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8 Best Creative Writing Courses in The Philippines

Creative writing is one of the most exciting as well as rewarding skills that has the power to execute an idea and transform one’s moods or notions in one read. But, it requires a great understanding of the subject to dig into the people’s hearts and make them feel your words. There are a number of creative writing courses in the Philippines you can opt for in order to master creative writing skills.

List of best creative writing courses in the Philippines

Have you ever considered creating a story using your imagination while it’s raining at a resort, after reading a book, or watching a movie?  Yes, a majority of us did and several of us also had bought a pen and paper to write. However, as soon as you started writing, you realized the story doesn’t flow as fascinatingly as it did in your head.

You start to wonder what you’re missing when you see the grammar, and sentences in the text are not flowing smoothly. The missing part is your creative writing skills. Your writing abilities prevent you from reproducing the amazing effect that your mind has so eloquently imagined in that story.

To arouse a reader’s emotions, a writer must use his imagination and inspiration and master writing skills. It could be fiction, nonfiction, a movie script, or a poem, creating writing skills helps in developing your writing and conversational skills. Being able to speak and write in poetic language has the power to win or break hearts.

Learning creative writing also improves your ability to express yourself and sharpen your mind.  If you are one of those who have always wanted to make the most of your writing skills then taking a course on creative writing is the best option to consider.

What is Creative Writing?

Many people believe that writing is a talent, one either possesses or does not possess. To an extent, this is true, since some people are naturally talented and others learn and master their abilities. The desire to write creatively starts within and grows into something much more attractive and knowledgeable. 

It is such a beautiful and bountiful world, allowing a creative brain to make the most of its creativity, which in turn would assist in the development of knowledge.  The world’s best plays, books, articles, fiction, drama, and non-fiction are merely examples of authors’ and playwrights’ creative writing skills.  

A skilled writer may uniquely reveal life’s realities. Through them, the truth of life can be communicated clearly, and straightforwardly. A creative writer once came up with the phrase saying  “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away” which would never have achieved fame if it had just been put down as Eat Fruit every day.

By combining the phrase with Doctor, he implied a dignified manner of eating apples. Creative writing understands and promotes hard truths in a style that can inspire learners and readers. To become a successful writer, one must have more than talent. Talent to be able to write.

There are many brilliant writers in the field but very few have the desire to work on their craft. And some individuals aspire to become authors and put in time and effort to improve their writing skills.  

Creative Writing in Psychology

Creative writing is frequently used in psychology as a form of treatment that fosters self-expression develops self-awareness and produces literary output. Creative writing can be very distinctive and experimental. Several creative writing approaches are used to make the writing process more efficient. 

Importance of Creative Writing Course

Creative Writing Has Many Benefits; if You Are Interested in Creative Writing, It May Relate to You:

  • It’s a great way to express yourself, you can even solve problems with creative writing just by asking questions and starting to come up with solutions.  
  • The more you read,  the more creatively you can write. It helps in understanding.    
  • Creative writing can serve as an anti-depressant for many. Develop personality, identity, and way of thinking.  
  • Creative writing helps you write professional writing, one of the most in-demand skills in the world today.   
  • Creative writing skills can create a variety of career opportunities where you can work as a content writer, editor, or copywriter for MNCs and SMEs, and NGOs.

 Types of Creative Writers

  • Authors:  They write novels, stories, articles, short stories, columns, and essays.  
  • Ghost Writers: They write everything from novels, stories, articles, and blogs, but to individuals, brands, and organizations. They do not take credit for their work.  
  • Content writers: They write specifically on a topic, subject idea, or business. They charge their work based on niche.  
  • Freelancers write blogs, articles, and stories and charge on an assignment basis.
  • Copywriters specifically write for marketing campaigns, slogans, and other marketing-related assignments for companies.  
  • Scriptwriters specialized in writing plays, and film scripts and work for theatres, movies, series, etc.  

Techniques of Creative Writing 

Follow Other Writers of Your Niche: 

By merely reading the work of other writers of similar niches, you can get smarter at your writing. That’s because reading others’ work exposes you to various writing approaches and inspires you to write new things. There are many books, blogs, and videos available for creative writing like fiction, nonfiction, novels, poetry, and so on.  

