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Tally Course Benefits – Why You Should Take Up Tally Course

Tally’s accounting features help you access to record business transactions instantly and easily. It helps you manage accounting operations in your business. Today we are going to look at the top Tally Course benefits and why you should take up a tally course to get better career opportunities. In this article, we have discussed Tally Course Benefits in detail with all pertinent information. This includes complete details on the eligibility criteria of the Tally Course, topics covered in the Tally, online courses provided by various online platforms, etc. Tally ERP9 program offers you training in essential accounting ideas and standards.

Tally Course Benefits - Why You Should Take Up Tally Course

We comprehend that every business has its own explicit complexities, special cases, and fascinating wants. Tally.ERP9 is planned with the ability to agitate these. The recognition program offers you training of essential accounting ideas and standards. Tally ERP9 could be vital equipment that will be used to make accounting and stock consultants, vouchers, and reports. This course helps in understanding the importance and utilization of job organizing getting ready and job cost accounting.

Tally ERP9 accounting programming is mostly favored in Asian countries and everyone throughout the world roughly in seventeen universal areas. This advancement of the Tally gathering took 3 years and the submitted endeavors of 2 hundred engineers to create.

Tally Course Eligibility Criteria

To pursue Tally Course (Certificate and Diploma) you must have certain educational qualifications. The eligibility criteria for the tally course are given below:

  • One must complete 10+2 or equivalent level in any stream to apply.
  • Those candidates who have completed graduation can also pursue this course. It will give you an excellent opportunity for you if you are applying for a job in the field of Accounting.
  • The Tally course is suited for Finance, Accounts, Business, and Business Management students, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of Business Management and Accounting is required to pursue this course.
  • The students can also apply for this course after they finish their graduation.

We assume that you know the word ‘Tally’ from schooldays. But what is Tally? Do you know it? Tally software is basically used for calculating big numbers with the help of a tally table to unravel number problems. But Tally is not so easy as we see it. In today’s world, this is first and foremost software because it provides business solutions by solving numerical problems.

Importance of Tally ERP9

  • Enhanced Security
    • Improved responsibleness and speed
    • Significantly higher work from anyplace
    • Important tally prime new options
    • E-Invoicing and E- Waybill: E-invoicing is among the foremost vital new tally Prime options. it’s free for tally prime users.
    • User interface: Associate tally prime feature that may instantly strike you is the refreshing new computer program that is menu-driven that effortlessly blends with the standard interface.
    • Enhanced browser reports: a far longer list of reports is currently out there for browser access. This can be a boon for people who don’t want to find out about Tally. Get a contemporary net interface a bit as the new generation likes it
  • Go to: a brand new universal search feature for any entry screen or report. you’ll quickly access any report while not knowing its actual location
  • Multitasking: one of the foremost vital new tally prime options is multitasking. you’ll currently effortlessly handle pressing tasks that earlier interrupted the flow of labor.
  • Single sign-on: currently you’ll load and login into multiple corporations having a similar login credential at the same time. this can be attainable exploitation the new single sign-in tally prime.
    • Mouse compatibility: it’s currently attainable to simply navigate through tally employing a mouse in tally prime.
    • New copy and paste: currently use regular windows key combos Ctrl+ C, Ctrl + V for copy and paste operations. Earlier Ctrl+ Alt+ C can still work.
    • Optimized printing: This new Tally Prime feature could be a boon for people who Have multiple page invoices.
  • Change Mode: this can be a brand new feature introduced to toggle between numerous of modes of getting into selected dealing.
    • Enhanced Help: get elaborated context-sensitive facilitate that may invariably guide you perceptive data at the correct time and within the right place!
    • In-product program trouble-shooter: A hidden however vital tally prime feature is associate with integral program files trouble-shooter that detects any missing or corrupted program files.


Importance of Tally Course Benefits At A Glance

  • Reliability of Information
  • Assurance of Information
  • Tally Audit
  • Tally Vault
  • Effortless Data Movement
  • Elimination of Human Error
  • Continuous Processing
  • Tally Makes Business Easy
  • Assistance with GST Filing
  • Remote Access      
  • Accounting bills, managing the inventory and Compliances helping the clients 

Tally Course Benefits

1. Reliability of Information

Tally offers that your information is secured. Due to many reasons, your data can be lost by machines. Once you entered Tally.ERP9, you may think that your information can be saved. Even after the machine gets closed, the computer code never disappoints, and the information can get saved. It is one of the best Tally Course Benefits.

