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Where to Learn Financial Modeling to Become a Finance Expert?

Are you intending to enroll in a financial modeling course? Are you seriously interested in financial modeling? Want to make your career in finance but don’t know where to learn financial modeling in India? Now your wait is over! Here we have brought to you all the details on where to learn financial modeling in India.

Where to learn financial modeling to become a finance expert?

Priorities first! What do you mean when you refer to Financial Modeling? According to Wikipedia, “Financial Modeling is the task of building an abstract representation of a real-world financial situation.” The model could be spread in Excel, Google, or any other digital sheet form where you can analyze the data.

Oxford dictionary says,” Financial is something relating to finance. Modeling is the present continuous tense of the model which means an example to follow. Summing up it means a sample related to finance for a reference.”

In brief, financial modeling is analytical data to study the financial status of any business. This article tells you all about where to learn financial modeling.

Why Financial Modeling is Important?

When you want to research a company or any business, you need data to be based on. The data should reflect the performance of the company in interest on every timeline. Thus, the financial model will guide where to move on or which direction to take for the success of any company in the marketing field.

The financial Model depicts the statement in the simplified to complex data as a reference to others too. It is the most reliable source of computing digital outcome of your business. When you seek out investors, apply for loans, or assess your financial demands, it is immensely helpful.

The scope of the service is unlimited, but the fundamental and usual method is that it analyses the current, past, and future status of the company to determine how well it will expand. 

Who Should Learn Financial Modeling?

Almost everyone interested in this field can learn the course. If you are looking forward to a job promotion and a career in finance then you should go for the course for starting your career. However, a student with a commerce background will find it easier to take the course due to the complexity and complication of the course.

To Enroll in the Course, You Must Fulfill the Following Requirements:

    • Graduate or postgraduate students, MBA aspirants, investors, business owners, and employed individuals.
    • anybody with a passion for learning about finance.
    • A technical diploma including a B.Tech. or M.Tech.
    • Bank managers, equity researchers, project managers, business planners, financial risk managers, chartered accountants, chartered financial analysts, and financial risk managers.

What is the Scope of Financial Modeling?

It is one of the financial professions with the fastest growth in the Financial Modeling degree. It offers a variety of fields where you can easily build a career:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Finance
  • Credit Analyst
  • Junior Research Analyst
  • Merger and Acquisition Associate
  • Invest Banking Analyst or Junior analyst
  • Financial Planning or Junior analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst or Junior analyst
  • Depth Syndication – Junior Executive

What are the Types of Financial Models?

A financial model is a tool for evaluating a company’s past, present, and future performance. Credit analysis, ratio analysis, equity research, and investment banking are terminology used in the industry. The main categories of Financial Modeling are listed here:

1. Statement Model

  •  A statement of income
  •  A balance sheet
  •  Cashflow Report

We must provide three statements in an audited financial statement. Banks and other financial institutions scan their business borrowers’ historical statements using the approach.

2. Credit Rating Model

The model is founded on the three statement models, which are then expanded to a 3-5 year prediction and incorporate additional factors such as future industry demand growth, managing strength, and quality, collateral quality, existing loan account conduct, etc. 

3. (DCF) Model:

It is a method of valuation study that assessed a company’s value or worth based on expected future cash flow. To compute the valuation, future cash flows must first be discounted using a suitable discounted rate, which is defined by the capital structure and cost of capital of the company.

Before making an investment and estimating the number of shares to be purchased, investors use this approach to estimate the time value of a firm. Investors in the stock market employ fundamental analysis to identify whether a company is trading higher or lower than its true value.

4. Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO) Model:

Although it is a valuation analysis model, LBO takes Significant Debt Financing into account in contrast to the DCF model. There are three objectives here: to find a suitable internal rate of return, to arrive at an exit value based on the EV/EBITDA multiple, and to modify the balance sheet for the debt-heavy capital structure.

When an acquiring company (typically a private equity firm) employs a sizeable amount of debt to cover the acquisition cost, we must apply this model to determine the fair value and exit return of the target company, which may be private or public.

5. Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Model:

We must examine M&A financing choices (including cash, stock, debt, and hybrid), the share swap ratio, the control premium, the estimated post-M&A synergies, and other factors. An investment banking analyst will use this kind of model to determine the accretion/dilution when two businesses decide to merge for reasons such as potential synergies, increased market share, diversification, etc., or when a business decides to buy another business.

What Are the Advantages of Financial Modeling Education?

Financial Modeling is one of the most in-demand abilities in the corporate sector today. These skills are necessary for almost all financial positions in the corporate sector today. Numerous opportunities will open up for you if you can master them. Financial Modeling is a lucrative profession in India.

Financial Modeling has been increasingly important for furthering one’s profession in finance in recent years. Financial Modeling is a skill that is required for the majority of corporate finance positions, giving you a wide range of employment opportunities. A good career in Financial Modeling is possible in India.

The reason for its adaptability is that it can assist with any job responsibility involved in studying a corporation. Being able to create a financial model is a skill that not many people possess, therefore enrolling in a specialized course will give you an advantage over the competition.

Candidates are engaged by numerous research companies, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and credit rating organizations after completing the Financial Modeling course. As a result, data is essential to the business landscape, and most companies today understand this and have plenty of openings for qualified financial modelers.

In the modern world, where content data rules supreme, Financial Modeling expertise is crucial. It is particularly crucial if you want to work in stock research, investment banking, venture capital, commercial banking, real estate, or a related industry. Your knowledge of Financial Modeling will give you a solid foundation. 

Anyone who wants to put their theoretical knowledge into practice can benefit from taking a Financial Modeling course, and working professionals will gain expertise and a competitive edge by being able to participate in and lead Financial Modeling initiatives. Consequently, you will be able to pursue a lucrative profession in Financial Modeling in India. 

Check out the foremost Financial Modeling Courses in India

Here are the Top 10 Institutions that Provide Financial Modeling in India:


IIM SKILLS is a global organization that offers professional courses in both offline and online modes. This school not only offers courses but also gives students opportunities to apply for jobs in the professions they studied. The advanced and current content of the IIM Skills course gives applicants an advantage as they build their portfolios for more scope and career options in the marketing industry.

There is no doubt that you will succeed in the industry if you enroll in a course at this institution. Additionally, it offers lifetime access to recordings and reference materials via a Learning Management System that is regularly updated. Students are introduced to complex business technologies in the course, including advanced PowerPoint and Excel. If you are wondering where to learn financial modeling, must consider IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course.

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with IIM Skills, contact [email protected]

Courses by IIM SKILLS

2. Edu Pristine

Edu Pristine is one of the finest finance institutions which provides Financial Modeling courses in collaboration with B.S.E institute to give the best to their students. EduPristine is under United States Educational Institution. Thus, it provides a highly rewarding platform to work on Financial Modeling in India through their advanced training and courses, making their students ready to handle any task based on the field.

The class mode is online and the timing is very flexible. EduPristine is committed to helping you along the journey by offering opportunities for practical learning. BSE Institute, which offers the course online and in a classroom format, will certify you in Financial Modeling.

The career services offered by EduPristine assist students in gaining confidence and locating the finest employment opportunities in their chosen industry through the development of soft skills, resume-building, and other skill-enhancing courses.

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with Edupristine, contact [email protected]

3. EY

The Financial Modeling certification program offered by the virtual/online academy covers all aspects of the subject. It is acknowledged as being among the best financial institutions. The course helps students develop a solid portfolio and Financial Modeling skills.

All of the fundamental abilities needed to succeed in Financial Modeling are covered in the course. For instance, Microsoft Excel, Business Interpretation, Valuation Techniques, and Business Valuation Fundamentals. You could improve your general accounting and financial knowledge or learn how to expedite the budgeting and forecasting process with the aid of this course.

