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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In Hong Kong With Placements

Today, technology has developed the world a lot. Business analytics is one example of technology development. If you are someone who has a great interest in technology, you may study business analytics to kick-start your career. Business Analytics is the process of analyzing data and solving problems for deciding on any business organization. In this article, we have introduced the meaning of business analytics and various tools associated with a career in business analytics. Here we have shared the top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong that help you develop your career. These courses help you understand how to collect and analyze data using a lot of tools. You will get to know technical skills as well as the soft skills needed to become a business analyst in a respected business organization.

Top Business Analytics Courses In Hong Kong

What is Business Analytics – Definition, Importance, and More

Business Analytics is a process where it ultimately goes to the conclusion of decision-making. Business Analytics (BA) is a set of regulations solving business-related problems with the help of data analysis, different types of business analytics like descriptive analysis, diagnostic analysis, prescriptive analysis, predictive analysis, various tools, and statistical models. The process involves a repetitive exploration of a business’s data to drive decision-making.

Business Analytics vs Data Analytics 

Data Analytics is the process where useful data are collected and analyzed for future use in a business. It is the process of analyzing data sets to conclude huge datasets which are unintelligible and unuseful. Business Analytics involves data analytics tools in the interest of business insights. 

Role of a Business Analyst

The basic job of a business analyst is to find the objective of the business by making a connection with the companies in the process of decision-making. In the process of business analysis, a business analyst is to do predictive analysis, diagnostic analysis, machine learning, business problem solving, etc.

Reason to Choose a Business Analyst Degree in Hong Kong

  • If you love working with numerical problems, you must go for a business analytics degree. In this field, hard facts, numbers, etc. are necessary parts. 
  • It is not just about numbers; you have to work with huge data sets which are ungraspable, and you have to collect useful data from the raw data. After collecting and sorting out data, the job of a business critic is to conclude it which later on will be useful in a business or establishment for future use. If you are a nut at working this, you can choose business analytics as your career.
  • As a business analyst, many people will ask for insight and guidance. You have to answer their queries. It is a big responsibility. They might ask how to develop new products or patterns. If you enjoy the attention and that kind of leadership part, studying business analytics is a good option for you. 
  • The job of a data analyst heavily depends on a computer. With the help of courses like machine learning, data science, software engineering, and computer science, business analyst can do their job. All of these will increase your capabilities of pattern recognition well. 
  • If you like interacting and working with other people, consulting on opinions, explaining what the data means and how to break problems and draw a conclusion of it for future betterment, this course is ideal for you.

Tools Used in Business Analytics 

  • Dundas BI (with trend forecasting and a user-friendly interface.)
  • Splunk (intuitive user interface and data visualization features.) 
  • Excel (tool to synthesize data you have gathered. With the help of Excel, you can analyze simple data.
  • Python (a programming language widely used for its flexibility to analyse data. It also has a plethora of libraries. Python Data Analysis Library, known as Pandas, is a well-known used library dedicated to data analytics as well as business analytics.)
  • Tableau (another tool to analyze and visualize data from a huge range of data. It is an easy tool to conclude with help from this tool. It also helps in language processing.)
  • Power BI (a tool for business analysis. It is a Microsoft tool, and it gathers large data from various sources of business and analyzes the data to draw a significant and logical conclusion from it. It manages to give insights via charts, infographics, graphs, and tools.)
  • R (a programming language especially for statistical analysis. It is used for solving huge data sets, and it also has several libraries for analyzing data.)

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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong

1. The University of Hong Kong 

The University of Hong Kong offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. The University of Hong Kong offers MSc in Business Analytics. This program aims to help students develop both hard and soft skills related to business analytics throughout the session. You will master the use of quantitative techniques and essential tools of big data analytics in decision-making for the business.

Course Curriculum:

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Business Statistics
  • Quantitative Analysis Methods
  • Operations Analytics
  • Managing and Mining Big Data
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics

Key Benefits of the Course:

  • The program helps students explore the industry sectors they are most interested in.
  • It helps learners develop a realistic career plan by executing their career exploration.
  • The course also helps candidates enhance their skills, and confidence which are needed in the world of business-related industry.
  • The program provides career development and training workshops on strategic interviewing, resume writing, personal branding, case interview, networking skills, professional grooming, etc.
  • The course offers individual (one-on-one) career coaching sessions.
  • They offer placement after the completion of the course. 
  • They help students develop their career portals.
  • The program offers online tools and resources such as Graduates First (aptitude test bank), LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Learning, and Facebook Blueprint.
  • They also provide skills-based training: Bloomberg Terminal, WIND, and Python.

Tuition Fee: 49,936 EUR/year

Duration of the course: 1 year


2. The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong offers one of the best Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. It also offers MSc in Business Analytics. This program is designed to train professionals to analyze data with quantitative tools and convert it into useful information. You will be learned how to guide decision-making for organizations all over the world. 

