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How to Drive Traffic Using Content Marketing and SEO

Everyone’s dream is to start a business. And once you’ve started your company, it won’t stop there. Customers are required to keep the business running. It is not easy to become familiar with its name and products. To achieve so through marketing, sales, and advertisement, for example, takes time, money, and much effort. Even after investing much money, some businesses cannot find and retain clients due to poor product quality and failure to meet customer expectations. If the organization wants to stay in business, it must acquire new consumers and retain old ones.

How to Drive Traffic Using Content Marketing and SEO

When a new industry emerges, it is followed by the emergence of related and dependent businesses. Similarly, when the internet was first introduced, many new businesses arose. Businesses can provide instruction in a certain area, information to the broader public, or subscription-based services such as consulting or content, among other things.

Customers are required in both traditional brick-and-mortar and internet-based businesses. There are millions of websites; how can you get people to visit yours? Only when a website has many visitors maybe it has a good chance of turning visitors into consumers.

The term “traffic” is used in the internet business to describe the number of visitors. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehend and master the art of driving traffic to one’s website; else, operating a business on the internet is pointless. In this article, I’ll go through a list of factors that can help a website gain visitors through content marketing and SEO.

What is Content marketing?

Consider how a regular travel agency operates. For example, they may call a potential customer and discuss the travel procedure and schedule for at least an hour or two; however, the conversation may not end if the customer has additional questions. However, if the same travel firm has a website and produces travel-related content, it will benefit the prospects.

The material can be visiting a specific country, its traditions, heritage, attractive spots to visit, climatic conditions. This type of content will be quite valuable to travelers. When such content makes the visitor feel his presence in the country and makes him want to visit the country right now, the visitor is more likely to phone the travel agency and inquire about the process of visiting the country.

It is known as content marketing when the material attracts prospects. Content marketing and SEO will bring more visitors to the website by selecting the relevant content and solving specific problems for prospects.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the art of getting a website to show up on the first page of a search engine’s results. And it’s done by adopting a range of strategies that search engine algorithms have advised. Every website owner’s dream is to have their website appear in the search engine’s results.

To accomplish so, you’ll need to devote some effort to develop a website that is relevant to your subject. Numerous aspects influence the search results for your website. Your page will appear first in the search results at some point, but it will appear second or lower the next day. Consider a search engine as a massive database.

A website owner’s task of entering all of his material into a search engine is quite challenging. Rather, search engines will dispatch robots to crawl your web pages and index them in their databases. There are numerous search engines on the market. Take Google as an example. You must register your website with the Google Search Console as a website owner.

Google will deploy robots to crawl the websites when the website owners have registered them. The robots will read all of the articles and the entire website and save all of the information in their engine or database. When a user searches with a specific keyword in a search engine, the information is retrieved from its indexed content.

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Now, let us see the factors that can drive traffic to the website using content marketing and SEO.

  • Create content that provides value to the readers and solve their problem:

On the internet, there are several articles and websites. When you search for a specific topic, the number of results is incalculable. The quality of the content deteriorates as you progress through the search results from the first to the last page.

The rationale for this is that web pages that appear on the top page of search results have high-quality material that helps many people find solutions to their problems, which provides value to the readers. Most people in India get colds, coughs, flu, and sinus infections during the winter season.

So when a doctor has a website with an article about how to cure sinusitis naturally, and most people get better after taking the advised medicines, the doctor is adding value and solving a problem. When most people access the website’s article and comment positively, the search engine will place this article at the top of the page due to its high quality and it can be achieved content marketing and SEO

  • Be Consistent in writing the articles and publishing them on your website:

There are mainly three types of content that you can produce online.

  • Firstly, one can produce informative content for their readers
  • Secondly, one can produce inspiring content for their readers
  • Thirdly, one can produce entertaining content for their readers

One must pick what form of content they will produce for their website and then keep to that content style. Such approaches will ensure that search engines favor such websites over those that produce a mix of diverse content categories.

