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Top Short-Term Finance Courses in Dubai With Live Training

Dubai is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, and the demand for short-term finance courses in Dubai is growing rapidly. Short-term finance courses in Dubai are perfect for those looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial markets and the fundamentals of finance. These courses provide students with an opportunity to learn the basics of financial management, financial analysis, investments, and risk management. The courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful in the financial sector. In addition, the courses often feature case studies and real-time projects that help students to gain a better understanding of the subject. With the rise of the digital economy, these courses have become even more important as they provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Short-Term Finance Courses in Dubai

Financial Modeling Course

Financial Modeling: what is it?

Financial Modeling is the skill of building spreadsheet financial models that show an overview of a company’s costs and revenue to project future actions. It is a numerical depiction of a company’s past, present, and anticipated future activities. These models are instruments for making decisions. 

Financial models can be used to estimate a company’s value or evaluate it against competitors in the same sector. There are several models that can provide various outcomes. 


IIM SKILLS, India’s top provider of online education and technology, offers some of the greatest professional courses and Short-term finance courses in dubai. These courses assist you in revamping your career and helping you make the best selections depending on your preferences. The institute’s educational programme gives applicants the required information and perspective. The professional courses offered here cover the most essential modern concepts using both theory and practice. 

IIM SKILLS creates educational curricula that are focused on employment and applicable to industry. Each skill development programme’s curriculum is created after careful study in order to give students the greatest training and opportunity to upskill. IIM SKILLS offers employment-focused courses that may be completed in as little as 12 weeks by working professionals, stay-at-home parents, college students, and job seekers.


Course Module and Contents At A Glance:

Basic and Advanced Excel in Module 1 (8-10 hours)

Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements in Module 2 (5-7 hours)

Ratio/KPI Analysis, Module 3 (4-6 hours)

Module 4: Financial Modeling Fundamentals (4 hours)

Different Financial Models (12–15 hours) Module 5: LBO and M&A Models

  • Model for Private Equity Returns
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Diagram

  • Valuation Using the NAV Approach

Over 25,000 students have been trained by the institute in a variety of professional areas, and its training programmes include resume assistance and placement support. The training offerings here allow one to become fully employed and work from home. Additionally, it aids in your freelancing career development. The Financial Modeling Program by IIM SKILLS has the following course information:

Name of the course: Financial Modeling Online Course

Three months plus two months for the course Assurance of an Internship

Fee for course: 1882.96 AED plus taxes

Course Details

Module 1 – Basic and Advanced Excel (8-10 hours)

Module 2 – Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements (5-7 hours)

Module 3 – Ratio/KPI Analysis (4-6 hours)

Module 4 – Basics of Financial Modeling (4 hours)

Module 5 – Different Types of Financial Models (12-15 hours)• LBO Model

• M&A Model

• Private Equity Return Model

• 13 Week Cash Flow Model

Module 6 – Business Valuation (7-9 hours)• Relative Valuation – Trading and Transaction Comps

• DCF Valuation

• NAV Approach for Valuation

The program’s interactive live online course and other features make it the best Short-term Financial Modeling training in Dubai.

  • Flexible timetables
  • Practical exercises
  • Practical training
  • 100% interview guarantee through a dedicated placement cell
  • Practice-based learning using tools
  • mentoring from eminent experts
  • Alumni involvement in the community
  • lifetime access to the LMS The LMS contains classes and recordings. 
  • Guaranteed complete refund for dissatisfied clients
  • a Master’s degree from IIM Skills that is recognised
  • 24/7 technical support and learning, etc.

As a Part of the Certification Program, You Will Master the Following Tools:

Microsoft PowerPoint:

grads, CAs, CFAs, FRMs, MBA-level finance professionals, engineers, B.Tech grads, etc. are all eligible to enroll in this course.

