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Top Listed KPO companies In India To Consider For Career Growth

India has seen a rise in KPO companies over the past decades due to globalization. It can also be because India has risen as a rich hub of IT outsourcing. But as globalization and technological advances emerge within other industries, the need for diversified professionals has increased. Here is a comprehensive list of the top listed KPO Companies In India.

Listed KPO Companies In India With Details

What is KPO?

KPO, Knowledge Process Outsourcing is, considered to be the subset of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), the outsourcing of any core business-related task or knowledge-based processes like research, analysis, consultancy, etc. The outsourced work is usually taken up by another company, but can also be transferred to the subsidiary of the same company. The subsidiaries that take up these tasks to save money and other resources can be from the same country or other countries. These subsidiaries or KPO firms can also take decisions regarding the task on behalf of their parent company.

Understanding KPO

When companies need expert knowledge, technical or otherwise, skills, and expertise, they outsource the tasks to another company or vendor or their own subsidiary company. While BPO involves outsourcing labor and other operational works, its subset, KPO is involved in far more core projects, requiring advanced, specialized, technical, or analytical knowledge-based work. The firms that act as KPOs have highly educated and skilled professionals who can complete these tasks without needing additional training and developing the skills required. With the help of a KPO, a company/ business can use its expert knowledge to increase its company value and boost its competitiveness. They can do this without having to hire and pay for permanent roles on a full-time basis. There are so many types of KPO including legal discovery, financial research, market research, data analytics, creative design, content writing, etc., but these services can be broadly classified into 4:


  • Data Management – Providing the best solutions regarding data storage, integration, retrieval, and sharing for making better business reports and analytics, whatever is required by the stakeholders.


  • Market/ Business research – Providing research services, and strategy for better accuracy, and giving answers to the most troubling business questions.


  •  Data Analytics and Insights – learning about business problems across most countries and using that detail to empower the organization with reliable insights due to the use of cutting-edge technologies for data analysis.


  • Global Reporting and Performing Management – Provides reliable performance measurement and reports across any industry to arrive at analytics as required by the stakeholders.


What is KPO

KPO Interview Questions

KPO Industries in India

Why Do Companies Require Knowledge Process Outsourcing?

Companies looking to outsource their tasks/ projects, majorly in three cases. First, if they’re people with a particular skill or specification to complete a task. The team may be missing an expert who can give reliable insight required for the problem, or they may lack the technical skill for the project. 

Secondly, lack of enough qualified employees. The team that is qualified for this work may already be overloaded with other projects and tasks, and cannot take up another task with priority, thus requiring additional help from KPO firms. This is common with bootstrapped startups.

 Lastly, if there is a lack of resources, the company can outsource its work. As mentioned above, this could be because the qualified team already has too much on their hands, and this task or project has an imminent deadline, or the company does not have the financial capacity to either hire full-time employees or buy the required pieces of equipment. 


Pros and Cons of KPO

Pros of Outsourcing to KPO:

  • Cost-effective: This is probably the biggest advantage of outsourcing to KPO firms. They provide a competitive price range that can be helpful, especially for small businesses and startups, where they don’t have to find a space for different processes and pieces of equipment or bear the additional cost of expert intervention for minimum tasks. Since they’re contract workers, companies can save some tax. 
  • Expert advice: KPOs typically hire only the best, most skilled, and most knowledgeable professionals. So, rest assured, the company’s outsourcing to them will get reliable advice and services. 
  • Better Resource Management: The company can save its resources by outsourcing some tasks that may need expert attention, but are not the core of their business, or the main part of their business. In such cases, the companies are not only saving their space and resources but also the cost of recruiting a highly qualified individual for full-time. These resources can be used elsewhere. 
  • Eyes on the prize: With the non-primary functions being handled by KPOs, the company can allow its employees to work on the core project. This in turn allows for improving overall efficiency and thus increases customer satisfaction. These results also provide better value to shareholders and customers. 

