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IIM SKILLS GST Course Review: An Eye-opening Analysis

The implementation of GST in 2017 created a deluge of opportunities for people to practice a new profession or add a badge to their prolonged job. That said, if you find yourself in a gray spot before finalizing the GST course at IIM Skills, here is the granulated IIM Skills GST Course Review. After reading it, you will have a clear conception of what awaits you when you sign up for the course and how you can benefit the best from the program. 


IIM Skills GST Course Review


Before accelerating to the IIM Skills GST Course review part, let’s have a look at what GST is about, career opportunities, and prospects after the course. 


What is GST?


GST or Goods and Services Tax is the unified indirect tax regime that debunked umpteen miscellaneous taxes to stand alone as One nation, One tax. The list of ousted taxes includes VAT, excise duty, luxury tax, service tax, to name a few. 


Organically, GST applies when there is an exchange of sale, purchase, trade, or consumption of products and services in any part of the country. The multi-staged tax regime assorts into 5 GST slabs propelled by the Government, these are:


1.O%- salt, cereals, grains, sanitary napkins, etc.

2. 5%- Sugar, spices, edible oil, cashew nuts, etc.

3. 12%- ketchup, sauces, diagnostic reagents, spectacles, etc

4. 18%- soaps, hair oils, headgear, baby carriages, etc.

5. 28%- AC, mobile, refrigerators, etc.


GST as a Career Prospect


GST Act not only morphed the tax regime in India but has also capitalized on an ocean of career prospects for commerce and finance graduates, working professionals, and anyone enthusiast about numbers. 


Counting by numbers, the GST has generated 1.3 million jobs for tax experts, finance incumbents, and accountants. 


There is no denial for the fact- that every company, business, and industry irrespective, of being small, medium, or large enterprise- comes under the purview of goods and taxes law. However, not every business is competent to handle the taxation-related duties and meet the deadlines for tax submission. This, in fact, set the need for the GST Practitioners ablaze. 


Thus, GST compliance knowledge coupled with certification acts as a springboard to propel a rewarding career. While this may be the perfect alley for a newbie, for a working professional, GST amplification can lead to an amped-up increment of 15-20%. Sounds gratifying? 


Not to overlook, you have the option of disparate career prospects such as a job in an MNC or become your own boss with your own GST Agency. Altogether, GST practitioners can be a lucrative career option for commerce, finance, and tax field personnel.


Now that you know about the haven under the GST profession, let us drill into the IIM Skills GST Course. 




IIM Skills- A World-class Institute


Coming out of an educational blog, the IIM Skills soon became the talk of the town ed-tech institution. Working relentlessly to offer career upskilling and job-oriented premium courses, IIM Skills has established itself as a known education brand over 5 years. 


From being the best Content Writing course provider to the best in the digital marketing domain, IIM Skills soon spread its wing to cover up one more in-demand skill. That is the GST course. We will drill down more about the IIM Skills GST Course review in the later part. 


Coming back to IIM Skills, what makes it a coveted choice is its prowess in educating and upskilling people from all walks of life. Students, graduates, housemakers, entrepreneurs, job-seekers, you name it, and they serve it. The courses are designed keeping in mind different types of learners. That said, no one feels left out once you join this learning fraternity. 


Besides, expert faculty, systematic module-wise learning, state-of-the-art methodologies packed with focussed experiential learning are what give it an edge over others. What more do you want? 


IIM Skills GST Certification Course


The GST certification course at IIM Skills is an all-encompassing, expert-sculpted, up-to-date course that enlightens you with the latest insights and information on the GST industry. Replete with boundless learning, the course buds on the practical application of the concepts. 


With an aim to strengthen your core skills from basic to advance levels, the course adorns you with the requisite ability to master the GST domain. These include:

  • Acquisition of GST knowledge- its inception, enforcement, implementation, and varied tax compliances. 
  • How GST works
  • A laser-sharp understanding of the overall GST framework. 
  • GST impact on businesses to equip you with figuring out pricing strategies per GST. 
  • Practical learning of GST concepts- registration, TDS compliance, return filling, refunds. 
  • Mastering GST provisions to become job-ready or start your own consultancy. 


