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Top 15 Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

Social Media has taken marketing by storm. If you want to stay in the limelight Social Media is the place to be. Recently Instagram has become the main platform for Social Media Marketing. Are you there on Instagram? Or do you want to create a place for your startups & reach the targeted masses? If you feel affirmative about any of the above questions then you are at the right place. Instagram Marketing organizations in India are getting popular day by day.  Your search for the Instagram Marketing Agency best suited for you will end here.

List of best Instagram marketing agencies in India

The reason behind you landing here on this page is that you believe in the power of Instagram Marketing. The way Instagram has reached the hearts of the millions, there’s no doubt that it has become the best place to market yourself and your business.

The entire world has chosen this path to market itself on social media platforms. There are many platforms to choose from like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, and many more. But the way Instagram has made the inroads in the marketing scenario no other platform stands near to it.

Let’s first understand what’s Social Media Marketing is as Instagram marketing is a part of that.

Social Media Marketing

When you market or publicize your products or your service on any of the social media platforms, this kind of marketing is called Social Media Marketing. In the last decade, social media platforms have become the best source of advertising and marketing for companies, startups, and businesses.

Not to forget even the service providers are choosing social media platforms to market themselves. Companies, startups, businesses are utilizing social channels ideally to reach their potential customers directly, to engage new customers & build their goodwill.

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Why Social Media Marketing is required in India?

“Nothing is permanent”- this phrase signifies that the old means of marketing have lost their sheen. So, it’s amply clear from the research that to make yourself a brand, the use of social media platforms is extremely important. The social media presence is a kind of identity for you.

The presence on social media creates trust in you and your business in the eyes of the people. Out, of all the social media platforms Instagram has become one of the most talked-about platforms in the recent past.

So now, let’s dive in and know about the Top 15 Instagram Marketing Agencies in India.

Rank# 1. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

1. bcwebwise 

Bcwebwise is one of the top social media marketing agencies in the world. It is said to provide the best services to its clients from all over India & world. It offers 360-degree social media marketing services to your service or business. Bcwebwise was founded by Chhaya Baradhwaaj in the year 2000

After its initiation, it has only added glory to its name. The first work that got recognized was of sunsilkgangofgirls.com- this was the first all-girls online community. Their team of experts in every field of social media marketing has done some extremely creative work for their clients.

The belief to work hard and smart has set them apart from all other agencies in India. They believe in creating unforgettable experiences for their clients while engaging with the targeted customer base and creating a success story. Bcebwise’s offices are well spread in India.

They have their offices in Mumbai & Delhi and their correspondents work with clients of every demography all over India. Their recent works include Scalpe by Glenmark, Xtreme 200R by Hero Motocorp, Camlin’s World Largest Rangoli by Kokuyo Camlin, & BharatBenzDieSeLaabh by BharatBenz.

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Rank# 2. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

2. WATConsult 

WATConsult has been ranked as the digital agency of the year 2020-21 by Social Samosa, IAMAI, BrandWagon, & Drivers of Digital. They cover the overall concept of a product and present them in the best way possible on social media platforms including Instagram.

They work in all the spheres of digital marketing as an agency, that includes:-

  • Digital Marketing & Consulting
  • Campaign Conceptualization
  • Digital & Social Content
  • Digital Video Production
  • Mobile Marketing’
  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Digital Business Solutions
  • E-Commerce Consulting
  • Programmatic Consulting
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Research & Consulting
  • Digital Experiences
  • Website & App Development
  • AR, VR, Mixed Reality
  • Interface Design
  • Phygital Solutions
  • Media Innovations

Their way of working passionately for each and every client has made them one of the top digital marketing agencies in India. They also provide digital solutions and other social media marketing services to their client. Their recent clientele includes Amazon, Life Insurance, CricBuzz, GoIbibo, and many more.

Rank# 3. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

3. GoZoop 

This agency started functioning in 2008 and today in 2022, it has set a benchmark for itself. They are basically an independent marketing group with more than 300 digital marketing professionals all over India & Middle East. Their head office is in Mumbai & they believe in optimizing your brand while marketing on any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Their specialties are Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Web Design and Development, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Social Commerce. The way they have worked in the last decade for their respective clients has set them apart in not only Instagram marketing, but in any kind of digital marketing services.

