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Top 10 Online GST Courses in India With Placements

Shout out to Online GST Courses in India that have made learning GST easier, simpler, and homelier. If you are a fan of online learning and want to learn an in-demand new skill or course, check out these best online GST Courses in India. Indeed, as the Goods and Services Act stormed India in July 2017, it generated a deluge of opportunities for newbies, accountants, and finance professionals to make up a career in GST or as a GST Practitioner. On that note, if you are seeking a career budding or career advancement as a GST Professional, then read this article about top online GST courses in India that you can access from the comfort of the four walls of your house.

Online GST Courses in India With Placements

For those of you who are new to GST, let’s have a quick overview of GST meaning and types. Though you will learn it all in your chosen course, having a little bit of precedent knowledge depicts the better of you. So, here we get on a roll!


What is GST?


GST or Goods and Services Tax is a tender law that came into effect on 1st July 2017. The unified, multi-staged law consolidates a number of indirect taxes such as VAT, excise duty, luxury tax, to name a few, to remove the cascading effect of taxes. Put in simpler words, the GST law applies to the consumption of all goods and services at the fixed rate set up by the Government of India.


The tax rate is categorized into 4 slabs at 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Further, the GST tax has a 4-tier structure or 4 types, which are as follows:


1.CGST or Central GST

2.SGST or State GST

3.IGST or Integrated GST

4.UGST or Union GST


Though GST garnered backlash from people at an initial level, it turned out to be a success over the years. Since then, the GST law has magnetized many new compliances under it such as the E-way bill system, E-invoicing, and more of that sort. You can acquire more insights about Goods and Services Tax in a simplified manner here.


Now that you have known enough about GST, then let us plunge into the best online GST courses in India straightforward.


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Top 10 Online GST Courses in India




A blog-turned institute, IIM SKILLS is a pre-eminent ed-tech institution that traveled its journey to set the paradigm for skill development programs. Its fun-filled immersive programs are what has procured its amassed appreciation across the digital platform.


With industry-led programs and streamlined methodologies, the courses at IIM skills capitalize on your learning process. Over the top, the mentors induce a flexible learning approach to make the online classroom an epitome of speculation and enlightenment.


This flamboyant institute provides various courses, and among them, GST Certification Course is our optimal focus here. Below mentioned are the highlights of the course- that will confer why it is one of the best online GST Courses in India.


Course Highlights


Course Name: GST Certification Course

Duration- 4 Weeks Live Online Classroom Traning

Batches- Sunday batches 10-2 PM

Course Fees: INR 2900


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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Course Curriculum:


The full-fledged program drives across discrete modules with bite-sized topics for easy comprehension. Let’s have a look at the modules, and to delve deeper into the topics covered, you can download their brochure.


Module 1: Genesis and Concept of GST

Module 2: Framework and Structure of GST

Module 3: Invoicing rules and regulations

Module 4: Input Tax and Credit Payment under GST

Module 5: GST Return Filing

Module 6: Composition Scheme under GST

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism

Module 8: E-way Bill under GST

Module 9: Registration process under GST


This course will equip you will all the nuances of GST, its inception, compliance, and enforcement. Indeed, you will acquire the practical knowledge of GST processes, ultimately making you Job-ready with a clear understanding of GST provisions.


The end of the course will welcome you with a course assessment examination, clearing which will gain you a reward in terms of Certification. However, your journey doesn’t end here- placement assistance and career counseling throughout life is something you can enjoy as an additional benefit.


Why should you choose them?


  • highly-qualified trainers
  • well-researched training methodologies with a focus on practical training
  • on-the-spot doubt clearance
  • 24*7 support
  • lifetime validity
  • free demo
  • money-back guarantee after 1st session, if you are not satisfied with the course.

Other Courses offered by IIM Skills:


Know more at IIM Skills GST Course Review


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite




The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is a statutory body that operates under the administrative control of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With as many functions as regulating Accountancy professions, continuing education of accountancy professionals, convoying post-qualification courses, ICAI takes care of the accountancy department.


With the advent of the GST regime, ICAI formulated a certificate course on GST to upskill its members with the latest amendments in the finance and accounts industry.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Certificate Course on GST

Eligibility: The course is open for only the members of ICAI.

Course duration: 10 days course

Batches: Both weekday and weekend batches available.