Before magnifying the staggering features of the course, let’s have a keen overview of the module structure:


Module 1: GST concept and its impact on business

Module 2: GST framework and structure

Module 3: GST registration- criteria and process

Module 4: GST invoicing rules and regulations

Module 5: GST returns filing

Module 6: composition scheme

Module 7: Reverse charge mechanism

Module 8: E-way bill

Module 9: Input Tax Credit System


Download IIM SKILLS GST Course Brochure


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Key Features of the GST Course


The GST course comes in handy with striking features that will sweep you off your feet. Hold your helm while we begin unfolding the hallmarks point-by-point


Self-paced Learning curve: 

IIM Skills is sensitive to the bustling schedules of working professionals and students. With that in mind, they have outlined a self-paced program to maximize the learning curve. Hence, you need not worry if you are caught up in exams or work commitments- IIM Skills will help you to place the pieces together. 


Expert guidance: 

As with their other courses, they only patronize experts and experienced faculty. They make sure you receive the most subtle and substantial guidance under the specialized tutelage of the mentors. So, don’t worry you are putting yourself in safe hands by enrolling in this satisfying course. 


This is an indispensable point that forms the core of the IIM Skills GST Course review. Expert guidance by experienced CA does have a prolonged effect on your learning curvature.


Thoughtful methodologies: 

There is no second thought that teaching methodologies are as essential as the faculties- when it comes to online learning. Not everyone has the competence to make others understand. Therefore, thoughtful techniques for easy comprehension and enforcement are a must!

At IIM Skills, the onboard faculty use point-blank researched methodologies to deliver the course most comprehensively. Consequently, you are sure to open up to new concepts organically.


Free demo:

A trial before buying is a thing of beauty for the netizens. Whether it’s online shopping or an online course, the dimensions don’t change a bit. With that in mind, the IIM Skills GST course offers you a free demo session before you actually make an adept decision. 

Attend the free demo, have a word with a career counselor professional, and then make a choice if you really want to get into it. Sure, knowledgeable professionals will daze off any doubts that clog your brain.


Skill upliftment:

As a skill development course, the GST course encourages and polishes your skillset. It not only makes you proficient in handling GST affairs but equips you with the coveted skills to manage multiple clientele. Moreover, it conditions you to organize and manage your work to satiate clients. Thus, this power-packed GST course proactively shapes you to fit in the shoes of the best GST practitioners. 


Interactive learning:

With the IIM Skills GST course, you have ample wriggle room to interact and converse with faculty as well as your fellow companions. Both result in the amplification of knowledge and perception. 

Your hands are untied to share your own observations, ask for others’ inputs, or pose a question to the faculty. 

Despite being connected via a Zoom call, the interactive classroom gives the feel of the actual brick-and-mortar room. Given that you are putting in your undivided attention, you will find yourself in a real interactive classroom.


Instantaneous Doubt-resolution:

Most institutes and online courses fall flat when it comes to interaction and doubt-resolution. But, with IIM skills, you don’t have to be dubious about doubt-clearance.

IIM Skills mentors and teams are always at your disposal to clarify your doubts. You can throw doubt in the zoom sessions or via emails with an affirmation to receive the answer at the drop of a hat. Hence, this adds a plus one to the positive IIM Skills GST course review. 


Practical Implementation:

Practical usability and execution hold more worth in the cut-throat competitive world. Theoretical knowledge without practical application is a replication of a bird who doesn’t know how to fly. You don’t want to be that bird, do you? 

IIM Skills believes in conditioning flying birds. So, it facilitates you with full-fledged practical procedures to carry out processings. They teach you how to file GST returns, GST registration, refunds, etc. 


Extensive curriculum:

Sculpted by industry veterans, the course curriculum is an exhaustive one. Beginning with the fundamental knowledge of the GST framework and structure, the course culminates with the expert knowledge of GST compliances like ITC and the E-way bill system.

Likewise, there is an equal focus on GST registration, return filing and refund schemes. 

