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Top 8 Online Creative Writing Courses in India With Placements

When you are passionate about writing and possess creativity and imagination, words come forth spontaneously. But without the proper skills, to get those precious thoughts out on paper, words get lost. If you have ever felt like having adequate guidance that can help you improve your writing skills and pursue your career in writing, you have found the right article. In this article, you will get an insight into online creative writing courses in India that can help you choose a suitable course to hone your creative writing skills and make a career in writing.


List of best online creative writing courses in India


Writing is the way to bring thoughts, emotions, and feelings into life with the help of linguistic symbols, arranging words in an understandable, meaningful, and readable form, and sharing your outlook on topics with people. There are many types of writing styles with different purposes targeting different categories of audiences.


The four main types of writing styles are Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, and Persuasive. Along with these writing styles, there are other categories such as Creative Writing, Review Writing, Subjective Writing, Objective Writing, Technical Writing, Academic writing, Legal Writing, Medical Writing, and so on. In this article, we are going to learn about creative writing and its implications in our lives before discussing the online creative writing courses in India.


Creative Writing is the artistic way to break free from the shackles of writing structures or amalgamate the writing styles all together in an astonishingly unique way with a touch of creativity and imagination. One can see the presence of creative writing in various genres of fiction and non-fiction. With a closer look, one can see the fusion of all types of writing styles in creative writing.


Types of Creative Writing


In modern times, the presence of creative writing is visible in a vast area of writing. With the rapidly changing world, the definition of creative writing is also gradually changing and the realm is growing broader. Humans are constantly looking for new content everywhere, be it digitally or in conventional ways.


One must be creative to come up with new ideas to represent and stand out among the crowd. Creative writing resides in any type of writing wherever creativity, observation, and imagination are needed. Typically creative writing is predominantly associated with the prominence of narrative style, plot, structure, and characters in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and poetics using literary tropes. Fiction mainly includes novels, short stories, poetry, plays, and essays where stories are made-up.


Non-fiction includes almost everything such as memoirs, autobiographies, biographies, personal essays, humor, opinion pieces, journalism, history, philosophy, health, religion, spirituality, science, technology, business, economic writings, instructional booklets, educational guidebooks and manuals, textbooks, language books, real-world topics providing facts or actual events based on expository, persuasive, descriptive, and argumentative writing styles.


Creative writing encompasses outside the realm of structural writings such as professional, academic, journalistic, legal, medical, and technical forms and mainly focuses on original composition and authenticity. Therefore not all types of non-fiction fall into the category of creative writing.


A Career in Creative Writing in India


There is a huge demand for creative writers globally with the growing use of social media and digital platforms. As creative writing touches various genres of writing, it offers numerous job opportunities and career scopes in this field. The aspects of creative writing are visible in various forms of content writing.


Creative writing is closely interrelated in many ways in modern professions. With growing digital marketing, creative content writing is getting popular rapidly creating many job opportunities and new job openings. It covers a wide arena in the film, media, and entertainment world as well.


The skill of creative writing is needed in scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, video scripts, and so on. Copywriter, proofreader, scriptwriter, screenwriter, playwright, songwriter, editor, creative content writer, published author, blogger, social media specialist, freelancer, and ghostwriter are the career options one can go for with creative writing skills.


Why Choose a Creative Writing Course?


One must think if it is creative writing, one can easily write automatically and naturally with the gifted talent. But in reality, that’s not the case in work culture. Even when someone is creative and has high imagination power, without the proper skills to execute them professionally is fruitless.


One must understand the demand and purpose of their writing. A huge part is entirely based on readers and the marketing process to reach out to the targeted audience. Creative writers should not be bothered about ranking and marketing, but one must know how to attract more readers and gain publicity.


Along with creative writing, one must be able to produce effective writing in career-related writing jobs. Specialized creative writers are well-equipped with various forms of writing and have the advantage to get high-paying innovative jobs and can experience working with different writing genres using their expertise. Online creative writing courses in India are efficient to sharpen your writing skills, making yourself well-informed about the different types of writing forms, and having close exposure to the job industry.


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Online Creative Writing Courses in India


There are many online creative writing courses in India available currently. All these courses are completely online, short-spanned, and flexible. One can easily learn and skill up at their convenience from anywhere in the world without commuting to the institutions. So it doesn’t matter wherever you are from or wherever the institutions are located, you can virtually participate in the classroom like live sessions through your screen and learn.


The only requirements for these courses are self-discipline, time management, a good electronic device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, and a stable internet connection. In this article, you will find detailed information about the best institutions that offer online creative writing courses in India. Make sure to have thorough information about the institution you are going to be enrolled in.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an online educational platform that offers one of the best online creative writing courses in India, named “Content Writing Course“. One can learn about 30 types of content writing skills in this course and be well-informed about the writing styles and formats needed in the writing industry.