Assume you’re creating educational content in the field of accounting. Suddenly, providing content connected to Hollywood has become irrelevant to accounting. However, one should not deviate from the main niche. Consistency, in this case, means posting at least one piece every week, if not every day.

It demonstrates your knowledge of that particular form of content. When you blog every day using content marketing and SEO, you increase your chances of bringing traffic to your website.

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  • Analyze the content that is published on the website:

In the long term, analyzing the information published on the website will be highly beneficial to the website. The analysis will aid in content optimization or (content marketing and SEO) provide insights into what kind of articles should be created in the future. Consider the case where you run a travel-related website. You’ve visited each of the seven continents, including Antarctica.

However, because most traffic or readers are interested in learning about European countries, you can produce fascinating information on European countries while not neglecting other continents. Such research will enable you to make more informed decisions about increasing traffic to your website.

Therefore, one can use content marketing and SEO wisely, while writing the content.  In addition, there are a plethora of tools on the market. However, the greatest one is Google Analytics, which is also free to use.

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  • Using Social Media Channels:

Using all of your social media networks to drive visitors to your website is one of the most effective strategies. Unfortunately, most of the time, website owners will be polarized to one social media outlet, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest. Each social networking platform has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

It is preferable to be present on all social media networks to obtain the finest source of visitors. For example, suppose you are on Twitter. In that case, you may post about yourself, your services, and your website in a few brief phrases, increasing your reach significantly.

You may be wondering how one can be in all of these locations and how tough it is to manage all of the channels because one must log in to each unique social networking website to publish content. However, the problem can be solved with software available in the market.

Yes, you can manage all of your social media outlets with a single piece of software. You can even conduct a campaign to send a message to a specific list of people. It is a misconception that social media platforms are highly addictive. Many people use social media to conduct business by themselves by utilizing the potential of content marketing and SEO.

  • Inorganic Traffic:

Inorganic traffic is one of the simplest and most expensive ways to drive visitors to your website. The simplicity is that all you have to do is advertise with appealing language that will entice visitors to click on it and land on your website. All of the social media channels and search engines that the majority of the public uses all day.

As a result, websites like Facebook and Google make money from advertisements and charge for hosting them. However, one of the most significant risks is that if people do not click on your ads, they will not visit your website. If no one visits the website, no one will view the content, generating no revenue.

Another issue with increasing traffic to a website is that it requires constant financial investment to generate traffic. This kind of traffic generation is only suggested for new websites. They will not have a large enough audience to notice the material and mention it to their friends.

Organic traffic is a two-edged sword; it is largely dependent on the quality of your website’s content and the advertisements you put on social media sites. By using content marketing and SEO, one can reduce the failures in the inorganic traffic methods.

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  • Quality Backlinks:

The backbones of websites are backlinks. Defining a backlink is the URL of your website that is placed on another website. There are two methods for obtaining a backlink: a paid technique and a free method. First, when your website is very new, a better strategy to build backlinks is to create a social media presence and link to it.

Second, you can join a group or community and chat about your website, as well as request that community members include your website’s URL in their own. Finally, one can seek websites where they can write articles for them and where your website URL can be placed.

These are the methods for obtaining backlinks for free. Some people sell backlinks to other websites. So, yes, obtaining a paid backlink is not a good practice. However, if search engines discover your wrongdoings, your website is likely to be penalized. Also, if your website is brand new and you have too many backlinks, it will be a major issue.

Obtain a backlink with extreme caution and gradually expand the number of backlinks over time. It should not be generated overtly. By having the right tools for content marketing and SEO one can check and analyze the backlinks for the website. Obtaining real backlinks and progressively growing them over time is one of the most effective ways to boost traffic.

  • Using right keywords and alternative keywords:

When creating content for a website, the keywords utilized and their density should be given much consideration. Defining a keyword is a key phrase that is entered into a search engine to obtain relevant results. The density refers to the number of words utilized about the total number of words in the article. Long-tail and short-tail keywords are the two main types of keywords utilized in articles.