Know About the Students of IIM SKILLS From All Over the Globe

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Business Accounting And Taxation Course

The Business Accounting and Taxation course teaches students the principles of accounting, taxation, payroll operations, and other important economics topics. You can gain the necessary information and abilities for managing a company that includes several Sales, Accounting, and Taxation divisions by enrolling in a BAT programme. Exploring the business accounting and taxation principles that are a key component of this programme is essential to understanding what this course is. So let’s get started and look at all the components that this course must include.

BAT Course: What Is It?

A recognised academic programme in business accounting and taxation is available, devised by few of the known institutes from dubai. Before we get into more detail about the BAT course’s coursework and how it may further your career, whether you’re a student or a working professional, let’s first grasp the two most important features of the programme:

Commercial Accounting:

Keeping track of all business processes is done through business accounting. In this procedure, the financial papers are analyzed, recorded, and interpreted.


Governments all throughout the globe use taxation as a tool. It entails assessing fees on people, groups of individuals, or businesses in order to raise money for the nation’s development efforts. 

Let’s Look Through These Brief Points to Get a Sense of All That Will Be Covered in the BAT Course:

A BAT course, which offers students an in-depth understanding of accountancy, is an intense certification programme that is performed through both in-person and online lectures and has a wide curriculum. It combines a healthy amount of theoretical

A BAT course, which offers students an in-depth understanding of accountancy, is an intense certification programme that is performed through both in-person and online lectures and has a wide curriculum. In order to provide students a well-rounded viewpoint, it contains a well-balanced blend of theoretical and practical understanding of bookkeeping and account-keeping.

The System Application Product (SAP), a system made up of modules that cover every aspect of Business Management, is also formally trained in this course. Learning SAP is a valuable addition to your skill set because it is highly sought-after in the management industry.

A BAT course also gives students access to Quickbooks Coaching’s tools and strategies. This programme is one of the most dependable sources in the accounting industry for preserving private financial statements or information. 

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Is the BAT Course Valuable?

A BAT course seeks to acquaint you with the fundamentals of the three basic areas of commerce, namely business, accounting, and taxation, whether you intend to pursue a career in accounting, finance, or taxation.

Here Are Some Advantages of Enrolling in a BAT Course:

For both commerce and non-commerce students, it is one of the greatest short-term courses available following the BCom.

The BAT course gives students understanding of technical accounting systems like System Application Product (SAP), and it further attempts to teach them on a par with MBAs and CAs who have earned their certifications.

The programme was designed to prepare commerce graduates for careers in accounting and taxation by taking into consideration India’s growing need for accountants.

While taking this course, you will not only master accounting but also financial reporting and auditing, which will expand your options for professions in commerce.

ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, Quickbooks, audits, learning about payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and other important topics are only a few of the course’s major components.

The remuneration for the BAT programme in dubai from 17,712 EUR/year

Eligibility Requirements

One must hold a Bachelor’s degree in commerce from a reputable academic institution in order to enroll in a BAT programme at a recognised academic institution. Aside from this, the requirements for admittance may vary depending on the institution selected.

What is the BAT Course Application Process?

By going to the institute’s official website, you may obtain an offline application form or submit an online application for the BAT course.You must hold a bachelor’s degree in a discipline or speciality linked to commerce, such as B.Com, BBA, etc. Each institution that offers the BAT course has a different cost structure, and both a full-time and online option are available.

Top Institutes Offering BAT (Short-term Finance Courses in Dubai) are Given Below

  • University of Birmingham Dubai
  • Curtin University
  • Ras Al Khaimah University,Dubai

What You’ll Discover

Apply your understanding of taxes to recognise legislative and case law principles of taxation as they apply to individual and company taxpayers, critically examine tax problems, and use logic, reason, and creativity to come up with solutions that take the global tax environment into account.

Be professional in your communication, and use responsible and pertinent language while discussing local, national, and worldwide taxation issues.

Use current technology and market knowledge to examine taxation issues in ways that show logical thought and sound judgment.

Show that you understand cultural diversity and how it influences your taxes in order to practice ethical, courteous, and responsible taxation.

Develop good, realistic business solutions that show an awareness of the legal and regulatory environment, critical reflection on one’s own talents, and the future of work to demonstrate industry preparedness.