The course provides 4 weeks of live training i.e. 20 hours of live lectures conducted online in a classroom-like environment. The course curriculum is divided into 16 modules on various topics. A guaranteed Internship of 3 months is included in the course to gain practical experience of the learnings and implement them in the given projects.


It offers 10 hours of internship lectures and 110 hours of practical assignments to help you get trained professionally and write as per industry standards. A globally accredited certification is offered after the completion of the course. IIM Skills helps you to explore different writing styles encouraging creativity and to reach your full potential in writing.


It helps you publish e-books, articles, and press releases on famous platforms like “The Times of India” and online news portals. It helps you build a great portfolio for future career endeavors. You get lifetime access to the classes, materials, tools, lifetime consultation, and technical support as an extra perk of this course. You can be a part of a dedicated community full of talented professionals.


Course Fee: ₹14,900

Course Duration: 4 weeks


Download IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Brochure

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  • 20 hours of live classes.
  • 3 months of Internship.
  • 10 hours of internship lecture.
  • 110 hours of practical assignments.
  • Lifetime access to classes and materials.
  • Lifetime consultation and technical support.
  • Globally accredited certification with nationally and internationally recognized MSME and Hubspot.
  • Publish an ebook, articles, and press releases on various platforms.
  • Helps to build a portfolio for a job or freelancing career.


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2. Udemy


Udemy is an online learning and teaching platform with various courses to help people upskill at a low cost. There are many creative writing courses available on Udemy varying from INR 450-3,500 taught by real-world experts. Each course offers a certain amount of hours of pre-recorded video classes based on the course curriculum along with the on-demand video. Udemy offers a digital certificate after the completion of the paid courses. The courses come with support files and full lifetime access.


Course Fee: ₹450-3,500

Course Duration: Hours vary on the curriculum of each course


  • Support Files.
  • Full lifetime access.
  • A digital certificate


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. British Council of India


The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities with learning centers located throughout the world. The British Council of India is the respected branch of the British Council UK, supervising the courses conducted in India. The creative writing course of the British Council costs INR 10,000 presenting 36 hours of online live classes.


The British Council offers a Creative Writing Course online with a digital certificate upon completion of the course. Any individual having knowledge of the English Language above upper-intermediate level (Level B2) can opt for this course which offers weekend online classes for 9 weeks long.


Course Fee: ₹10,000

Course Duration: 36 hours of live classes spanning 9 weeks


  • 14 hours of interactive learning.
  • Weekend Online classes.
  • A digital certificate upon completion of the course.


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4. Skillshare


Skillshare is a community-based online learning platform where expert instructors offer dedicated courses on various topics. There are many creative writing courses on this platform. “Creative Writing For All: A 10 Day Journaling Challenge” is an outstanding online creative writing course on Skillshare taught by internationally acclaimed author, Emily Gould.


If you have a passion to write and need to brush up your skills or rekindle the creative spark inside you for writing, this 10 days course is perfect for you to get into the habit of writing with valuable guidance. This course helps you to sharpen your writing skills enhancing your cognitive and observation power with miniature details which is essential for creative writing.


Course Fee: Subscription-based Membership

Course Duration: 10 days


Unlimited access to all classes for premium users.


5. Coursera


Coursera offers a few online creative writing courses that help you hone your writing skills. Creative Writing Specialization by Wesleyan University is one of the useful courses one can choose. This specialization course includes a hands-on project that gives you a glimpse of the professional world and helps you to be a part of a professional network and community. After the successful completion of the course and project, Coursera offers a digital certificate.


Course Fee: Subscription Based

Course Duration: 3-6 months


  • A scholarship is available for the enrollment fee.
  • Self-paced guided online classes with flexible schedules.
  • Graded assignments with peer feedback.
  • A digital certificate is offered after completion of the course.


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6. Edx


If you only want to learn the art of storytelling and writing a novel with detailed literary knowledge and fundamentals, Edx provides a few instructor-paced writing courses under The University of British Colombia for INR 23,322 with a duration of 6 weeks. This course helps one to boost their writing skills and refine their skillset to a superior level under the guidance of renowned instructors of the University of British Columbia.


Edx offers various types of writing courses based on different genres of modern writing. If anyone has a keen interest to write for the Entertainment industry, stage, performance art, plays, and stand-up comedy, Edx brings opportunities for such creative writings under the University of Cambridge. These writing courses are usually free spanning for 4 weeks, but the free courses don’t provide certificates. Only paid courses are available with certification.