Go Wild with Your Imagination:

Creative writing is all based on imagination, so leave your horses loose and run through a world of no rules. And start creating an engaging story in a distinctive setting and with believable people playing at your fingertips. You can even create a language also like in the famous Sci-fi movie Avatar in 2009. The Navi language was fictionally created. You can also give try on creating a language that people would believe existed.  

Recognize Yourself as a Writer:

The best creative writers have distinctive writing styles. Research other creative writers for inspiration to create your writing style. Your writing style should be appropriate for the niche in which you want to specialize like comics, novels, and so on.  

Why Do You Wish to Publish Your Work? Ask Yourself:

You write because writing is your passion, it’s the love of your life to write and let your audience read and praise your creativity. So publishing your creative piece of work is for your audience. You must be attentive to your reader’s preferences so you can compose your work that resonates with your reader.  Authors of best-selling books closely analyze their reader’s interests by using several analytical tools. 

Engage Your Reader from the Start to the End:

To keep your reader interested throughout your work, you must hook them from the beginning itself.  They won’t continue reading the story if the first few pages bore them, they’ll just stop reading after that.  

You May Also Want to Explore Some Other Best Courses in the Philippines:

8 Best Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

Rank# 1. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines


Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Content writers 


Marketing Professionals and 


4.810,668.28 Philippine pesoBeginner- Intermediate          4 week      IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is one of the top leading institutes that offers one of the best creative writing programs along with many other skill development courses. They are well known for their online training. The creative writing course is one of their very popular programs which is a 4-week-long course.

It includes 16 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, and several tools. The course comes with 10+ hours of internship lectures. They offer authorized certifications after the course is finished. The students are well-trained under industry specialised mentors.

The students are offered access to the tools and are given practical assignments for better understanding and practical learning. They offer confirmed job placements to their students. After completing the course, they offer internships that help students to gain practical knowledge.

Even after finishing the course, IIM SKILLS offer career guidance to their students in making the right career choices in their fields. If you enjoy writing and are interested in showcasing your talents, then this course is for you. Among the other types of writing, they also offer training in writing blogs, e-books, business listings, and press releases.  

Their Content Writing Course Offers the Following:  

The course will help you to develop the habit of writing regularly and gain confidence in your writing skills that are easy to understand. 


Module 1) Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2) WordPress Web Development

Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)

Module 4) Copywriting

Module 5) Marketing Collaterals

Module 6) Email Writing

Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video Scripts

Module 8) Creative Writing

Module 9) SOP & Business Listing

Module 10) Legal Writing

Module 11) Technical Writing 101

Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13) Content Marketing

Module 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense

Module 15) Freelance Content Writing

Module 16) Resume Writing

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank# 2. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

2. Coursera Creative Writing Master Class Course

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Enhancing  Writing Skills    4.8 $ 15/ month Experienced  3 hours 43 mins Coursera  

Have you read the famous book – The Handmaid’s Tale By Margaret Atwood?  The course is instructed by the author herself in the Master class for Creative Writing. This course is for experienced writers looking to enhance their writing skills  The creative writing courses in the Philippines unfold into 23 videos highlighting the importance of the following areas:   

  • Introduction  
  • Getting Started as a Writer  
  • Story and Plot  
  • Structuring Your Novel  
  • Who tells the story  
  • Case Studies  
  • Bringing characters to life 
  • Character creation  
  • Overcoming  roadblocks  
  • Writing Dialogues  
  • Reveling sensory imaginary  
  • Prose Structure  
  • Time in Fiction  
  • Importance of the first five pages of your book  
  • Writing middle and end  
  • Revision of works  
  • Writers Objectives  
  • Speculative Fiction
  • Inspiration from Handmaid’s Tale  
  • Accuracy of research  
  • Writers Path  
  • Parting Words  
  • Dealing with Negative reviews after publishing. 

Rank# 3. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

3. Udemy

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Portfolio creation      4.4$ 29.99  Beginners  12 hours 7m  Udemy  

 This creative writing course by Udemy lets learners develop their portfolios with sample works. The course helps you create a digital portfolio easily.  Here, learners create their work on fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction which serve as your sample work. The course aims to familiarize the genres of writing and apply creative techniques for writing. 

