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Top 10 KPO Start-up Companies In India – A Detailed List

When you purposefully allocate extremely advanced level tasks entailing expert knowledge or problem-solving to an external company or third party that demands a professional level of subject matter expertise, normally based in a different geographical area than the firm itself, then that process is called KPO. The functions of a KPO process are unique to that of Business process outsourcing (BPO), as the latter is all about outsourcing labor and other operational tasks to a third party for saving costs. Despite being a subset of BPO, KPO entails far more skilled, analytical, and knowledge-oriented tasks. There are numerous companies in India that provide the highest possible degree of outsourcing, and the companies gain a lot from it. Numerous Indian companies that require highly specialized labor and subject-matter expertise have outsourced to KPO start-up companies. The assistance from KPO organizations also provides chances for opportunities to reduce the cost of the entire process because in developing nations the process of using skilled labor entails a lot of affordable costs when opposed to other methods.

Top KPO Start-up Companies In India To Consider

It has been engaging in a wide range of activities with the organizations that ask for their assistance. There are many different types when you check how the KPO is organized because there are so many different varieties. 

Forms of services provided by famous KPO start-up companies in India.

KPO is a catch-all phrase covering a variety of tasks. The services might be further divided because they encompass both skilled labor and professional expertise. The four main KPO service varieties are listed below.

  • Data Analytics along with insights
  • Market Research
  • Global reporting along with performance handling
  • Data controlling

Advantages of seeking leading KPO start-up companies in India

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) services are usually comprehensive and involve professionals with a range of expertise who may share their knowledge with customers who are both businesses and customers. Let’s learn some of the benefits you will get if you decide to seek professional expertise and assistance from leading KPO start-up companies in India.

  • Affordable cost savings – Probably the main benefit of KPO is cost savings. Organizations don’t have to set up additional infrastructure or incur operating costs for seeking professional assistance or special tasks. Competitive pricing of products and services is a luxury that businesses can afford, and they may even save money on their taxes.
  • Sourcing of talents and access – The elite are prepared to work for organizations. They get the chance to work with experienced and skilled individuals from all around the world. When necessary, managers might also decide to fire employees or hire new ones. As they adjust to changes, their adaptability enables them to maintain their budget.
  • Improved utilization of resources – Organisations that are engaged in outsourcing non-primary tasks spend less on training and resources because the third-party vendor employs their staff to do the work. This implies that companies can save a large amount of money on hiring costs, particularly if the abilities in question are highly technical. A process that is outsourced also saves resources that can be used to simplify other crucial procedures.
  • More emphasis on chief function – Businesses can concentrate on enhancing efficacy and outcomes to deliver greater worth to customers as well as shareholders by outsourcing non-chief activities.

With the advent of the KPO industry, India has been able to work quickly to assign highly advanced tasks to various start-up firms. Taking into account all points, let’s find out more about the top KPO start-up companies in India that are providing valuable services with their qualified personnel.

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10 prominent KPO start-up companies in India

1. Genpact

Genpact is still considered one of the best KPO start-up companies in India that have been providing valuable KPO services to various organizations since 1997. It is a unit that has been active in the General Electric sector. Previously, the company was known as GECIS, together with the KPO industry, which is regarded as the best in the country. It has a workforce of over 1200 employees who have done amazing work and assisted various companies. All of the team’s employees are highly qualified, intelligent, and possess a high level of experience that has led to them being referred to as the company’s degree holders. 

The KPO activities that the company undertakes fall under a few different categories. Database management, in-depth research, and customer value mapping are just a few of the KPO services offered. Considering how many companies use their KPO services, they give each one a significant amount of attention. Together with the monitoring of the program, the administration of customer relationships is also given a top priority.

2. Evalueserve

Boasting over 4000 workforces, Evalueserve is a completely global company that recruits employees to provide essential KPO services like market research. Besides its other branches, Evalueserve’s Indian earns above 45 percent of its income from several projects. This leading start-up company in India specialised in mathematics-oriented projects. It made its name through its expert marketing strategies and the extensive market research conducted within the company. By offering several varied services, the additional forms of services provided by the company help in generating high-quality research reports that demand a lot of emphases.   

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3. Ugam Solutions

If you are looking to seek a top company that offers the best technology plus analytics services across India, then Ugam Solutions should be your choice. Founded in 2000, the Mumbai-Headquartered firm is one of the best KPO start-up companies in India. Following its inception, the subsequent year Ugam Solutions forayed into the business of providing market research services. Since then, it quickly started relishing the task of providing market research services.

This is only one platform that can carry out all the tasks that companies require every second. They are quick to understand their customers’ thoughts and carry out tasks in line with their requests. The analysis of behavior is additionally seen to be an important aspect. Moreover, the assessment of customer behavior becomes a critical facet. 