Their list of clientele includes Mumbai Indians, Dell, Ferrari, Asian Paints, Discovery Channel, Mad Over Donuts, ITC, Myntra, Lipton Ice Tea, Tim Horton’s among others across India, Dubai, Singapore & New York.

Rank# 4. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

4. Dentsu Webchutney Pvt. Ltd. 

Dentsu Webchutney has created a niche for itself in social media marketing. It is a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network but it has set itself as a brand when it comes to digital marketing. They work with leading brands in India by creating award-winning experiences for brands to connect, seize, and set a long-lasting relationship with their customers.

They have also been rewarded with the appreciation of the National Agency for the year 2019. They make sure you are in line with your customers’ needs, and they activate your brand to prove that it will be of value to them. Furthermore, they decide up befitting approaches for your brand, so that they can capture leads and increase your conversion rates.

In the last decade, they have excelled at not only Instagram marketing, but in virtually any kind of digital marketing service. Among their clients are Microsoft, Unilever, Airtel, Bacardi, MasterCard, Budweiser, Flipkart.

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Rank# 5. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

5. Mind & Matter 

Mind and Matter have gained the reputation of the best Social Media Marketing company in India for its astute crafts, empowering you to outshine other organizations. They equip your brand with the correct tools, technology, and platform to augment and accentuate your position on social media.

The way Mind & Matter has reached the heights & has set a name for itself in digital marketing agencies in India showcase their working process.  They possess a strong team of experts when it comes to social media marketing. They portray your brand in an effective manner.

They help orient its usefulness to the target audience by communicating your brand ideas and themes. Over the last decade, they’ve excelled not only at Instagram marketing but at nearly every kind of digital marketing service.

Rank# 6. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

6. Ads Global 360

As an organization that was founded in June 2009, Ads Global is an impressive objective-driven company. In the past decade, the company has ushered in a new era for social web marketing. You can improve your brand visibility on social media by hiring them for your marketing campaign.

By leveraging their expert insight, they are cautious when creating content planning and development. However, they create an ecstatic clamor for your brand on the virtual platform by applying the 3T model. They also develop actionable strategies based on the 3Ts: transparency, targeting, and tracking.

Moreover, the company has proven the worth of its client portfolio by signing up high-profile clients like Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Nestle, Maruti Suzuki, Reliance Capital, and so forth.

Rank# 7. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

7. Brainwork Tech 

This Social Network Marketing Company, founded in 2000, provides you the flexibility to customize the performance of your website. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup or an established company, the company’s professional experience will ship the best social media representation of your brands.

By keeping changes in technology and client expectations in mind, they build content marketing and social media marketing strategies that achieve the best results. To maximize the benefits, they employ extraordinary techniques. This results in remarkable returns on your advertising investment.

Among the thousands of other companies, they stand out due to the fusion of traditional and contemporary methods. In addition to successful internet marketing and content management, reliable services, timely responses, and commitment, the company takes great pride in its teamwork.

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Rank# 8. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

8. AdSyndicate 

AdSyndicate is a 360-degree marketing association and one of the leading social media marketing firms in India. The company has long worked to produce a niche in advertising and marketing that is timely and relevant. In addition to having a 25-year mature company, it comprehends your objectives, while simultaneously being aware of your competitors.

With clients like Tetley, TATA, Hyundai, SBI, Mahindra, and Sandisk, Adsyndicate creates effective mass media campaigns to make your brand stand out. Many brands have benefited from Adsyndicate’s help to achieve excellence.

Rank# 9. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

9. BrandHype 

BrandHype is a Digital Marketing company that provides Search Engine Advertisements, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and other methods that get you listed among big brands and generate more business for you. You will have decent ways of sharing images, videos, posts that will help to elevate your brand.

Having expertise in these techniques, they are able to help you accomplish your objectives. Social Media Management Services are provided by BrandHype to ensure your presence across various sites and platforms. A great marketing strategy requires art, balance, and presence in order to reach and convert a lead into a confirmed customer.

TCI, OYO, Cosco, Shree Educare, etc. are some of the clients of BrandHype. Your brand will stand out with BrandHype’s mass media campaigns.