Cons of Outsourcing to KPO:

  • Security: Outsourcing processes means sharing data that is required for the task. But this can be risky as data can be stolen, sold, tampered with, or lost while working with the vendor.
  • Staff turnover rate: KPO firms can give the most comprehensive list of services there is but with high staff turnover rates, the project may see changes in vendor team members or even the project managers, leaving in the middle of the project.
  • Compliance: If the vendor does not comply with data confidentiality and other security norms, it could be risky to share necessary data confidentially and securely. 

Now that we’ve seen the definitions with a deeper understanding, of the pros and the cons of outsourcing to KPOs, let’s see the top listed KPO companies in India.

1. IBM

First among the listed KPO companies in India is International Business Machines (IBM). Founded in 1911, it initially worked as a computing-tabulating recording company (CTR), later getting renamed IBM in 1924. It is a multinational technology company, headquartered in Armonk, New York, and holds its subsidiaries in India (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Kolkata, etc.) and worldwide in over 170 countries. 

The company offers end-to-end services to customers, everything from hardware to software, and also consulting, and other services. The services provided by IBM are mainly divided into services by technology and services by business needs. Services by Technology include: 

  • Data and Analytics consulting services: IBM helps your company to take better data-driven decisions with better insight. IBM helps with better data strategy, consulting, and architecture, and also helps with deploying data science and making predictive models and visualizations to gain a better understanding of the data to make better decisions. 


  • Application Management Services for Hybrid Cloud: IBM provides high-quality and innovative hybrid cloud management services to its customers.


  • Artificial Intelligence: IBM uses AI to help make better strategies and business workflows. 


  • IBM Blockchain Services and Consulting: With over 1600 business consultants and technical experts, IBM is one of the leading experts in blockchain business who helps with governance, business value, and technology needed for a business to grow.


  • Cloud Computing: IBM provides open, hybrid, and managed cloud services across multiple security-rich cloud environments.


  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: These provide a better strategy to drive real business transformation.


  • Cybersecurity: IBM helps detect and respond to threats, while also helping in business transformation


  • Digital Commerce and E-commerce consulting: helping with the omnichannel commerce experience with AI.


  • IBM Infrastructure Services: IBM provides technical expertise for any IBM servers, storage, and software. 


Services by Business Need Include:

  • Operations
  • Customer experience
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Talent Management

  As of February 02, 2023, the net worth of IBM is USD 122.14B. 

2. Tata Consultancy Services

Second, on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). TCS is one of the leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organizations that offer transformational and outsourcing services to global enterprises. Founded in 1968 by Mr Fakir Chand Kohli, who is also known as the Father of Indian IT, later became the co-founder and also CEO of Tata Consultancy Services.  Headquartered in Mumbai, with its subsidiaries or child companies across various countries like North America, the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Continental Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. TCS helps businesses to transform through technology. The different industries involved with TCS for outsourced works are:

  • Banking
  • Communications, Media, and Information Services
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Capital Markets
  • Consumer Goods and Distribution
  • Energy, Resources, and Utilities
  • High Tech
  • Life Sciences
  • Public Services
  • Travel and Logistics

For all the given industries, the following services are provided by Tata consultancy services. These services include:

  • Cloud 
  • Consulting
  • Cognitive Business Operations
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data and Analytics
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • IoT Digital Engineering
  • Sustainability Services
  • TCS Interactive

TCS has over 592,000 employees who are among some of the world’s best-trained consultants, in any of the above fields, in over 55 countries. For the financial year 2022, the consolidated revenue was calculated to be US 25.7 billion. TCS is listed on the NSE (National Stock Exchange), as well as BSE (BSE – formerly called Bombay Stock Exchange)

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3. WNS Global Services

Next on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is WNS Global Services, a business process management company. Founded by British Airways in 1996, WNS is headquartered in Mumbai. Now the company has 64 delivery centres widespread over 4 continents and 13 countries including Costa Rica, Philippines, Poland, etc., with over 400+ clients and 57,000+ employees. They offer their services by combining deep domain expertise at major industry levels with excellence in operational services. The different industries that make use of WNS are:

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Hi-Tech and Professional Services
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing 
  • Insurance
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Travel and Leisure
  • Private Equity
  • Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Utilities and Energy

The services offered by WNS Include:

  • Analytics
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Customer Experience Service
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Services
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Technology
  • Research
  • Procurement 

Some of their technological solutions include Travel TRAC, WNS TRAC, Blockchain, etc. 

