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Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses In Brighton With Placements

Are you heading towards planning for marketing strategies and not including digital? That might be the most significant bump on the road for you. Make no such mistakes and take full advantage of the digital platforms and internet world by taking your products online. To learn about it all, enroll for Digital Marketing Courses in Brighton. Now is not the time to make any mistakes in your marketing strategies, because one step backward will put the competitor a hundred steps forward, which can be an unlikely event. Brighton is a place for learners and businesses are blooming in the city, for which one needs to have their skills upgraded. Miss no chance because if not now, when? The Digital Marketing Courses in Brighton can take you to lead the road and attract the masses to your products with just a few hacks and tricks which will be unfolded in the courses institutions have to offer.

Top Digital Marketing Courses In Brighton

All About Brighton

47 miles south of London, Brighton is a city filled with beauty, being located on the coast, besides the ocean, it is the highlight for every tourist visiting nearby. The Royal Pavillion, also called the Brighton Pavillion, is also the centre of attention in the city. 

The news here is that Brighton wasn’t always named Brighton, instead, it is a shortened name for BrightheImstone, the original name of the city. Brighton is also ranked to be the 45th district of England’s most populated districts. The city is also the center for many exhibitions, trade fairs, and commerce affairs taking place at the Brighton Centre. 

The city is also visited for shopping sprees, the fashion entrepreneurs are blooming in the city. The entire United Kingdom is considered a hub for marketers and digital marketers will see a hike in their careers, especially in this part of the world. The percentage of internet users is increasing as we speak, and there is no other medium to grasp that amount of attention of the crowd, which depicts the scope of digital marketing in Brighton. This brings us to the next section of this article which will highlight. what is digital marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Putting all your work on the internet and promoting it on digital platforms is the simplest way to define digital marketing. While digital marketing has many complicated elements that prove to make your brand turn into a success story. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in today’s age, there stands no business that is working without digital marketing and is still successful. Even grocery shops across your street are using some or other type of digital marketing even without knowing it. Sending greetings on festivals directly to your clients on WhatsApp also counts as digital marketing.

Any activity that involves promotion on the internet can be counted as digital marketing. The future is now, and digital marketing is no future. It is the present we live in, work in, and make things work. 

Digital marketing like any other type of marketing has its pros and cons. To date, the pros are overshadowing the cons and taking over the entire marketing scenario. 

Digital Marketing also has several other names including Internet Marketing and online marketing. The names define the entire definition in a nutshell. The prime goal of digital marketing is to make the audience land on the website of the company which is an address where all the products and services are displayed and also purchases can directly happen from there if the said website is a retail website. 

Other websites are meant only for display and information, further can be converted to customers by connecting with them directly. Display websites are majorly chosen by companies whose sales are in bulk quantity or involve a large amount of money in the transaction. 

If we were to talk about the number of people on the internet in 2022, the percentage of people on the internet is 69% which is witnessing a hike every year and in the coming years, the percentage is expected to cross 80% of the world’s population. This depicts the scope of digital marketing and brings us to the next section which will answer the question, Why choose digital marketing?

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

While there are ample amounts of people on the internet, doesn’t become the reason for making such big changes in marketing activities. But when these people are legitimately living on the internet, it counts for a very big reason. Choosing digital marketing as a career option can be a choice to make for a lifetime, but choosing to enrol in the digital marketing courses in Brighton should not be. Digital Marketing courses are not entirely for digital marketers but also for entrepreneurs who want to build something out of their brands.

Digital Marketing is for everyone with technical skills and a futuristic goal to make their businesses reach heights. If you are looking forward to launching a digital marketing agency, if you are a business owner with brands under your name, or if you just starting, choose the digital marketing courses in Brighton with no second thoughts.

Here Are Five Main Reasons Why Choose Digital Marketing

  • The Newbie

It is a new marketing platform that is constantly evolving and its breakthrough is not even near. Grab the trending opportunity before it is too late to be tagged as crowded. Also, this newbie has taken over every traditional marketing strategy. 

  • Splendid Demand

To say the very least, businesses have been existing since forever, marketing strategies do change but not everyone have their hands free with the digital world. It is the new generation who can understand all the technical stuff, and be comfortable using mobile phones and computers instead of the traditional stuff like copies, calendars, and calculators. 

Digital marketing involves electronic devices, creative minds, and a taste of the digital world which has led to increasing demand for digital marketers.

  • A Scope for Creativity

It is not ordinary to get to use your mind and creativity at jobs. But digital marketing has proven to be different in this aspect. It involves creativity, brainstorming, and fun sessions which never eases the employee and keeps him on his toes always. The job never becomes boring as no day is the same for a digital marketer.