The FMVA certification provides all of the skills, resources, and methods required to develop into a top-tier financial modeling expert. You would be able to pursue a lucrative profession in Financial Modeling as a consequence in India. After the course, students will get a “Certificate of Completion” from EY.

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with EY, reach out to their website

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4. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The biggest and most used training platform for finance professionals is called Corporate Finance Institute (CFI). It offers a wide range of materials for the global development of finance professionals. Additionally, it offers certification, tools, hacks, and other cutting-edge financial strategies to rise to the top of the field.

You will graduate with a master’s in financial modeling after completing the course with all the necessary skills and methods. You can pursue a lucrative profession in Financial Modeling in India. To help applicants understand and put these abilities into practice, the course offers examples that are specifically created to teach alternative methods for computing crucial financial metrics.

The foundations of corporate valuation, valuation techniques, and interpreting valuation outcomes are also covered in the program. A thorough program study that covers all of the courses will be used to supplement the lessons learned from these demonstrations and examples. After finishing the course, candidates should be able to build solid, dynamic financial models to perform independent business valuations.

They carry on from where a business school leaves off by instructing you in the practical, on-the-job aspects of corporate finance. You can succeed in India’s Financial Modeling industry if you take this course. You will learn the fundamental abilities required for effective financial analysis through the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Certification program at CFI. So, end your quest about where to learn financial modeling and get yourself enrolled.

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with CFI, reach out to their website

5. Coursera

A well-known self-paced learning portal with a huge selection of courses and programs is called Coursera. Coursera is a company that is constantly expanding to make the globe a place where everyone can learn from anywhere and change their life. They have already teamed up with more than 200 colleges to broaden their scope in every discipline to realize this objective.

There are more than 100 courses available at the beginning, intermediate, and mixed levels under the umbrella of the financial area. Every course has been carefully created to cover a certain subject. You are free to select specialized courses based on your field and level of experience. 

The Following are the Best and Most Popular Financial Modeling Courses in India: 

  • Financial and Business Modeling
  • Quantitative Modeling for Analysts in Finance
  • Quantitative Modeling Fundamentals
  • Capstone for Wharton Business and Financial Modeling
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Advanced Valuation & Strategy 

Mode: Online

Why You Should Opt for Their Courses:

  • Self-paced education
  • Access to everyone, anytime, and anywhere. 
  • Affordable prices. 

Contact Details:

Ph. No.: (800) 952-5210.

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6. Udemy Beginner to Pro in Excel

Udemy is a well-known online self-paced learning platform with a futuristic outlook on learning at any time and from any location. Udemy has a huge student community for skill improvement and job advancement in all fields. To help you keep ahead in the business world, Udemy offers a wide range of options for Financial Modeling courses and training that are taught by reputable experts. The top choices, each priced affordably, are as follows:

  • Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation from Beginner to Expert
  • Build a complete DCF valuation model as part of Financial Modeling.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling for Consultants and Business Analysts 

Mode: Online

Reasons To Choose This Course:

  • Learning at your own pace
  • Economical pricing
  • 30-day return policy
  • Certifications

Contact Details:

Email ID[email protected]

7. The Wall Street School

One of the most prestigious brands when it comes to Financial Modeling courses in India is The Wall Street School (TWSS). TWSS, a strictly financial institute, was established to meet the enormous demand for qualified finance experts. According to TWSS, completing academic work without receiving practical training results in a gap in the learning curve. As a result, its programs are made to meet the delegates’ practical needs. 

Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Course Duration and Fees:

The course fee for 2.5 months of weekend instruction is 40,000 + GST*.

When a candidate is placed through them and accepts the offer, they have specific provisions that allow them to charge “Placement Success Fees” of 75,000. 