4. Concentrix

Up next on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is Concentrix, an IT service management company. Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary under SYNNEX Corporation, becoming independent in 2020, it’s global headquarter is in Fremont, California. The main objective of Concentrix is designing, building, marketing, and running business processes, and customer management solutions. The industries that use their services include:

  • Automotive 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Healthcare Services
  • Insurance
  • Energy and Public Sector
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Media and Communications
  • Technology
  • Travel, Transportation, and Tourism


The Services That Can Be Availed from Concentrix Are:

  • Automation & Operations – this includes Robotic Process Automation, test automation, intelligent automation, Cybersecurity, experience assurance, intelligent operations, etc.
  • CX Strategy – this includes C transformation, CX model design, the voice of the customer, and customer research.
  • CX Management – this entails marketing solutions, customer care, technical support, revenue growth services, and collections.
  • Data & Analytics – This usually includes data engineering, advanced analytics, business insights, intelligence strategy, operational analytics, etc.
  • Experience Platforms – this includes technology & innovation, strategy & programs, management & optimization, and project services.
  • Experience Design – this includes journey design, touchpoint design, service design, human-centred design, and product realization. 
  • Digital Engineering – this includes custom development, edge computing, API & Integration services, omnichannel engineering, immersive experience, etc.
  • Enterprise Modernization – this includes cloud engineering, intelligent automation, API Management & Security, Conversational AI, and Contact Center Modernization
  • Content Trust & Safety – this includes protected experiences, global operations, uncompromised wellness, focused innovation, etc. 

5. Wipro Limited

Next on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is Wipro Limited, an Indian transnational association that provides consulting, information technology, and business process services. Wipro was innovated in 1945 in Karnataka by Azim H. The company received ISO 9001 certification between 1994-1995, for its manufacturing and development facilities. Now, many different industries are counting on Wipro for their services. Some of the notable industries included are:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Education 
  • Engineering Construction & Operations
  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Communications
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Life Science & Pharmaceuticals 
  • Medical Devices
  • Natural Resources
  • Industrial & Process Manufacturing
  • Media & Information Services
  • Network & Edge Providers
  • Oil & Gas
  • Platforms & Software Products
  • Professional Services
  • Public Sector
  • Retails 
  • Semiconductors 
  • Transportation & Services 
  • Utilities 


The Services Provided by Wipro Include:

  • Applications – such as expertise in Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, data bricks, tableau, snowflake, Informatica, MuleSoft, etc.
  • Artificial & Augmented Intelligence
  • Business Process 
  • Business Solutions
  • Cloud
  • Consulting 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data & Analytics
  • Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • Sustainability
  • Talent Cloud
  • Design & Experience
  • Digital Marketing & Interaction


6. Genpact:

Up next on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is Genpact or ‘Generating Impact’. The company was initially a subsidiary of General Electric, in 1997. Since becoming an independent company in 2005, the company started using its process expertise and lean management to help develop other companies. And in 2007 Genpact, became a publicly traded company. What started with just 20 employees, is now a flourishing business with over 115k employees and 800+ clients from all over the world. All employees are highly qualified and holders of advanced degrees in various fields. Genpact’s services are used in industries such as:

  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Consumer Goods and Retail
  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Insurance
  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Media, Publishing, and Entertainment
  • Private Equity
  • Software and Digital Platforms


Some of the Business and Technical Services Provided by Genpact to Enable Digital Transformation, and Growth of Its Clients Are:

  • AI and Automation
  • Cloud
  • Data and Analytics
  • Technology
  • Customer care
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Sales and Commercial
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Sustainability and Supply Chain Management

