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Top 9 Digital Marketing Courses In Midrand With Placements

Digital marketing courses in Midrand have various opportunities in the practical world. In the very recent pandemic time, we have witnessed a surge in short video consumption over various social media platforms like YouTube. Businessofapps.com claims that in 2023, TikTok has increased its market capturing ratio by more than fifteen percent. More than 1.5 billion people use TikTok for entertainment purposes. Content marketing is only a part of digital marketing as TikTok videos can be shared on Instagram and YouTube shots for greater market reach. Midrand is a town near Johannesburg with lots of marketing potential.

Digital Marketing Courses In Midrand

In this document, I will talk about the digital marketing courses in Midrand, but don’t worry; it won’t be as boring as it sounds. In this article, you will find institutes, fees, and duration for the courses, so relax yourself. Let’s start.


IIM SKILLS is one of the renowned institutes in Delhi for digital marketing courses in Midrand. They provide the classes through an online mode of communication. The institute provides a virtual internship for two months to the students. They provide an experience certificate after the internship.

  • Course – Digital Marketing Course
  • Cost:6731 ZAR (Approx) + Taxes
  • Duration – 5 months ( 3 months program + 2 months paid internship, comes with a Fixed Stipend)

Duration: 3 months

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Feature of the course:

  • 35+ marketing modules
  • Paid online internship
  • 14+ live projects
  • 8+ case studies
  • Free tools for 1,000 USD
  • Installment payments for course fees
  • Online learning portal for lectures
  • Live classes
  • Job portal for upcoming new vacancies
  • Full payment refund option after the first session
  • Weekdays and Weekend(Saturday) batch preference
  • Lifetime support post-training session with strategies and techniques

Tools Covered :

  •  Google Keyword Planner
  • LongtailPro
  • UberSuggest
  • Keyword.io
  • Small SEO Tool
  • Schema
  • ConvertCase
  • Ahref
  • MobileMoxie
  • Semrush
  • MOZ
  • Spyfu
  • AccuRanker etc

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

2. Digital Business Academy

It is our first option for digital marketing courses in Midrand. The course is about social media marketing. The training is online only. The course is affiliated with DHET.

Cost: R3000


  • Facebook Ads:

You have to have a Facebook profile for running Facebook ads. Without a Facebook profile, you can’t make groups for ads. You can share your personal information, like your hobbies and interests, in the Facebook posts. You can share lots of pictures on your Facebook profile. You have two kinds of profile options: a personal/private one and a digital creator profile.

Now, what is a Facebook page? The page represents a business. Suppose you are a company owner or an actor, then you promote yourself through a Facebook page. You can create any type of business page, like B2B, B2C, D2C, and others. If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can’t run ads on Facebook.

You may ask me if you don’t have an updated Facebook page, not an eye-catching Facebook page, or if you can’t post every day to the Facebook page till the ads campaigns are the same responsive as before. The answer will be no; the response will be the same because Facebook works on algorithms, and it doesn’t matter if your page is updated or not. But it is very important how to create the ad campaign and how beautiful it is.

Now, we come to groups on Facebook. Facebook groups are the communities. You can see various communities in the world, like the communities of a politician, influencers’, and actors’ communities like that. Groups are not absolutely necessary for running ad campaigns. Now, how can you create a page? You can create a page within the menu option.

There are six campaign ad objectives in the Facebook ads. Let’s understand a few objectives of the ads. First comes the awareness objective. Through awareness, objective ads can be shown to people a number of times so that your ads will be remembered. The next objective is a traffic campaign. Through a traffic campaign, you can redirect your visitor to another website and app with the ads.

For example, when we are running Facebook ads, you can give a call to action like ‘Learn More.’ When a user clicks on the button, they are redirected to another source, like a website or any other. This objective is typically good for four types of action: redirection to another website address, sending the user to a new landing page of any service domain, instructing the user for messaging in WhatsApp and Messenger for queries, and making a call into a telephone number.