Course Curriculum:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Decision Models and Applications
  • Data Mining for Managers
  • Economic Analytics
  • Risk and Operations Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Techniques and Applications

Key Benefits of the Course:

  • The MSc in Business Analytics programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong aims to educate students in data analysis techniques. 
  • The course offers personal advice, and support in every area, including planning a career roadmap, CV writing, and interview preparation. 
  • The candidates are offered by the institute for careers in business consulting, finance, marketing, retail, and other industries. Examples include Financial Analyst, Data Business Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Management Consultant, etc.

Tuition Fee: 38,874 EUR/year

Duration of the course: 1 year

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3. Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist University offers one of the finest Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. This Operational Research and Business Statistics with Business Analytics program aims to offer a comprehensive curriculum to the students with the capacities to apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis, and techniques, as well as statistical analysis, machine learning, and optimization.

Course Curriculum:

  • Prescriptive Analytics for Decision Making
  • Business Statistics with Python
  • Simulation Modelling 
  • Machine Learning and Forecasting
  • Advanced Spreadsheets and Decision Support Systems 
  • Big Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • Applied Time Series
  • Regression Analysis

Key Benefits of the Course:

  • The course offers assignments, lectures from industry experts, case studies, workshops, etc.
  • After the completion of the course, the institute offers placement in big companies.
  • They help students develop their career portals.
  • The course helps candidates enhance their skills, and confidence which are needed in the world of business-related industry.

Tuition fee: 19,755 EUR/year

Duration of the course: 1 year


4. City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong offers one of the finest Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. It aims to educate learners with professional knowledge of business data analytics through theories, methods and supporting techniques across a wide range of knowledge areas such as applied statistics, big data management, data mining, etc. 

Course Curriculum:

  • Database Management Systems
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data and Social Media Analytics
  • Analytical Programming with Python
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence Applications
  • Blockchain Technology and Business Applications
  • Information Systems Project
  • Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Support and Business Intelligence Systems
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance

Key Benefits of the Course

  • Decision Analytics
  • Managerial Decision Modeling
  • Predictive Analytics with Excel and R
  • Predictive Modeling and Forecasting for Business
  • Predictive Modeling in Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Statistical Modelling in Economics and Finance
  • Statistical Modelling in Risk Management

The students will get placement opportunities after completing the course. The professionals give lectures, assignments, workshops, etc. to the learners during the time of the program to enhance their knowledge and skill in this field.

Tuition fee: 27,377 EUR/year

Duration of the course: 1 year 

Other Courses in Hong Kong:

5. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Kowloon is another institute that offers Business Analytics Course. The program aims to meet the rising demand for business analytics professionals. Students acquire a good knowledge of applied statistics, information management, and optimization. It develops students’ hands-on experience in solving real business problems in various areas such as finance, marketing, healthcare etc.

It is a post-graduate course. 

Duration of the Course: 1 year. 

Those who want to join the course must possess a bachelor’s degree in information systems, Operations Management, and Statistics with a satisfactory academic performance from a recognized university.

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6. Lingnan University

Lingnan University offers one of the finest Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Business Analytics emphasizes subjects in AI and business analytics by using AI techniques to solve practical business problems. The program is designed to provide students with the fundamental principles and practical applications of AI and business analytics techniques so that they can effectively apply AI tools.

The duration of the course is 1-3 years. It is a campus-based program. Lingnan University offers one of the finest programs in this field.

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7. ExcelR

ExcelR offers online Certified Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. In collaboration with IBM, ExcelR provides opportunities to students who have a keen interest in this field. The course fee is $850(Live Virtual Classroom). The candidates get a certificate provided by the institute after the completion of the course. Any candidate from Commerce, Science, and Engineering streams can join this course. The duration of the course is 180+ hours. 

Course Curriculum:

Business Statistics

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Data Types, Measure of the tendency
  • Probability and Normal Distribution
  • Random Variable, Probability
  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Data cleaning and Insights
  • Imputation Techniques (Mean and Median)
  • Correlation Analysis

Advanced Excel

  • Introduction to Excel: Quantum of Excel and Basics (Workbook, Types of workbooks, Common uses of Excel, Cell, Row, Column, Range)
  • Formatting of cells (Wrap Text, Number, Cell formatting, etc.)
  • Ribbon, Formula bar, Status bar
  • Basic operators 
  • What is syntax, arguments (Optional, Mandatory) Navigations (Sum, Average, Max, Min, Product, Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Special)
  • Data Handling: Formatting and Filtering
  • Data Summarization: Pivots, Preparing the Dashboard
  • Power query, power pivot
  • Cleaning data

Transforming data, imputation techniques. Getting data from CSV files


  • Introduction to Databases, Software Installation
  • Introduction to RDBMS, Different types of RDBMS
  • Types of SQL Commands
  • Domain Constraint, Primary key, Foreign Key
  • Operators in SQL
  • Joining Tables
  • Stored procedures
  • Parameters in procedures


