportunities significantly.

Let’s take a quick look at GST before going on to the GST certification Courses in Hyderabad. GST is a type of tax system that will be beneficial for economic growth as well as for advancing small, medium, and big businesses toward higher success. It is convenient for everyone, including the general public and businesses, to do their business because it eliminates the intricate cascading tax structure and introduces a unified tax structure that unifies the whole system into a single format.

Additionally, it will lead to better services and a smoother flow of commodities across the nation. The input tax credit will be available to business organizations. Every transaction will be conducted digitally, which will improve record-keeping and make business operations for organizations easier overall.


IIM SKILLS offers online GST Practitioner Course with 16 hours of lectures (self-study). The course comes with many practical assignments, freelance opportunities, a dedicated placement cell, and weekly assessments to track your progress and highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

You also get free e-books, knowledge of tools and software and the course is recognized by the MSME (Government Of India). The course is perfectly suited to students and freshers, homemakers, students, retired people, accounting professionals, and people working in the finance domain.

Topics Covered

  • Concept of GST
  • Structure of GST
  • GST Framework
  • GST and Invoicing
  • GST Returns Filing
  • RCM
  • E-Way Bill
  • Input Tax Credit, and many more.

Capital Trainers:

To assist commerce graduates and financial professionals in understanding the fundamentals of accounting, taxation, and related sectors, Capital Trainers provides incisive instruction in a variety of courses including income tax, TDS, tax audit, and Tally ERP 9 with GST.

Experienced chartered accountants, business administration professionals, and industry experts in company secretaryship teach the courses. Capital Trainers offers an unconditional job guarantee. You receive study materials based on the various modules.  It is among Hyderabad’s best short-term finance courses in hyderabad GST Certification Courses. Both in-person and live online classes are offered. 

Ten Modules That Provide Information on the Various GST Components Make Up the Course. These Are the Modules: 

  • Module 1: The GST characteristics, including eligibility for registration the basics of GST
  • Model 2:  This module covers the banking aspect and responsibilities of the accounting professionals in subject matters related to bank, GST, and overall financial services of the organization.
  • Module 3 is about the taxation system and compliance procedures. 
  • Module 4 is on types of GST and GST components.
  • The taxation of structural rates and supplementary cess is covered in Module 5.
  • The advantages and benefits of GST are covered in Module 6.
  • The various documentation needed for the process of applying for GST benefits for taxpayers are covered in Module 7.
  • The GST Act’s Module 8 focuses on submitting your GST returns.
  • For the convenience of your business, Module 9 discusses the input tax credit and how to apply for it.
  • Module 10 discusses bills, GST returns, payments, how to pay taxes both online and offline, and other crucial elements.

The phone number for F1, First floor, KVR Enclave, Ameerpet Hyderabad 500016

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Business Accounting and Taxation

Business accounting is a crucial financial instrument that gives organizations the capacity to budget, plan, and monitor organizational finances to maintain operations operating smoothly and in a properly financed way. Let’s examine these subjects independently before understanding why they are merged.

Contrarily, taxation is a necessary—but often despised—method of obtaining the money that governments use to enable them to pay for essential public services and achieve their financial objectives.

Using the proverb “death and taxes” as an example, it stands to reason that, despite concerns about automation, employment in company accounting and taxation will continue to exist in some form for the foreseeable future.

The professional and motivated students who take one of the business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad will be able to assess the most recent changes in the industry, adjust to the AI revolution in terms of how it will affect business accounting and taxation, and improve their value to their respective organizations.

Operational finance and corporate finance are often two key and entirely separate positions in firm finance departments. The division of labor is required mainly to enable the operational finance team to concentrate on operational profitability when necessary, allowing a detailed look at particular products, services, or brands that are underperforming at a department level; while enabling the corporate finance team to take a broader perspective, preparing the balance sheet and consolidating the accounts at a wider company level.

There is a requirement to clearly understand the differences in operational accounting at a department level, involving accounting codes and mapping. This division of two distinct accounting duties forms a significant portion of the justification for business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad and throughout the world.

Business accounting and taxation (BAT) courses basically give students the framework to comprehend how to combine the knowledge and abilities from the two related fields of business accounting and taxation and use them both in a seamless and integrated fashion in practical—rather than merely theoretical—professional environments.