For clear conceptualization, the course spreads across modules. Each module covers a certain number of topics to make you move forward towards your aspirations.


Certification packed:

Certification is an authorized accreditation that backs up your cognitive abilities. While applying for any job, for the most part, HR’s put their eye on your certifications to finalize your resume or schedule an interview. 

If you are a job-oriented person, then this certification-coupled course is all that you need. Besides, certifications are proof that even a businessman or other personnel would want to add to their repository. 

IIM Skills awards you a Master’s certification once you complete the course and clear the exam with flying colors. Imagine having your name engraved on this master certification.


IIM Skills master certification

Career counseling:

Not everyone is sure of what they want or if they are a precise fit for the profile. In that case, you may desire a hand-hold or directing-hand to guide you along the lines. 

For that very purpose, IIM Skills has an expert counselor to strive you towards your path of success. That said, one can hold the IIM Skills GST course review in an optimistic light.


Budget-friendly pricing:

Another major highlight of the course is the pocket-friendly pricing. In the pricey world, making an affordable investment in your skill development is your best bet. 

The IIM Skills GST course is priced at 2900 (inclusive of GST). So, even if you are on a tight budget but want to upskill yourself, IIM Skills is a definite choice. 


Small Batch Size

 The quantity of students in a single batch is relatively less. Small batch sizes at IIM Skills ensure scrutinized attention and mentorship to each individual. Accordingly, the course delivery is highly quality-based and student-oriented.


LMS Support:

Learning Management System (LMS) accounts for all of your course accessories like course material, course progress, tools, and other relevant elements. All of it is stored safely in the LMS repository. Through your login credentials, you can access the same round-the-clock. 


Lifetime access:

The most crowd-pleasing feature of this course is the lifetime access hallmark. That means you don’t have to feel discontentment even if you miss out on something. 

With lifetime LMS support, you are eligible to surf your learning and even access the updated learnings till your last breath. And, to be honest, there is no limit to how many times you can watch lesson recordings. 

The icing on the cake is that you can contact and confer with mentors throughout your life. Ask them for career guidance, counseling, dilemmas, or job suggestions. 

In the most simpler terms, IIM Skills is a lifelong journey. 


Money-back guarantee:

Not happy with the course content or training? No worries, you can ask for reimbursement post the first session. 

What more testament do you need for their work ethics?

Student satisfaction and upliftment are the sole aims of the institute. If a disciple is not gratified, they try their best to help them out in every way possible. Of course, if you hit a cul-de-sac, you will definitely get back your money. 

Tools and Softwares

Another freebie gift that comes coupled with the course benefits is free GST invoicing tools and software. The modern world requires modern solutions. 

Millennials today rely on technology-driven tools to simplify work tasks and amplify work accuracy. Thus, the course makes provisions for free tools for precise performance and hassle-free client management.



Being an online course, you can access the course from anywhere. Moreover, it comes with easy access via the zoom sessions. 

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to step out or commute to amplify your GST knowledge. Fundamentally, you can learn the intricacies of GST from the comfort of your home. 


Internship Provisions

Post course completion, IIM Skills have special provisions for a 3-months internship with the institute and other reputed firms. But, here is a catch, you have to qualify for an interview to relish the internship opportunity. 


Reputable Brand Partners of IIM Skills

The image shows IIM skills Brand partners


How Can You Benefit from the course?


Learning is one thing, but the awareness comes when you practice the same with ardent agileness. With that in mind, here, let me map out for you to capitalize on your learning to gain the best outcomes and results. 


Be regular and consistent

The online course duration is merely a month or so. To enjoy the maximum benefits, it is advisable to be regular and consistent in your class schedules.  

The truth is everything in our life depends on priority. When you have made up your mind to upskill or learn something new, make time for it. Catalog it as a priority-based task and attend regular sessions. 


Put Yourself to Practice

The axiom “practice makes a man perfect” never really dies. Even today, success comes to those who practice incessantly. Hence, become habitual yourself to learn side by side and put yourself to practice.  

