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Top 7 KPO Companies In Delhi With Complete Details

In this article, I am going to mention the famous KPO companies in Delhi and also the kind of services these firms are providing. These services can be related to data analytics, business research, market research, publishing, legal process, marketing, financial research, design & animation, and, engineering service.

KPO Companies In Delhi

Top KPO companies in Delhi

1. Clevora

Incorporated in the year 2011, Clevora is one of the private leading KPO companies in Delhi that offers Knowledge Procedure Outsourcing (KPO) solutions to various small, medium, and, large-scale enterprises and industries. Headquartered in Delhi, the firm provides services related to back office solutions, data handling (data collection & data enhancing services), software development solutions, and, call center services. The firm operates 24×7 and is always ready to serve you with your business necessities as per your time zone. It is dedicated to providing full customer satisfaction to all of its clients. Here is a list of services that the top KPO companies in Delhi are committed to providing:-

Data Validation:-

  • ICR or OCR
  • De-duping
  • Enhancement
  • Merging & also distinction

Customer Care Services:-

  • Order Status
  • Billing
  • Helpline for customer inquiries related to products & services


  • E-book
  • XML
  • Editorial
  • Artwork

Data Administration:-

  • Processing of forms like XML/HTML
  • Data Fulfilment
  • Indexing

Online assistance usingemail and chat:-

  • LiveOnline Chat
  • Online Call Back
  • OnlinePartnership
  • Online Call Through

Software Assistance:-

  • Development of Mobile Software Application
  • Development of Products & Database
  • Development of Information Processing
  • Solutions for Contact Centres

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Stationed in the capital of India, New Delhi, SSNAIR Communications Private Limited was established in 2003. The intelligent KPO Companies in Delhi is engaged in the process of delivering the most economical KPO service solutions in the field of medical invoicing, coding & billing, and, also medical transcription. Being a quality-propelled company, the advanced KPO Companies in Delhi emphasizes customizing its services and staying abreast of the latest evolution in the changing technologies, thus seeing that the highest degree of services is offered to its clients. It has put a lot of effort into building a reputation for providing services of the highest caliber.

SSNAIR possesses the knowledge, competence, and abilities necessary to produce trustworthy, proficient outcomes. Its adaptable strategy is intended to encourage clients by giving them absolute authority over their projects and providing ongoing support. SSNAIR is dedicated to providing prompt, high-quality, and affordable solutions in order to increase customer satisfaction.SSNAIR understands its solutions are affordable and of top-notch quality because it offers the ideal blend of technology, technique, and individuals. SSNAIR is the best option for your business purposes. The innovative KPO companies in Delhi have created a variety of cutting-edge solutions to meet the various needs and demands of their clients.

Service provided by SSNAIR

  • Medical Transcription – Advanced medical transcription company that complies with HIPAA regulations and continually innovates its processes to incorporate the latest developments in digital sound technology, reporting, information technology, networking, application interfacing, and data security. SSNAIR can offer reasonably priced solutions to satisfy your transcription demands by merging these technologies alongside expert transcription abilities.
  • Medical Coding& Billing – The effective KPO companies in Delhi works diligently to satisfy the demands of their clients by offering affordable, thorough, and trustworthy services. Whenever it relates to medical specialties, there are no restrictions, it serves everybody. The healthcare experts on the SSNAIR team put forth a lot of effort to deliver accurate coding and billing services.


3. Headway BPO Solutions

Headways BPO Solutions (HBS) is a top service provider of technology-driven support assistance. The top KPO companies in Delhi has expertise in three areas – Consulting, Outsourcing, and, Technology. Founded in 2015, the private KPO firm offers a wide range of platforms that encompass IT solutions, Consulting, Contact Centres, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Cloud Accountancy, Digital Transformation, and Taxation, to assist organizations, entrepreneurs, and, firms, across the world. It also provides Artificial Intelligence-oriented platforms for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) oriented technological, Analytics, procedure or data mining, and, Automation services. The leading KPO company in Delhi serves clients that include a list of MSME and large business corporations across various domains like Restaurants, Retail, Education, E-commerce, Banking, Not for profit organizations, Education, Automotive, Manufacturing, Solar, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Telecom, Information Technology, Hospitality, and, many more.

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4. BPO Convergence

Having started out in the year 2005, BPOC or BPO Convergence, an expert KPO companies in Delhi, is now a Business Technique Administration Solution & Service Provider, with its presence pan India & customers from all around the world. Employing industry technology, procedural expertise, and industry experience, it deploys new solutions that create attractive worth for its clients, prospects, and end users. The services provided by BPOC span a variety of industries, including taxi services, telecom, aviation, media, e-commerce, e-wallets, logistics, healthcare, and government-to-citizen helplines or services.

