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Top 7 Prestigious Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur

People are prompted to move forward in a specific direction by the type of content they read. What, nevertheless, inspires authors to forge through and create those alluring and potent writing that has an impact on thousands of lives? Here, creative input is most important. A story, novel, advertisement, script, song, or another piece of creative writing involves creating intriguing content in a variety of ways. With enough practice, and of course, the appropriate direction, you can hone these abilities. As a result of this, and to make you skilled, we have compiled a list of the top creative writing courses in Jaipur.


List of best creative writing courses in Jaipur


What is Creative Writing?


Creative writing can be understood in many ways, but, in simple terms, it is a special arrangement of words with profound significance to make a reader delve into it. If we are able to express our thoughts with utmost emotions in written form, we can call ourselves creative writers.


Being a creative writer, you have the responsibility to craft a story, book, novel, poetry, or any sort of content that will leave a strong emphasis on the reader. They must be able to understand the intent behind your written piece of content. Here your imagination plays a major role, your imaginative power makes you think out of the box to craft a hit story.


Importance of Creative Writing


Talking about the importance of creative writing, now in this digital specific world, it is not limited to writing books, novels, or poetry. Focusing on increasing businesses, it is of utmost importance to reach more audiences and attract their attention. We often come across the saying that “content is king” and it is as true as we are. Nobody can deny the fact that how much advertising affects our decision to buy or choose anything.


Do you think that it is all because of the graphics? No! The graphics and videos only look good when they have a voice. And here we are talking about the writing voice, which is the gold coin of the writer. The writer crafts compelling and effective content with creative writing techniques that intrigue the audience.


What Are Major Steps to Adapt Creative Writing Skills


1. Understand The Process Better


Creative writing encompasses the nuances of the subject. Hence, the first thing that you need to encounter is mastering the specific area of your interest. Of course, it is possible to be a master in the broad area of writing, but, as a beginner, it will be great to focus on a specific area to make the learning smooth. You can focus on books, poetry, advertisement, screenwriting, songwriting, or any other form that makes you feel full.


2. Find Your Own Writing Voice


You must have read many books or novels and be mesmerized by their writing styles. You love their writing because that is their own creation. In the same way, you should find your own writing style to be loved at the same time. Do not try to copy others as it is not going to help you in the long run. Now the question is how can you find your writing voice? The easiest way is to keep writing on a daily basis which is also the next point on the list.


3. Write on a Daily Basis


Daily writing practice is very important in order to ingrain the qualities of a good writer. Yes, of course, you can become a writer if you write 3 days a week, but how much will it help you to be recognized as an author? We can’t say anything. When you write every day, your mind becomes used to it and fosters your imagination. Going through this process, you will get creative hands that will easily make a simple situation into the most thrilling one with effective writing skills.


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Best 7 Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur




IIM SKILLS is the most trusted organization in the education industry that has been delivering various skill development training programs with utmost dedication. They have educated thousands of learners across the globe that now are being recognized as professionals in their domains. What makes them the top player in the education sector is each subject is taught by subject matter experts. 


IIM SKILLS has always been on the top list when it comes to writing courses, and that is the reason creative writing courses in Jaipur by IIM SKILLS are highly recommended for those who take the oath to be recognized authors in the coming days. They provide the course, named ‘Content Writing Course’ which teaches the ins and outs of different writing genres.


Apart from creative writing, their course covers a wide range of writing subjects including, copywriting, content writing, blogging, legal writing, and other marketing stuff to rank on the top. Enrolling in the content writing course with IIM SKILLS will be a treat for the learners.


Content Writing Course Covers


Duration: 1 Month + 3 Months Internship

Fees: Rs. 14,900


Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

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It is a 1-month live training program with 3 months of guaranteed internship. The internship program allows you to put what you have learned during the training into practice. Not only during the internship but during the course as well, you will be given different assignments that will force you to develop your creativity. IIM SKILLS is a hub for sincere learners and gives various benefits in terms of learning.


Highlights of the Course

  • First and most important, all the courses are conducted live. Live training allows the students to get things better and ask and solve their queries on the spot. With this approach, no one will be in the queue.
  • The internship has been designed while considering the schedule of all the learners. Whether you are a student, a working professional, a business owner, or a homemaker, you can easily accomplish the tasks given in the internship. The timing is flexible.
  • They provided 35K worth of tools to the students.
  • They have a dedicated placement cell that assists learners to find the ideal job. They also provide freelance opportunities.
  • During the program, you will be working on your own book. They will teach you how to write a book or novel and publish it. Not only this, but they will also help you to publish your first blog on renowned platforms like “The Times of India”.