2. Tally Audit

Audits unit of measurement done by an approved shopper to regulate the entries created for the preciseness. The chief rights are given to certain shoppers to try to audit. It is usually a disaster if someone improved the data whereas no belongings acknowledge anybody, right? If some faults unit of measurement is encountered or one ought to change the associate entry, the name of the patron is displayed on the screen. This helps maintain the privacy and trust that is needed at intervals in the arena of accounting.

3. Effortless Information Movement

Tally. The ERP9 computer software comes with the advantage of straightforward data movement. The information entered is updated throughout the system and may be accessed from anywhere. Hence, nobody got to move physical files to each place from the geographical point. It is one of the finest Tally Course Benefits.

4. Tally Makes Business Easy

Small-sized organizations ought to assess their finances daily. Tally.ERP9 alters you to assess your daily transactions to assist you’re taking steps towards profit, not loss. Same for medium and big organizations wherever the need to check on flow is vital and Tally assists at intervals the same.

5. Assistance with GST Filing

Every organization must file their tax returns monthly, owing to the introduction of GST which implicates the requirement for storing info in GST-compliant formats to make GST filing hassle-free. 

6. Remote Access

Tally.ERP9 comes with remote access, to push the delivery of invoices whereas not having to access it physically.

7. Greater Job Prospects

After completion of the course, a student gets lots of opportunities in related fields. They will get jobs in India as well as abroad. It is one of the best Tally Course Benefits.

8. Convenience of Learning

The Tally course is available as an online as well as an offline course mode. Thus, the Tally course is a beneficial course for students as well as working professionals.

9. Enhanced accounting knowledge

Tally course can enhance your knowledge in accounting. It is a unique software that covers various aspects of accounting knowledge. This is an example of Tally Course Benefits.

9. Easy to learn and use

One of the best tally course benefits is that tally is easy to learn. Even a non-technical person can learn to tally without any prior knowledge. 

10. Robust software

The Tally software is highly versatile operating software. When compared to other similar software, it is more popular because of its ease of handling and adaptable features. It is one of the finest Tally Course Benefits.

11. Advantages for Accounting and Commerce Students

Students who have pursued courses in accounts or commerce will get an opportunity from the Tally course. Commerce graduates have a great opportunity in this field as they have basic knowledge of it. They can join the Tally course to enhance their knowledge.

12. International opportunities

Another benefit of learning Tally is that there is great demand for tally in India as well as abroad. As it is a popular software, various international companies use Tally for their business. Thus, students who have an interest in Tally can go for the tally course in India, they have a high chance to settle abroad. 

13. High salary

Students who have completed a Tally course can get the advantage to get high salaries in India. In India, an average salary of a Tally employee is more than Rs 9,26,000 per annum.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Topics covered in Tally

Accounting Fundamentals merchandise and Services Tax

  • Company Formation record
  • Ledgers Printing of Cheques
  • Bank Reconciliation Credit Limit
  • Theories of Taxation TDS
  • Data Synchronisation Cost classes and Centres
  • Stock Analysis VAT and Excise Duty
  • Sales and Purchase Contra, and producing Voucher

Concepts or Modules in Tally

  • Fundamentals of accounting
    • Introduction of Tally
    • Meaning of company creation in Tally
    • Opening Associate in Nursing account
    • How to line the future preciseness of a corporation
    • Selecting the value class and value centre
    • How to line list
    • Introduction of F11 and F12
    • Introduction to VAT
    • Calculation of VAT
    • Introduction to TDS
    • Calculation of TDS
    • How to feature custom duty
    • Tally standard Courses
    • TALLY.ERP9 Simplified

Volume IA

  • Accounting & Inventory Management obtaining Started
    • Creating Masters in Tally.ERP9
    • Basics of Banking
    • Cost Centres and value classes
    • Reports in Tally.ERP9
    • Order process & Pre-closure of orders
    • Price Levels & tariffs
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Zero-Valued Entries
    • Different Actual and beaked Quantities
    • Batch-wise Details,
    • Bill of Materials.

Volume IIA

  • Essentials of Taxation
    • VAT
    • Service Tax
    • TDS
    • Excise (Dealers)
    • Excise (Manufacturer)
    • Advanced options.
    • TALLY.ERP9 Advanced

Volume I

Fundamentals of Accounts and Inventory

Volume II

Advanced Inventory and Technological Capabilities

Volume III

Fundamentals of Taxation

TALLY.ERP9 Advanced Taxation

Volume IV

Advanced Taxation

Volume V

Payroll and Advanced options

Core Options After tally Course And Why Tally Course Benefits You To make a Great Career in Accounting

Accounting – Accounting plays an important role in Tally ERP.

Billing – Billing is additionally a very important section of any business. Billing choice helps Tally eliminate the task of getting into separate accounting.