IIM SKILLS has introduced one of the top online corporate accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad after five years as a prominent education provider in India, teaching more than 14,300 professionals from over 30 countries. Participants in this course will gain a number of significant benefits. Check out the best financial modeling courses in Hyderabad if you’re interested in taking any more finance courses. 

The teachers’ extensive knowledge and engaging communication skills are used in IIM SKILLS’ distinctive teaching methodologies to translate the technical expertise of top industry experts into extremely comprehensible course materials. Instead of being overloaded with mountains of impenetrable technical jargon that quickly fade from memory throughout an intensive course, real teaching skills from expert instructors are crucial if students are to grasp and remember the content that they are taught.

Second, a support staff that is accessible to respond to follow-up queries and lifelong access to the course materials. Each student will advance at their own rate, and the choice to revisit the lessons sometime in the weeks and months after the course enables the student to remember the information and have it at hand whenever they need it. The support staff often responds to emails sent by students with questions the same day. After the course is over, IIM SKILLS gives its graduates support with international placement. IIM SKILLS will ensure an interview if a student has taken the effort to finish the courses.

The Following Topics Are Covered in the IIM SKILLS BAT Course Syllabus:

Live online instruction for four months using information approved by the Indian government.

sixty hours of practical work and over one hundred and twenty hours of lectures.

extensive instruction in key accounting software, such as Quickbooks, Excel, Tally, and GST.

a chance to grasp the course material while gaining useful experience in a demanding internship.

The Course Contains Six Modules in Particular:

Tally and Business Accounting Fundamentals (25 Hours)

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Fundamentals and Using Tally in GST (22 Hours)

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS): The Fundamentals and TDS Using Tally (20 Hours)

Fundamentals of Payroll Accounting and Advanced Payroll Using Tally (12 Hours)

Accounting for income taxes using Tally and filing taxes electronically (23 hours)

Accounting Management Information System (MIS) and Advanced Excel Use (18 Hours)

Tally Course

Tally is an essential accounting training that enables people to analyse and make sense of the financial information related to their company. With the aid of this qualification, you may learn skills in banking, business administration, and financial management. You can enhance your profession in the following ways thanks to this course: Your work alternatives and career objectives in prominent organisations may enhance if you obtain a Tally certification.

IIM SKILLS offers an extensive Tally Certification Program that helps yopu to master the advanced concepots of Tally Software.

  • Tally is a comprehensive and well-structured training programme that shows you how to use Tally.
  • The most sought-after qualification in accounting is Tally.
  • Compared to individuals who lack the learning certification, you could have an edge.
  • Tally certifications are becoming more and more common and are frequently demanded by employers.
  • Show off your accounting knowledge and commitment to ethical behaviour and lifelong learning.

The Courses That Lead to Credentials for the Tally Course Are Listed Below:

Tally Software has become the one-stop shop for all accounting needs in the digital age. Candidates who successfully complete this certification at FITA Academy will have a solid grasp of both the principles of accounting and this accounting software. As a consequence of studying them, the candidates will become knowledgeable Tally Accountants, giving them the ability to satisfy all of their expectations on a personal and professional level. The Tally certification course is taught by experts in Tally training utilising examples from real-world situations to cover the most important and essential topics. The three main Tally principles—Accounting, Billing, and Inventory Management—are explored in-depth to provide students a firm grasp of the underlying concepts of the software.

Understanding the many forms of accounting, such as invoicing, receipt notes, inventory management, sale records, and credit notes, among others, will also be aided by the practical sessions. Candidates may get comprehensive working knowledge and become potential workers for their organization by becoming certified in this cutting-edge accounting software. By enrolling at FITA Academy for the Tally Institute in Hyderabad, you will increase your chances of landing a job with a reputable company and ultimately realize your professional goals.

FITA is One of the Top Short-term Finance Courses in Hyderabad and It Includes the Following:

Knowing what Tally is, why it exists, what features it has, and how many different industries it can be used in.

having a thorough understanding of accounting, including its definition, basic concepts, various forms, and regulations.

understanding the advantages of double-entry, journalizing transactions, bookkeeping, and the single-entry and double-entry accounting procedures.

learning about Tally ERP 9, Tally versions, its installation and activation procedure, and Tally User Interface.

Understanding how to set up Tally ERP 9’s data route, global setups, currency settings, and regional configurations. To comprehend settings at the corporate level, learn firm management. gain knowledge of Tally ERP 9, Tally versions, its installation, the activation procedure, and the Tally User Interface.

