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3 Best Creative Writing Courses in Brighton

“Creative Writing” as the name says so, is any form of writing which is outside and not bound to a form of normal writing, which is professional, academic-based, or journalistic. In creative writing, the author uses his imagination in a very creative manner to write, be it a story, poem, novel, or anything. Sometimes these write-ups can be based on facts or sometimes on imagination. If you are based in Brighton, and looking for the best creative writing courses in Brighton, then you must consider these top-listed institutes.  

List of best creative writing courses in Brighton

Creative writing is not everyone’s cup of tea, a person should be more good at putting his imagination into words in such a way that every reader gets connected emotionally. In today’s world, many platforms can be used to showcase creative writing apart from books, movies, etc. One can take creative writing as a full-time career and also there are courses that will help to enhance their skills in creative writing.

But before you know about the best institutes for Creative Writing Courses in Brighton, let us get a basic understanding of what is creative writing, its types, scope, skills required, and the earnings of a creative writer. Creative Writing is a wide topic. There are many forms where creative writing can be used. 

 Said that Creative Writing is Firstly Divided into 2 Parts:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction


Fiction writing is a framework of non-historical writings. It has nothing to do with reality, it is a created story that is made with pure intentions either to seek the attention of the reader, to entertain, or simply to convey the point of view of the writer. So, fiction writing is purely an imagination that is put into words. 

There Are a Few Basic Elements That Contribute to Friction in Writing Which Are:

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Dialogue 
  • Conflict
  • Settings

Fiction Writing Can Be Expressed Through Platforms Which Can Be as follows:


A novel is a type of fiction writing which is written with a minimum of 50k words. The novel consists mostly of all elements character, settings, plotting, climax, conflict, and resolution. It is not mandatory to have all the elements to make a good novel. There are different types of novels romantic, thriller, suspense, scientific, realistic, historical, or even postmodern.

Short Stories:

The short story is a piece of full written fiction but uses limited words and can be finished in one sitting. These kinds of writings many focus on the self-experienced incident or many incidents where the writer is linked with and has the intention to create a mood.

Play/ Drama:

Play and drama are the compositions that are presented through performances on stage. These are created characters either by created stories or sometimes based on real stories. The actors follow the scripts. This is based on both fictional and non-fictional writings. They are mostly written to entertain the audience.

Radio Drama:

As the term defines, these kinds of fictional writings are purely dramatized and are broadcasted via radio or through audio media which can be a cassette or CD. The main purpose of radio dramas is to convey a particular message or an idea through sound to their audiences. In these dramas, the actor performs more than a single role, as they just have to switch the sounds as audio is the only mode of conveying the particular message or idea.


These are the most known and famous types of fiction writers. They write for movies that are performed on the big screen. Their work is always presented in collaboration with a team of producers, directors, and actors which are drafted and sometimes redrafted before it reaches the audience. This kind of writing is mostly done and finished by deadlines and these writers are mostly freelancers.


Non-fiction is based on historical biographies. They are not imaginary and not created, they are based on the facts. However, they can entertain either emotionally or funny. It is a very popular type of writing which include biographies histories or travel guides.

Non-fiction Writings Has Four Main Catagories Which Are Listed as Below:

  • Expository
  • Narrative
  • Persuasive
  • Descriptive


Expository is a category of non-fiction writing that describes historical events. In this kind of writing, the author has to go through lots of research before they pen it down. They can’t fudge with facts, they have to present the fact accurately through their writing.


In this category, the author explains the facts in the style of a story. They write the stories using chapters topic-wise.


In the persuasive category of non-fiction writing, the writer takes charge of the topic to explain his point of view about the facts to convince his readers. The best example to share about the persuasive category of writing is newspapers and editorials.


Sensory language is used in this category of non-fiction writing. The details of the topic are shared in a very rich and figurative language to share the information. The best example of this category is the travel guide books.

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Now Let us Understand the Few Types of Non-fiction Writing:


History as we all know is based on events that are factual and not created. They are written by giving details about the political and social situations using all the primary and secondary sources so that their readers understand them. In short, to explain history is based only on true events the writer cant create any image here. 


They mainly focus on specific spiritual beliefs and faith.


Journalism is a very popular form of non-fiction writing which is based on current events. They use many platforms to broadcast their write-ups which include TV, newspapers also sometimes crime books.