  • Instagram Ads
  • Youtube Short Video
  • Insta reels
  • Tiktok
  • Content Writing
  • Social media strategies

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3. Digital School of Marketing

DSM is the second on our list for digital marketing courses in Midrand. It is a very well-known institute in Midrand that has provided the services for years. The minimum duration of the course is three months, and the maximum duration is almost two years.

Cost: 2000 USD to 10000 USD


  • Paid PPC: Here, we should understand the ‘C’s of marketing:
  • CTR:

CTR means click-through rate. Suppose you search on Google ‘ price of a new house near me’, then Google will show you a few results with the price of the home. You clicked that link. For instance, suppose one hundred people clicked that click; therefore, 10% of the click-through rate when Google is showing the same ads one thousand times. Therefore, it measures how many times you click linked ads in algorithms. How can you ask me how to improve CTR? The answer is simple.

Let’s see an example: suppose you want to buy a blue pair of shoes. Google is showing 30 results on the first page. Then which link will you click first? You will go with the link that mentions the exact keyword, like a blue pair of shoes in it. You need to write the ad copy in such an amazing way that people will be amazed after watching it.. You shouldn’t aim for broad-match keywords.

The more people click the ads, the higher the CPC. CPC stands for cost per click. Suppose you search on Google ‘Scooty to buy in 2023’, then Google will show some results, and when you click on any ads, how does a marketer spend the amount of money on those ads. CPC value should be lower because campaigning costs will be on the lower side. CPC value should be proportionate to the bidding value.

  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Targeting Audience
  • Social media management
  • Public relation
  • Brand Representation
  • Projects
  • Email Marketing
  • UX design
  • Paid ads
  • Digital planning
  • Key terms cookies optimization
  • Web Segmentation in Analytics

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4. University of Witwatersand

Wit University is a popular university for offering digital marketing courses in Midrand. The course is an offline course. You have to visit the university to do the classes..

Cost: 1100 USD

Duration:3 months


Digital Marketing Communication:

Imagine you’re walking down the street, and you see a sign for a new hotdog restaurant. The sign is eye-catching, with bold letters and mouth-watering images of hotdogs. This is an example of marketing communication – the restaurant is using visual elements to communicate with you and grab your attention. The attention capturing can be done in many ways.

For example, a very well-structured email can be sent. Video advertisements have the power to captivate audiences with their storytelling. A skilled communicator crafts a narrative that seamlessly incorporates products and services, creating a captivating experience for the viewer. This storytelling approach can take on forms ranging from straightforward narratives to more indirect methods. Examples of these storytelling voices can be seen in exhibitions, Google ad campaigns, PR stories for commercials, or even niche-focused blog writing.

The key to storytelling lies in presenting information in a simplified manner. The success of marketing efforts is ultimately measured by the number of people who purchase the product or service being promoted. These marketing initiatives come in forms, such as conducting surveys to gather feedback from existing customers or sending emails with a compelling call to action that encourages investment.

To create eye-catching advertisements, companies may enlist the help of celebrities to endorse their products through videos. The primary objective behind all marketing endeavors is to grab the attention of customers. While communication between two individuals is possible through interaction, effective marketing communication employs channels such as print media, radio, television, emails, events, brochures, and more to achieve marketing goals.

There are business communication methods for organizations to choose from. For instance, creating a strategy for your marketing communications is crucial. One of the reasons why marketing communication holds significance is its ability to aid the company’s management and marketing managers in devising plans to leverage various marketing opportunities and platforms. These plans encourage the company to explore cutting-edge methods of promoting its products to customers. Moreover, it assists in establishing a brand identity that seeks out marketing and promotional strategies ensuring that they stand out by highlighting the unique qualities and features of their goods and services.

  • WordPress website
  • Social media
  • Content writing for marketing
  • UX design
  • Online management for e-commerce stores
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Analytics

5. Oakfields College

Oakfields College is also offering digital marketing courses in Midrand. This is part of their short-term course available to all of their campuses. 

