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Transaction Advisory Services – Definition, Utility, and Examples

Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) would be those provided by professional or investment banking firms as a third party. They assist you in managing all the tasks related to your transactions right from the beginning till the end and thus operate like a business assistant and fulfill all demands for expansion like the acquisition or merger of a company. It is advised to make your decisions based on deep analysis and critical thinking if you have to make any choices regarding transactions. Any deal can successfully provide if it is done with thorough research and problem-solving skills. If you are a client, you can easily navigate your value-making, pre-transaction due diligence as well as post-transaction asset safeguard during the entire lifespan be it decision aid at the starting point till the end point of your transaction and also even after that. You will receive guidance on every side of the investment cycle, applying a process that focuses on value propellers as well as deal breakers that are essential for decisions related to investment.

Transaction Advisory Services

Mixing basic financial competencies with market data will provide you with valuable assistance related to critical decision marking with important advice, insights, and information. As a client, you will be getting all the necessary information that is crucial to make well-informed business decisions for sell as well as purchase side transaction engagements, re-financings, and other transaction forms. 

Importance of Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) Professionals

If you run a business, you will be receiving advice from TAS professionals on how to attract further deals and decrease risks. The persons involved in offering advanced professional services possess relevant skills and awareness of their domain. These experts provide numerous services, including financial as well as strategic advice when a deal is about to be finalized. They conduct thorough research and proper market study to decrease the risks. Moreover, they hold practical experience in the administration of several industries, for example, Information Technology (IT), food, etc.

Various Transaction Advisory Services (TAS)

Merger and Acquisition (M&A) – Expert Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) companies offer a solution on both the sell as well as buy-side of a Merger and Acquisition that covers all activities, starting from planning deals and ending at deal finalization. These tasks include mapping out necessary acquisition tactics, organizing international as well as local tax concerns, recognizing probable synergies and parties, helping in the construction of financial models, calculating possible risks, and negotiating an equitable worth. When it comes to a sell-side transaction, a professional advisor boasts a comprehensive awareness of the outcomes.  

Joint Venture:

Specialized Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) experts will help you recognize an appropriate partner for your joint venture, outline the deal, prepare an agreement, negotiate regarding the venture, acquire legal permissions, and push the deal towards a successful closure.


Growth in a business demands change, and to bring about change, you must be willing to take risks. Additionally, having accurate knowledge, intelligence, and insights is critical if you want to prosper in the presence of risks. Before entering into a contract, a comprehensive investigation of these facets is carried out as part of the due diligence procedures carried out by the Intelligent Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) experts, providing the lenders as well as partners with a detailed outline of the organizational, reputational, and financial risks involved. Thus, a business can decrease its risk of being a fraud victim by ensuring the originality and accuracy of operational problems, methods, financial statements, merger integration, cyber security, etc.

One company, Kroll, an expert Transaction Advisory Service Provider, offers the below-mentioned Advanced Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) solutions. 

Comprehensive Due Diligence:

Kroll’s Detailed Due Diligence solution assists its clients in minimizing risks and making the most out of well-informed business decisions. It provides help regarding cyber or IT disputes and risks, financial and accounting, strategy & operations, M&A, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) concerns, taxes, and compliance and regulations.

Financial Due Diligence:

With Kroll, you can get core financial analyses and Quality of Earnings (QoE) for banks, sellers, and purchasers in M&A transactions.


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Strategy and Commercial Diligence:

With the help of Kroll, you can receive unique strategic views on the competitive environment target’s market and also comprehensive insights and data on value-making opportunities.

IT Due Diligence:

Kroll will help you to lower your risks and enhance the portfolio worth of a company for transactions related to M&A.

Transaction Tax Advisory:

With Kroll, you can get global tax services with a special emphasis on investment firms and their clients in the asset-handling industry.

Operations Advisory:

You will be advised regarding operational technique enhancement to raise efficacy in turnaround scenarios, expansion, and transactions that eventually raises valuation.