Rank# 10. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

10. Godot Media

The company was founded in 2008, and it has the expertise to create superb marketing strategies for your company. In considering your expectations, company professionals create high-quality content that conveys your valuable thoughts. Using their experience and expertise, they transform your thoughts into actionable ideas.

They place your business on social media staging for startups and small businesses. Apart from that, they create engaging ads and stories for your brand to achieve distinction. Moreover, they work on enhancing customer management with innovation and insight.

By launching and articulating your brand in the best possible way they offer the recognition and experience of absolute Instagram and Facebook management. In the course of their digital journey, they have already provided assistance to companies such as AES, ING, Ezbob, Adept Central, and many more, helping them to occupy a crucial position online.

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Rank# 11. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

11. Intellemo 

With a unique fusion of intellect and emotions, the company got its foothold in India’s SMM landscape in 2018 and is fast gaining a reputation as one of the premier agencies in the field. Manifesting social media campaigns for your brand requires both intellect and emotions, as implied by its name.

When you explore functional ads, you can discover and choose readymade ads to be used in your campaigns. These ads are more than just templates. They are practical ads that can be deployed right away. Its most attractive feature is MEGA AD MANAGER.

Under this roof, you can access statistics regarding your digital campaign’s performance. Additionally, you can keep an eye on campaign statistics and evaluate campaign results. Intellemo’s approach to problem-solving continues to be successful and is extending its client base to brands such as UrbanClap, Yatra, Lenskart, etc.

Rank# 12. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

12. Pinstorm 

Social marketing agencies are adapting to the ever-changing world, matching the pace with the latest trends. Pinstorm has been reinventing advertising since 2004 and offers trending ads along the way. The company’s pay-for-performance approach is recognized for its sharp approach to digital advertising for businesses.

The company works around the clock and around the world devising strategies and methods for your brand advocacy. Based out of Mumbai, it specializes in SMM, SEO, Integrated Advertisement, and Brand Management. It is true that they premeditate to offer the brands in innovative ways.

Then, pursuing leads, their professionals determine customer engagement, boosting the growth of your company with the help of the internet.

Rank# 13. Instagram Marketing Agencies in India

13. Shoot Order 

One more company that puts social media marketing on the plate of Indian companies is ShootOrder. This company is a baby of Ivent IT Solutions and is based in Hyderabad and Noida. In addition to being deeply rooted in India’s traditions, they approach their clients as guests with the notion- ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

They list BMW Kun Exclusive, Westin, Hathaway, Times Group, among others, among the guests or clients that they have served successfully. A panoramic digital marketing agency specialized in content marketing, SEO, PPC ads, and social media marketing. With passion and dedication, this company is dedicated to attracting, engaging, and delighting target audiences through digital marketing.

By creating, running, analyzing, and improving their marketing campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., they increase profit through social media campaigns. In simple words, they provide all-around services across different social media platforms.

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Rank# 14. Instagram Marketing Companies  in India

14. Are Info Tech 

ARE Infotech is a social media promoter company that drafts a global presence for your company. With passion and resilience, the team of SMO professionals will manage and amplify this image. Founded in 2008, Are Infotech aims to provide its clients with memorable experiences by holding the business and growing.

They realize the powerful effects of social network retailing and are devoted to maintaining a high level of customer engagement. Because of this, they are dedicated to building a solid relationship between your brand and your customers.

Rank# 15. Instagram Marketing Companies in India

15. Sweans Technologies 

The digital marketing agency Sweans Technologies, an independent company with over 2,000 clients all over the world, is trusted in India. Moving with the fast-paced world, it has served with greater vigor than any other digital marketing agency.

Using their expertise in Social Media, Burger King, American Tourister, Sobha, Radio Mango 91.9, and a number of other corporations have experienced increased sales, ROI, and conversion rates. Their SMM experts work step-by-step, evaluating your standing on all levels.

In addition, they create compelling posts that present the value of the products and services you offer. So you can achieve more consistent customer engagement.


The way Instagram has started ruling the marketing campaigns in the digital world, every business or service needs to be properly marketed on this social media platform. The above-mentioned agencies are some of the best of the lots available in India. The only way to attain exceptional results is to engage with the world through social media marketing. Thus, you need to hire and invest in social media marketing companies. So, choose the one that fits your set of goals in your mind for your business or company. You can be sure that they will be of great assistance to you.


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