What Types of Occupations Are Possible With a Taxation Major (Bcom)

  • Expert in international taxation
  • tax advisor
  • Tax supervisor
  • An accountant for taxes
  • a tax attorney
  • Taxation expert
  • Treasurer.

Tally Course

For individuals looking to work as bookkeepers or accountants, Tally is an online accounting software training. You may learn the skills needed for accounting and finance with Tally. Additionally, Svarna Training Institute provides a Tally Certification Course in Dubai, enabling you to investigate additional employment options and potential career improvements! The updated Tally Prime version 

Looking to enhance or refresh your knowledge in accounting and financial management? For individuals wishing to become proficient users of the well-known accounting software, produce financial reports, and get the most out of their Tally investment, Tally courses in Dubai provide a variety of programme alternatives.

What Will You Learn From the Tally Training Course Offered by Svarna?

The finest alternative for starting your own contemporary firm is a tally programme. There are several employment options available. The main ideas are outlined in this course outline.

Ledgers for Masters

Groups – Masters

Bill-wise Debtors and Masters – Creditors Processing Sales Orders and Receipt Vouchers in the Tally Ledger Day Book

Bank reconciliation using credit and debit notes in Tally

Credit Limit for Stock Transfers in Tally

Controls and Budgets in Overall Financial Reports

Audit Tally

How May a Tally ERP Certification Advance Your Career?

Tally is a crucial accounting course that aids individuals in comprehending and making sense of the financial data of their business. You may develop skills for financial management, banking, and company administration with the help of this certification. These are some ways that this course can advance your career:

Gaining Tally certification might improve your employment options and career aspirations in prestigious organizations.

Tally is a thorough and organized training programme that demonstrates how to utilize Tally.

Tally certification is the most sought-after credential in accounting.

You might have an advantage over those that lack the learning certification.

Tally certifications are growing in popularity and are becoming a requirement for many workers.

Show off your expertise in accounting and dedication to lifelong learning and ethical behavior.

The Goals of Svarna’s Tally Training in Dubai:

The highly skilled instructors at Svarna Training Institute will customise your course to meet your needs. By doing this, we also hope to accomplish the primary goals of the course. These are the course’s main objectives:

Learn how to create precise accounting records.

Discover different business reports

Improve your financial and inventory management abilities.

Maintaining accounts and inventories as well as lowering loss and waste are all benefits.

Create the organization’s financial statements for a specific time period.

It is possible to decrease redundant record entry in several accounting books.

It is necessary to keep records for every form of accounting, including sale records, inventory management, and receipt notes.

Job Prospects Which are Provided Through Tally ERP Certification.

Tally ERP 9 Training will be an important education for anybody trying to launch a contemporary business. Training in Tally ERP 9 might help you run your firm and open up greater employment opportunities. The following jobs are open to certification holders:

Junior accountant, executive in accounts

Operator for data input Accounting helper Trainee Tally Accountant

Tally ERP9 Training Benefits for Starting Modern Businesses

Tally may control a variety of commercial operations. 

This Programme for Business Management is Quite Effective.

The Programme Tally ERP 9 has the features listed below:

  • Payroll and Accounting Management
  • Adherence to the law
  • Inventory control
  • The balance sheet’s completion
  • Efficiency, quickness, and effectiveness are key components of modern corporate environments. 

You may start your firm more successfully by understanding how accounting functions with Tally ERP 9 Training. Getting certified will make it simpler to manage the accounting for your company.

Students who can do this short-term finance courses in Dubai.

  • Aspiring accountants
  • MBA specialists
  • Accounting specialists
  • Student of Business Administration
  • Company owners
  • For novices, Tally

Overview Of Training In Data Analytics In Dubai

You will be trained to master data visualization techniques utilizing Tableau, Power BI, Excel, SQL, Python, and many more thanks to our revised curriculum and industry-led specialists.