Transaction Structuring and Accounting:

Using technical accounting mastery along with pertinent, commercial deal experience, Kroll’s master Transaction Structuring and Accounting team will help you handle the method of financial as well as accounting reporting for a reshaping event.


In this division, the experienced and knowledgeable advisors apply a collection of methods to estimate the financial value of a future business idea and learn the maximum price the stakeholders may be prepared to pay or get to influence a business sale. The valuation must also comply with all essential regulatory standards and is also ensured by an experienced Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) professional. When valuing intangible assets like goodwill, copyrights, patents, trademarks, brand value evaluations, etc., valuation services can be used.

Transaction Structuring:

Since taxation and other regulations are so complex that it becomes essential to seek professional services as they help in designing and executing a suitable transaction outline after thinking of all the consequences. Sadly, there is not any conventional format for transaction structure as every deal has its special traits. Every potential deal requires an excellent knowledge of the expectations before an astounding Transaction Advisory Service provider can provide the best transaction structure.

Debt Restructuring:

This is typically the last step before the transaction is finalized. The goal of this master service provided by a qualified Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) specialist is to analyze the debts of the two different entities that are undertaking a merger. Debt restructuring services reach beyond the two parties immediately involved in a transaction and help the financial as well as banking institutions associated with their recovery as well as rehabilitation methods.

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Advantages of seeking Master Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) Providers

  • You can remain tension free if let the TAS experts take care of time-consuming and monotonous transactions
  • Comprehensive risk analysis allows primary players to make well-informed decisions which are supported by trends, patterns, and data that continuously transform the market
  • In case of likely risky scenarios, risk mitigation strategies are formulated and planned ahead of time
  • With the guidance of experienced Transaction Advisory Services experts, you can remain confident that paying the correct price for a transaction in a purchase side situation. As a seller, you can best position your company to pull maximum value
  • All steps are supervised by experienced Transaction Advisory Services experts, be it deal implementation, risk examination, transaction planning, or even after-deal assistance 

Transaction Advisory Services Career Summary

With services like evaluations, business modeling, and M&A, highly devoted Transaction Advisory Services teams at accounting firms assist organizations in evaluating and navigating corporate deals. Transaction advisory is much similar to a career in investment banking, and it may require working overtime, a great deal of stress, and meticulous attention to detail. Even though most accounting firms have only small TAS teams in comparison to the remainder of their divisions, there is fierce competition for positions.

Besides working in your field that is Transaction Advisory, you can also work in equity research, corporate development, private equity, investment banking, banking, institutions, corporates, treasury, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Sales & Trading, Commercial Banking, Due Diligence, Public Accounting, Valuation, Portfolio Management, Research, and Investment Relations. 


If you are looking to work in the advanced Transaction Advisory Service branch of an accountant firm, you should possess the following traits: 

  • Extremely motivated or eager to achieve success
  • Extremely fierce
  • Can communicate effectively with clients  
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Glossy and outstanding presentation skills
  • Can work in teams
  • Can work overtime
  • Ready to travel whenever required
  • Commercial mindset and business acumen at speed
  • Exceptional interpersonal relationship skills
  • Possess a logical and systematic mindset
  • Dynamic analytical skills
  • Can work in a highly energetic and fast-changing environment
  • Can provide top-notch service to clients

However, to Become Eligible for This Role, You Must Have:

  • A degree certificate (particularly in a finance-related topic involving accountancy)
  • Completed or will be completing an ACA (Associate Chartered Accountant) certification or similar qualification
  • At least 1.5 years of work experience, particularly in the United Kingdom
  • Expertise in Microsoft Office
  • Evidence and proof of report writing skills 
  • Audit or transaction experience containing due diligence
  • Knowledge of various applications like Power BI and Power Query

Successful candidates will unavoidably possess a set of traits and skills that will enable them to succeed in this demanding and dynamic environment. The capability to operate independently and with freedom while being a member of a close-knit team that enjoys working hard is highly valued by all TAS firms. They oppose a narrow, “eat-what-you-kill” attitude and are seeking great team players who might just wholeheartedly support the extremely long strategic goals of the larger business.