Mode: Online and Offline

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with The Wall Street School, reach out to their website

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8. Courseware:

The courseware offers a thorough understanding of investment banking procedures, equities research, and the capital market and was created by investment bankers and other specialists. The following is the course syllabus:

Module 1: Excel basics and medium level 

Module 2: Advanced PowerPoint & Excel

Module 3: Fundamental Financial Ideas

Module 4: Business modeling

Module 5: Comparable Company Analysis

Module 6: Transaction Analysis

Module 7: Discounted Cashflow Valuation 

Module 8: Merger Model 

Module 9: Leverage Buyout

Module 10: Resume and Mock Interview 

Reasons to Choose This Course: 

  • Recognized Certifications 
  • Experienced Mentors. 
  • Experiential Learning 
  • Latest Curriculum 
  • Reputed Certifications
  • Job Assistance. 
  • Fees on success

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with Courseware, reach out to their website


9. NSE (National Stock Exchange) Academy 

With its online Financial Modeling training, NSE might be a terrific option if you’re looking for outstanding Financial Modeling courses in India. For the past 25 years, NSE has worked to improve the financial security of Indians, making it a leader in the finance industry.

The online Financial Modeling course at NSE is created to equip students with intense instruction to successfully participate in the global finance sector, keeping in mind the clear necessity to give delegates real exposure. The course’s goal is to teach students how to build consistent, realistic financial models that may be used to make crucial business choices.

Course Name: Certification in Online Financial Modeling

Course Duration: 59 chapters and more than 10 hours of content

Course Fees: INR 9,000

Mode: Online


  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Financial Modeling Case Study 
  • Financial Modeling and Financial Statement Construction 
  • Basic Case Study for Building Financial Models 
  • Valuation Techniques 


  • CFA, CA, MBA
  • commerce and finance students
  • 9 to 5 employees

Reasons To Choose This Course:

  • Based on practical cases
  • Valuable mentors
  • Lifetime Certificate

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with NSE, reach out to their website

Contact Details:

Ph. No. 022-2659 8100/ 2659 8114 / 66418100

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10. Henry Harvin

One of the most well-known organizations acknowledged on a global scale is the Henry Harvin Academy. It satisfies all the requirements that the pupils have. According to the extent of their students’ accomplishments, their experts created the course. Additionally, they offer a yearlong 100% guarantee that all of their students will be hired upon course completion.

The course is offered in an online format with a flexible course schedule. Six courses, two case studies, and two supplemental modules make up the curriculum. In-depth knowledge of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, as well as how to use financial statements and ratio analysis, are just a few of the topics covered in this training module. 

Henry Harvin provides a 9-in-1 course together with 100% placement assistance for a full year following the course’s successful completion. The Financial Modeling Professional Course certificate, which is accepted all over the world, will be given to the students. You would be able to pursue a lucrative profession in Financial Modeling as a consequence in India.

To know more about where to learn financial modeling with Henry Harvin, reach out to their website.


Q1. Is self-study of Financial Modeling possible?

Yes, you may learn Financial Modeling independently by using the online and offline materials that are available. For instance, you might learn the material using free Google and YouTube videos. Having stated that, to be more structured, you will need a schedule and structure that occupy and absorb your energy. As a result, if you can work quickly and effectively, I advise you to enroll in the online/offline course foremost to speed things up.

Q2. How much does someone with expertise in Financial Modeling make on average in India?

Depending on your performance and skills, the typical income for Financial Modeling in India ranges from 5 to 12 lakhs.

Q3. Is the certificate accepted?

Absolutely, yes. By enrolling in these courses, you will not only gain the necessary abilities but also the platform and profession you want.


You must have heard a story about OYO Co-Founder, Mr. Ritesh Agarwal, who once met a Financial Model who forecasts his career during his struggling days while he was resolving one of his customer’s complaints about the water shortage in his hotel. He tried to solve this matter by filling up the tanks himself manually. To his surprise, later after a few years his company became a Unicorn, and was recognized as the second-youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

He is included in Forbes’ list of Asia’s 30 under 30. Such is the power and precision of Financial Modeling. So, do you too have a start-up idea of your own? Or looking for an investor to scale your business? Or do you want to know where your business is up to? Do you need a consultant to be more productive for the betterment of your company or launch a rocket out of your pocket? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and grab that horse right away.

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