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Top 6 Online Financial Modeling Services

Any business’s or company’s objective or sole purpose is to create an individual picture or value of the business in the customer or consumer’s mind. Why? The reason behind this, they want to earn and make a profit. The organization comprises different departments like personnel or human resource, production and operation, marketing, sales, and finance. The main objective of the financial department is shareholder wealth maximization. To always play in the business arena, continuous business evaluation is quintessential. How can you evaluate a business’s current position, who can do this evaluation, and where can you find the sources of the assessment? For all the above questions, the single answer is financial modeling services. This service will rectify all your business-related problems and issues. To know the detailed process and financial services, read the below content.

List of best financial modeling services

What are Financial Modeling Services?

Analyzing the business’s financial position in the current year, calculating cash flow, profits, assets, and liabilities to know where the business is standing, and checking for improvements are the few responsibilities of financial modeling organizations. Instead of doing this financial analysis in the company itself, most organizations outsource this job to other firms that have expertise in providing these services.

These are known as financial modeling services. The way of giving one firm’s specific activities to other firms is called outsourcing. What is the use of outsourcing these specific activities? Instead of spending time analyzing the business, large firms can concentrate on core business activities that require more time.

In this way, the firm can concentrate on its business as well as outsourced work will yield better performance. Firms that are involved in doing outsourcing work have skills in doing the job, so their job will be good and better. A large firm can enjoy the benefits and another firm can also be mutually beneficial. Some small firms also outsource their work in case the work does not require more cost but requires more time, and value if it will perform inside the firm.

Why Are These Services Needed?

  • It is needed to perform a trend analysis of the business. Evaluate past and present performance of the business within the firm. To put control over the business to effectively perform financial activities.
  • To evaluate your firm with another firm that knows about peer performance and excels in the business (interfirm analysis).
  • In addition to analyzing the overall business performance, project analysis, and new product development- its performance over the existing product in the prevailing consumer market.

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Where and How to Access Financial Modeling Services?

Many private firms are providing these financial modeling services on an agreement basis. There are several individual service providers you can find on the freelancing platform. Let’s see some top financial service providers.

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Top 7 Financial Modeling Services

1. Financial Modeling Services – Ruby Consulting Group

There are tonnes of data arriving in the businesses daily, some are in objective form, some in subjective form. Ruby consulting group will provide the wholesome conversion of segregated data into financial data. They are the leaders in offering financial modeling services.

Their expert team will provide an in-depth analysis of every opportunity. Just like in maths after solving the whole equation we get the solution for the problem, in the same way, ruby’s analysis gives an easy understanding of the firm and assists you in making better decisions.

Why Consider Them?

  • Their accurate data analysis eliminates flaws in the decision-making.
  • Flexible data helps you to think from different perspectives of the business, and comparative analysis within the firm.
  • Why are you seeking the help of outside firms in financial modeling? To untangle the financial ambiguity and its techniques in the business. Instead of giving outrageous and ambiguous data, logical steps will be given to you crisply and concisely.
  • Their interface is easy to use. The decision-making authority in your firm can access the interface easily. Crystal clear representation of the data.

They are Experts in:

  • Memo Writing- This contains a brief description of the whole business. A snapshot gives the layout of the business.
  • Pitchbook- A business sales representative handles the sales regularly. They always solve the barricades arising in the sales. This pitchbook gives information about sales and helps in selling, marketing, and generating profits.
  • The teaser is a document that highlights the positive facts of the business. Attractively showcase the business in the eyes of stakeholders.
  • Their asset valuation helps the investors, creditors, and shareholders to decide whether to invest in the business and provide financial assistance.
  • Business examination and evaluation. Time and motion study helps to evaluate the asset allocation and equate the liabilities in the business.
  • Handle the information to present in front of corporate executives and the board of directors.
  • Information flooded in different websites but getting the data and updates regularly from different areas is difficult. Ruby consulting group provides continuous updates to execute the business activities and administer the human resources.
  • It provides library assistance from the highest authority (BIS).
  • They assist you to find investors who are interested in investing in securities.

Whom Will They Serve?