How to Prepare for an Interview for an Advanced Transaction Advisory Service Position? 

If you are thinking of preparing for an interview round for an advanced Transaction Advisory Service role, then let me tell you that it is similar to the preparation for an investment banking interview.

Follow the Below Mentioned Steps:

  • Build a one-page resume, maintain a standard GPA, acquire relevant work experience
  • Use your network to get an interview invitation
  • Showcase your ability to politely answer both technical and behavioural questions.
  • Be proficient with necessary technical skills like accountancy, MS Excel, valuation, and financial modeling

Entry Points

There are various entry points in advanced Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) teams at accountant firms. You can straight away make an entry right after your class 12 final exam, or you may enter the team from another division within the accounting firm, or you may be hired externally, usually with relevant investment banking or corporate development work experience. 

Exit Options

Experienced Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) professionals hold many options, they can climb up the ladder in the team and have a lucrative career or they can switch to another team within the accounting firm or even join the corporate world.

Salary of a master Transaction Advisory Service (TAS) Professional

Given below is a summary of how much salary you will get in TAS. The salary depends on the accountant’s firm, year, and workplace.

  • Designation Salary Amount (Basic + bonus)
  • Consultant – Between 60000 and 90000 USD
  • Manager – 150000 USD
  • Director or Vice President (VP) – Between 150000 and 300000 USD
  • Partner – Between 300000 and above one million USD (also containing equity)

Kroll’s expertise with the company’s viewpoint carries truth into perspective in a world of transformation and more complex business concerns. With the use of cutting-edge technology and the entity’s sharp analytic skills, clients can receive clarity from them rather than just answers in every arena of business. The company values diversity and welcomes people from all walks of life, and it nurtures it by treating one another with respect. You will contribute to a collaborative and motivating work atmosphere as a member of a single entity, a single Kroll, which will enable you to succeed. From transaction to closure, Kroll’s expert TAS standards offer smooth analytical guidance throughout the transaction lifecycle. Your work for the company will assist in providing clarity to its clients’ most complex transparency, administration, and risk concerns.

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Role & Responsibilities of a Devoted TAS Professional 

Expansion into the private as well as the corporate equity market, wherein work accomplishment is dependent more on a mixture of content-lead account delivery and handling instead of conventional execution-only portrayal with work accomplishment being majorly a partner duty, is the strategic objective of a developed TAS. The effective execution of this first-choice market path needs a senior team possessing the relevant and necessary experience and hunger to challenge conventional models.

Major Tasks:

  • Assisting the execution of purchase as well as sell-side financial due diligence interactions for private lenders, equity, and, corporate clients
  • Helping in recognizing concerns (Debt and similar to debt items, working capital options, quality of earnings) for buying price decrease, transaction restructuring, or termination of deals
  • Helping in intricate arenas of the report writing technique
  • Assisting the engagement group in providing advice to clients regarding after-acquisition stages to obtain expected cash flow enhancement or earnings
  • You will be working closely with the larger TAS teams to ascertain the implementation of solid project administration concepts and quality assurance at every phase and stage of the projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a TAS?

When professional or investment banking firms offer third-party services on your request, it is called TAS. The third-party services offered by these firms take care of all the transactions starting right from the beginning of a deal till its closure. They operate like an assistant system for a business and meet all requirements for growth like the acquisition or merger of a company. We are recommending you make decisions based on comprehensive analysis and critical thinking if you desire to make decisions about transactions. All deals can be successful if you carry out a detailed research and have extensive problem-solving skills.