Whatever you have acquired in the sessions, harness the most out of it by practical applicability. 


Reflect on Learning

Being all ears to the mentors in the session is not enough. To optimize the learning curvature, reflect on what you gained. Mull over the acquisitions and processes, list down any question that leaves you in a state of confusion. 

Pose the question in the next session or email the same to the mentors. In this way, you will be able to reap the maximum benefits from the program. 


Ask Doubts

Doubt-resolution is the most important aspect of knowledge augmentation. When you ask doubts, not only do you get your thoughts straight, but also mentors appreciate your craving for learning. 

Thus, make it a point to enumerate your doubts and fling them over post the topic completion. 


Indulge in internships

Remember, your travel doesn’t end with the course completion; that’s just the beginning. Once you are thorough with the program, ensure to indulge in internships under experts to capitalize on your efforts and learnings. 

While IIM Skills does provide a 3-months non-paid internship, for which you have to clear an interview, you also have an option for other internships. Wherever you want to apply, paid or non-paid, you can make a choice. 

Moving along, let’s have a bird view of the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 



IIM Skills GST Course Review


The informative GST certification course at IIM Skills is a perfect package for anyone eyeing to amplify their GST knowledge quotient. The self-paced exhaustive course is the right choice for students, working professionals, housemakers, retired people, etc- for an enhanced learning experience. Anyone good with numbers and a little prior knowledge about taxes can opt for this particular course. 


Clear conceptualization, interactive learning, and instant doubt-resolution tactics wire along to make it the best bet for you. Additionally, internship and placement opportunities and preparation tips add to the juices of the course. 


The next big thing to consider in the IIM Skills GST Course review is the life-long hand-holding and a master certification to add as a badge to your resume. All of these distinguished and incredible attributes make it an ideal choice for anyone to study GST and its principal compliances. 


Now, before we close down on the IIM Skills GST course review, have a look at what the students have to say about this course:


IIM Skills GST course reviews


That’s all for the IIM Skills GST Course Review.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Is IIM Skills a good choice for GST Course?

A: Taking into account the highlights like self-paced learning, exhaustive curriculum, expert faculties, lifetime access, IIM Skills is definitely a good choice for GST Course. Moreover, the pocket-friendly pricing makes it worthwhile.


Q2.What are the course modules covered in the IIM Skills GST course?

A: The extensive curriculum includes the following modules:

1: GST concept and its impact on business

2: GST framework and structure

3: GST registration- criteria and process

4: GST invoicing rules and regulations

5: GST returns filing

6: composition scheme

7: Reverse charge mechanism

8: E-way bill

9: Input Tax Credit System


Q3. Do IIM Skills provide internship facilities?

A. Yes, IIM Skills provides 3-months non-paid internship. However, one has to qualify for an interview before becoming a part of the internship program with IIM Skills and its brand partners. 


Q4. Is the IIM Skills GST course an online program?

A. Yes, the GST course at IIM Skills is an online learning program that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. 


Wrap up!


On a wrap-up note, GST practitioner is a highly promising and rewarding career option for finance and account students and personnel. Whether you are a commerce student, tax expert, finance professional, or accountant, cognition to GST will open up peripheral doors for you. All you need is the adept guidance and knowledge to set you on the right track. 


It goes without saying that GST cognizance has immense potential for a fulfilling career, provided that you put yourself into it wholeheartedly. With every industry (big or small) being under the limitations of the tax regime, job portals are filled with demand for GST practitioners. 


 Thus, constant polishing skills and acquisitions can help you shape your quest to become a GST practitioner. Not to forget, there are varied career prospects once you are out-and-out with course, so think about what you want for yourself and make an informed decision. 


In the end, I hope this IIM Skills GST course review simplified your course choice hunt. Even if you have the slightest of doubt, trigger your mind with the free demo session. Book your seat now at GST Certification Course


Do come back and add more to the review in the comment section.

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  • hello, I am an undergrad finance student and I want to learn about the GST and also need certification to improve my CV, am I eligible to enroll in the course and also to apply for the internship you guys offer? looking forward to your reply.

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