  • Corporate business firms
  • Asset management
  • Investment management
  • Small scale business and family firms.

How can you Reach Them?

Go to their website, press “reach out to us”, and fill in the basic information like name, mail id, and what kind of help you are seeking from them? They will contact you.

2. Financial Modeling Services – PWC Indonesia

PWC Indonesia is a group of ingenious fellows who give insight into your financial models which help you to make better strategic decisions in the long term and tactical decisions in the short term.  It is located in Indonesia.

Their Service Include:

  • Their meticulous use and application of tools and techniques give a different perspective to solving your financial issues.
  • They will guarantee that your financial modeling will satisfy the core values of the business and keep pace with the objectives of the business.
  • They will help to analyze your business stakeholder’s operational, commercial, and financial decisions.
  • Their financial model will help all the people who operate in financial management. Their easy-to-understand model assists the firm in the absence of the key person.
  • They will analyze if your model is up to date to satisfy the firm’s financial needs.
  • Obsolete data does not have any usage. They will make up-to-date financial models which help you to make the deal.
  • Customers do conjoint analysis to choose the best products. These financial integrated models will give the firm an overlook, like what is your firm’s position in the outside market? What changes might be needed?
  • Does the model satisfy government regulations? They will give both a financially compatible and economically acceptable financial model.
  • Their financial model both provides enhanced wealth and creates socially responsible business.
  • They provide flexible and transparent work which satisfies all the stakeholders in the business.

Services and Industries:

  • Financial, social, economic, government, and public services.
  • They will work with industries like telecommunications, technical and technological industries.
  • They provide services like accounting, advisory, auditing, capital market, china business, consulting, japan and Korean business, legal, entrepreneurial, risk assurances, and taxation.

Opportunities in PWC:

  • Internships
  • Job opportunities for graduates

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3. Flatworld Solutions

Flatworld Solutions is one of the leading firms which provides financial modeling services worldwide. It is located in the Philippines. Do you need to prepare an abstract of financial practices? Do you want to outsource financially related activities? Are you looking for the best financial modeling service providers? Then you can choose Flatworld Solutions.

This is the best financial modeling consulting firm that prepares both quantitative and qualitative financial models. Based on your exact business requirements, they will provide the services. They have experienced staff who provide quality work for the firms.

After Outsourcing Your Financial Activities, What Will You Get From Them?

  • Financial modeling- gives you detailed information about assets, capital, liabilities of the business, and other investment resources.
  • Among three business statements, income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet, the cash flow statement will give you more clear information about your business. They will help to analyze the cash flow of your business.
  • In addition to cash flow analysis, they also analyze the income statement and balance sheet of the business.
  • The people in business know about discounted and compounded cash flow analysis. The business firm always calculates its returns on a discounted basis instead of compounded analysis. They will help to analyze discounted cash flow analysis and also help you to make better decisions.
  • Research- is divided into market research, and laboratory research (in-house); Businesses need to do market research to know about consumer preferences and perceptions, and it will increase the customer value of the products. They will assist you in marketing research.
  • New product development, entering business into other countries, deep pockets, and mergers and acquisitions are the techniques to excel in the business arena. Mergers and acquisitions have both positive and negative impacts. This firm will analyze before merging your company with another or acquiring the other business. Their analysis gives you the whole overview, profit or loss of that mergers and acquisitions.
  • New product or process development needs the possibility or feasibility of a product or project in the existing market. They will analyze the feasibility of the new product.
  • In business, you always need capital to perform business, you will use shareholders’ investment sometimes to obtain financial assistance. This is known as leverage. You have to put in some money from your side to utilize the total benefit. They will create the model for leveraged buyout which gives you profit in the business.
  • They will assist you in capital formation and allocation of aggregated capital in different sources. They assist you in credit rating, business evaluation, and pricing after analyzing the past data and forecasting future actions.

The Flow of the Financial Modeling Process:

  • Information gathering from sources like experts, past secondary data, and collection of new information from occurrences.
  • Design the plan, and compare the plan with previous data.
  • Development of financial model.
  • Execution of model.
  • Evaluation and correction or control if a deviation occurs.

Why do you Choose Flatworld Solutions?