Payroll –To maintain Payroll in Tally, functions like worker categories, pay heads, attendance, and course employees are used.

Banking – Banking is one of the most necessary options. As it is the age of digitalization, no business will survive except Banking. With the assistance of Tally ERP, both direct and indirect taxation is calculated.

Taxation –Tally makes it simple for you to organize any bill or invoice because it will provide VAT, Income Tax, Service tax, etc.

Inventory – Maintenance of Stock plays an important role in any business.

Recommended Articles 

Online Certificate Courses for Tally

Skillshare: Skillshare offers a variety of programs of Tally for beginners, professionals who have a profound interest to learn tally courses with GST, and tally for the intermediate level.

Udemy: Udemy is another common online platform for learning that gives the tally course. It offers a range of courses for tallying like Tally Prime with GST, coaching in Tally, and Tally ERP9.

Online Tally Course Benefits

  • The students will become efficient in GST Accounting with the assistance of the Tally course.
  • You are going to be ready to Maintain Accounts confidently.
  • The learners will learn how to maintain the payroll of workers.
  • GST Set – Off
  • RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Price List
  • Filing Return
  • All of this and more from the comfort of their own space.

1. National Institute of physical science & data Technology, Kohima:

NIELIT Kohima is a government acclaimed institute that gives short-term as well as long-term certificate courses in a variety of disciplines. It offers a 2-month course in Tally for college students and professionals.

2. Coursera:

Coursera is a learning platform that gives online accounting courses by universities like the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of the American state, Irvine, etc.

3. Internshala:

Internshala offers an online tally course.

Course Highlights

  • It is mobile-friendly.
    • This online platform offers a certificate educational program.
    • It offers placement assistance.
    • The trade consultants provide real-hands expertise.
    • It seems like a beginner-friendly course.
    • You will access their LMS during the course and even after the completion of the course.

4. Tally coaching.in: Tally coaching offers one of the most effective Tally courses.

Tally Course Benefits at Tally Coaching

  • Effective lessons
    • The course offers videos and e-books (we have 2 choices. 1. Video tutorials in Hindi, 2. e-book course material in English)
    • It offers planned info (the entire tally online course is meant to fulfil the requirements of the trade.)
    • After the completion of the course, they provide certificates to the learners.

Course Info

  • User Interface and Company Management
  • Masters – Ledgers
  • Masters – teams
  • Payment Voucher
  • Day Book in Tally
  • Pre-Allocation of Bills
  • Receipt Voucher
  • Contra and Journal Voucher
  • Cheque Printing in Tally ERP
  • Masters: Inventory
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Purchase Voucher with GST
  • Sales Voucher with GST
  • GST Returns and Payment
  • Billing options in Tally
  • Purchase Order process
  • Sales Order process
  • Debit and Credit Notes
  • Bank Reconciliation in Tally
  • Price List in Tally
  • Credit Limit
  • Stock Transfers
  • Manufacturing Vouchers
  • Batch Wise Details
  • Re-Order Level in Tally
  • Interest Calculations (Auto Mode)
  • Voucher sorts and sophistication
  • Point of Sales
  • Scenarios and ex gratia Vouchers
  • Budgets and Controls in Tally
  • Cost Centers and value classes
  • Party Ledger Analysis
  • Purchase and Sales news
  • Stock Analysis and Reports
  • Cash and Bank Reports
  • Search, Filter and Sorting
  • Financial Reports
  • Multi-Language
  • Export, Import, Backup and Restore
  • Payroll Accounting in Tally
  • Finalisation Entries
  • Data Security
  • Tally Audit
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Printing Reports
  • Miscellaneous
  • Shortcut Keys

Course highlights

  • It is mobile-friendly. 
  • Thus, you will connect wherever you will. 
  • This online platform offers a certificate educational program. 
  • It offers placement assistance to the learners. 
  • The trade consultants provide real-hands expertise. 
  • It also is a beginner-friendly course.
  • You will access their LMS.

5. Career360

Career360 offers one of the most effective Tally courses.

Tally Course Benefits At the institute

  • Accounting
    • Billing
    • Sales and profit analysis
    • Banking
    • Inventory Management
    • Tax Management (GST, TDS, TCS)
    • Cheque Management
    • E- payments
    • Cash and Flow
    • Job work analysis

Career opportunities

Accounts government

  • Manage the complete sales cycle
    • Network and notice new partnerships
    • Negotiate agreements
    • Keep records of sales and information

Junior businessperson

  • Record all business transactions
    • Update assets and issue invoices
    • Update accounts due and perform reconciliations
    • Update monetary information in databases
    • Prepare and submit weekly/monthly reports

Accounts Assistant

  • Reconcile invoices and determine discrepancies
    • Create and update expense reports
    • Prepare bank deposits
    • Enter monetary transactions into internal databases

Tally operator

  • Job value estimation
    • Inventory management
    • Managing payroll.
    • Prepare record

Let’s check the courses for lucrative career opportunities 

Some Other Institutes offering Tally Course are as follows:

  • The Institute of Computer Accountants, Mumbai
  • Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati
  • Vikram University, Ujjain
  • Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore
  • Swami Swatantranand Memorial College, Gurdaspur

How to use Tally?

