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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland With Certificates

Many of us feel that we have a story to tell. Objectively speaking, so much of our artistic expression can be wonderous if deciphered efficiently on paper. But it can be confusing and intimidating at the same time to manifest our ideas in articulation and individuality. A professional creative writing course breaks down the process into simpler steps making it easier for the potential writer to rationalize their ideation, and bring it to life. If creativity is your ardor, what is better than pursuing a career where you can spend most of your day immersed in the joy of doing what you love to do? That said, allow us to take you through a concise list of the best creative writing courses in Scotland.

List of best creative writing courses in Scotland

But Let Us First Give You a Thorough Understanding of What Creative Writing is.

Creative writing, as the word suggests, is a writer’s creative imagination. Away from the realm of technical writing or business writing, there exists a freer form of expression where the writers have the privilege and control over their narrative. Their visualization has no bounds, and they are self-reliant as an artist.

With this, they have the power to pretend whatever they wish to and are also free to navigate their reader to pretend it along with them. It is their pool of ideas, imagination, and thoughts that they eventually weave into words for their potential reader to cherish. Fictional creative writing gives an author the wings to fly, but even if the writing is non-fictional, it can be equally liberating because the author has the right to intervene creatively as long as the facts are accurate.

Interestingly, creative writing is valued in vivid fields including businesses, where marketing and advertising are always on the lookout for good creative writers. Innovation and creativity are the backbones of the current competitive standards as clients tend to remember catchphrases more than the actual products.

Allow Us to Take You Through the Creative Writing Courses in Scotland, After a Useful Understanding of the Different Forms of Creative Writing:


Blogging is referred to as personal views that are self-published online for a wider informal reach on the internet. This mostly comprises frequent updates, informal language, and opinions that may lead to engaging conversations or debates amongst the readers.

Originating from “weblog”, a blog essentially began as a simple practice where internet users would “log” their daily details on the internet. This was fancied and soon became widely popular, so much so that people began to see the potential of marketing their businesses and products through blogging, given the astonishing reach


Scripts are imperative when it comes to creative writing. From screenplays of the movies or series that we watch to the advertisements on television or YouTube channels. From social media posts and reels to stand-up comedy – good content inarguably revolves around a good convincing script.


This category of writing by far offers the broadest bandwidth, as it does not limit the author’s imagination by any rules or structures. An interplay of words, rhyme, and rhythm ought to be the most powerful medium to give insights into literature and cultures.

And could still include beauty, storytelling, humor, sarcasm, political messages – so on and so forth. Poetry could be delivered in form of an entire poem or prose as suited to the author, a ballad, a sonnet, or a limerick (which is smaller than a poem but longer than a tagline).


In earlier times, letters were unanimously the only means of formal and informal communication. But gradually, with quicker alternatives taking over, letters were soon replaced by other convenient modes. However, they still hold their ground in the spectrum of business requirements.

Important business communication like apology letters, a business letter about minutes of the meeting or regarding an exclusive alliance, or a letter needed to convey important news to the media- all of these require an experienced creative writer who is tactful and boasts of extensive knowledge in such a field of writing.


Essays revolve around a certain topic and require creative thinking, though they are mostly associated with academic writing. Most of us can identify with this because essays were an integral part of our growing-up years. Creative essays will contain some facts and the rest can be elaborated and enhanced around those.


Since the time, motivational speaking has emerged as a strong career, speeches have gained intense momentum. Earlier they were still limited to exclusive occasions like oath-taking ceremonies or elections but now with stage speaking, motivational speeches have taken the forefront. Most such speeches also include examples of legends and successful entities, and it is therefore extremely important to have a skilled writer who can do justice to the speech.


Journals are written records of our schedules and experiences and are essential for our memories and our remembrance. It is different from writing a diary because it focuses on keeping a track of the events. Additionally, any ideas or approaches that cross a writer’s mind, must always be recorded in a journal too.