Course Fee: ₹23,322

Course Duration: 4 weeks


  • Unlimited access to course materials.
  • Graded assignments and exams.
  • Edx support.
  • A digital certificate upon completion of the course.


7. Unlu


Unlu values creativity in each human being and extends its learning platform to help an individual to bring forth their creative talents and encourage them to follow the creative process under the guidance of world-class famous entities. Unlu offers online creative writing courses taught by legendary author Ruskin Bond and award-winning author Anita Nair.


As an Indian writer, learning from these famous Indian literary figures is quite inspiring. One can have valuable knowledge and deep insight about creative writing and aspire to become a good writer from those courses. “Ruskin Bond Teaches Writing” course is composed of 28 lessons of 3 hours 32 mins.


“Anita Nair Teaches Creative Writing” course is divided into 22 lessons of 3 hours 30 mins. Both of the courses cost INR 999. A certificate is given after the completion of the course.


Course Fee: ₹999

Course Duration: Around 3 hours 30 mins


  • Lifetime access.
  • Community access.
  • A digital certificate is offered after completion of the course.


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


8. Future Learn


Future Learn is a social learning platform providing numerous courses. One can find unique and interesting courses on creative writing. If you want to specialize in a particular writing style, Future Learn is the best place for you. There are creative writing courses on writing fiction, poetry, songs, fairy tales, copywriting, screenwriting, and so on. The duration of the courses varies based on the curriculum. A digital certificate is offered upon completion.


Course Fee: Subscription-based, Unlimited subscription at ₹750/month.

Course Duration: 8 weeks- 3 weeks


  • Unlimited access to all classes.
  • Self-paced.
  • A digital certificate is offered upon completion.


Things to Check Out Before Taking Up an Online Creative Writing Courses in India


After knowing about these courses, you must be highly puzzled about which course to choose before investing time, effort, and money. Let me ease your mind and help you arrive at a decision. A good online creative writing course must have these characteristics mentioned below –


  • A reputed experienced instructor with in-depth knowledge in the respective content writing field.
  • A clear and detailed curriculum of the course.
  • Constructive feedback and assistance.
  • Focuses on creative autonomy and craft of writing in original composition, being authentic.
  • A well-established helping and responsive writing community.
  • Motivates to write in a better creative way.
  • Provides guidance in the working field availing job or freelancing opportunities.




Q1. What is the average salary a creative writer can earn in India?

The average salary of a creative writer in India is ₹400,000 per annum. One can earn ₹205 per hour with minimum effort. But different job roles have different pay scales. A published author can earn online from ebooks and hardcopies sold.


Q2. What challenges do creative writers face in the Indian market?

Creative Writers are required to be creative and innovative pouring fresh new ideas and ways to implement them. With the help of online creative writing courses in India, one can achieve professional training, overcome these hurdles and can get job opportunities with a good portfolio based on the projects and their works published, and pursue a better creative writing career.


Q3. What is the scope of a Freelancing career in India?

There’s a high demand for creative writing freelancers globally as well as in India. In the present scenario, the digital market led by entrepreneurs is booming and touching new heights in India. To keep up with new internet trends and start-ups, freelancing creative writers have high opportunities to work on various projects and gain profit.


Q4. How to publish a book after completing Online Creative Writing Courses in India?

If you are wondering how to publish a book after completing online creative writing courses in India, you don’t have to go through the troubles faced by writers a decade ago trying to publish their books in a traditional way through publishing and printing houses. Today’s world is gradually shifting to digital mediums and people like to read digitally at low cost at their convenience and comfort. You can easily publish your ebook globally through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and gain worldwide readers.


Q5. Are Online Creative Writing Courses in India worth the money?

Creative writing isn’t only about creativity and imagination, one must have professional skills to write efficiently and be innovative to attract more audience to read the content. A creative online course empowers you with in-depth knowledge about the writing styles, industry demands, and trends of writing, a better portfolio for job opportunities and freelancing career, practical experiences to face the challenges at work, ways to reach out to more readers and share your words with the world. One can definitely go for online creative writing courses in India to advance themselves in a writing career as it benefits in many ways.




Creative Writing isn’t only based on creativity, talent, and imagination, it is a unique skill that can be honed, nurtured, and developed through the guidance of experienced mentors. We have discussed a few online creative writing courses in India instructed by expert mentors. However, there are many more platforms that offer online courses for creative writing. These courses are short-term, flexible, and powerful to advance anyone with a passion for writing to the next level of a writing career. A creative writing career is lucrative and has a promising future and is ever-growing. In present times with the shift in the Indian economy and lack of job opportunities in the job industry, one having creative writing skills surely gives an upper hand to earn a living from it. We hope this article provides you with useful information about online creative writing courses in India.

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