Short tail keywords do not have a high revenue potential; instead, they provide information. For example, when you search for “shoes,” the search engine will still return results. However, they will be random, consisting of articles on shoes, some e-commerce websites that sell shoes, and so on.

Short tail keywords have many searches but no other goal than to provide information. On the other hand, long-tail keywords have a high monetization intent, such as “excellent shoe shops near my location,” where the customer wants to buy shoes and so has a strong possibility of visiting the store or ordering the shoe online. However, compared to short-tail keywords, such keyword search volume will be quite low.

Also, alternative keywords should not be ignored when writing articles. Put another way; the alternate keyword is a synonym for the main term. So, for example, if the main keyword is a shoe, alternate keywords such as sneaker, tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and so on can be used in the content. Keywords and alternative keywords are another way to drive traffic using content marketing and SEO

  • Deploying Content Delivery Network(CDN):

Website speed is another aspect that influences website traffic. When a user opens the website, it should not take more than 5 seconds because the visitor will be interested in other websites that load faster than yours. The content delivery network may not be available on the website, which is the main reason for slowly opening.

When you operate your website in the United States of America (USA), the server is also in the USA. Therefore, if someone visits your website from Singapore, the server will take some time to load. Suppose you have a content delivery network installed on your website.

In that case, the speed of your website will be the same for everyone visiting it from anywhere in the world, regardless of the server location. In this approach, the website’s traffic can be increased and it falls under the content marketing and SEO strategy.

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  • Having very good user experience:

There is a misperception that user experience is primarily about having eye-catching colors and appealing designs on a website. Assume you’re moving funds from your account to the account of a relative. You have accounts with two distinct banking institutions. Consider the names of the two banks: Bank A and Bank B.

If you utilize Bank A, you’ll know exactly which account the money will be deducted from, which account it will be transferred to, and when it will be credited to your respective account. Therefore, the procedure for transferring the fund is straightforward.

To transfer the money, you merely need to follow three simple procedures. Now that you’ve logged into Bank B, you’re unsure where to go from the website’s home page. Instead, you’re on the phone with the bank’s customer service department, inquiring about the best way to transfer the funds.

Now you know that filling out the details of the debit and credit accounts, among other things, takes six stages. The customer at bank B is having difficulty transferring funds. As a result, user experience is all about whether the user can relate what the specialty is, easy navigation, self-explanatory of the procedure, and so on from the time they land on your website.

As a result, because consumers prefer simple processes, users will stick to websites that provide a positive user experience. Therefore, you may enhance your traffic through user experience amalgamation of content marketing and SEO.

  • Having a Newsletter service for your website:

Having a newsletter service is the most lucrative way to drive traffic to your website. For example, you can send your subscribers to the news article published on your website when you publish an article. If you have dedicated 2000 plus subscribers, that itself worthy traffic to a website given the number of websites available globally.

Suppose the 2000 subscribers recommend your product and services to their friends, relatives, and other known persons. In that case, you will be getting amazing traffic to your websites with ardent followers of your content.

Also, one can monetize the newsletter; if you have content that gives ideas on some money printing industries like marketing, trading in the stock market, and many more, then it is a good source of money for yourself, make use of content marketing and SEO.

Even if you are sending the newsletter for free of cost, you can add your product at the bottom section of the email. If you do not have any product for yourself, add the affiliate products you have personally purchased and benefitted from.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. On average, how long will it take to get a good amount of traffic to the website?

Suppose you work consistently with all the strategies mentioned in this article. In that case, it will take around six to eight months to drive a good amount of traffic.

2. Do I need any paid tools to drive traffic?

Not necessarily, but if you have paid tools, it will help you immensely with research factors that need to be improved for driving traffic.

3. Is there any course that I need to take to improve my knowledge?

Although execution and failure are the best teachers, enrolling in advanced SEO courses is preferable to improve knowledge.


Getting people to visit your website is more art than science. Because search engines’ algorithms are getting smarter all the time, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to grasp them and change your strategy if you’re an individual. As a final remark, consistency, knowledge, and patience are three things that should be followed with utmost discipline.

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