Instruction write-ups are self-help books that are written to provide information to solve particular problems related to certain subjects such as financial management, relationship advice, or business success.


They are written on academic research and consist of more technical information. It is a very well-form organized non-fiction type of writing. They include scientific proofs to enhance the reader’s knowledge.

Social & Politic Science:

These are based on academic papers or the structure of society. The familiar topics in this genre of nonfiction writing are sociology, communication, archaeology, etc.


These are mostly pieces of writing where a particular author or multiple authors write under one theme.



Business & economic guides discuss business management & entrepreneurship. The writers in this genre of non-fiction writing are experienced in a particular industry or market that share their experiences and tips to have a successful business. The economic writers share knowledge about the stock market, interest rates of the market, consumer pricing, etc.

These are a few examples of types of non-fiction writing. There are many types which include humor, language books, Educational guides, Parenting guides, travel literature, biographies, etc. Their wide options a writer can choose as a platform to showcase his creativity in writings and can get fame and money.

Yes, one can have a successful career in writing based on the unique ideas he brings to the table that seeks the attention of his readers and connects emotionally with the writeup.

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Following Are the Career Options One Can Choose After He Finishes a Course as a Creative Writer as Per His Interest in the Subjects He Wants to Write:

Well, there are many options in the market, a few are listed below for your better understanding:

  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Magazine
  • Assistant to the Editorial
  • Newspaper
  • Publisher
  • Creative Director
  • Films
  • Liberian
  • School Teacher
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Content Manager
  • Proofreader
  • Digital Marketer

Scope of a Creative Writer After Successfully Finishing Creative Writing Courses in Brighton:

Creative Writing has a wider scope of career in today’s times. And technology has its bigger contribution to it. Any person with a genuine interest can sit in any corner of the world and publish his writings on any platform digitally and can earn a decent earning to make his bread and butter. All you will need good communication skills, unique ideas, and powerful writing skills.

Choose any topic of your interest and write using the best writing skills and broadcast through any platform. Social media is the most trending platform and can reach maximum readers in any corner of the world which is digitally accessible. One can choose Creative Writing as their full-time career and also as a part-time passion.

It is all an individual’s choice. Many courses offer the best coachings to help build a successful career in Creative Writing. Some are free and some are paid courses. Along with the course, they also offer practical learning experiences with assignments and projects. The most important keys to becoming a successful writer are a unique idea and excellent communication skills. 


Why is English the Most Important Language to Become a Successful Creative Writer:

Now, there is no doubt that English is the most primitive mode of communication, worldwide. It is also the most common language used irrespective of where you are placed on the globe. Said that it is not that a person who is good at regional language can make a successful career in writing.

But if you want to gain fame by reaching your write-up in every corner of the world then in that case English is the most important language. This also doesn’t mean that a writer should use heavy words in his writings. A basic English which is readable & understandable should work too. Provided it should be grammatically correct and should be connecting with its audiences.

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How Are Creative Writing Courses in Brighton Helpful?

Just like any other degree, one need not necessarily have a degree or a certificate to become a successful writer. But, Creative Writing Courses help to enhance not only your writing skills but also help you by guiding you on how to choose a career and also earn money through your passion for writing.  There are basic ABCs for writing too, which are taught in creative writing courses.

If you are the one who is planning to take your passion as a career then you are not alone, many fishes in the sea have the same dream. But to come with unique creativity is the key that will make you different from others. With Creative Writing Courses in Brighton, you will not only know how to be creative but also provide the platforms to broadcast your talent.

They offer the perfect guide to making a successful career as a writer. Technology is a fast-growing platform and not all know how to use it to broadcast their skills and make money. These courses offer you the knowledge and guidance on how the various forms of digital platforms can be used. Of course, a course or a certificate is not a must but it is icing on the cake if you get one.

Eligibility For the Creative Writing Courses in Brighton

Now as already said in the article above, Creative writing is something that should come from within. You don’t specifically need to hold any particular degree or a certificate to be eligible for this course. But if you have it, you can still do it as your passion. One needs to just have a basic 10th grade or can have a degree in any field and still choose to take this course. A student, a housewife, a working person anyone can take this course. The basic and most important thing to possess is very good communication skills.