7. LTIMindtree

Next on our list of top listed KPO companies in India is LTIMindtree Limited. Mindtree is an international technology consulting and digital solutions association that allows other enterprises across various industries to improve their business models, speed up innovation, and maximize growth with the help of advanced digital technologies. LTIMindtree is a Larson & Toubro Group Company, that combines the industry-acclaimed strengths of both Larsen and Toubro Infotech and Mindtree to solve the most complex challenges in businesses and deliver a transformation at a large scale. LTIMindtree provides extensive domain knowledge and technology expertise to help make better knowledge-based decisions, differentiation, and customer experiences and contributes to overall business outcomes. The main industries utilizing their expertise are:

  • Finance and Banking
  • Communications, Media, and Entertainment
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Energy and Utilities, etc.

Some of the Major Services Provided by Ltimindtree Are:

  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Consulting
  • Customer Service
  • Disruptive SaaS
  • Digital Engineering
  • Enterprise Applications
  • RPA and testing
  • Platform Operations, etc. 

8. Deloitte

Next on our listed KPO companies in India is Deloitte. As a leading worldwide provider of consulting, audit and assurance, financial and risk advisory, tax, and other related services, Deloitte is a well-known brand. It has over 150 years of experience and knowledge in the industry and has been making a real difference to many organizations and has also grown itself to be having over 286,000 employees in 150 countries. The various industries making use of Deloitte’s services include:

  • Consumer – this can be in the field of automotive, consumer products, retail, wholesale, & distribution, transportation, hospitality & services.
  • Energy, Resources & Industrials – this includes industrial products & construction, mining & metals, energy & chemicals, power, utilities & renewables.
  • Financial Services – this can be in banking & capital markets, insurance, investment management, or real estate.
  • Government & Public Services – this mainly includes civil government, defence, security & justice, health & social care, international donor, organizations & transport.
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications


The Main Services Offered by Deloitte Are:

  • Audit & Assurance
  • Consulting – this can be with regards to strategy, analytics and M&A, customer & marketing, core business operations, human capital, enterprise technology & performance.
  • Risk Advisory – this is with regards to strategic & reputation risk, regulatory risk, operational risk, financial risk, and cyber risk.
  • Financial Advisory – this can be for forensic and dispute services, corporate finance advisory, restricting projects, business valuation and modeling, mergers & acquisitions, transaction services, etc.
  • Tax – here the services can be for alerts, thoughtware, webcasts, Deloitte Tax offerings, and policy papers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the disadvantages of KPO?

The main disadvantages are – lack of confidentiality, there is always a risk of leaking, selling, or tampering with the data.

Q2. Which are of the other listed KPO companies in India, not listed here?

  • Aptara (previously known as TechBooks)
  • Pangea3
  • Datamatics Global Service
  • Mckinsey Knowledge Centre
  • Sutherland Global Services, etc. 

Conclusion on listed KPO Companies in india 

The outsourcing market is growing incredibly in India and around the world. This is telling of the importance of Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) as a whole. KPO saves time, effort, and resources to deliver complex tasks. A project that can take up to 9 months for employees without expert skills or in-depth knowledge, a KPO team can complete that same task in 6 months or less. This not only is cost-effective and time-effective but also the companies can receive expert opinions and advanced technology, allowing their decision-making to be based on knowledge. It allows for improved HR quality and better service to customer demands. KPO saves the time taken by an employee who might need to learn something from the beginning to perform a task, but an already well-known person won’t have this problem. The most notable outsourcing service is probably that of technology. The more advanced technology, the more accurate the data can be. Hence, it is important to choose among the best KPO companies in India. When choosing among any of the KPO companies in India, it is important to select the firm that curates best to your particular need. To select this, we must understand the business requirement well and identify the main part where KPO’s service is required and select the firm. We have provided some of the top KPO companies in India for you to get started. Other than this, there are so many KPO companies in India. So, if you want to grow or try to run a business, it’s always a good choice to outsource the toughest and most technologically challenging tasks to any KPO company in India. 

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