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Top 5 Professional Creative Writing Courses in Wales

Creative Writing is a course whose demand these days is exceptional. With the internet proliferation, and businesses, whether big or small, all going online, the demand for creative writers is increasing. And hence, the need for creative writing courses in Wales is no exception. With this increase, it is no doubt that it is an excellent choice to pursue a creative writing course, as it will help you to enhance your writing skills and you will get to learn about the various new writing software and the writing trends in the market.

List of best creative writing courses in Wales

Why Pursue Creative Writing as a Career?

Creative Writing is a career option that will never let you sink into the monotonousness of a work profile. Creative Writing is one of the most dynamic profiles you can choose for your career, and you can work for any genre that fits into the best of your interest.

Further, There Are Plenty of Career Options You Can Pursue After Your Creative Writing Courses in Wales:


Average Starting Salary:  £31,572 per annum

Demand: Extremely High

Description: A copywriter is someone who creates written messages for a business or an organization, with the intent to sell or promote their products, services, or brand.


Average Starting Salary: £91,000 – £104,000 per annum

Demand: High/Medium

Description: A novelist is an author or writer of novels, although sometimes novelists also write in other genres of both fiction and non-fiction.


Average Starting Salary:  £57,402 per annum

Demand: Medium

Description: A creative artist who writes poetry or verses.

Content Writer:

Average Starting Salary: £28,614 per year

Demand: Extremely High

Description: A Content Writer is an expert who composes enlightening and drawing articles to help brands feature their products. They compose on a scope of subjects and are liable for making the most ideal composed or visual content, from blog entries to public statements.


Average Starting Salary: £37,147 per year

Demand: Extremely High

Description: A Journalist, or Reporter, is liable for exploring and composing enlightening news stories and tales about genuine occasions utilizing a fair and unprejudiced point of view. Their obligations incorporate meeting specialists, assembling direct records of occasions, and sorting out a blueprint into a firm, fascinating story.


Average Starting Salary: £30,221 per year

Demand: Extremely High

Description: Bloggers compose, alter, post, and advance the content on their site pages or sites. They create and try out thoughts, make and alter posts, market presents on peruses, and direct research.

Ghost Writer:

Average Starting Salary: £29,537 per year

Demand: Extremely High

Description: A ghost-writer is a person who provides the content to a person or his employer for them to publish under their name.


Average Starting Salary: £38,977 per year

Demand: Extremely High

Description: Editors plan, direct, and reconsider material for distribution in books, papers, periodicals, or on sites. Editors audit story thoughts and conclude what material will advance most to readers. During the survey cycle, editors offer remarks to work on the item and recommend titles and title

Screen Writer:

Average Starting Salary: £29,500

Demand: High/ Medium

Description: A screenplay writer (likewise called screenwriter for short), scriptwriter, is a writer who rehearses the art of screenwriting, composing screenplays on which broad communications, for example, films, TV projects, and computer games, are based.


Average Starting Salary: £31,595 per year

Demand: High

Description: A columnist is an individual who composes for distribution in a series, making an article that generally expresses discourse and impressions. Sections show up in papers, magazines, and different distributions, including sites. They appear as a short papers by a particular essayist who offers an individual perspective.

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Why Learn Creative Writing?

Improved Self Expression:

A Creative Writing Course automatically improves your self-expression. As you engage more and more in writing, you seldom look for words that are a perfect fit for your story or your poem, and eventually, that comes into your natural pace of communication.

Improved Thinking Skills:

When you engage yourself in strong writing, it creates strong thinking. The kind of writing you pursue stimulates your mind to dig into the required thinking skills.

Job Success:

In any job you go to, you need to do some sort of writing work, be it writing emails or letters, even though you’re not directly expected to write them with perfect diction, it makes a great impact when your writings are professional and concise.

Creative Writing Courses in Wales


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Study Mode: Online

Duration: 1 month + 3 Months Internship

Fees:  157.97 Pound sterling+ GST

The content writing course by IIM SKILLS is Ranked No. 1 among writing courses in India by Media Houses, Top Content Writing Agencies & Top Education Blogs such as Write-Right, Naukri Learning, Contentholic, Careers360, CourseDekho, Advisor Uncle, etc. IIM SKILLS offers extensive Creative Writing Courses in Wales which is named “Content Writing Course” which is completely online.

