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A Comprehensive Guide To KPMG Data Science Course

Data science is one of the most popular and in-demand career options. It’s predicted that it will grow at an even faster rate with the growth in the technological sector. Data science is not limited to just technologies. It is widely used in almost every field like sports, entertainment, retail, finance, and many other disciplines. Certainly, it is a highly rewarding career option. KPMG data science course is a great option for individuals interested in advancing in their careers as data scientists.

A comprehensive guide to KPMG Data Science Course

What is Data Science?

Data science is the science of data. That’s it. Companies gather a colossal amount of data from various sources like social media platforms, sales records, surveys, and ad campaigns. To leverage this data, they require data professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in the field of data science.

These data scientists identify different trends and patterns in a bunch of raw data and find useful information to suggest great strategies to the companies. These insights can help businesses to grow and improve their performance.

In this data-driven age, most companies, institutions, and organizations require data science professionals to get useful information out of a bunch of numbers and statistical figures.

These sets of raw data can easily be mistaken for a useless bunch of trash, but it would be a huge mistake on the part of the company. This data is the key to improving every operation, and every process and to driving growth and development of the companies.

This is the reason data science experts are in huge demand in every corner of the world.

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Scope of Data Science

Data science is being used in almost every field, which generates a considerable amount of data. Data can be anything. It can be previous performances of an athlete, a box office collection of previous movies, sales records, surveys, etc.

This is the reason for the multidisciplinary nature of data science. Data science can help people in different disciplines to grow in their respective fields or to enter into a different field.

  1. Finance: In the realm of finance, data science is being used for its applications in managing the finances of different companies. Financial service providers use data science tools to manage the transactions and portfolios of their clients. Data science is used to identify various trends and patterns in the market, which can affect the companies. It enables companies to prepare and make informed decisions at times of financial trouble. Trading agencies use machine learning algorithms for profitable trading to generate profits.
  2. Science and Research: In the field of science and research, data science has made great contributions by enabling researchers to conduct experiments while recording invaluable data and later analyzing it to gain important insights. Different tools like statistical inference are used for hypothesis testing. In the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning models are the core of all AI innovations and are being used for improving the working of different AI models.
  3. Advertising and Marketing: In the field of marketing and advertising, data science is being used for gathering data from consumers from social media platforms, surveys, and other methods and transforming it into actionable strategies for improvement in the company. Data from consumers can be used to identify the growing demand for various products in different segments of customers. It also helps in identifying the pain points of consumers, so that it can be leveraged to provide more of the required product and make huge profits.
  4. Transportation: In the field of transportation, data science has proven to be one of the most useful tools in reducing the cost of transportation by analyzing previous travel records. Data science tools can be used to decrease the cost of traveling by identifying the shortest ways to commute or by finding out the most efficient and cost-friendly ways to travel. Travel authorities also used data science techniques and methodologies to identify the hotspots of traffic congestion. It helps them to make actionable strategies to stop traffic congestion by creating diversions in different ways.
  5. Production and Manufacturing: Data science tools and techniques like statistical inference are widely used for avoiding defects in products by using various monitoring techniques on different products and operations. Data science is also used in predicting the failure of a machine by analyzing the records of previous breakdowns of machinery. This helps companies identify the right time to repair the machinery or replace it before it breaks down.
  6. Energy: Many energy generation facilities use various tools and techniques of data science for different applications. Energy providers use it to identify the patterns of electricity usage in different areas of the city. It helps them to distribute electricity efficiently so that they can avoid the peak load and perform their operations efficiently. Data science is also used to analyze different weather forecasts to identify opportunities to generate electricity from wind and solar energy. It helps in the production of electricity efficiently.
  7. Retail: Retailers use applications of data science to identify the demands of different products among various segments of customers. This helps them to manage their inventory by ordering the exact amount of products required to sell in a particular amount of time. These insights also help retailers to identify new products demanded by customers. This helps retailers to increase their profits.