Customer habits regarding making decisions for the growth of a business are entirely based on the conducted market research. The company also closely monitors online pricing along with the task of data visualization and reporting the same. Lastly, Ugam tries to maintain healthy competition with other business organizations by keeping a close tab on their competitive intelligence within itself.

4. WNS Global Service

Founded in 1996, the Mumbai-headquartered company is a global platform that is highly known across the world and is collaborating with various organizations. This eminent KPO start-up company in India is the best choice if you want someone to govern all important business processes of the organization that is currently serving traveling agencies, and financial and banking service providers. 

WNS also provides services like insurance and healthcare facilities, along with the usage of retail and the industries that are associated with customer products. Its workforce of 300+ employees is working hard to make the company reach the top of the list of leading KPO start-up firms in India. The team skillfully performs customer analysis along with the examination of customer behavior. Other than these services, WNS also performs data analysis, market database analysis entailing the tasks of a campaign, and market research.

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5. 24×7 Customer

As the name implies, this famous KPO start-up company in India is an entire customer experience-oriented firm that is operating using the software provided by a service company. The firm uses the skills of AI (Artificial Intelligence) & ML (Machine Learning) to effectively analyze the customer’s thoughts. Established in the year 2000, the company, which is a highly popular KPO start-up firm in India, offers one of the best KPO services, and, is once featured on the “IAPO” (International Association of Professionals in Outsourcing) list. 

24×7 Customer provides exceptional customer analysis along with customer behavior evaluation services. The firm makes sure that the analyzed data acquired from the comprehensive market research is conducted innovatively. The campaign tasks are crucial to facilitate it to work better and attract more customers. The company provides extraordinary customer care services as it believes that by offering highly skilled and qualified outsourcing services would make it stand out from others in the KPO industry.

6. ICIC OneSource

The name ICIC OneSource is a widely popular option if someone needs handling services that are essential in business processing. This fantastic KPO start-up company in India has been providing appropriate forms of outsourcing services to various customers and clients for many years. The Mumbai-located KPO service provider company has been servicing outsourcing that eventually turned out to be valuable in tailoring the information and collecting all necessary data obtained from the business research. Customers reach out to this company after considering the critical positive reviews. 

The company is highly adept at providing offers and services as it deals with customer accusing and is accountable for conducting detailed research and obtaining the data.

The company also ensures that there is accurate functioning of analytics through the usage of maintenance and billing of data. Besides performing the KPO service tasks, it also gives more focus on services that are offered during customer care.

7. EXL Service

Formed in 1999, EXL Service is a master multi-level service company that is primarily concerned with several operations, analytics, and administration. It provides facilities in insurance, finance, banking, healthcare, travel, and many other utilities. Excluding these services, EXL also specializes in providing transportation and logistics services.

Consisting of 31000+ employees, this superb KPO start-up company in India has been assisting the KPO sector in getting a huge amount of support. It shows the operations’ management also including the decisions that are made in analytics. The company’s team possesses a governance sector that is engaged in offering consultation services to clients and customers. Together with AI, the company also boasts the facets of business parts of intelligence. The reshaping that is executed in the financial sector is well-built inside the firm.

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8. Copal Partner

Copal Partner is one of the most reputed KPO start-up companies in India. The company, which was founded in 2001, also has a unit firm that provides numerous methods of investment and aids research analytics. Copal’s assistance services are one of the various parts of the company and because of that it is widely known in the KPO industry. It provides services to famous private clients like all private sectors, investment banking firms, and hedge funds.

The company collaborates with another acclaimed company, “Reuters,” to provide them with financial planning services to acquire a personalized analysis form besides company research. Copal has been providing various valuable services like research quantitative as well as credit services for years.

It has a top-notch research production unit that takes care of corporate financing. The organization has so far been able to formulate plans for the entire country. You would desire their services in your KPO firm in my opinion. It also designs several marketing plans while keeping in mind both marketing and sales management.

9. Panegea3

Being a popular KPO start-up company in India, it is highly known for its wonderful outsourcing services and for lending its hand to various forms of organization. Founded in 2004, the Noida-headquartered company is also a service supplier platform. The company practices legal techniques and intelligence services associated with various clients’ properties. 

Panagea3’s team is striving to provide the highest degree of services and fetch the greatest forms of feedback. The KPO sector of the company performs an extremely advanced level of legal research, taking note of the contract, and, additionally drafting the same. When it comes to KPO sector services, it deals with a lot of management services. 

The AI aspect of the company is ideal for clients and helps in providing the highest degree of services so that it matches clients’ requirements. After the process gets completed, the team at once starts reviewing documents, which is also another critical task. The team performs data analysis with careful deliberation, due intelligence, and litigation.