The Writing Skills That Would Be Taught in Their Course Are as Follows:

Key Details of this Course:

  • 4 weeks of Live Online Classes for Content Writing
  • Guaranteed 3 months of Internship (Optional) + (Flexible Hours)
  • 30 hours of training that includes 16 Hours of Lectures and 15 Hours of Internship Sessions
  • Direct Placement Cell
  • Free Tools worth Rs 35,000
  • Freelance Opportunities

Tools Covered In This Course:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • WordPress
  • Grammarly
  • UberSearch
  • MailChimp
  • Hemingway Editor
  • Accord Project
  • Google Trends
  • GitHub
  • Google Analytics

Key Takeaways Of This Course From IIM SKILLS:

  • You will develop a habit of writing daily.
  • You become a confident writer by unleashing your writing habits.
  • You will learn to distinguish between traditional writing and web writing.
  • Learn the significance of research and the core of researching.
  • How to write catchy headlines and captions.
  • Web Development: Create your own website.
  • Learn Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Learning proofreading and editing like a pro.
  • Assimilating various keyword tools.
  • Taking up the internship and getting hands-on experience while learning.

Professional Courses From IIM SKILLS


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Study Mode: Full-time Offline

Duration: 1 Year

Fees: UK: UK DOLLAR 9,000

International: UK DOLLAR 15,500

Qualification Type: Masters in Arts

Subject Area: Creative Writing

Course Type: Taught

Their Creative Writing Courses in Wales are taught by professional writers and researchers. This course intends to develop and at the same time hone your creative writing skills across multiple areas like fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc. You can take this course if you plan to skill up and develop a career in Creative Writing.

Cardiff Metropolitan University is dynamic and pretty flexible as you can take up this creative writing course at your own pace controlling the depth of your post-graduate study. The university also provides an option to take up this course both full-time and part-time.

This one-year Creative Writing Course has 5 Core Modules:


This dissertation module is the very core of this study as the students can take up their research in their chosen field of study revolving around creative writing. It helps strengthen both my research skills as well as writing skills.

Creative Writing Workshop 1: Narrative Engineering and Construction:

This module expects to:

  • Furnish students with a nitty gritty comprehension of the methodologies and strategies related to a deep-rooted fictional structure. The brief tale – and to grasp the advancement of that structure with regards to the way of life of commercialization and literary analysis.
  • Empower students to fundamentally draw in and explore different avenues regarding assorted structures, including scriptwriting, computerized media, sort writing, children’s fiction, coordinated effort, and writing for execution, and verse.
  • To upgrade the understudy’s basic abilities and foster a person’s imaginative practice through week after week studios focussing on new writing and input.
  • To foster comprehension understudy might interpret the job of design, structure, type, media, and markets with regard to individual innovative practice.
  • To contextualize an enterprising way to deal with experimental writing comparable to literary analysis and economic situations.
  • To exhibit industry-pertinent innovative abilities and methods, affirming that they can prevail in aggressive and various business sectors for creative fiction.

Space, Environment, and Modernity:

In this module you will:

  • Look at how writing reflects and shapes the manner in which we see the scene and the climate.
  • Consider writing’s liability regarding the creation of ideas of the open country and the city from the mid-nineteenth century to the contemporary.
  • Draw in with pre-and post-1900 literary works that cover a wide verifiable scope of spaces and scenes.
  • Look at the interrelation of stylish, social, and social practices in portrayals of the scene and the climate.
  • Dissect scholarly, social, authentic, and humanistic tensions fundamental to the different reactions to the scene and the climate.

Creative Writing Workshop 2: Developing Poetics, Growing The Text:

This module expects to:

  • Give students a definite handle of the methodologies and strategies related to longer supported types of writing, for example, the brief tale grouping/assortment, the verse succession/handout, the short (screen)/play, and computerized fiction grouping.
  • Give students valuable chances to break down and fundamentally look at texts and ideas, including one another’s.Tools
  • Give students chances to foster their own writing abilities through task-driven studios, activities, and evaluation; give students chances to investigate and foster the hypothesis and approaches investigated in the examination techniques module of the MA.

“Juvenile Trash”: Rethinking Genre Fiction:

In this module, you will assess the style and governmental issues of short fiction. You will basically dissect, as well as compose inside, a choice of kinds, including dream, sci-fi, speculative fiction, wrongdoing fiction, verifiable fiction, sentiment, and kids’ writing. You will draw in with late grants on these kinds too.

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3. Creative Writing and Fine Arts BA (Hons) By Aberystwyth University

Study Mode: Offline

Duration: 3 Years

Fees: £15,375.00 (Rs 14,85,507) per year

Location: Main Site (Aberystwyth)

Penglais Campus, Penglais Road, Aberystwyth,

Ceredigion, SY23 3DD, Wales

 Entry Requirements (For students in India): 

  • 12th Standard Certificate from recognized central or state board: minimum 75% in year 12th.
  • IELTS Score of minimum 6.0- 7.5 bands.

Creative Writing Courses in Wales with Fine Art at Aberystwyth University will permit you to grow new or widen and develop your abilities in painting, printmaking, and photography to give some examples while simultaneously finding and drenching yourself in the words that have formed the reality. This cross-disciplinary degree will acquaint with you a steadily extending industry, furnishing you with a profitable beginning after graduation.