This type of writing diversifies to fictional and non-fictional writing. Storytelling is undoubtedly the most magical skill to possess by any writer. In every realm and sphere, the story is the epicenter of anything that is highlighted or described around it – making the piece believable. A story adds soul and relatability to the content in an otherwise makeshift world. Some literal popular forms of story-telling would be novels, short stories, novellas, biographies, autobiographies, management books, etc.

a) Novels and Other Books:

Novels are the most favored form of creative writing. The determining factor could be that novels are lengthier than the other forms and give a gripping continuity to the reader. A good plot can allow the reader to escape from reality and delve into the world of the writer.

b) Short Stories:

Short stories, on the other hand, are shorter than a novel and contain few characters. The writer could engage the reader in a single short story built around these characters or offer a collection of different short stories under one umbrella.

c) Biography and Autobiography:

Both of these mutually exclusive writing dynamics describe the character sketch of an individual and their course of life. The biography of a person is written by someone else and an autobiography is an expression of one’s life, written by self. Both writing styles endure a big responsibility and require immense creative intervention to be able to create a good read.

d) Memoirs:

These typically fall under the radar of non-fiction and are books that focus on specific personal experiences like a travel memoir, a memoir on bullying in college, etc. They are more like vivid descriptions of a specific phase that is worthy of being highlighted.

Delve into the list of the top Creative Writing Courses in the UK

Advertising and Marketing:

In the digital world, content is the only king. In a world where all ideas, business, and aspirational modules rely majorly on fan following/ followers, the usage and stature of creative writing are self-explanatory. The radical threat here is the risk of plagiarism.

Every piece that is posted on the internet today is etched forever, and any resemblance to the shape or form of its existence pleads plagiarism. A well-versed content writer takes charge and after collecting necessary statistics and information from the internet, writes every bit of the content originally, with fresh formations.


Humour Writing:

Whether fictional or non-fictional, humor must be written to be funny. Observational humor, anecdotal humor, dark humor, self-deprecating humor, and satirical humor – if projected well, boast of endless scope in the current times. However, humor is a typically subjective communication tool and only an effectively agile use will humanize the writer to his readers.

News/Literary Journalism:

Traditionally, journalism was limited to the unprejudiced reporting of facts and events, whether on print or television. But over the years and especially today, it has transformed drastically. Journalism is now global – the line between local, national, and international news is blurred. Literary journalism now is the most powerful and journalists are now infusing their writing creatively with strong opinions and storytelling, to be effortlessly successful in convincing the audience.

It should be noted that all forms of writing that are formal, precise, and factual are distinctly away from creative writing. These forms of writing are prohibited from imaginative or embellished thinking, and run solely on reliant facts. For crystal understanding, it is important to bifurcate the following as do not fall under the umbrella of Creative Writing:

  • Academic Writing
  • Text Book Writing
  • Legal Writing
  • Scientific Research Papers
  • Professional emails
  • Technical Writing

Let Us Now Delve Into a Concise List of the Best Creative Writing Courses in Scotland-


One of the finest names in the industry is IIM SKILLS, primarily because they not only provide a detailed program in creative and content writing but also assure 100 % placement support. In the times that we are living in, it is of no relevance if we do not know what to do with all the learnings that we have inculcated.

It is crucial to have the right direction and relevant opportunities so that we can put our training to use, and eventually make profits with it. Creative writing is one of the most promising careers today but there is no denying that a writer needs to be a notch higher in this pool of experience and talent. That is where the right institution makes a difference.

IIM SKILLS provides a Content Writing Course certification that is globally accredited, and its course module is designed to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement. The 4-week course is efficiently structured to impart 30 different types of writing skills along with a 3 months internship, designed to hone the writer’s handiness.

The key reason why IIM SKILLS tops the list of creative writing courses in Scotland is that they focus on the overall development of the creative writer by giving hands-on assignments and teaching them about the various important tools that are vital in the current digital age. This module of creative writing enables potential writers to find their profitable niche and also to derive maximum engagement from social connections.