  • Intro to Tableau Tool
  • Hierarchy (Inbuilt hierarchy, Manual), Grouping, Parameter with filters 
  • Calculated fields
  • Mixing up of all calculated fields
  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Tableau public server

Basics of Python

  • Introduction to python, Data types, Operators
  • Variables, data types, and Operators in python
  • Sets, Set Theory, Regular Expression
  • For, While loops, Functions, Lambda functions, Math module, Date & time module
  • Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn

Power BI

  • Power BI Introduction
  • Modeling with Power BI
  • Default summarization and sorting by
  • Power BI Desktop Visualizations
  • DAX Expressions

Tools Covered in This Course: 

  • MySQL
  • Basic & Advanced Learning
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R programming
  • Python
  • Agile

FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong

Q1. Which skills are mandatory to become a business analyst?

The skills required to become a business analyst are hard skills including technical skills, analytical skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, communicative skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, time management skills as well as soft skills.

Q2. Is Business Analytics and Data Analytics the same or different?

There is a slight difference between business analytics and data analytics. Data Analytics is the process of gathering and analyzing data for a business’s future precision. In this process, illogical and raw data is converted into useful, logical, and intelligible data for solving problems. On the other hand, Business analytics is a process of using those intelligible data to make business decisions for future precision in an organization.

Q3. Who can enroll in business analytics courses in Hong Kong?

Anyone can. Any graduate with Science, Commerce, or Engineering background can pursue Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the business analytics industry is increasing with the advancement of technology. Any aspirant who has basic knowledge in technical, leadership skills, and other related skills can enroll in this course.

Q4. Which is one of the best business analytics courses in Hong Kong?

The above-mentioned business analytics courses in Hong Kong are great. After going through research, the aspirants can choose any of the mentioned courses as per their needs. They can join their free demo classes to understand their offered courses. But we can assure you that all the courses are reasonable in price.

Q5. What is the business analysts’ salary in Hong Kong?

We can rightly say that business analysts are getting paid well in today’s world. In Hong Kong, an average salary of a business analyst is $26000 per year.

Q6. Is MBA mandatory for doing a business analytics course in Hong Kong?

No, it is not. But an MBA degree is quite helpful to pursue business analytics courses in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, all big companies recruit experienced business analytics in their firm. If you have an MBA degree, there will be a high chance to hire you in their company. 

Q7. Can a humanities student pursue business analytics courses in Hong Kong?

Why not! Do you know there is a huge opportunity for non-technical students as well in Hong Kong to pursue the course? But at the same time, you must have prior knowledge in this field. This course requires hard skills and soft skills as well. Many times, literature students do not have those skills. They may face basic problems. Therefore, they must have those skills to start the course. 

Q8. Can a non-programmer become a business analyst in Hong Kong?

Yes, of course. Anyone can become a business analyst in Hong Kong. It does not matter whether you are a programmer or not to pursue a business analytics degree. A programmer might understand a lot of technical skills while working on analytical tools for decision-making.

Q9. How will I create a portfolio after becoming a business analyst in Hong Kong?

After completing a business analytics course, you will gain skills that will make you a competent and experienced analyst with a keen knowledge of gauging data.  You can update your portfolio and share it on LinkedIn, Monster, Kaggle, and other job sites. If you don’t have a portfolio, you can ask your institute how to work on a portfolio to get more lucrative opportunities. 

Q10. Is Hong Kong a good place for pursuing the business analytics course?

Yes, it is. There is no doubt about that. If you are from Hong Kong, you have lots of opportunities to join the course. Big companies in Hong Kong hire business analysts from all across the world. It is a country to pursue the course as well as to join there as a business analyst. As a fresher or experienced person, you must go for their business analytics course.


Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, has one of the greatest economies in the globe. It is also a highly populated area with people of different nationalities working here. Universities in Hong Kong are top-ranked among the best in Business. 

Hong Kong is now a place of technology where various industries have been set up. The above-mentioned top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Hong Kong offer business analyst programs with placements in big companies across the world. Every institute offers a certification program in the field of business. After completing the course, various types of jobs are waiting for you. You must possess technical skills, leadership qualities, soft skills, and many more that will help you enormously to establish yourself as a successful business analyst.

The curriculum for these courses is not only huge but also practical. From every student to professional, these courses will help to understand theoretical as well as practical skills. All big companies all over the world hire experienced business analysts to develop their businesses and become first in the future. Your job is to work in those companies to make their business in a better position by solving business problems by analyzing for decision-making. This article will give you an insight into business analyst courses.

Hong Kong is a country with a plethora of job opportunities not only for domestic students but also for international students. You can develop your professional career with the help of these courses. We hope you will take the courses to see yourself as a successful person shortly. To fulfill your passion, you must join the course after doing thorough research.

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