The course ends with the submission of a writing assignment to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the writer. The course also offers you a public platform where you can share your work and develop confidence.  

The Course Comes Into 43 Video Lessons and 37 Online Quizzes Over the Following Topics: 

  • About the course  
  • Fiction 
  • Poetry  
  • Drama 
  • Creative Non-Fiction 
  • Create your  Digital Portfolio 

Rank# 4. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

4. Writing Ad Copy – LinkedIn 

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Copy Writers          4.4 1 month free Trial  Intermediate   1hr   LinkedIn  

 The writing Ad copy online course is great for you to create ad copy to convey your company or brand to attract traffic and convert them to leads.  This course teaches important rules for writing ads for social media platforms.  

The Course Covers the Following:

  • Rules of Ad Copy 
  • Advertising Goals  
  • How to write Ads for websites, email marketing, and social media platforms  
  • Understand your audiences
  • Creating personas  and target audiences  
  • Dos and Don’ts when writing ads.  

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Rank# 5. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

5. Coursera

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Scriptwriters, Film and Television Writing            4.5$ 79.00  Beginner    93 hrs    Coursera  

 This course is best for writers willing to learn scriptwriting skills for television or web series. The instructor effectively focuses on breaking down the creative process into small components stretched into 20 weeks. Learners will be able to learn a structured process to develop a script.  

The course has 95% positive ratings and many learners reported this case as an eye-opening learning experience. The course comes into weekly parts as below:

Highlights of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

Week 1 Creating Idea

Week 2 Pitching Logline and Dramatic Question  

Week 3 Create your characters  

Week   4 Three-Act Structure  

Week 5 Screenplay and Formatting  

Week 6 Screenplay  

Week 7 Act One

Week 8 Writing the Final Part  

Week 9 Table reading  

Week 10 Act two 

Week 11- 14 Writing Pages  

Week 15 Table read of Act one and Two  

Week 16 -17 writing pages  

Week  18 Writing page for Final Act  

Week 19 Table reading of the Entire script  

Week 20 Synopsis  

Rank# 6. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

6. Secret Sauce of Great Writing – Udemy

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Good Writing  4.5Free   Beginner    41 minutes      Udemy  

 This free beginner-level course is excellent for identifying your weaknesses and learning to combine the four main concepts of writing –  Simplicity, Clarity, elegance, and evocativeness to your writing.  

This Free Course Covers the Following Topics:

  • The Secret sauce of Flair  
  • Flairs Crucial ingredients  
  • Power of Simplicity, Clarity, Elegance, and Evocativeness 

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Rank# 7. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

7. Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course – Udemy

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
New Freelancers  4.8$199.00 Beginner- Intermediate      4h 49 mins        Udemy  

 This course from Udemy has a star rating of 4.8 and more than 26k students enrolled. The course is for freelancers of beginner and intermediate levels to learn to make creative work for businesses and increase their clientele. The course is expensive and covers interesting topics to learn as a freelancer.  

Highlights of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

Section 1 How to Move up. 

Section 2 Building Assets (forms of merits and ranking yourself) 

Section 3 Choose your customers  

Section 4 Strategies 

Section 5 Art of Storytelling

Section 6 Choosing the right business 

Section 7 Knowing your worth, Pricing, or working for free  

Section 8 Branding yourself  

Section 9 Reputation  

Section 10 Promotion  

Section 11 Define communities, organize and connect  

Section 12 Leveraging your publishing platform  

Section 13 Selling and Buying  

Section 14 Stepping into the market 

Section 15 Making time and becoming a Pro  

Section 16  Bonus Q/A session  

Rank# 8. Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

8. Best Online Creative Writing Courses Wesleyan University- Creative Writing Specialization 

Best For  RatingsCourse Fee Level Duration Platform  
Crafting Plot      4.7 $49.00 Experienced  4 weeks  Coursera  

 The course offered by Wesleyan University on Coursera is best for beginners looking to improvise their plot structuring, write scenes and revise their work through a 21-point checklist. The course focuses on the difference between a plot and a story.

The Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines Cover the Following:

  • Plotting
  • Structuring  and Organizing your plot to the story  
  • Key elements of a scene  
  • A 21-point checklist for editing your work  
  • ABDCE Structure 

Tips On How to Choose An Online Creative Writing Course 

There is a plethora of online writing courses available on various learning platforms, and choosing the right one will help you learn the right skills among them is often a difficult decision to make since it involves money, time, and effort. So, here are my top tips for choosing an online writing course.  

 Identify Your Goal

Since creative writing is a wide field of sturdy, so you should be very clear about where exactly you want to plow into. For example, you might want to polish your grammar skills, learn about copywriting, want to learn to write a novel, freelance, and so on.   


As you might have read above many of the courses picked are offered free on good learning platforms. So, before you decide on a course, just go through the course highlights and then choose if those concepts are maybe available on free courses. However, if you want to learn an advanced course like I mentioned for Scriptwriters, then definitely go for it.  

Check your Online Tutor

Doing a background check on the instructor is important. You must check if the tutor is actively publishing high-quality content and not just basic ideas and concepts. And if you can access the instructor during the course lastly, scroll down the page of the webpage and go through the reviews from other learners about the instructor. 

The Flexibility of the Course

 If you are already working or studying, you must also check the schedules of online courses like weekends and weekends and if you can accommodate their schedule.  


If you are interested in enrolling in a course with a view to career progress in a prospective job then choosing a course with certification and accreditation is a must. This way you can make it easier for your prospective HR manager or employer to verify your skills and offer you that job.  

Some Best books by Authors in the Philippines  

  • Trashed By Mia Hopkins  
  • Jar of Hearts  By  Jennifer Hillier  
  • The Farm by Joanne Ramos  
  • When the Elephants Dance  By  Tess Uriza Holthe  
  • Everlasting Nora  By Marie Marinda Cruz  

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Creative Writing as a Career  

Creative Writers are skilled in writing, reading, proofreading, researching, and communicating. They can pursue several roles in fields like marketing, education, business, media, and communications. It depends upon the niche they want to apply the skill.  

Top Jobs for Creative writers:

  • Journalist 
  • Blogger  
  • Author 
  • Freelance writer  
  • Social Media and Content Manager  
  • Public Relations Officer (PRO) 
  • Copywriter  
  • Creative Director
  • Marketing  Specialist  
  • Writing Tutor 

Difference Between Technical  Writing and Creative Writing 

Technical Writing

Technical writing focuses on factual concepts.

It follows a formal way of writing. 

It is written to inform and instruct or guide readers on how to do something.

Here, graphics are used to provide clarity on a topic.

It depends on the research or result.  


Creative Writing

Creative Writing is based on imagination.  

It follows an informal and artistic way of crafting. 

It is written to entertain and inspire people.  

Here, graphics are used to attract a reader’s attention to a topic.  

Creative Writing depends on the mindset and niche of a writer.  

 Difference Between Academic Writing and Creative Writing 

Academic Writing is less imaginative, more factual, and standardized.  The writer has to uphold the gathered data and facts. Academic writing demands citing from trusted sources to support the hypothesis. Academic writing is done mostly for academic content. On the other hand, Creative writing is informal and personal.

There are no established guidelines to follow Unlike Academic writing, the writer does not have to cite any source nor show any supporting evidence. The writer is free to express his imagination provided with unique content that grabs a reader’s attention from start to end.  Stories, Dramas, fiction, Podcasts, poetry, and journals are all great examples of creative writing.

FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

Q1. Is Creative Writing difficult to learn? 

Since it takes a long time to acquire and perfect the craft of writing, creative writing is a challenging genre for many students to master.  

Q2. What is the most important element in creative writing? 

As creative writing is based on imaginative writing, the mood and mindset of the writer play a crucial role in creating a piece of work.    

Q3. Is English considered a high-rated skill in the Philippines?

Yes, English is the first language in the Philipines and creative writing is a high-rated skill. Most Filipinos speak English very fluently. And there are several high-rated freelancers in the country. 

Conclusion About Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines:

All you need is patience and optimism to learn creative writing skills. Once you learned the skill and start writing, you will be able to unlock many job opportunities, and if you already run a business, you can also expand it over various digital media platforms and increase global clientele.    

Happy Learning!  

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