Why To Choose Data Science as a Career:

  1. Flexibility: Data science as a career offers great flexibility to individuals in their work lives. It helps them to manage and balance their personal and professional lives by providing flexible schedules and remote working options. Data science professionals can work on their schedule at any time they want with a strong internet connection. It enables them to work for international companies and clients while traveling by working remotely or freelancing.
  2. High demand: Data science is a highly demanded career in contemporary conditions. Data science is highly valued in different fields. Regular generation of data has made it a necessity to use the generated data for bringing improvement in the performance of companies and generating more profits. Data science professionals enjoy a highly rewarding and high-paying career. Their skills and talents are highly rewarded by different companies.
  3. Multidisciplinary Approach: Data science is being used in almost every field. Even in the sectors of sports, entertainment, geopolitics, and human welfare, data science is being widely used. This allows data scientists to go for any field of work they are interested in as it is used in multiple disciplines. It eliminates the chance of monotony in their jobs. They can get a job in whatever field interests them according to their personal preferences and interests.
  4. High salary: Due to the high demand for data scientists in companies, businesses tend to pay more to talented and skilled data science professionals. They provide a good income and position at the company to hire a new data scientist or to retain one. Their skills and expertise are highly valued in industries because having good data science experts is very crucial for the growth of a company and improvement in its performance.
  5. Job Security: Data science as a career is a very secure option as it is in high demand everywhere in the world. It’s very easy to find a job as a data scientist in the locality. If it’s not available in the vicinity ( which is highly unlikely) one can easily work elsewhere. An individual can remotely work for multinational companies or global clients by reaching out to them through the Internet or freelancing platforms. It gives them the flexibility and a secure mindset to work without worrying about job security.

Great Decision-making: By training to become a data scientist, students learn to think logically and analytically. They become more sharp, and their ability to make good decisions and solve complex problems increases. These skills are very crucial for their roles in the industry. These skills not only help them in their professional lives but also benefit them in their personal lives.

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KPMG Data Science Course:

KPMG data science training program is a comprehensive course which is provided by KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler), which is a well-renowned and reputable professional services firm that provides many different services like auditing, tax, and advisory services.

As the field of data science keeps on growing, its importance continues to increase rapidly. It’s a great opportunity to advance in this career for a bright future.

Demand for data science professionals is on the rise, and to meet this demand for skilled and talented data scientists, KPMG in India has designed a professional course offering all the essential skills of data science.

KPMG’s data science training program aims to provide not only in-depth theoretical knowledge of all the aspects of concepts and methodologies of data science but also practical knowledge of all the different tools and techniques of data science.

About KPMG:

KPMG was established in 1987 when two firms Klynveld Main Goerdeler (KMG) and Peat Marwick International merged. Individual histories of both these firms go back to the 19th and early 20th centuries.

KPMG has a presence in over 145 countries and territories. The workforce of KPMG consists of more than 236,000 people. KPMG entities in India were established in August of 1993.

This firm was established under the laws of India and now it’s been managed by professionals from India. With time KPMG has established its competitive presence in the country. At present, KPMG is operating in 14 cities in India.

The services provided by KPMG include Financial and business advisory, tax and regulatory services, and some corporate governance services. All of these services are industry-tailored and technology-enabled services.

These business advisory services are delivered by some of the best and most skilled and talented professionals in the country.

KPMG offers its services in many industries like aerospace, defense, building, construction, consumer markets, education and skills development, emerging giants program, energy, natural resources and chemicals, financial services, government, life sciences, media, technology, telecommunications, transport and logistics, and sports.

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Some of the Services by KPMG are:

  1. Audit: KPMG provides independent audit services to client companies. This audit ensures the authenticity of reliability of the information provided by the client companies to its customers. It includes audit of financial statements, regulatory compliance, and risk management.
  2. Tax: KPMG offers tax services like corporate tax, international tax, transfer pricing, tax compliance, and advisory. These services help clients to avoid unnecessary costs by navigating through complex tax regulations and optimizing their strategies.
  3. Advisory services: KPMG provides consultancy services to its clients on many different topics and issues. The areas of consultancy include management consultancy, risk consultancy, and deal advisory. It helps clients in the development of strategy, transformation of business, and implementation of IT.

Course Overview:

KPMG in India has designed a data science course to help individuals advance in this career and take the opportunity of growing demand for data scientists in various fields.

KPMG data science course provides hands-on projects to the students to provide them with practical knowledge and the confidence to solve real-life problems. Many tools like Python, R, and Tableau are covered in this course.

The duration of the KPMG data science course is 5 weeks. It is designed to provide essential data science skills to equip individuals from different disciplines to have good expertise in data science.

Benefits of KPMG Data Science Training Program:

  • KPMG’s data science course is specially designed to provide a great deal of expertise in the strategic aspects of business problems. It helps professionals to navigate through all the complex problems, that occur in day-to-day life in a business.
  • KPMG data science training program is designed in such a way that it is suitable for both the beginners who are seeking some skills and expertise in data science and for the professionals, who seek to upgrade their knowledge to advance in their respective fields.
  • The KPMG data science training program is designed and taught by the data science experts of KPMG India, who already have immense knowledge and tremendous experience from years of work in the industry of data science.
  • KPMG data science training program is crafted in such a way that it covers all the significant topics, tools and methodologies of data science, that are enough to equip the participants with industry-relevant knowledge. The curriculum is completely updated and consists of all industry-specific tools and practices which ensures its relevance.
  • Case studies and assignments, ensure that students gain practical knowledge Through studying many popular cases which cover different applications of data science at easy to advanced levels. Hands-on training ensures that students acquire practical knowledge through solving real-life problems, which prepares them to thrive in the competitive field of data science.