Part – 1

  • Install Tally Software
  • Navigate Tally
  • Create a Company

Part – 2

  • Understand The Ledgers
  • Open the Create Ledger window
  • Select the Group
  • Give the ledger a name
  • Enter an Opening Balance


  • Understand the purpose of vouchers


FAQs concerning Tally Course Benefits

Q1. What is a Tally course?

A tally is accounting software that helps create calculations in small and mid-level businesses. The works as well as the Banking, Auditing Accounting Works, etc. can be done by Tally.

Q2. What are the topics covered in the Tally?

The topics covered in the Tally are Accounting Fundamentals, Goods and Services Tax, Company Formation, Balance Sheet, Records, Ledgers, Printing of Cheque, Bank Reconciliation, Credit Limit, Principles of Taxation and TDS and its Calculation, and others.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria for joining a tally course?

Students from a commerce background will inscribe this course easily because it may be an extra advantage for them. Students who have completed a minimum of 10+2 and have some information and ability in business management and commerce will inscribe for Tally Course.

Q4. What is the good thing about a tally course?

Tally helps in managing day-after-day business transactions within the various trade.

Q5. Is tally tough to learn?

No, it is easy to learn. It is an accounting software that helps to manage accounts.

Q6. What is the aim of tally certification?

Tally Certification helps to become an accountant. It conjointly provides job opportunities within the public and personal sectors. It is the aim of tally certification.

Q7. What are the career opportunities once finishing the tally certification course?

After completion of the Tally course, you will be able to apply in sectors like business consultancies, MNCs, academic institutes, government organizations, private sectors, etc. These are tally course benefits.

Q8. What is the fee for the tally course?

The fee for the tally course is reasonable. It is between INR 3,000 to INR 10,000.

Q9. Will students with Biology in class 12 get entry into a Tally course?

Yes, students from the arts and science streams may learn Tally to feature another accomplishment in their job profile. Students who are trying to participate in banking exams may learn Tally to grasp numerous problems and banking ideas.

Q10. Do we need to be experts in Math’s for Tally?

No, you do not need to be an expert for pursuing a tally course. You have to know basic math’s. A basic understanding of mathematical ideas like fractions, percentages, decimals, etc. is enough to pursue the Tally course.

Q11. What modules are covered during this course?

Modules covered in this course are:

  • Basics of Accounting
  • GST
  • Balance Sheet
  • Company Formation
  • Ledgers
  • Credit Limit
  • Taxation Principles
  • Stock Analysis
  • VAT
  • Excise Duty
  • Cheque Printing
  • Bank Reconciliation

Q12. What are the types of ledgers you can make in Tally ERP 9?

They are

  • Creating a sales/purchase ledger
  • Creating an Income/Expense ledger
  • Creating a party ledger
  • Creating a bank account
  • Creating a tax ledger
  • Creating current liabilities

Q13. What is the shortcut to repeating the narration on a voucher?

The shortcut to repeat the narration on a voucher is to press Ctrl+R.

Concluding thoughts on Tally Course Benefits

In this article, we have discussed thoroughly the benefits of the Tally Course. Tally could be a tremendous accounting code that contributes to the expansion of companies on a really core level. In this article, we have mentioned Tally Course details Tally Course Benefits, Eligibility, Duration, Fee Structure, etc. In today’s world, the Tally accounting package is in nice demand all across the world. It is a business accounting package.

It offers facilities like Filling of GST, Cheque printing, Magnitude relation analysis, Comparative analysis, Money and Fund flow statements, etc. It is an excellent advantage to the Freshers and Commerce students as they’ll simply get employment in well-managed corporations if they learn tally.

You may learn several things when doing a tally course that may assist you to develop your talent in applying for jobs. If you have got a keen interest in this field, you need to be a part of the course. It will offer you vast opportunities once you complete the course. It will open the door for you to boost your career to a new level. You can work in various fields like accounting clerk, accounts officer, tally operator, tally accounts executive, etc. after the completion of the course as you will gain enormous experience. We wish you a healthy future.

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