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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Wales With Placements

Digital Marketing Courses in Wales help people who are in search of digital courses for career upgradation or basic career growth or to make this their main career. Everyone wants growth in their life. These digital marketing courses in Wales will give the required growth to careers and add additional benefits to people who want to digitally connect with people in order to provide customer needs and satisfying their needs on time.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Wales

Wales is a beautiful country in Great Britain. The place has beautiful mountains, scenic greenery, art, culture, lakes, and landforms which symbolize the country’s beauty. People are related differently to their working society.

Selling and marketing are two different words that connect the marketer or seller to the customer. Sellers want to sell their products whereas marketers seek both marketing and customer satisfaction. Due to technological changes, the world is changing rapidly and bringing many changes which are making life flexible; digital marketing is also a technological change that has been creating an impact in marketing society. These courses and techniques allow the marketer and customer to promptly connect and benefit each other. The below digital marketing courses in Wales provide a stoic and stable foundation and these courses are suitable for all people who want to make this a career.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Wales

1. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a government-recognized institute located in New Delhi. They are providing various courses like digital marketing courses, content writing skills, financial modeling training, GST certification, etc. The training or education from this institute inculcates many skills which make digital marketing easier and their certificate superimposes your skill on your resume are providing a five-month comprehensive training program. This includes 3-month digital marketing instructor-led online training and a 2-month paid internship (6000 INR stipend) on your flexible hours.

They will cover 40 master modules and more than 10 case studies, and you will be offered 15 plus live projects. In addition to training certificates, they are providing 79000 INR worth of tools that facilitate digital marketing careers. Enroll in the digital marketing course at IIM SKILLS to gain guidance.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee: 369.35 GBP
  • Mode of Study: Online (this is one of the best options for a person who wants to study digital marketing courses in Wales in their comfort zone).

Course Compilation in Detail

  •  Introduction to Digital Marketing (Instruction about whole training, modules, assignments, training, and internship).


  • Media Buying and Planning (Buying platform and placement of Ads is media buying. It is placing and analyzing paid Ads. you will learn to buy and operate the platforms, you get explicit knowledge about how questions, and statistical performance analysis).


  •  Affiliate Marketing (Reaching audiences who are not on the border of marketing, using various tactics and strategies to attract the buyers. Affiliate marketers will earn based on their customer acquisition. Networking, register in programs like Amazon Affiliate Partner Program, Spotify Affiliate Program, etc…).


  • Video Marketing (This is an easy way to attract customers. You can learn how to create engaging videos and how to market and entice the customers with engaging content videos, statistical analysis of watching hours).


  • Module 1- Marketing Automation (Building and integrating multiple digital marketing campaigns, Customer Relation Management integration, campaign management, customer lifecycle management, email marketing, engagement marketing, landing pages, mobile marketing, marketing analytics, and social media capabilities).


  • Module 1- Digital Infographic Resume (Resume is the first thing that an employer sees before contacting you. Your resume is your whole life achievement. Making it perfect with infographics, making it simple and attractive, how to use Canva and other applications for business listing, brochure making, folder making, etc…).


  • Module 1- Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy (the technological world is changing to sustain future holistic integration of scattered techniques and skills. This is possible with the help of Web Design Management, Social Media Marketing, search engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Local Listings Management, Paid Advertising, Keyword Targeting, and Audience Targeting).


  • Module 2- WordPress (Introduction to WordPress, how to utilize plugins, way to enter and customize the e-commerce website, web hosting, domain, how to integrate web hosting and domain, various plugins like Yoast SEO, Sucuri Security, All in one WP Migrator, Page Builder and other tools, themes and uSAGE, WordPress speed optimization, Secure Socket layer for your website).


  • Module 3- Search Engine Optimization SEO (Introduction to SEO, organic marketing, keyword planner, density, content length and structure in On-page SEO training, link building and avoiding negative issues in Off-page SEO, Local SEO/Google My Business Listing, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Answer the public, kwfinder are current tools which are in use and tools for auditing).