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  • Scope for Growth

A career that is way ahead of you, which is moving faster than your speed. Chasing that speed is super fun yet keeps you on your toes every time. So, digital marketing is a career option to choose once you have upscaled your skills with digital marketing courses in Brighton. It is a career that has a lot of scope for your professional and personal growth equally. If you are someone seeking new adventures now and then, then give no second thoughts and get on board.

  • Monetary Benefits

No denying that money is the biggest source of motivation and if not motivation it is the only way to build your life on your terms. With high demand for digital marketers, as stated above, the pay for a good digital marketer is always thriving, and to have your bank accounts flooded with a great amount of money, who wants to skip on that? Hard work is old school, now is the time to push the buttons for smart work with the digital marketing courses in Brighton.

That being said, no pay comes without sharpening your edges and working for what you have been looking for. So before jumping on the institutions to choose from for the digital marketing courses in Brighton, let’s have a look at what you will be signing in for.

Elements of Digital Marketing

For anything to work, there has to be a good script to follow. This is where content marketers come into play. It is the behind-the-scenes that make it up for a beautiful film that we see on the screen and that is only possible with good writing, and perfect marketing. Content Marketing also has so much to it than what we can simply see. It involves creativity, awareness of the audience, what is trending, and what can make the engagement rate see its heights. A content marketer needs to build content around the marketing campaign which can not only highlight the features of the product or the service but also seek the attention of the viewer.

SEO is by far the highest-rated and often used element of digital marketing. Search Engine Optimisation is a way to keep up with the algorithms of the search engines and curate the content and strategies in a way that is available for the audience to see. With the number of internet users, the number of brands and businesses on the internet is increasing too, which makes the internet a crowded space. With the right keywords and SEO implementation, you can no longer stay in the crowd, instead, stand out.

Emails have been in the game since the beginning of digitalization, it goes way back. And no matter what we say or portray, everyone checks their emails on regular basis, be it for promotions or personal work, and that is the right time to come in and promote what you want to. Emails are also believed to be a personalized form of communication, so the potential customers, current customers, or customers who have been connected in the past can feel connected to the brand by knowing what is going on with your brand, new offers, offerings, etc.

  • Video Marketing

With videos taking over any other form of marketing, visuals have become the key to entering into someone’s mind. And video marketing is a new-age marketing tool with so much to put forward and with so much ease. It makes it easy to highlight every aspect of the product and the service which can be seen by the audience. 

For example, Ayurveda oil is seen promoting its not-pain oil by marketing its product to old-age women who are seen using the oil and finding the solution to their everlasting problems. This is how other women of a similar age can be intrigued by the product.

  • Web Analytics

In the traditional marketing era, it was all promotions and marketing with no record of the number of people who have converted to customers. It was only possible with so many difficulties aligned with the paperwork and more. Digital Marketing has made tracking every move of the marketing campaigns easy with Web Analytics. One can know the exact number of people who have visited their websites, made the purchase, or moved away without making an action, etc. 

In addition, there are many more elements involved in the digital marketing study which can be further unfolded in the digital marketing courses in Brighton.

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Digital Marketing Courses in Brighton


An online education institution rated at the top for skill development courses, IIM SKILLS is a Delhi-based institution with over 15000+ trainees and more than 25000 sessions in less than five years. IIM  SKILLS are not only a national institution but with its presence in 35+ countries, it is considered a global platform for skill development courses.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fees –GBP 381.96.

In addition to the digital marketing course, IIM SKILLS also offers other courses namely an Advanced SEO course, content writing course, technical writing course, Business Accounting And Taxation course, financial modeling course, and GST course. Further, the mission is to add more commerce and technical courses and expand to more skill development courses globally.

IIM  SKILLS is recognized by the Govt. of India and is associated with big names in the industry as their training clients, to name a few Tata Technologie, Tata Motors, Zee TV, Yahoo, Yatra.com, etc.

Takeaways from the Course

  • Launch your Youtube Channel for Video Marketing 
  • Launch your podcast with Google, Apple & Spotify
  • Write your first blog with the Times of India
  • Prepare to launch your marketing agency
  • Go live with Affiliate Marketing

IIM SKILLS also has a major media presence with Financial Express, The Indian Express, Times of India, Daily Guardian, business today, etc.

More Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Alumni Review

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

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2. University of Brighton

The University of Brighton is located in Brighton and has designed a course for digital marketing enthusiasts. Those who are seeking to upscale their skills can enroll in the digital marketing courses in Brighton. The course offered is an advanced-level E-commerce and digital marketing course which can help with not only marketing but also advertising and social media.