The KPMG data science course is based on the idea of preparing students through a completely practical approach to provide useful knowledge of various domains of data science through case studies and hands-on training.

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Program Details

This program is an online instructor-led program that is taught by industry experts of KPMG India, who have tremendous knowledge of data science from years of experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • This program teaches the use of R and Python for cleaning and analyzing data.
  • Students learn to use descriptive and inferential statistics to provide companies with actionable strategies and important insights to make well-informed decisions for the growth and welfare of the company.
  • Students learn to create dashboards and stories for a great presentation of data.
  • Students learn to use advanced machine learning algorithms to create real-time predictive models.
  • It includes fetching data from different sources like websites and analyzing it to gain insights.
  • Students learn to analyze consumer data and get information from consumer behavior, feedback, and reviews.
  • They also learn to automate repetitive tasks by using machine learning models, so that their time doesn’t get wasted.

Topics Covered in This Course

  • Syntax and packages for data science in R and Python.
  • Business analytics for better decision-making by using data collected from sales records, social media, and other ways.
  • Data wrangling with the use of R
  • Visualization while using dashboard and stories in Tableau
  • Predictive modeling with the use of Python
  • Web scrapping with the use of Python
  • Text and sentiment analysis with the use of Python
  • Automation and R and Python scripts

Who Should Attend?

The KPMG data science course is designed to be suitable for beginners and professionals from all different fields. Everyone can attend this course to develop or enhance their skills in data science.

  1. Business professionals: Business professionals can attend this course to become adept at data science and to learn to make better decisions related to business. Managers and executives can use data science to understand how data analysis can drive better decisions for performance improvement. Marketing professionals can learn the pattern of consumer behavior, market trends and the effectiveness of campaigns. Finance professionals can use data science to use different machine learning models for profitable trading and risk management.
  2. IT Professionals: IT professionals can deepen their knowledge of data science by enrolling in this course. Data professionals can upgrade their skills to industry standards to become more relevant in the job market. Software developers can attend this course to learn to integrate data science solutions into their applications and services.
  3. Researchers and Academics: Researchers can use data science in their methods to get deeper insights and more robust results. Academics can use applications of data science to provide better education to students by analyzing their records and providing them with personalized education so that they reach their best potential.
  4. Fresh graduates: Fresh graduates can also attend this course to get a solid foundation and fundamental knowledge of data science. It can help them to advance in their careers in their disciplines. They can choose to advance as a data scientist or choose to study ahead and use their expertise to acquire better-suited positions for them, as data science is used in almost every field these days. This helps students to have more confidence in their abilities as a data scientist.
  5. Career Changers: Professionals who are seeking to change their careers can easily go for a career in data science. It is an ideal option for a shift in career due to its multidisciplinary nature. Data science applications are used in almost every field including sports, healthcare, manufacturing, production, marketing, finance, advertising, etc. It eliminates the chance of monotony in the job.

Professionals with Zero Experience: Professionals with zero experience can start their careers in data science by enrolling in the KPMG data science training program.

KPMG’s data science training program provides all the essential theoretical and practical knowledge of data science to its students, preparing them to step into the field of data science by getting hired by a well-reputed data science company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are the Prerequisites to Enrol in the KPMG Data Science Course?

Ans: The KPMG data science course is designed in such a way, that it is suitable for both beginners and professionals seeking to advance to more suitable and high-paying positions. There are no prerequisites for this course. People with any qualification from any field can enroll in this course.

2. What is the Duration of the KPMG Data Science Course?

Ans: The duration of the KPMG data science course is 5 weeks.

3. What Are the Job Opportunities After Completion of the KPMG Data Science Course?

Ans. The answer to job opportunities after completion of the KPMG data science course is a data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, and many more options.


Data science is one of the best careers to go for in today’s digital age. There is a huge demand for data science professionals in almost every company, institution, and organization. KPMG’s data science course aims to meet this demand by preparing students to become proficient at data science. You can enroll in the KPMG data science training program and expect a great future ahead of them filled with excitement and rewarding experiences.

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