Under the master direction of their honor-winning specialists in Fine Art, you will find the secret gifts and figure out what kind of craftsman you are, and the trained procurement of specialized skills, the development of creative knowledge, and a verifiable, basic, hypothetical contemporary consciousness of Fine Art practice. You will concentrate in an office granted ‘Certify Museum Status’ by Arts Council England.

Contact Details: [email protected]

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4. Beginners Creative Writing Course By Creative Writing Ink

Study Mode: Online

Duration: 3 weeks

Fees:  £160

About the Instructor:

Kerry Hadley-Pryce is a Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton and the Editor of The Black countryman magazine. Her most famous novel, The Black Country, distributed by Salt Publishing in 2015, was a part of her MA in Creative Writing at the Manchester Writing School, for which she acquired a differentiation and was granted the Michael Schmidt Prize for Outstanding Achievement 2013-14.

She is at present a Ph.D. up-and-comer at Manchester Metropolitan University investigating Psychogeography Flow and Black Country Writing. She has had a few brief tales distributed in different compilations and online at Fictive Dream and The Incubator. Her subsequent novel, Gamble, likewise distributed by Salt Publishing in June 2018, was shortlisted for the Encore Second Novel Award 2019.

Key Features of this Creative Writing Courses in Wales:

  • This Course is strictly for adults.
  • Seats for this course are limited to only 10.
  • Students interested in creative writing in Wales (4) and all over the world are welcome.
  • This course is a perfect fit for students who are beginners and for people who haven’t written anything in a while and want to get back into writing.
  • This course is best for people with busy schedules as it is completed through email correspondence.
  • There will be weekly notes and assignments over the course of six months.
  • You will be provided with feedback on each assignment.
  • You will have to submit the assignment within one week.

Course Modules:

The Creative Process:

Learn how to lose your inner perfectionist and practice some techniques to free up your writing skill muscles.

Character Creation:

Learn how to create the characters in your story and build the plot around them.

Showing and Telling:

‘Show, and don’t tell, learn how to apply this art in writing.


Learn how to apply a setting in line with the mood of the characters, plot, and storyline.

Point of View (POV):

Whose story is this?  Learn all the different types of points of view that you can employ while writing your story.


In the final week, learn about how to keep your reader engaged and what all cliff-hangers and other things you can use to do so.

To find out more about how their Online Creative Writing Courses in Wales work, or if you have any further queries, you can check out their Frequently Asked Questions or email them at [email protected]

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5. Next-Gen Learning

Study Mode: Online

Duration: 2.4 hours

Fees:  £12 including VAT

The significant Creative Writing course is intended to assist you with exhibiting the primer to top to bottom degree of picking up in regards to this point. Additionally, you will be given the most educated and enlightening modules for your lifetime by signing up for this Creative Writing only a single time. Besides, as you continue through the modules of this Creative Writing course, you will find the essentials of Creative Writing and investigate the key subjects.

The Modules Are as Follows:

Module 01: Introduction to Creative Writing

Module 02: The Development of Creative Writing

Module 03: Novel Writing

Module 04: Writing Non-Fiction

Module 05: Creating Fictional Characters

Module 06: Writing Realistic Dialogue

Module 07: Writing Horrors, Thriller, and Murder Stories

Module 08: Writing for Children

Module 09: Writing Poetry

Module 10: Proposal Writing

Module 11: Critical Thinking

Module 12: Business Writing

Module 13: Other Writings

Module 14: Editing, Evaluating, and Getting Published

On the Completion of This Course, You Will Gain:

  • After you complete Creative Writing Courses in Wales, you will get a free PDF Certificate as evidence that you have successfully completed the course and it will state all the skills that you have gained in the course.
  • Lifetime access to all the content of Creative Writing learning material.
  • The Creative Writing online tests with immediate results.

Their Creative Writing Courses in Wales will help you work towards your career goals.



1. What are the requirements to be a creative writer?

Some companies while hiring you as their creative writer may ask you to have a bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, or any related field. Whereas, along with that one needs to be fluent in English, grammar, and punctuation, and should have a basic knowledge of computer software.

2. Is Creative Writing a good career option?

Having expertise in Creative Writing will open a lot of career possibilities for you such as content writer, copywriter, journalist, ghost writer, poet, novelist, proofreader, teacher, and a lot more.

3. What are the best Creative Writing Courses in Wales?

If you’re looking for Creative Writing Courses in Wales, IIM SKILLS offers a wholesome course, Content Writing Master Course. This course contains 16 hours of live classes and 3 months of Internship taught by Industry professionals and will help you build confidence by developing your writing skills.


This article intends to explore the various career possibilities after pursuing Creative Writing and the requirements and pay scale of the various options. Further, it has a list of the best institutes to study Creative Writing Courses in Wales.

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