Now Let Us Talk About the Institutes That Offer the Best Creative Writing Courses in Brighton

There are many institutes you will find that may offer Creative Writing Courses in Brighton and also claim to offer the best coaching. But before you enroll, let us first know the institutes so that you don’t regret spending your money and time. Creative Writing courses is a skill development course so its very important to make a wise choice that is worth the time and money spend. 

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Below Are the Highly Rated and Preferred Institutes That Offer the Best Creative Writing Courses in Brighton


IIM SKILLS is one of the most popular and globally familiar institutes when it comes to skill development courses. They offer a wide range of skill development courses and creative writing is one of their most preferred programs. IIM SKILLS is based in New Delhi but operates globally through its online coaching.

They have the most experienced mentors that come from an industrial specialized background that shares the best guidance and industry knowledge. So undoubtedly, you will learn from the best mentors with live assignments and practical projects. 24*7 guidance and support are what make them the best.

You will be provided with all the course materials and tools which are accessible anytime. Their coaching is mostly done online which is why anyone who is learning from them is not bound by time and location for their learning. They share the videos and audio if for any reason you miss their online lectures.

There are timely assigned assignments that will give you practical experiences so that you also gain the experience along with learnings. They focus more on practical than theoretical teachings. Also, you connect with your classmates from different corners of the world. Of course, these are common things but what makes them unique from other institutes are the following:

Pros Once You Enroll for the Content Writing Courses With IIM SKILLS:

  • 3 Months of Assured Internship (optional)
  • Free tools to access which is worth 35k
  • Offer the freelancing opportunities
  • Placement
  • Authorized and signed certification after finishing the course
  • Guidance to launch your Content Writing Agency 
  • How to Develop your portfolio professionally
  • Opportunity to publish e-books on kindle and google books
  • Opportunity to publish Press Release on Online news portal

For enrolling with IIM SKILLS, simply log in to their website and apply for the course.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

2. University Of Brighton

Creative Writing courses are the platforms to shape your career professionally as authors, publishers, lecturers, journalists, editorials, etc., and various options related to the digital world. Writing is an art and a powerful weapon to convey a particular message to your audience.

At the University of Brighton, you are well guided and supported to build your career or follow your writing passion with professional guidance under the expertise of various industries. The immense support and guidance from the University of Brighton will help your dream come true as a novel writer, copywriter, advertising agency, etc.

They offer courses for Undergraduates, Postgraduates, and Ph.D. Courses. The courses at the University of Brighton are available online therefore anyone from any corner of the world can apply for the same.

Pros With University of Brighton:

  • Guidance to shape your career
  • Job Placements
  • Opportunities to help you showcase your talent
  • Opportunity for further studies
  • Professional guidance

For more information and guidance about their creative writing courses in Brighton, you can check their websites and also have a live chat for any queries.

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3. Write Here Academy

Write Here Academy is the most popular institute to offer the best online Creative Writing Courses in Brighton. They Offer courses for children as well as adults who want to take their passion for writing as a career. They offer a wide range of online courses in Creative Writing. They also offer services for Professional Book Editing services for Novelists.

Pros With Write Here Academy:

  • They are affordable
  • They have online courses
  • Also, learn professional book editing
  • Courses for children as well adults

For applying or for further queries, you can log in to their website to have a live chat with their customer service executives.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

 Q1. Are online courses trustable?

Yes, Online courses are trustable provided you do research and review the institutes you want to enroll with. Online courses not only save money but also have the benefit of flexible learning. You are not bound by any time limits. Along with your education, jobs, or anything you can learn through online courses in your own space and time.

Q2. Can creative writing passion be taken as a full-time career?

Yes, your passion for writing can be taken as a full-time career. All you need is to bring new ideas and be more creative so that you have more readers in the market.

Q3. What is the duration of the creative writing courses in Brighton?

Well, it depends on the institutes and kind of the courses you want to enroll in. However, completing basic creative writing courses in Brighton may require a minimum of 30 days of period excluding the internship part.


Creative Writing courses in Brighton will give a platform to all those who are genuinely looking for guidance to take creative writing as a professional career. You will find many institutes that may promise you to offer the best coaching enroll only those who have good reviews and high ratings. For very first and beginners can also check for online free courses to understand the basics of Creative Writing. Hope the information shared is useful.


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