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10. Techbooks

Also known as Aptara, Techbooks is also a brilliant KPO start-up company in India. Its KPO sector is primarily concerned with the services entailing publishing. Since many of its partners reach out to them, the company recently has extensively expanded its publishing services. Famous names like Cambridge University, Tata McGraw Hill, Blackwell, and Pearson, have earlier sought its publishing services.   

Other than providing publishing services, the company also deals with content development that is required by various firms regularly. It has been providing effective KPO services since 1998. The company is formulating new plans regularly so that it can make its name more popular in the KPO sector like entering e-training services that would make the firm’s name more famous.

It is aiming to expand its utility in the education, advanced corporate, and government organizational sectors also. The company’s KPO sector is mainly concerned with services like offering the most interesting and engaging forms of e-books to consumers, software application development, content handling, and, digital publishing.

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FAQs On KPO Start-up Companies In India 

1. What is a KPO method?

It is a process that outsources various chief information-oriented business works. Here, a KPO service organization recruits experts or advanced degree certification holders and qualified persons to carry out a task under contract. Employees from a distinct company or a subsidiary of the same firm may conduct the information-oriented task. While saving resources or costs, a subsidiary can be located in the same country or offshore.

The KPO process takes place when a specific organization outsources to any vendor a task that is of a high level, advanced or complex nature. That specific company’s key responsibilities are the outsourced tasks they carry out, and all of them are carried out with close supervision. The KPO approach is by no means a simple technique to employ because it calls for deep knowledge, expertise, and skills.

2. What are the various KPO services that are provided by organizations across the world?

KPO is a term that covers various types of activities. As the services extend from skilled labour to mastery, they have additional classifications. Here are the four primary forms of KPO services.

  • Data analytics plus Insights – Data analytics is a process, wherein you have to model, cleanse, examine, and modify the data of an organization to extract useful information. This method allows companies to make well-informed decisions as it recommends relevant and meaningful outcomes. Through analysis of employee, financial, customer, and, supplier data, you can uncover crucial patterns that help in making well-informed business decisions.
  • Market Research – Through preliminary surveys, market research enables businesses to try out new strategies. It informs them of the likelihood that a service or a product will lure customers. Market research services provide organizations with essential knowledge of consumer spending patterns, economic developments, demographics, current market trends, and rivals.
  • Global Reporting And Performance Administration – By offering performance assessment and effective reporting throughout industries, they aid in achieving greater efficacy and operational brilliance. Through performance administration, an organization’s objectives are effectively and efficiently met via a set of tasks or outputs. It may concentrate on an individual employee, a department, or the success metrics of the whole organization.
  • Data Management – Data management is the procedure of gathering, storing, and utilizing data more effectively, affordably, and securely. Digital data management in an organization encompasses a wide variety of policies, practices, tasks, and methodologies. Strong business analytics, as well as reporting, are needed by stakeholders. By offering effective ways of sharing, integrating, retrieving, and storing data, data administration achieves this. Vendor managers need to keep their KPO firm alignment strong and their communication perfect to succeed. All levels of KPO administration need the use of innovative business tools, like business method handling software.

3. How is BPO different from KPO?

Business procedure outsourcing (BPO) would be the practice of outsourcing non-chief business tasks and methods to a third-party service giver to handle non-core business tasks like payroll. Data processing, human resources, customer relations, freelancer handling, and accounting are all included in BPO services. BPO is typically used to reduce labor costs by outsourcing tasks to countries with cheaper wages. A type of BPO called knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) includes contracting out work that needs specialized expertise or knowledge. Engineering design, market analysis, financial analysis, plus legal counsel are examples of KPO services. KPO is frequently utilized to get expert labor which is far too expensive to hire internally.

4. What is a KPO firm?

Knowledge process outsourcing businesses are known as KPO firms. These companies operate in the knowledge-based sectors and offer services including data analysis, research, information handling, and consulting. These services are frequently very expensive and demand a high level of training and experience. KPO firms frequently work as an outsourced outgrowth of their client’s operations and compete in niche markets.

KPO firms can give clients access to a massive talent and expertise pool. KPO organizations are likely to play a significant role in assisting businesses in competing in the global marketplace at a time when the economy of world is becoming more globalized. Despite typically catering to larger enterprises, medium- and small-sized businesses today have more opportunities because of the increasing provision of knowledge-based services. KPO firms are often set up into verticals, each of which specializes in a specific service or industry. This specialization enables KPO companies to get comprehensive knowledge of the business and requirements of their clients. Therefore, they frequently offer greater value than regular outsourcing businesses.

Conclusion on KPO start-up companies In India 

Now that you have read the entire article, you understand why hiring KPO companies to provide expert support services may wind up being advantageous for you in the long term. KPO is likely to play a bigger role in business strategy when the economy of the world is striving to evolve. I can assist you in getting started if you are thinking about KPO as a method of improving your business. You may take advantage of all the KPO benefits for your company by collaborating with a successful global PEO company.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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