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Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +919580740740, [email protected]

2. Udemy


Udemy is a multi-niche platform where you will find a plethora of courses. Creative writing is one of their most opted courses which itself has been divided into a number of specializations. Yes, if you want to specialize in a micro niche of creative writing or excel in the whole part, Udemy’s creative writing courses in Jaipur will not let you down.


Here the training will be in self-paced mode. The lectures are already recorded but are taught by renowned authors who have years of experience. Now, let’s talk about the creative writing courses in Jaipur provided by Udemy.


Creative Writing Courses by Udemy

  • Complete Creative Writing
  • The Foundations of Fiction
  • Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation
  • Creative Writing – Get Writing, Keep Writing
  • Writing That Moves: Write Novels That Keep Pages Turning


Apart from these, there are also other courses related to creative writing. You can explore more on their webpage. Udemy is a well-known name across the globe as they only provide quality training. Although you are not given one-on-one training, the instructors have covered all the ins and outs of the subject so that you won’t be required to ask anything. You will be trained by the experts, hence, you can blindly trust Udemy for the best training. Another exciting thing about Udemy is they provide very affordable courses. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Highlights of the Course

  • All the courses here are created by the top faculties that have worked in the industry and understand the requirements. They know what is important to excel to sustain in between pro-creative writers.
  • Second is the affordability of the courses. There is no doubt that Udemy has a worldwide presence. Still, the courses are very affordable. Anyone can take the benefit of getting knowledge to set up a strong foundation in creative writing.
  • The institute has various positive reviews that have made it clear that they will not break your expectations.
  • They also have downloadable resources that will help you to make the learning process better and smooth.


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3. Writers.com


Writers.com is another must-go place for creative writing courses in Jaipur which is of the utmost affordable price. The only agenda of the institute is to make their students skilled at the extreme of their levels. Since they provide online classes, they have collected a team of professionals from different corners of the world. Continuous feedback on your work will be provided by the team to make you proficient at your own level.


They thoroughly review the assignments and make you edit that in order to refine your creativity. Besides that, each edit is done with ongoing support and personalized mentorship. Being an online course provider, they stretch your inner voice while clearing all your doubts in doubts-clearing workshops. Here you will get to know the real abilities required to become a writer. 


Online Writing Courses Categories

  • Novel
  • Memoir
  • Poetry
  • Lifestyle and wellness
  • Short story
  • Personal Essay
  • Stage and Broadcast


These are the categories they have made to divide their dedicated courses into particular subjects. You can choose any of the courses from the categories. It is one of the most trusted creative writing courses in Jaipur that you must consider. With the help of practical workshops, you can develop a strong imaginative power within you. 


Highlights of the Course

  • Their online classes have trained students from more than 200 countries, which is the major signal that what quality they deliver in their courses.
  • To make all the students comfortable and get each concept with clarity, they always keep their classes less crowded. Each student is given equal attention so that nobody will get off track.
  • Their excellent support system allows the learners to reach them at any time to ask their doubts. They always keep themselves a step ahead to help you at any stage.
  • They provide continuous feedback which is a very important aspect in the process of adapting creative writing skills.


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4. British Council


The British Council is a well-known organization when it comes to writing courses specialized for adults and kids. They focus on the nuances of each subject and hence divided courses for both age groups. It is a place for anyone who wants to develop creative writing skills and dreams to draft their own book or novel. The expert faculty train the student by focusing on the work done and making them aware of the improvements required. 


Courses They Provide


Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1

This course has many benefits. Let’s learn about a few.

  • The trainers will foster you to hone your creativity while developing your own writing voice. While practicing writing, you will be introduced to your own taste in writing. 
  • You will learn how to embed emotions in the imaginary characters of your story.
  • Of course, your English and vocabulary will also improve dramatically, adding bright light to the characters.
  • Also, you will be able to express your thoughts more effectively.


Course Fee: INR 10,000

Course Duration: 36 hours, 9 weeks


Creative Writing for Kids – Module 2

This course is dedicated to kids, brushing up on the skills they have to mold it to a different stage. If you are a parent looking for creative writing courses in Jaipur for your kids, this is one of the courses your child will love. Let’s learn about its features.


The curriculum covers writing poetry , travel, and place writing, writing interview articles, profile writing , and screenwriting. For a child, these topics are more than enough to leverage the opportunities in the creative world. You should give this course a try.