Cost: 900 USD

Duration: 4 months


  • Brand Promotions
  • Preference for increasing sales
  • Local case studies for various companies
  • Digital marketing tools
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Content creation for ads
  • Marketing principles and practices



IIDE is the trust that offers digital marketing courses in Midrand. The institute has been catering to the market for years. The course is. It is approved by NSDC India. Students can access the course online.

Cost: USD 1500

Duration: 6 months


AIDA Model:

The AIDA model focuses on capturing attention, generating interest, stimulating desire, and prompting action, from the target audience. These steps illustrate how customers become aware of a product or service and consider their options.

Once a customer develops a desire for a product or service and makes the decision to purchase it, the model comes into play. The initial step of the model is attention, marking the moment when a customer first becomes acquainted with your offering.

The goal is to reach a wide audience and alert them to the company’s products or services. The third stage of the model occurs when a product or service becomes desired by a customer. Now, the customer has understood the uniqueness of the item.

They have already compared the product with other available products in the same class. They found the USP in the services. The goal is to highlight the unique selling points of a product or service. So, it appears more desirable than their competitors.

The final stage is action. In this stage, the customer yearns the service or product at any cost for future consumption. The goal at this final stage is to get the customer to commit. In conclusion, the AIDA model is used to create effective marketing campaigns, improve content creation, and improve sales proposals.

As help with social media content, it’s particularly effective in situations where the sales process requires engaging prospects quickly, delivering impactful information, and prompting them to take action within a short interaction. Whether it’s a marketing campaign cold call or sales presentation, the AIDA model serves as a valuable guideline to structure the communication to achieve sales and marketing objectives.

  • Social Marketing
  • Resume profile on Linkedin
  • Blog Writing
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Portfolio Building
  • Website Designing
  • Google Analytics
  • Case studies

7. AAA School of Advertising

If you are looking for short-term digital marketing courses in Midrand, then AAA school is a great option for your choice. The course is virtual in mode. The course is available for a longer duration and also as a higher certificate. The long course lasts for a year. The short course lasts for two days.

Cost: R29000/R9990


  • Fundamental Principles of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Mix:

Let’s understand marketing mix with an example. Suppose Ursi wants to buy a mobile phone(product) at 250 USD (price) from amazon.com (place) after watching the reviews(promotion) of the device. Here, Ursi is a female potential buyer of a mobile phone. She wants a smartphone with a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen, 8 GB RAM, a superfast CPU, and an outstanding camera with a 6000 MAH battery. This specification comes under the product category because these qualities refine the quality of the product.

Next, she decided on the budget for the product. Here it is 200 USD. Every product comes with a price tag for consumers because the products are manufactured in factories with raw materials that cost a price. Then, the product is not available to the factory for the customer because factories function as storage facilities. She has chosen an online marketplace, and here it is amazon.com.

But if she chooses any offline shop that comes into the place mix. But she decides what product to buy because she doesn’t know which is the best in the market. In that case, she has to depend on promotion. Here, the promotion is the review of the other customers who are already using the product. But how they bought that phone, this can be for the ads of the mobile phone company. This is an example of a digital marketing mix.

  • E-models of communication and sales
  • Understanding the buying strategies of a customer
  • Social media
  • Website Designing
  • SEO Traffic
  • Customer relationship management software(CRM)
  • E-plans
  • Brand Reputation building
  • Google Analytics

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8. IT Academy

Someone who is looking for campus-based digital marketing courses in Midrand. IT Academy is an option for them. The duration of the course is twelve months. The course can be done in part-time mode also.

Cost: R7942


  • Band Management:

Gucci, Ferrari, Nike, Adidas; when you hear these names, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? Let me tell you that I assume that you guys are going to have a picture in your minds. You hear the terms Nike and Adidas. You have the image of these sporty, funky shoes. When you hear the term Ferrari, you are going to have an image of a sports car that is riding on the road super-fast. So these are the kinds of brand images that these companies have created in our minds. As a result, a brand’s reputation and associated products are received more positively owing to the creation of a loyal customer and consumer base. Subsequently resulting in more revenue induction and improved brand equity. The most iconic and renowned businesses today involve specialists in brand management strategy. A Brand must aim at understanding what marketing methods must be applied to boost the brand’s market value and to maintain a positive relationship with the audience in order to soar really high.