  • Module 3- Online Reputation Management (How the firm or company looks in front of the audience, the impact it creates on the audience, how the firm is seen from an outsider’s point, paid media, earned media, social media, owned properties these topics will cover under this module).


  • Module 3- Content Writing and Advanced Blogging (What is content writing? Long tail, short tail keywords, keyword density, various types of writing from story writing, fiction, article writing, to whitepapers and legal writing, CTC, Business Listing, Canva, Press Release, Content-Length, SEO, Blogging to impact own content and attract the audience, a new way to launch a business )


  • Module 4- Search Engine Marketing SEM (Search, video, display advertising, remarketing these all are Google Ads, how to bid and how to run the campaign, google Adwords, Keyword Planner, YouTube Analytics, and SEMRUSH are the tools used in Search Engine Marketing).


  • Module 4- Web Analytics (Introduction to Google Analytics and Social Media Analytics).


  • Module 5- Email Marketing (Allocating you in the Email marketing channel, guidance for Email Marketing, Spam Score Checker, Content Creation, call to Action, and customer acquisition, tools for facilitation are Mailchimp, SMTP Server, Sendgrid, Mailerlite, Glass from Gmail, mail Tester, Campaign Builder).


  • Module 6- Social Media Marketing SMM (What is SMM? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Quora, Do’s and Don’ts, and organic Ad creation).

Itinerary of Digital Marketing Courses in Wales:

  • Registration 
  • Batch Selection (Weekdays- Tuesday and Thursday, Weekends- Saturday and Sunday).
  • Attendance (70% mandatory).
  • Examination (8 exams- Google, 3 exams- Hubspot, 1 exam- Facebook, 0 exam- IIM SKILLS).
  • 2-month paid internship in either SEO or Content Writing, After successful completion of the internship you are afforded with certificate and letter of recommendation.
  • Freelancing- grab the project from different clients and start working on them.
  • Placement support (they will assist you to get a job).
  • After graduation, become an internet marketer or freelancer or start your own business.

Hiring Partners

Benefits of Digital Marketing from IIM SKILLS:

  • Starting a business is the aim of most people. A digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS assists you to start your own business.
  • Start a business with a less marketing budget.
  • Technically connect with savvy customers.
  • Wide audience reach, customer satisfaction, and increasing brand awareness.
  • Digital marketing is a well-paid job. Executive or digital marketers earn 2,50,000 INR to 5,00,000 INR per annum. At the senior level, the highest salary is 8,00,000 to 10,00,000 lakh per annum.

Media Coverage

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2. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- CIM Academy

CIM- Chartered Institute of Marketing is an accredited and renowned study center in Wales, UK. They are providing certificate and diploma marketing courses like CIM marketing and digital marketing. You get guidance from well-established and polished digital marketing practitioners. You can choose flexible study options either intensive learning or online learning based on your flexibility and location.

Courses Offered by them:

Diploma in Professional Marketing:

  • Marketing and its strategies
  • Marketing innovation
  • Digitally connect with customers
  • Resource management
  • Brand management

Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing:

  • Marketing and its strategies
  • Digital optimization
  • The digital customer experience

Diploma in Sustainable Marketing:

  • Marketing and its strategies
  • Marketing innovation
  • Sustainability

Study option: Intensive and online learning

Fee: 2030 EUR- online and 2930 EUR- intensive learning

CIM and Cranfield University- Marketing and Leadership MSc:

CIM Academy and Cranfield University jointly deliver this course. This course covers 26 months and is divided into two parts. Course delivered on two campuses CIM Moor Hall and Cranfield campus. 

  • Module 1: Understanding Markets and Competitors 
  • Module 2: Customer Behavior Understanding
  • Module 3: Growth and Innovation
  • Module 4: Value Proposition
  • Module 5: Customer Relationships and Delivery Channels
  • Module 6: Communications
  • Module 7: Accounting and Finance
  • Module 8: People or Stakeholder Management and Leadership 
  • Module 9: Understanding Organizational Behaviors for Leaders
  • Module 10: Leading and Change
  • Module 11: Evaluate Effectiveness of Marketing

This course is conducted both online and face-to-face learning. You are offered teamwork projects, leadership projects, and individual projects. Student-oriented courses are divided into two parts. 