As the course name suggests, they help you to master the forms of writing which heighten the demand for a skilled creative writer today – Articles, Blogs, E-book, Ads copy, Business listings, Video scripts, Product Description, Web Page, Emails, Brochure, Social Media Post, and Digital Infographics.

As much aware a writer may be of their writing aptitude, the road seems challenging without proper guidance and knowledge of current market trends and requirements. It is, therefore, crucial to invest time in the right strategy which offers a guaranteed outcome. IIM SKILLS boasts of unanimous positive reviews and fruitful testimonials and therefore should be among your favored choices for creative writing courses in Scotland.

Check out the job-oriented Creative Writing Courses in Edinburgh


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS:

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Coursera

Coursera offers a course in specialization in creative writing. At the crux of it, they teach you how to craft your own story that will keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. This course encompasses three major genres of writing: short story, narrative essay, and memoir, and is primarily meant for writers who find their niche under at least one of the said genres.

These genres are introduced to the heart of any narration – the plot, and then teach how to work around it – developing a stronger ability to redefine and critique their writing constantly. Their 6-month course is one of the best creative writing courses in Scotland which is available in various languages like English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, and Polish – which is a plus for writers from different parts of the globe.

The Specialization Courses Offers the Following 5 Courses in the Realm of Creative Writing Courses in Scotland:

  • Creative Writing – The Craft of Plot
  • Creative Writing – The Craft of Character
  • Creative Writing – The Craft of Description
  • Creative Writing – The Craft of Style
  • Capstone – Your Story

3. Udemy

Udemy is a leading education site that offers a plethora of courses online. They teach prospective writers the art of descriptive writing along with the knack of holding the reader’s attention. Amongst their other courses, Creative Writing 101 is recommended for beginners and intermediate writers who are either looking at channelizing their intent and imagination or seeking a refresher to acuminate their writing skills.

The Complete Creative Writing Course is an all-rounder that includes all 4 writing genres – Fiction, Drama, Poetry, and Creative Non-Fiction. Anyone who thinks they can write is much capable of writing provided they are equipped with compatible writing techniques, literary devices, and specialized skills. This is where Udemy steps in as one of the leading Creative Writing Courses in Scotland.

Learn more about the excellent Creative Writing Courses in Glasgow

4. University Of Dundee

Their course ranks number 1 in the United Kingdom for creative writing and number 2nd in Scotland for English in specific, according to the National student survey in 2022. The University has combined the study of English Literature (from the medieval period to the present day) along with Creative writing in MA Honors.

Since their unprecedented creative writing courses in Scotland are for four years and are to be pursued in the Dundee City Campus, the journey here is going to be nothing short of interesting. The amalgamation of literature translating into the writer’s creativity stays with the writer for posterity.

They teach you how to analyze any piece from a distance and accordingly critique the novel or the poem. You will continually work on writing essays, poetry, journalism, novels, stories, and monologues; alongside also reviewing and writing for the theater.

5. CITY, University of London

For potential writers who are looking for short courses to enhance their writing ability, this 10-month course at City is a great pick. It must be the first choice for beginners who hold no prior experience in content writing, as the course aims at instilling the charm of writing and providing the necessary guidance on how to begin your creative journey.

Their “An approach to creative writing” is a distance-learning course that occurs every Tuesday. You will learn about the nuances of writing and eventually revise and edit your work. The course is led by Rosa Rogers who is a Doctor of Philosophy in the Contemporary Novel: Practice as Research. Rosa currently works as an assistant lecturer in Creative Writing in Canterbury, London, and her work has been appreciated across France and the UK.

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6. Moniack Mhor

A highland haven for writers: Scotland, for the quintessential landscape and scenery that it proposes, must be availed for its definite charm. This retreat for writers must be explored if you are in Scotland or anywhere around the vicinity. There is nothing more lavish than nature and writing put together.