Understanding how to use Tally’s default, payment, receipt, contra, journal, sales, and purchase vouchers as well as its other types of vouchers. Understanding of Tally ERP 9 reports. Understanding of purchase and sales vouchers and the goods and services tax.

  • The Tally instructors at FITA Academy are working professionals with at least 12 years of experience in the accounting sector.
  • They provide a training program that is focused on careers in order to give students the finest understanding of the sector.
  • Interactive and educational workshops to provide students with the greatest business techniques.
  • To aid students in developing a successful career, the Tally specialists also offer career coaching and assistance.
  • To assist students to fulfill the needs of business, the Tally tutors also focus on helping students build their soft skills.

Data Analytics

Data analysts are in demand, and that desire will only grow in the upcoming years. The area of the company that depends on data science is data analytics.  In order to address the problems and stop unemployment in India, it is a good idea to seize the chance presented by a new industry like data analytics. Day by day, unemployment is rising and poverty is encroaching on the country. Hyderabad is a center for technology, and to advance technology in Hyderabad, the state government has signed many Memoranda of Understanding. Google has revealed plans to establish an information technology hub in Hyderabad. The majority of Google workers are from Hyderabad. Utilize the following data analytics courses in Hyderabad to take bold and impacting actions.

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According to Google reviews, the EXCELR rating for best short – term finance courses in hyderabad  is 4.8 out of 5 stars. Boston, Massachusetts, is home to EXCELR’s headquarters. Their instructors hail from more than 70 colleges and 150+ countries. Eight years have passed since they first started educating children. It is a well-known IT company that offers the top data analysis courses in Hyderabad as well as an online earning platform.

Training in Hyderabad for Analytics or Data Analytics:

  • Course Fee: 49,999 INR for in-person instruction; 39,999 INR for online instruction
  • Six months for the program
  • Online learning mode
  • Course Content: These programs are completed in four modules by EXCELR. The next four modules are displayed below.
  • Module 1: Data Collection is a gathering of case-related data from a certain domain.
  • Module 2: Data Preparation – SQL is used to prepare data from the gathered database.
  • Module 3: Insights Generation – Identify the intuitive data that the company needs by using the provided data.
  • Dashboard visualization is covered in Module 4.
  • What You’ll Discover in This Course:
  • Basic to Advanced level in Excel (25 hours).
  • SQL, or Structured Query Language, is required in programming to address problems. (15 hours)
  • (20 hours) Tableau.
  • BI Power.
  • The firm may categorize and analyze data using SAS, the statistical analysis system, to obtain the reports needed for specific choices.
  • R fundamentals (10 hours).
  • Basics of Python. (15 hours).

Gained Skills from This Course:

  • What are the ideas behind databases?
  • Revolving tables.
  • Slicers, charts, and functions.
  • Methods for data visualization.
  • Why did you decide to use EXCELR?
  • Curriculum for courses with an industry focus.
  • Hands-on assignments including more than ten active projects and case studies.
  • Interviews and boot camps.
  • Full placement support.
  • A learning management system will be available to you forever.
  • experienced academic staff.
  • You receive three certificates in one: an EXCELR certificate for course completion, an IBM certificate, and an AI-based internship certificate.

Contact Information:

Phone: +91-8035240514

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. What types of short-term finance courses in Hyderabad available?

 A. Short-term finance courses in Hyderabad that are available include Financial Management, Risk Management, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Corporate Finance, Securities Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, and International Finance.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for short-term finance courses in Hyderabad?

A. The eligibility criteria for short-term finance courses in Hyderabad vary depending on the course. Generally, applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in any stream and possess basic knowledge of finance and accounting.

 Q. How long do short-term finance courses in Hyderabad take to complete? 

A. The duration of short-term finance courses in Hyderabad varies depending on the course. Most short-term finance courses take between 6 to 12 weeks to complete.

Q. How much do short-term finance courses in Hyderabad cost?

A. The cost of short-term finance courses in Hyderabad varies depending on the course. Generally, short-term finance courses range from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 25,000. 

Q. Are there any job opportunities after completing short-term finance courses in Hyderabad?

A. Yes, after completing short-term finance courses in Hyderabad, there are many job opportunities available in the finance sector such as financial analyst, investment advisor, stockbroker, financial planner, and many more.

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