Part 1: 11 modules completed in 15 months. Peer coaching which includes End Point Assessment (EPA) for a 5-month period which includes strategic business proposals. Part 1 fee is 14,000 EUR.

Part 2: Marketing and Leadership MSc for 6- a month. You are guided to perform live research projects. Part 2 fee is 5000 EUR.

Why do you Choose them?

  • They help to discover your leadership skills and indulge you in teamwork.
  • Enhancing effective and efficient personal skills and building cordial relationships and a work atmosphere.
  • Don’t have to follow the footprints of others, make your path and create an impact with your enticing skills.
  • Polishing of existing leadership skills; building and acquiring new leadership skills.
  • Emotionally connecting with people, culture, and customs helps to attract native customers and helps in international marketing.
  • Encounter new challenges and be flexible to adapt your marketing and leadership techniques.
  • Become a chartered marketer and become a tech-savvy leader.

Requirements for this Course:

English Knowledge

  • IELTS Academic, IELTS Indicator, IELTS Online- 6.0 in all components and 6.5 overall scores.
  • TOEFL iBT- 20 in reading, writing, listening, and 21 in speaking, a total of 92 scores.
  • Pearson PTE: PTE Academic, PTE Academic Online, PTE Academic UKVI- 62 in all components and 65 overall scores.
  • Cambridge Assessment English- Cambridge C1 Advanced, Cambridge C2 proficiency, Linguaskill General, 175 in all components and 180 overall scores.
  • Trinity College London- Integrated Skill in English, overall pass outcome.
  • LanguageCert: International ESOL B2 Communicator (written and spoken), International ESOL SELT B2 (it includes all 4 components)- 33 in all components and high pass overall.

Contact them:

Phone: +44 (0) 1628 427240 

Email: [email protected]

3. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Digital Marketing Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University supports you to enter the digital and social world. They collaborated with a digital marketing institute to deliver this course. After completing this course you can find the dissimilarities of offline and digital marketing and how it impacts customer behaviour, how firms interact strategies to interact with customers, SEO, SMM, Content Writing, new techniques and skills to learn, Ads, Analytics, etc…

  • Course Name: MSc Digital Marketing Management
  • Course Fee: 18,393 EUR per year 
  • Course Duration: 1 year, Full-time (12 months), Part-time (24 months and flexible)
  • Mode of Learning: On campus

Course Compilation:

Three stages with 120 credits- Post Graduate Certificate Digital Marketing (PGCert), Post Graduate Diploma Digital Marketing (PGDip), MSc Digital Marketing Management, non-taught elements with 60 credits, a total of 120 credits.

1st Semester- Completion of 60 credits offers you a certificate:

  • 20 credits- Multi-channel Digital Marketing
  • 20 credits- Trends in Digital Marketing
  • 20 credits- Content Creation, Types, Writing, Length, density, and Copywriting

Recommend reading,

2nd  Semester- Diploma (After completion of 1 stage additional 60 credits):

  • 20 credits- Consumer behavior, value, perceptions
  • 20 credits- Digital Analytics; Digital and Marketing Insights
  • 20 credits- Modern Marketing Research

Optional courses and Internship:

  • 20 credits- Internship
  • 20 credits- Creativity, Innovation, and Difference

3rd Semester- Masters (After completion of 1 st and 2nd stage and either):

  • 60 credits- Digital Dissertation (Providing insights and precedents to undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students)
  • 40 credits- Marketing Plan 


English language

  • IELTS- 6
  • TOEFL- 72

GPA- Lower Second Class

A relevant undergraduate degree in business, finance, marketing, etc…

4. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- University of South wales

MSc Strategic and Digital marketing Course is specially designed for undergraduate students who want to start their digital marketing career. The University of South Wales offers this course.  The University of South Wales obtained 1001 rank in the world university ranking.