The course is 1-2 years of full-time study and 2 years of part-time course depending on the requirement of the candidate. 

Technical study, a mix of practical and theoretical patterns of study, research methodologies and marketing communications, etc

Guest speakers from the industry are invited to give insights into the real world to the students who are willing to jump into the field.

The full-time course fee is set  at 9828 GBP


University of Brighton

Mithras House

Lewes Road



3. Pitman Training

Pitman Training is an institution offering digital marketing courses in Brighton in the comfort of your own space, or campus study. This center is made to enhance the skills of the candidate for prospects. 

The entire course is built around keeping the mindset of the candidate in mind and making the best use of the study that keeps up with the real world. The course is designed to help the candidate in making their success story in the marketing era.

With extreme placement opportunities, Pitman Training is a good institution to choose from the list of digital marketing courses in Brighton for its placements for jobs and to upgrade the skillset.

Pitman Training is an institution that has been in the BAT and Finance industry for 30 years which can assure the quality of the study and the trust their alumni have for them.


Pitman Training Brighton,

The Dock Hub,

Wilbury Villas,




Q1. Why choose Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has overpowered the entire marketing era and there is no promotion without digitalization. Choosing digital marketing as a career is the best choice one can make considering the demand and the monetary benefits. If one is intrigued about putting out creative content on the internet in exchange for increasing sales volume, digital marketing is the career for you.

Q2. What are the elements of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has so many layers to it and it involves elements of digital marketing that if used correctly can turn the marketing game upside down for good. To name a few, SEO, SEM, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, etc are a few of the elements of digital marketing.

Q3. Which is the best institution for digital marketing courses in Brighton?

The top-rated online education delivery institution is IIM Skills with its presence in 35+ countries globally. They provide lifetime guidance, and lifetime access to the study material and have completed 25000+ pieces of training. The course also provides certification from IIM Skills and has splendid placement opportunities for the candidates who enroll. 

Digital Marketing is a newbie which has taken all the eyes of the marketers and there are so many hacks and tricks to master it for which you can enroll for the digital marketing courses in Brighton. Wish you all the luck for the future as a marketer and hope this article helped make the right decision for you. 

Concluding thoughts on the top digital marketing courses in Brighton

So no that we have mentioned the top digital marketing courses in Brighton above, hopefully, it will help you take the right decision on choosing an apt course for you. There are many factors to consider while planning to register for a course. The course duration, fee, and practical projects are some of the main considerations. Additionally, the more tools an institute covers, the better for a learner since they are able to master these applications to become an even more adept digital marketer. Ensure that the institute offers a good support system desk and soft skills training that will help you with strengthening your communication and presentation skills. Choose a digital marketing course in Brighton online or offline, that aligns with you learning goals and objectives.

Happy Learning!

  • Hi I am Arthur. I am a Content Editor want to practice digital marketing for better and effective brand promotion for increased sales of the product. A good digital marketing campaign can help develop greater brand awareness, and increase goodwill. Want to participate in a digital marketing course in Brighton to avail adequate training and practice of implementing digital marketing strategies and run digital campaigns successfully. IIM skills 5-month long course segregated into two parts of 3 months of live, instructor-led lectures followed by 2 months of a paid internship program, 15+ live projects and 10+ case studies for practical learning, Certification by IIM Skills and preparation of 13 other certifications available with Facebook, Google & HubSpot, Opportunity to launch own Youtube Channel for Video Marketing , podcast with Google, Apple & Spotify, Writing first blog with Times of India, and more features seems considerable. I Need to attend demo session for interaction before the enrolment.

  • Beavin here. I manage a brand for a startup business. Building my brand recognition can be aided by learning digital marketing. Due to the abundance of digital media platforms with strong marketing potential, it is now easier than ever to communicate with the audience loudly and clearly. Consequently, I’m eager to enroll in one of these available digital marketing courses in Brighton to obtain the necessary skills. IIM skills look like the greatest option to me.

  • Hello. I am Gracie. I am working in a Digital Marketing Agency. Getting familiar with the available courses for digital marketing training in Brighton to get enrolled to, and revive my digital marketing skills. Digital Marketing as we know, is an umbrella term which encompasses web enhancement, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic designing, and more. Implementation of digital marketing strategy can
    offer immense opportunities offered by the digital world to grow, and every business owner who taps this opportunity may head towards accomplishment of their goals. Well, I would like revive my skills and free demo session would be a good start.

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