Course Fees: For Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Jaipur- INR14,000+GST

For other cities INR12,600+GST


Course Curriculum:


Aiming to provide specialized and updated knowledge of GST law in a systematized manner, the course lays emphasis on enhancing analytical, problem-solving, and decisive skills. The syllabus takes into account the following topics:


  • GST Concept and definition
  • Levy, Time and Place of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Transitional issues
  • Valuation
  • Registration
  • Returns
  • Payment
  • Refund
  • Assessment
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Advance Ruling
  • FTP
  • Customs Duty
  • Ethical Practice
  • Exemption List of goods and Services
  • Miscellaneous Provisions


Each module is treated in-depth with detailed analysis and comprehension. Participants are entitled to a certificate after the course completion and examination(held twice a year). Apart from that, you receive 25 CPE hours (after the course) +5 CPE hours (after the examination).


Why should you choose them? 


  • present an avenue for the global social service market
  • render CPE hours
  • expert faculty
  • Government-authorized


Must Read:




ICSI, or The Institute of Company Secretaries of India, is a premier national body set up under Parliament Act. Headquartered in New Delhi and regional centers across other regions, the institute is a one-stop shop for Company Secretaries of India.


With the purpose to cultivate high-caliber professionals facilitating good governance, ICSI aims to be a global leader. ICSI offers a GST course exclusively for its members and professional program students to make them acquainted with GST compliances and enforcement.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Certificate Course in Goods and Services Law

Course duration: 5 weeks (online training 6 hours Sat and Sun)

Course Fees: INR7,500+GST


Course Curriculum:


The extensive GST Program gives insights into the fundamentals, principles, and other nuances of GST. It not only enables the candidate to acquire GST concepts but also apprise them about the latest developments in the GST sphere.


The course curriculum teaches you what, why, when, and how of GST-related concepts with due focus on practical training. As soon as you sign up for the registration, the study material is given to you in soft copy format.


Once you have expanded your cognition about GST and its compliances, you have to appear for an online examination. At the end of the course, you are eligible to earn a joint certificate from ICSI and BSE Institute Limited.


Hailing its rare repute, ICSI provides one of the best online GST Courses in India. For more information, visit their website and download their brochure.


Why should you choose them?


  • Affordable pricing
  • Industry experts as your mentors
  • ICSI and BSE certification to add to your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Inclusive of latest developments


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4. Vskills


VSkills is an online skills testing and certification exam conducting body that offers skill development programs to increase employability. This online training provider houses a certified GST professional training program. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best online GST courses that you can avail yourself of to become a certified GST practitioner.


As a part of this self-paced program, you visit and select the GST Training program and register yourself for the same. Once you have registered yourself, you receive and LMS access as well as a hard copy of the study material. Subsequent to the learning process, you can take the online exam at any time and from anywhere. Earning more than 50% will make you certified and hence improve your employability.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Online GST Training

Duration: 28 hours learning

Course fees: INR3,499/-


Course Curriculum:


This cohesive GST program covers all the critical aspects of Goods and Services Tax in India. Here are the modules incorporated in this program:


  • Taxation and GST Basics
  • GST Concepts
  • GST Registration
  • GST Invoicing
  • GST returns
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Legal Provisions
  • Miscellaneous


Why should you choose them?


  • Government certification
  • Lifelong valid certification
  • Lifelong e-learning process
  • Self-paced program
  • VSKills certified tag at Monster.com and Shine.com




Another prominent name in the list of online GST Courses is Cleartax which aims to simplify finances, tax payments, money, and time problems for Indian entrepreneurs. ClearTax has successfully served more than 2.5 million happy customers, more than 20000 CA and tax professionals, and more than 10000 businesses pan India.


It claims to be India’s mammoth tax and financial services stage for individuals, businesses, tax experts, SME’s, and enterprises. With that being said, they aver to provide the best possible solutions for income tax returns, GST filing, invoicing, and more.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Comprehensive e-learning Certification on New GST Returns

Course duration: 8+ hours in-depth training

Course Fees: INR3,600


Course Curriculum:


With detailed lectures from Industry experts such as CA Preeti Khurana (15 years of experience) and CA Srubhi Punshi, the course leads you to the latest advancements in GST.


Topics you will learn across the course:


  • Basics of GST Returns
  • New GST Return system
  • The transition from old to the new system
  • Complete Filing Process for RET-1,2,3
  • Detailed Analysis of ANX-1,2
  • Case studies by CA’s


Why should you choose them?