  • Course Name: MSc Strategic and Digital Marketing
  • Course Duration: 1 year
  • Course Fee: 17,207 EUR per year
  • Mode of Learning: On campus

Course compilation:

  • Skill development, personal and professional enhancement.
  • Strategic insights and digital marketing insights.
  • Upcoming and contemporary digital marketing strategies.
  • Integrated marketing and communications.
  • Strategic brand management.
  • Strategic and digital marketing project.
  • 120 alternative credits.


English Language

  • IELTS- 6
  • TOEFL- 72
  • PTE Academic- 64 

5. Cardiff University Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- Strategic Marketing

Practical oriented marketing program helps you to establish a global marketing career. This university secured 151 ranks in the QS ranking. One year full-time program. 

  • Course Name: MSc Strategic Marketing
  • Course Fee: 29,014 EUR per year
  • Course Duration: 1 year
  • Mode of Learning: On-campus learning and 180 alternative credits

This University is accredited by CIM- Chartered Institute of Marketing and Associate to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).


English Language

  • IELTS- 6.5

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6. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- Marketing

  • Course Name: Marketing from Cardiff University
  • Course Fee: 28,421 EUR per year
  • Course Duration: Full-time one-year program
  • Mode of Learning: On campus
  • Requirements: English, IELTS- 6.5

7. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- Swansea University 

Th MSc Strategic Marketing course from Swansea University provides you with thorough strategic marketing skills and helps you to evolve as a strategic marketer. This university secured 251 ranks in World University Ranking (WUR). They are providing both part-time and full-time courses of different duration.

  • Course Name: MSc Strategic Marketing
  • Course Fee: 23,259 EUR per year, For part-time: UK students- 5800 Euro and for International students- 9800 Euro
  • Course Duration: Full-time (12 months), Part-time (24 months)
  • Made of Learning: On campus


Course Compilation:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Brand Management and its Strategies
  • Introduction to Advance Digital Marketing
  • Research particulars for Easy Marketing and Tourism
  • Consumer Psychology and Behavior Understanding
  • Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing and communications
  • 180 alternative credits


English language

  • IELTS- 6.5

GPA- Upper Second Class 

8. Digital Media (By Research)

The Master of Arts Digital Media course helps you to digitally involve and connect yourself with customers. Swansea University offers this course offline. 

  • Course Name: M.A. Digital Media (By Research)
  • Course Fee: 18,275 EUR per year
  • Course Duration: 1 year, Full-time (12 months), Part-time (24 months)
  • Mode of Learning: On campus

Course Compilation:

  • Media Theory
  • Culture Theory
  • The History and Philosophy of Media and Related Concepts
  • New Media
  • Contemporary Media Development from four countries (The United Kingdom, European Mainland, USA, and China)
  • International Media and Global Journalism
  • Media Studies and Mass Media
  • 180 alternative credits


English Language

  • IELTS- 6.5

9. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- Bangor University

MSc Consumer Digital Marketing Analytics is a one-year course that helps in brand management, loyalty, customer insights in national and international settings, consumer behaviour, digital marketing, and understanding skills. Bangor University secured 401 ranks in World University Ranking. 

  • Course Name: MSc Consumer Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Course Fee: 19,283 EUR per year
  • Course Duration: 1 year, full-time (12 months)
  • Mode of Learning: On campus

Course Compilation:

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Global and International Brand Management
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior on Digital Level
  • Consumer Behavior on International Level
  • International Marketing and Communication
  • E-commerce and Marketing
  • Customer Analytics


English language

  • IELTS- 6
  • TOEFL- 75

GPA: Lower Second Class

Undergraduate degree

10. Digital Marketing Courses in Wales- International Marketing (Bangor University)

Master of Business Administration in International Marketing provides you with a thorough understanding of theoretical and practical aspects. This course teaches you about marketing behavior of customers, segmentation, targeting, positioning, holistic and integrated marketing at the International level, determinants of International Marketing, changes in consumer perceptions, etc…

  • Course Name: MBA in International Marketing
  • Course Fee: 21,419 EUR per year
  • Course Duration: 1 year, Full-time (12 months)
  • Mode of Learning: On Campus

Course Compilation:

  • 60 credit International Marketing Projects
  • Involvement with various clients from various countries
  • This University has Chartered Institute of Marketing Chapters to solve real-life issues, handling customers and the consumer sector.
  • 180 alternative credits


English Language

  • IELTS- 6 (no element lower than 5.5)
  • Pearson PTE- 56 scores (no element lower than 51)
  • Cambridge English Test- Advanced- 169 (no element lower than 162)

GPA: Lower Second Class

Undergraduate degree in business, finance, marketing, or other related subjects.