  • Public Relations
  • WordPress:

It is a famous web publishing software. In digital marketing, a website is a must because your customers will land on the website, but website-making is a tough job from a layman’s point of view. It requires coding knowledge, but now it is very easy with WordPress. You can make an outstanding website with the help of many plugins. Here, WordPress gives coding free experience.

  • Digital age marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Blog writing

9. Institute of Marketing Management ( South Africa)

IMM is offering digital marketing courses in Midrand. It is a well-known institute in South Africa for quality education. The course can be done online or offline, like campus-based training and with hybrid modes of training. 

Cost: R34980

Duration: 6 months


  • Ten months of tuition support
  • Custome-based module study opportunity
  • Industry-based case study learning
  • 139+ hours of study materials
  • 10 hours of video lessons for self-study
  • Portfolio doing


Marking Projects:

  • Social media campaign analysis- in this project, you can analyze the return on spend engagement and other important metrics.
  • SEO study of websites- Give you suggestions on the keywords that could be used for the URL customization and write a report on the SEO of the website together.
  • Create your own website. This will familiarize you with all the concepts of digital marketing, from SEO to SEM.
  • Finally, do keyword research from websites like Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends and understand the keywords that could be used for your business.
  • Digital Marketing mix
  • Online customer relationship: Brands that get closer to the people they serve do three things incredibly well. First of all, they know their customers better than anyone. They know them individually as people, not as consumers and markets and segments as people. Second of all, they know how to connect with each and every one of them individually, and the last thing and the most important of all, gaining the trust.
  • Tools for digital marketing: automated tools for social media posts
  • Strategies and techniques 
  • TikTok
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics

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10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an accredited online startup that provides digital marketing courses in Midrand. The course is an advanced course module with more than forty hours of learning sessions. The training continues for four months.
First, you will learn the basics of digital marketing, like the differences in marketing between traditional and online. Then, we will learn about designing a landing page. A landing page is created for new website visitors. A new visitor first lands on the landing page.
It serves as an introductory counter to the website. The landing page gives the necessary information to the visitor so that they can make up their mind to avail of services or products. The landing page is not equal to any homepage.The homepage functions as a connecting bus for several pages. It has a navigation menu so that the visitor can look at the different items on the website.
They will visit any other pillar page to look for necessary services. A landing page never has a navigational menu. A landing page has few links.
The links are closely attached to CTA (call to action) because the landing page is meant to capture action for the lead. For instance, a landing page may have a link for subscribing to a newsletter for a month. The other topics are mentioned below-
  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Soft skills
  • Resume creation for portfolio


Q1. Are the digital marketing courses in Midrand profitable?

Yes, Digital marketing courses in Midrand are highly profitable because they give a new door of opportunity in any business. Digital marketing refers to various aspects of business, like social media channels; these all incorporate new leads every day.

Q2. How do digital marketing courses in Midrand help small businesses?

The small business needs promotion. Sometimes, a business owner can’t hire new personnel for the promotional job. In that case, if you know how digital marketing works, then you can promote your business without hiring a marketing professional.

Q3. What do digital marketing courses in Midrand include?

The digital marketing courses in Midrand include three types of practices: Search Engine Optimization, Social media channel, and Search Engine Marketing.


If you have any questions regarding digital marketing courses in Midrand, you can always ask me in the comment section. These ten institutes are very well-established coaching centres for new-age learners, but you have to be a serious learner while learning a new chapter. I wish you a very happy learning journey to your new venture. See you in the next blog!

I crave to know various things from different fields through my job. That’s why I have chosen content writing as my profession. Knowledge breaks my boredom. I have completed the Content Writing Master Course for IIM Skills (Govt. recognized) and also did the Advanced Content Writing course from ECT( Govt. recognized). I completed my pre-degree level at Visva-Bharati University with science as my major. I completed my graduation (Honours) in English literature from The University of Burdwan. I also earned a Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management from MAKAUT, Kolkata.

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