  • Experienced CA as mentors
  • detailed training
  • affordable pricing
  • Assessment and Cleartax certification


6. CA Club India


Established in 1999, CA CLub India acts as an interactive playground for finance professionals and tax professionals to share and spread their knowledge across the community. More than 3 million members have embedded themselves with this platform, thus rendering its amassed popularity.


Striving for excellence, they provide online GST training from beginners to an advanced level covering all levels of learning. Circumspect in the hands of industry experts like CA Bimal Jain, they affirm to empower you with practical cognition.


Based on applied learning concepts, they offer one of the best online GST courses in India that you can leverage to set the foundation of your GST Practitioner career. Let us take a roll across this program.


Course Highlights


Course Name: GST Course

Course Duration: 61 hours Video classes or one and a half month

Course Fees: INR6,599


Course Curriculum:


The course is empowered to give you a thorough understanding of the GST regime. To ultimately make you GST-ready by the end of the course, it is all-inclusive of critical aspects, such as:


  •  Levy and supply under GST
  • Taxable person and registration
  • Time and Value of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Place of supply
  • ZEro-rated Supply
  • Tax invoice, E-invoicing
  • Return and new GST return system
  • GST Annual return
  • GST Audit report
  • Inspection, search, and seizure under GST
  • Advance rule under GST
  • Offense and Penalty
  • Questions and Answers related to GST regime


Why choose them?


  • Latest Union Budget update 2021
  • GST e-book
  • Certificate by CA Club India
  • 2-month access to the course material


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Another big name in the finance online training providing industry is TaxGuru. TaxGuru-an education wing professes to cube intensive learning experience, challenges exposed learning, honing innovative ideas for you to propel in your career.


CA Raman Singla- having experience of training more than 30,000 professionals and an author of the best-seller “Complete Analysis on GST” delivers the course. The program is an intermix of online learning and live streaming to transcend real-time classroom hold.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: GST Certification Course

Course Duration: 30 hours detailed course

Batches: Sat and Sun

Course Fees: INR10,000+18%GST


Course Curriculum:


Relating a gamut of topics from basic to advance levels embracing major compliances, GST returns, E-Invoicing, New GST Returns, with case studies, the course curriculum is as follows:


  • GST lax, concepts, and basics
  • Taxes subsumed in GST, GST amendment act
  • GST return filing
  • registration
  • Levy, supply, and valuation
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Reverse Charge mechanism
  • Place of supply
  • Schemes, appeals, penalties


Reading materials are given in the E-formats along with live-query resolution features.


Why choose them?


  • Well-known GST expert as your mentor
  • Live Query resolution
  • Session recordings provided for a limited period
  • Both English and Hindi modes of communication followed




Another well-renowned name in the list of online GST Courses in India is ConsultEase. Realizing the need for upping the learning curve, the institute offers varied courses under finance, taxation, Account, Banking. Our center of concern here is the GST Course for Beginners that caters to the yearnings of students and professionals seeking GST knowledge.


The GST course at ConsultEase is designed keeping in mind the beginners or freshers who are new to the domain of Goods and Services Tax. It is a self-based program available in the form of recorded lectures on their dashboard. Check out what this course has to offer you.


Course Highlights


Course Name: GST Course for Beginners

Course duration: 12+hours

Course Fees: INR1,500+GST


Course Curriculum:


From basic to practical concepts, this course has your back. Here is a quick overview of the course curriculum that this course offers:


  • Basic concepts and constitutional background
  • Levy, exemptions, and supply
  • Registration
  • Returns under GST
  • Place of supply


Each module further breaks down into bite-sized content and topics. After the completion of this course, you receive a certificate to validate your corporate sector opportunities.


Why should you choose them?


  • Affordable pricing
  • Self-paced program
  • Specially meant for the beginners


IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite




NIIT is a top-level online institute that runs an extensive course program in varied niches such as software, IT, banking & finance, taxation, etc. Set up in 1981, the globally recognized institute houses numerous programs and courses for people coming up from different fields.


That started as a brick-and-mortar institute soon jumped on the bandwagon contemplating the power of online learning. Recognized and reputed by a plethora of Awards and Acknowledgements, this institute offers one of the best online GST courses in India.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Introduction to GST

Course duration: 20 hours

Course Fees: not mentioned


The proficient veteran industry experts navigate this intensive learning program to help you understand the GST concepts in actionable language. The course is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge with an extensive focus on real-time practice to enhance retention.