Services offered by BPOC

Customer experience Handling:-

  • Chat as well as email assistance
  • Outbound as well as inbound call centre assistance

Administered analytics & services:-

  • Reporting
  • Customer Accounting
  • Data Generation
  • Analytics on demand

Staffing Solutions

  • Onsite deployments
  • Seamless remote

Top & account management:-

  • Lead qualification
  • Helped Closure
  • Appointment Booking
  • Upselling

Transaction processing:-

  • Remote KYC
  • Transaction supervision
  • Order Processing
  • Exception Handling
  • Service Recovery
  • Provisioning
  • Back Office

Feet on the street:-

  • Last Mile fulfillment
  • Obtainment
  • Pick up
  • KYC
  • Verification
  • Set up
  • Fault repair


  • Record Administration Solutions
  • Digital Cataloguing


  • Retrieval
  • Indexing
  • Storage


5. JindalX 

JindalX is a global service supplier company concentrating on delivering amazing customer experiences for the purpose of its clients. By consistently focusing on innovation, outstanding solutions, and, being enablers for the purpose of its customers, the top ranked KPO companies in Delhi finds the lacking “X” factor that drives it as partners in the direction of achieving “exponential” growth.

Services offered by JindalX

  • Analytics – How priceless are your data? The powerful KPO companies in Delhi have a staff of analytics professionals who excel at both determining value and creating value through effective data collecting and processing. To present, gather, and organize big data in easy yet effective ways, it blends the science and art of data analytics. Insights are used by clients as decision- and strategy-making inputs. Business intelligence dashboards from JindalX blend descriptive analysis with data visualization, and cross-functional groups seated in various locations use these dashboards. A strong feature that allows teams to quickly discuss, upload, analyze, combine, and distribute charts that track important business data is multi-account access.
  • Financial Outsourcing Services – Every business, irrespective of the industry, must deal with fax processing, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and accounts receivable on a regular basis. JindalX offers its client’s customer experiences and engagement whenever it refers to banking as well as financial outsourcing services so they may keep and grow their customer base while concentrating on product innovation.The Financial and Banking Services Suite from JindalX satisfies the most particular and distinctive demands of this extremely cutthroat industry in its entirety. To give its clients a 360-degree understanding of their KPIs and to assist them in focusing on the same, the company defines, maps, and formulates strategies for customer journeys throughout wealth management, retail, and commercial.
  • It assists its clients in meeting constantly changing customer expectations through a combination of digital channels and comprehensive first-connect resolutions. Its primary goals are to offer smooth onboarding solutions and to introduce and oversee unique products as well as projects in varied markets. With more than ten years of industry experience, JindalX effectively helps its clients increase productivity and optimize costs. It takes great pride in offering highly customized business as well as financial outsourcing services that give top-tier expertise and support to its client’s customers.
  • Healthcare – To provide top-notch healthcare and RCM support services, JindalX has teamed with MMG, a prominent healthcare services company in the US. In order to improve the way hospitals manage patients, it works under the name JindalMMG and combines its years of expertise and experience in business & healthcare procedure administration.

Its top-tier healthcare solutions make it simple to onboard your revenue cycle administration requirements, allowing you to keep treating patients and spread smiles without being taken away.

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6. DK Business Patron

A concept led to the creation of DK Business Patron, top KPO companies in Delhi. It began as an idea, was then developed into a concept, and was much later pushed to permit wealth generation for global customers. The brilliant minds in control of DK Business Patron’s business leaders have an unmatched vision and the ability to predict changes in the future. It was originally conceived as a strategy to counter the growing labor force skills in developing nations like India and mold them into potential skills that organizations and employers could utilize. After a period of start-up trials, the company’s creators realized India had a raw talent pool with training in quality control and technology that was still mostly unexplored. They learned from experience that now the globe will eventually explore better solutions to cut bills when faced with rising resource costs through tenacious perseverance, introspective analysis, and research.

KPO services

Business intelligence is ingrained throughout DK Business Patron, and in order to be well-prepared for the future, as it already has predicted it and its requirements. Its research division has been deeply engrossed in data-propelled information to assess the fate of business outsourcing, and after considerable discussion and debate, as well as multiple prototypes, it has come to the conclusion that knowledge process outsourcing will be the business model of the future. KPO services in Canada, the UK, the USA, and India entail relocating work processes that need unique skill sets to serve to another area where it can be done for less money.

Why seek DK Business Patron’s help

The leaders and visionaries of DK Business Patron are aware of how delicate and vulnerable this line of work is. It can be difficult to persuade a corporation to contract out the far most crucial component of their work process, particularly when the new center is not located in a place where people naturally have a kinship for something like the language of the community in the process. It might be challenging to outsource work processes that required specialized knowledge, subject matter expertise, as well as added value creation while still achieving cost reduction and also no shortage of experienced labor.

Although the USA is a cheaper economy and a viable choice for business enterprises based in India, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the UK, recruitment efforts may be unsuccessful because these areas are not known for having a deep population of educated people. India is the greatest option out of what is left since it has the knowledge and the drive to tackle problems.

DK Business Patron possesses access of subject matter specialists and has plenty of support out of its own cross-organizational network system for successfully taking on and completing such a job. Finding the ideal individuals is never a problem that cannot be solved because India’s knowledge pool has already gained recognition among the workforce of other advanced nations. Given that India has a less expensive economy unlike Canada, Europe, or the United States, these highly trained resources and specialists can be held and obtained there at a working cost that is far lower than in the aforementioned countries.