Dubai Data Analytics Training

For the majority of firms, data analytics is an essential component since it boosts productivity and lowers expenses. There are more career prospects now thanks to the usage of data analytics in enterprises. The best data analytics programmes in Dubai are listed here.

Data Analytics Using MS Power BI2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom
Data Analytics Using Tableau2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom
Data Analytics with MS Excel2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom
Data Analytics using AlterYX2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom
Data Analytics Using Python2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom
Data Analytics using R Programming2 DaysEdoxi & KHDAClassroom

Why Is The Course In Data Analytics Important?

Businesses now largely rely on data analytics because it enables them to recognise trends and patterns in data, which enables them to make better decisions. Because it equips students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful in the profession, the Data Analytics Course is crucial.

Additional Justifications for the Significance of the Data Analytics Course Include the Following;

  • Utilize your knowledge to fill data analytics positions in various sectors.
  • Understanding data can help you develop company plans based on trustworthy findings.
  • Theoretical data analytics ideas with practical applications and demonstrations
  • Discover the techniques and equipment used in data analysis.
  • Obtain your Data Analytic Professional certification.
  • Attractive positions with high pay scales

Specifications of Edoxi’s Data Analytics Training in Dubai Industry-recognized instructors:

The Data Analytics Course coaching is provided by Edoxi Training Institute under the direction of teachers with experience in the field.

Training Modes: Students who enroll in the Data Analytics Course at the Edoxi Training Institute get classroom instruction.

Use cases for the hands-on projects: You will be guided through the use cases and discussions of the hands-on projects by the practical demonstration.

Customization is available upon request; you may conveniently and affordably adapt your course to your needs and schedule.

Guaranteed 100% Training Satisfaction: At Edoxi Training Institute, we place a strong emphasis on offering high-quality training that satisfies your requirements and preferences.

You will be given a certificate once the course has been successfully completed. This qualification will help you improve your resume and provide you an advantage in the job market.

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Why Opt for Data Analytics Training in Dubai at the Edoxi Training Institute

One of the top training facilities for data analytics in Dubai is Edoxi Training Institute also being one of the short-term finance courses in dubai that is available. It can assist you in quickly achieving your objectives. After you complete the course, our highly qualified instructors will make sure you understand the fundamentals of data analytics. 

Offer intensive, focused, and discipline-specific instruction lessons that are specifically customized to the needs of each student.

Give the pupils several study tools

provide knowledge that will improve their ability at work

With Data Analytics training from the Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai, launch your career!


Dubai is an ideal destination for those looking to pursue a short-term finance course. With a wide variety of courses available, ranging from accounting to financial management, and all the necessary resources and support available, Dubai is the perfect place to kick-start a career in finance. Moreover, with its advanced infrastructure and easy access to international financial markets, Dubai provides an excellent environment for both learning and networking with other finance professionals. With the right financial course and the right motivation, anyone can take the first step towards a successful career in finance in Dubai. Be it Online or Classroom course, Learning and gaining knowledge can be done from anywhere, but if you are specifically looking for short-term finance courses in dubai the above mentioned course details are going to help you great deal.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. What type of short-term finance courses are available in Dubai?

 A1. Short-term finance courses available in Dubai include financial management, corporate finance, banking and finance, accounting and finance, investment banking, and financial planning and analysis. 

Q2. Who are short-term finance courses in Dubai suitable for?

 A2. Short-term finance courses in Dubai are suitable for business professionals, entrepreneurs, and those looking to gain a better understanding of financial principles, concepts, and practices. 

Q3. What are the benefits of taking a short-term finance courses in Dubai?

A3. The benefits of taking a short-term finance courses in Dubai include gaining a deeper understanding of financial topics, being able to apply the knowledge to real-world scenarios, and developing the capacities required to make wise financial choices.

Q4. How long does a short-term finance courses in Dubai usually last? 

A4. Short-term finance courses in Dubai usually last from one to three months.

 Q5. What qualifications do I need to take a short-term finance courses in Dubai?

A5. Depending on the course, you may need to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualifications, or no qualifications at all. It is best to check the course requirements with the provider.

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