Course Curriculum:


In partnership with Tally, this concept-based program is a gateway to the following conceptualizations:


  • Goods and Services Tax concepts
  • Supply of Goods and Services
  • Time of Supply and Value of Supply
  • Invoicing and Input Credit Mechanism
  • Returns and Payment of Tax
  • Non-Compliance consequences
  • Accounts and records
  • Tax refunds and structures
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Non-resident taxpayer
  • E-commerce and compliance rating
  • GSTN and GSP
  • Audit process
  • Demand and recovery
  • Appeals and revisions


Moreover, this program is mapped and embedded with the online Tally certificate exam.


Why should you choose them?


  • expert veteran faculty
  • Tally certificate
  • practical training
  • intensive learning program


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10. GST Center


GST Centre is a premier educational institution that pans student-centered, innovative, and dynamic programs for accountants, finance professionals, and students. Proud of its expert faculties and management teams, the GST Centre follows a blended learning system accessible to all.


For a fact, GST Centre offers customized diploma courses at three levels, which are:


GST Beginner

GST Intermediate

GST in Tally

You can take up whichever you want based on your expertise level.


Course Highlights:


Course Name: Diploma in goods and Services Tax

Course Duration: Check the website

Course Fees: INR6,500


A noteworthy point here is that you have to pay additional charges for certificate attestation.


Course Curriculum:


The course curriculum of the basic level program is mentioned below:


  • Overview of Goods and Services Tax
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Registration for various Persons
  • Procedure for Registration
  • Time of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Tax Rates
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Tax Invoice, Credit, and Debit Notes
  • Accounts & Records
  • Payment of GST
  • E-way Bill


Intermediate and Advanced level courses have surplus topics. Check the website for more details.


Why should you choose them?


  • Live streaming classes
  • Study material and video material available through LMS
  • Work on simulation software for hands-on experience
  • certifications provided


Is GST a Good Career Option?


As per researches, GST has created a demand for 1.3 million finance professionals. Now, that’s a number.


As every small, medium and large business comes under the umbrella of the GST taxation system, business owners go frenzy to meet the needs of timely tax fulfillment. Here comes the inevitable necessity of a GST Practitioner to take care of immersive paperwork and everything without having to miss the deadlines. Consequently, there is a massive demand for GST Practitioners pan India.


Provided that you possess the imminent skills, you have a way ahead to grab as many clients as possible. These skills constitute:


  • well-acquainted with the nitty-gritty of GST law
  • certified practitioner
  • innovative ways to save client’s money
  • paper filing prowess
  • keen to detail
  • competent at calculations
  • deadline-oriented
  • be able to explain things to clients in a simplified manner


Well, for most people, remuneration is a crucial aspect that convincingly is efficacious in work life. Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want a job that pays well? True to its emotion, everyone is lured by lucrative career prospects, and GST skills provide you just that and more.


According to the data by Payscale, the average salary of a tax consultant inclusive of bonuses is equal to ₹517,388.


Considering the fact that GST is definitely a lucrative career option, you can bask in the success. While you enjoy wealth as a trainee, you can garner a high salary packet with bottled-up experience.




Q1. Which is better- an online GST course or an offline GST course?


Given the current scenario and modern era, the Online GST course is the way to go with advanced learning methodologies. While you save time and energy in commuting, you get to acquire new skills from the comfort of your home at affordable pricing.


Q2. Is GST applicable to online courses?


Yes, GST is applicable to online courses as well. As mentioned above, most of the course fees mention additional GST charges besides the basic fee structure.


Q3. Where can I learn GST online?


You can learn GST at any online education provider such as IIM Skills, ICAI, ICSI, Tax Guru, etc. All these are the best institutes that provide GST courses and certifications at affordable pricing.


Q4. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?


The average salary of an Accounts Manager and GST Practitioner falls in the bracket of INR 4.9-6.4lacs in India.


Q5. Can a GST practitioner do a job?


Yes, GST Practitioners can apply for jobs as well as open their own consultancy. GST has opened up new avenues for finance professionals and commerce graduates.


Concluding Thoughts


All the above-mentioned courses are the best online GST courses in India, grounded on specifications such as reviews, course structure, practical training, fees, expert faculty, etc. Most of the institutes provide weekend batches as well considering the skill development scope of working professionals.


I hope you find your perfect match in one of these courses that befits all your criteria and preferences. I wish you all the luck with your future endeavors.


Keep learning! Keep Shaping your Career!!

An English-graduate, vivacious researcher, SEO content writer, avid reader, and passionate writer, Alumna and content writer at IIM Skills.
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