2. Why do I need to consult TAS professionals?

If you have a business, a TAS professional would be advising you regarding how to draw additional deals and reduce risks. Since the individuals engaged in providing these professional services boat pertinent consciousness and skills of their fields, they will be offering many services containing strategic as well as financial advice on when a deal is nearing its closure. These persons do detailed research and necessary market study to minimize the risks. Lastly, they possess practical experience in the management of various industries, for instance, Information Technology (IT), food, etc.

3. What kind of services can I expect from a TAS professional?

A master TAS expert will offer advice on transactions related to Merger and Acquisition Joint Venture, Diligence, Transaction Tax, Valuation, Debt Restructuring, and, Transaction Structuring,and Accounting.

4. What will I gain from TAS?

TAS professionals will be offering the following advantages:

  • Since TAS professionals will be managing the time-consuming and tedious deals, you can sit back and relax
  • Thorough risk analysis empowers key players to make well-informed decisions which are assisted by data, patterns, and, trends that consistently help in transforming the market
  • During probable risk cases, risk mitigation strategies are adopted and planned well in advance
  • You will be receiving proper guidance on how to confidently pay the perfect and correct price for a deal if it is a buy-side transaction case. However, if you are a seller, they will be guiding you on how to best position your company to pull out maximum value
  • TAS experts take care of all the steps in a deal – whether it is deal execution, risk assessment, transaction planning, or even the post-deal support

5. What career opportunities are there in TAS?

You can expect work in the following fields:-

Transaction Advisory, equity research, private equity, investment banking, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), Sales & Trading, Due Diligence, Valuation, Research, and, Investment Relations, etc.

6. What skills must I possess in order to become a TAS expert?

In order to become a TAS professional you must have the following skills:-

  • Highly determined or is eager to achieve success
  • Highly aggressive
  • Exceptionally successful communication skills with clients
  • Impeccable meticulous
  • Shiny and extraordinary presenting skills
  • Team player
  • Ready to put in extra hours
  • Must travel when asked
  • Commercial thought process and business acumen at great speed
  • Outstanding social relationship skills
  • Highly logical as well organized thinking
  • Dynamic analytical skills
  • Can cope well in the highly active and rapid work environment
  • Can offer high-standard services to clients

7. What qualifications must I have to pursue this role?

  • You need to earn a degree certificate (especially in a finance subject that involves studying accounting principles)
  • You must have earned or will be earning Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) certification or equivalent qualification
  • You must have a minimum of one and a half years of work experience, specifically in the United Kingdom
  • You must be well versed with essential technical knowledge of Microsoft Office, particularly MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • You must evidence and proof that exhibits your report-writing skills
  • You must have past experience of Audit or transaction that involves due diligence
  • You must stay abreast of software applications like Power Query as well as Power BI

8. What are the roles and responsibilities of a TAS expert?

As a TAS expert, you will do the following:-

  • You will offer your assistance in executing the purchase and sell-side financial due diligence engagements for private lenders, equity, and, corporate clients
  • You will offer your help in identifying issues (Debt and same like debt items, working capital options, and, quality of earnings) for purchase price cutting, restructuring of transactions, or termination of deals
  • You will aid in complex areas of the report-writing methods
  • You will assist the engagement group in offering suggestions to clients about acquisition phases to acquire expected cash flow enhancements or earnings
  • You will collaborate closely with the larger TAS units to confirm the execution of dynamic project handling theories as well as quality assurance at all steps and phases of the project


TAS would be those provided by professional or investment banking firms as a third party. They assist you in managing all the tasks related to your transactions right from the beginning till the end and thus operate like a business assistant and fulfill all demands for expansion like the acquisition or merger of a company. It is advised to make your decisions based on deep analysis and critical thinking if you have to make any choices regarding transactions. Any deal can be successfully provided if it is done with thorough research and problem-solving skills. The guidance and services provided by TAS professionals can turn fruitful for your business. Any organization can prosper and reach the pinnacle provided it seeks consultation provided by them. 

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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