Course Fee: INR 7,500

Course Duration: 18 hours, 6 weeks


Highlights of the Course

  • Their courses are full-fledged training programs that will expose you to a variety of writing forms and also foster you to work upon them to develop the skills with utmost creativity.
  • The course content covers plot, characters, dialogue, and setting which is required to write a structured and meaningful storybook or novel. 
  • Apart from these, the course will make you learn travel writing, blogging, news reports, feature articles, screenwriting, memoirs, poetry, and experimental writing.


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5. Coursera


Coursera is a platform that has a presence all around the globe. Talking about its course, no one is unaware of them. Thousands of learners have enrolled in their excellent training and are working in their dream firms. They have reached the top level having more than 5,000 training programs in their pocket. 


Not only this, they have partnered with more than 200 recognized universities and organizations. This platform allows you to take courses in different genres. They have a number of courses available and all of them are of excellent quality with dedicated trainers. 


You can search and get into the course of your choice. They have specialized courses such as novel writing, script writing, English composition, sharpening vision, etc. You can enroll in these micro niche courses, or you can also get into a broad term course “Creative writing: The craft of Character” to learn all in one.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


6. Internshala


Internshala has transformed the careers of a number of learners around the world, either by providing training or finding their dream jobs. This platform is a multi-niche platform that allows professionals to learn and find their dream jobs. Whether you are in search of internships, jobs, or creative writing courses in Jaipur, this online platform will definitely meet your needs. 


Their creative writing course is a 6-week program that covers subjects like short stories, novels, blogs, screenplays, and ad scripts. The most compelling thing is by enrolling in the course, you will get a 1+1 offer in which you will be provided internship opportunities and free job preparation training. They have dedicated placement assistance for students.


Highlights of the Course

  • This is an online platform and allows you to get the benefits of the training sitting at your own place.
  • The courses are mobile-friendly which is a relief for many learners. You will not need a laptop to complete the course.
  • They provide placement assistance to their student to find their ideal job.
  • You don’t need to have a background in the writing field. This is a complete beginner-friendly course. 
  • They include practical assignments and downloadable resources too. 
  • There will also provide doubt-clearing sessions that will help you to enhance your productivity while clarifying all issues.




IGNOU is an open university that provides degree, diploma, and certificate programs at very affordable prices. Although they do not provide one-on-one training as it is an open university, the study materials of all their courses make a huge difference. They have 1-year diploma program in creative writing that allows the learners to complete it in 4 years of time span.


They have very vast study material for the creative writing course that takes the students to the depth of creative writing, from the history of it, to make them understand the nuances and allow them to craft their notions with emotions. If you are someone looking for a degree program with a flexible schedule, then IGNOU is the best place for creative writing courses in Jaipur.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which are the best online creative writing courses in Jaipur?

Although there are numerous online creative writing courses in Jaipur in which you can enroll, we have listed the best ones. You can explore them to find your ideal one. Whereas, IIM Skills is the best among them for writing courses. They provided excellent training with 100% placement assistance. Their course covers different writing genres and the techniques to master them with ease. Along with writing, they also teach marketing techniques in their content writing course to make their students updated with the latest trends.


2. Do creative writing courses in Jaipur provide internship opportunities?

Yes, IIM Skills provides a guaranteed 3 months internship in which you will be guided to develop your portfolio and craft your first book. Not only this, in the internship, there will be live sessions to teach you the formats in-depth. The internship program is a great way to accomplish your goals with practical implementations, that’s why always enroll in the course that promises a guaranteed internship. 


3. What are the career options after doing creative writing courses in Jaipur?

Creative writing is a vast field and hence it allows you to find a number of jobs. After completing the course, you can work as a content creator, scriptwriter, copywriter, screenwriter, songwriter, and content writer, and of course, you can be an author by drafting your own book.


4. Who can enroll in the creative writing course?

Anyone with the passion and will to make writing a career can enroll in the creative writing course, there are no eligibility criteria for this. The aim of the training programs is to make the students skilled, as writing is a skill that can be honed, anyone can enroll.




Concluding all these here, a creative writing course is a pillar for you to build a strong base and take your career forward by enhancing your writing skills. So far, we have covered all the details about the best creative writing courses in Jaipur. Now is the time to choose your ideal course and start learning because the first step towards success is building a base. These courses are the renowned and most opted ones. They truly dedicate themselves to making their students climb the stairs successfully. You can also be a recognized alumnus by enrolling in them and working on your capabilities. 

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