It can be extensively liberating to learn what you aspire for, sitting in the middle of the alps, syncing your creativity with the gorgeousness that this place presents in front of you. Situated a few miles North of Inverness, Moniack Mhor has been helping aspiring and established writers with their craft for over 20 years.

Their creative writing courses in Scotland furnish an entirely different approach to learning, and their writing curriculum currently includes playwriting, songwriting, nature writing, science fiction, poetry, and fiction. This independent writing center gives a writer two key elements –time and space.

Any writer needs to be driven and soaked, to be able to translate their thoughts on paper – and simply speaking, this stunning retreat puts the mood right. Their Creative Writing Courses in Scotland run from Thursdays until Sundays and they also organize one-day workshops along with several evening events that are tailored to highlight the publishing and agency side of writing

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7. De Montfort University in Leicester

DMU, a widely popular university offers a variety of courses, right from the beginner’s level to undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well. They offer a short-term two-week course called ‘Creative Writing: An Introduction to Craft and Community’ which is directed at teaching the introductory techniques to start the writer’s creative journey.

However, people who are passionate about taking up writing as a full-time career and do not have time constraints must consider the English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) that explores the evolution of the English Language along with critical analysis and expedition of English Literature. Considered one of the leading Creative Writing Courses in Scotland, their strengths comprise cross-genre approaches along with cross-cultural theory and cultivation of the craft.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Writing Courses in Scotland

1. What will be your career choices as a creative writer?

If your work is engrossing and updated, there are enough openings in the market to make a living out of creative writing. You could choose to be any of the following; Copy Writer, Article Writer, Book Writer (Author), Script Writer, Blogger, Editorial Assistant, Literary Agent, Marketing Coordinator, Proof Reader, Web Content Manager, Journalist, Ghost Writer, Personal Poet, Song Writer, Novelist and so on.

2. How beneficial is the approach of online learning?

Distance Learning provides live online classes and a flexible schedule that has proven to be magical in today’s time and age. Additionally, hands-on projects and a recognized certificate at the end of the course make distance learning a preferred mode of learning for many students in many fields. Creative Writing is a reflection of inner creativity and talent, hence the necessary guidance from one of the enterprising online Creative Writing Courses in Scotland will hold significant merit.

3. I have recently gotten selected for a teacher’s role. In what ways can my creative writing experience help me in my profession?

Most of us remember our favorite English teacher because she put learning a notch above the rest, and made it fascinating. Analysis of literature, research, and writing can seem tedious if taught as a monotonous exercise. This is where your creative writing prowess will bridge the gap and make the experience enriching for the students.

4. What is the role of the target audience in my field of Creative Writing?

Knowing your target audience is the process of understanding which section of people loves your work more than the rest of them. This is a great way to determine your loyalists and to aim at the content that your readers will be most interested in. A lot of this knowledge comes once you ascertain a genre for your writing. Additionally, demographics like gender, age, orientation, education, socio-political factors, life experiences, etc contribute largely to narrowing down your target readers. Crafting your work keeping the interest of your readers as a priority will aid in developing marketing campaigns to derive the most from that same audience.


While creative imagination and writing talent undoubtedly come from within, the above-listed Creative Writing Courses in Scotland will support your caliber with essential professional guidance. The buoyancy will shine through if you regard your talent with discipline and grit. It is natural to immerse in self-doubt, but understanding creative writing and writing creatively are the only ways to succeed. Readers are hungry for fresh snackable content, so design them their desired menu and keep satiating their creative palette. But to do this, the writer must first absorb the fundamentals and intricacies of writing and hopefully, these promising Creative Writing Courses in Scotland will help you achieve just that.

While being an integral part of the world of Hospitality and Luxury Retail for the last decade and a half, I have had the fortune of collecting some of my best experiences in dealing with high-end luxury clients and embracing opportunities dedicated to escalating businesses. A thoughtful decision has led me to prioritize what I want over what I need. In my endeavor to follow my passion for writing professionally, there is nothing that I find more rewarding than excelling at the craft and creating a fascinating spectrum of engaging content for my readers.

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