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7. Purple KPO 

Purple KPO seems to be your partner and more than simply a back-office solution. The well-known KPO companies in Delhi goal is to handle the daily struggles so that you may return to what you do best, which is caring for patients and practicing medicine.

Behavioral health facilities, hospitals, walk-in clinics, urgent care centers, medical centers, as well as physician groups are just a few of the clients Purple KPO serves. It also offers transcription, dental billing, coding, medical billing, and account receivables follow-up services. Additionally, Purple KPO offers general ledger coding, transcription, and data entry services for the legal, commercial real estate, as well as technology sectors. Purple KPO uses its vast talent pool and cutting-edge outsourcing systems to its advantage to offer clients considerable implementation and turnaround time reductions with accurate results. Beyond the advantages and cost-effectiveness that Purple KPO provides to clients, it also adds value.

Services Offered by Purple KPO:-

  • General invoicing & Ledger Coding Services for Commercial Real Estate
  • General invoicing & Ledger Coding Services for Accountancy as well as Legal sectors
  • Data Entry for Healthcare, Professional Services, Information Technology, & different industries
  • Services like transcription for the legal sector
  • Administration & formatting of documents
  • Custom Projects
  • Medical Transcription

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the interpretation of KPO?

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is indeed the technique of contracting out information-related business tasks or knowledge-based processes like consulting, analysis, research, or any other high-level task to employees of a different company or a department of the same organization. These subsidiaries may be spread over several different regions or countries. To conserve money and resources, this is done. KPO companies have the authority to make business decisions on the parent company’s behalf. KPO merely falls under the category of business process outsourcing (BPO). Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) benefits include cost effectiveness, access to the most skilled personnel, greater resource usage, and resource focus.

  1. What are the benefits of hiring a KPO?

Firms can avail a number of benefits from knowledge procedure outsourcers. The potential cost savings are arguably the most important benefit. Since KPO removes the obligation to pay full-time employees to carry out these tasks, it can be a very economical method of completing work. Additionally, it frees up the time of your current workers so they may concentrate on tasks that are more critical.

Having access to a larger talent pool can be considered another major advantage of knowledge process outsourcing. You get access to a significantly larger selection of employees whenever you contract to a 3rd party than you would have if you were simply recruiting locally. This enables you to identify the perfect person for the task wherever they may be.

  • Lower overheads – The possibility of cost reduction is a considerable benefit. KPO can be an amazingly effective means of completing tasks. Any organization that hires staff incurs a significant cost, and the process of finding qualified candidates might take some time. KPO improves efficiency and lowers the cost of recruitment. Companies can save money by outsourcing specific knowledge-based tasks and avoiding the high costs of hiring and retaining internal employees.
  • Consistency spanning all business areas – Businesses must decide whether to handle staffing internally or contract to a specialized agency. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages, but businesses should really be mindful of the risks of handling hiring internally. By outsourcing your personnel, you can maintain consistency for both you and your staff by having a single point of administration for all payrolls and staffing management.
  • Enables you to concentrate on your primary functions –KPO’s key advantage is that it lets businesses concentrate on their core abilities while putting non-core operations in the hands of professionals. Higher productivity, effectiveness, and cost savings may result from this. Businesses can help open up resources and time that can be better used on strategic tasks by outsourcing non-essential jobs. For business organizations that really are diversifying into emerging markets or product arenas, this is extremely important.
  • Access to the latest processes and technology – Typically, outsourcing firms remain at the forefront of technological and procedural innovations. KPO enables businesses to stay abreast of new advancements without making massive investments in new technology.
  1. What are the disadvantages of a KPO service provider?

When a business wants to save costs while also boosting productivity, knowledge procedure outsourcing is a fantastic choice. But before choosing to outsource, it’s crucial to be informed of any potential negatives.

  • Loss of control – The potential loss of supervision is one of the greatest disadvantages. Businesses give up a certain level of oversight over the way their knowledge processes are carried out when they outsource them. It may be challenging to guarantee that these tasks are carried out effectively due to the loss of supervision.
  • Communication issues – Caused by language, cultural, and legal constraints, communication might be difficult. When there is a disagreement between your goals and the caliber of the work delivered, communication problems may also occur. Time zone differences can cause tasks to take longer to complete. When you contract to a nation with a different cultural background than your own, there is a risk of miscommunication.
  • Security issues – Businesses that contract their knowledge procedures provide a third-party access to sensitive data. Customer information, financial records, and confidential business information are just a few examples of this data. This data could be viewed by unauthorized people if it is not effectively secured, which could result in the theft of intellectual property or a violation of privacy. It’s critical to carefully assess the security consequences as firms rely more on KPOs.

Concluding thoughts on the top KPO Companies In Delhi. 

Despite its many drawbacks, Knowledge Process Outsourcing may be extremely advantageous for businesses that carefully assess and control these risks. Even while KPO carries some risks, the advantages of such a business model frequently make it a desirable choice for businesses attempting to boost their fundamentals.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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