  • Cost-effective – they will provide affordable services. Instead of wasting your quality time in financial modeling, you can outsource it to the firm and save your time on strategic decision-making.
  • Flexible and timely creation of the model helps your firm to make decisions.
  • The use of highly evolved technology can provide quick and better work.
  • They will provide qualitative and quantitative work on time.
  • Highly educated and experienced professional workers.
  • Not only the customers, but even the b2b firms need customized work, likewise, they will also give customized services.
  • After the creation of a financial model, their expert analyzes your model before taking strategic decisions.
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Other Services:

  • Services like market research.
  • Financial and management research.
  • Business valuation and advisory services.
  • Investment and corporate finance decisions.

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4. Financial Modeling Services – Research Optimus

Research Optimus is also a firm that provides financial services to start-ups, medium-sized firms, and big corporate firms.

What is the Purpose of Investing in Financial Modeling?

  • Companies need to develop new products and new projects from time to time. These new projects and products require analysis. They will analyze and evaluate the new projects and products.
  • They will structure financial sources, and assist you in finding new ventures for investment in the business.
  • They will calculate the complete fund requirement of the business for the particular period with the help of past data.
  • All the above information will help the directors in the firm to make better decisions.

They are Offering Services like:

Like other service companies, they also offer cash flow analysis based on discounting methods, statement analysis, evaluation of the probability of new inclusions in the business, price modeling, merger and acquisitions model development, research, valuation models, and other rating models.

Why Research Optimus?

  • It provides competitive rates which are profitable and the best for your business.
  • Their expert team analyzes the data from worldwide companies to provide the best financial models.
  • Like others, they also provide customized services.
  • Better pricing.
  • They are following ISO standards to provide services.
  • They will maintain the confidentiality of your firm.

5. Deloitte

It is one of the biggest United States-based consulting firms that provide services like auditing, advisory, tax, and financial services. They are offering these services to private firms, lenders, and corporations. Their services include business valuation, consultation,  financing, and restructuring.

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6. Freelance Financial Modeling Services

Other than the above firms, you can search for freelancers who provide customized financial modeling services, they are experts in these services like other firms, and they will give you all analyses related to new projects, financial asset allocation, cash flow analysis, etc. You can find freelancers from different countries on websites, specifically designed for freelancers.

What are the Websites Providing these Services?

  • Toptal
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer and other freelancing websites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which option is best in financial matters outsourcing or in-house examination?

Financial management is the top department of the organization. The top senior manager handles the whole departmental affairs. In this context, financial modeling tells about the outsourcing of certain activities in specialized cases, not the whole financial department. In specific cases, to decide whether to outsource or else handle within the firm is based on certain factors like cost, time, small firm, or large corporates. Based on this decision, which will be suitable for specific decisions.

Q2. How long is required to choose financial services?

First, discuss the whole matters within the organization. Analyze the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of that specific activities, and know the internal and external environment of the whole firm. Based on the project development, choose the financial service providing company.

Q3. What are the top financial modeling service providing companies?

As listed here, Ruby Consulting Groups, PWC Indonesia, Flatworld solutions, Research Optimus, freelancing agencies like Toptal, Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, Deloitte, outsource 2 India, IndiaMART. Except for this, you search from your side to know the best one.

Q4. How do I select the financial service-providing firms?

  • First list the service firm.
  • Select the top companies.
  • Do background research about the company.
  • Find the cost required for the whole project.
  • Do conjoint analysis.
  • Analyze the merits and demerits of each firm.
  • Prepare the financial plan and compare it with the service company’s plan.
  • Decide the best one for your firm.

Q5. Which criteria are essential when choosing the service company?

  • Don’t provide confidential things about your firm.
  • Check for the confidentiality of the service firm.


In the above content, you have gone through a lot of important information. Above content deal with questions like what are the services? Why it is required? How to find the best one? When these services are required? Where to find the best service-providing firm? As I mentioned earlier, an essential department requires essential practices. The top management’s important process is consulting with financial matters and services.


  • It is a different field of study, this content provides a detailed understanding of financial modeling and it provides a career scope for many students.

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