Some Other Institutes 

  • International Marketing- Aberystwyth University
  • Professional Digital Marketing- Wrexham Glyndwr University
  • Management (Marketing), Digital Media- Swansea University
  • Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Course
  • Simplilearn Online Digital Marketing Course 

Career Options in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Executive 
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • SEM Specialist
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Web Analyzer
  • Content Manager and Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Web manager
  • Web Designer
  • Freelancer
  • Mobile Marketer
  • E-Commerce
  • Email Marketer

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What are the basic criteria and who can take digital marketing courses in Wales?

Basic English Knowledge is enough to kick start this career. Students, Working Professionals, Traditional Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Digital marketers, College Dropouts, and Housewives. 

Q2. How to start with a digital marketing career?

  • Develop content creation skills
  • Start writing
  • Attract the audience with engaging content
  • Network with different clients
  • Analyze the social media platforms
  • Write content on Quora, Reddit, etc…
  • Read basic stuff related to marketing
  • Before enrolling in a specific institute, get a solid understanding of YouTube, Udemy, and Coursera courses.

Q3. What are the contents included in digital marketing?

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Infographics

Q4. Which mode of learning is best?

Depending on flexibility, choose your path. For busy working professionals flexible online learning is suitable; for students and freshers go for offline learning. Both ways will provide equal learning prospects. It’s you, your interest and prompt assignment and project submission, and networking that will make you a better digital marketer.


IIM SKILLS and all other universities will give you guidance and assistance to start your career or upgrade your career.

In this digital era, making pace with technology is hard. This kind of digital marketing course provides a layout to enter into the digital world. As far as business is concerned, barriers are decreasing, and wide opportunities are present in different sectors. To play equal to a deep pocket company, digital marketing-like courses will be best.

From students to professionals, these courses will help to add extra knowledge to their degrees. Compared to college degrees, the demand for these courses is high. Digital Marketing Courses are giving benefits to people who want to work from their comfort zone. These courses are the result of a new era of developing rapid technology. Now companies have started shifting to digital marketing and creating online platforms to sell their products. Your job is to work in multinational companies, then the above courses are customized for you. 

  • Hello I am Elis. I want to choose digital marketing manager as a career option. As the job requires building of strategies, keeping up with the digital world, application of digital marketing strategies, and general management of what can be done for marketing on the internet. I want to enroll in a digital marketing course in Wales from institute that offers gauranteed internship training for better enforcement of the concepts. Getting a chance to interact with the institute and faculty through a demo class is a great idea.

  • Addy here. I go to university for higher studies. After learning about the advantages and potential of digital marketing, I believe I should enroll in a best digital marketing course. Every business now needs to include digital marketing techniques in its business plan to increase sales and widen its customer base. Leading to rise in demand for skilled and effective digital marketers. This makes me choose the best digital marketing course in Wales and decide to become certified as a digital marketer. IIM Skills is my choice among the available digital marketing courses since it provides the best curriculum that is relevant to the industry.

  • Hi. I am Freddie, a graphic designer and content writer. Looking to broaden my knowledge, and strengthen my CV with inclusion of most in-demand skill of digital marketing. Combination of Graphic designing, Content writing, and Digital Marketing will be strong enough to gain a strong foothold in the digital media industry. This article, is very informative with list of top 10 digital marketing institutes in Wales. Considering all the courses, and on comparing them I finally decide to join IIM skills, with online training, exhaustive module, reasonably priced, and internship opportunity offered.

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