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Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses In Glasgow With Placements

Every time you scroll down your social media accounts, there is either one or many advertisements coming your way, there is a 99% chance of it being in your interest. Do you also happen to wonder how you made a single search of travelling to India and now the whole internet space on your phone is revolving around India? This is the beauty of marketing, the world has come around to making marketing so effortless that the customer doesn’t even know that the product has been marketed. Learn all about it in the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow, a city that has seen a hike of 18% in internet users in a very short period. Master the course with the best in the game and grab the opportunities firsthand. Learn with tips, tricks, and honest insights from the field.

Top Digital marketing Courses In Glasgow


Glasgow is accounted for being the fourth most populous city in Scotland. The national cultural hub for Scotland with rich architecture and heritage from 18-20th century. In addition to being rich in culture and art, Glasgow is famous for its people and shopping. Tourism in Glasgow has also been the talk of the town with museums, hidden gems, and shopping sprees. 

Glasgow is known to be the richest city in the economic nature of Scotland and also has the third highest GDP in the UK. This makes, it a perfect location for business, followed by digital marketers who are the next big tycoons, making the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow a very important career to hop onto. 

The city also has some big names in education about higher education and research-based studies. The University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, University of the west of Scotland, and many other institutions within a radius of 16 km to the city. 

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Marketing products on digital platforms via digital marketing channels is the study of digital marketing. Digital Marketing came into existence a decade ago and has changed the entire scene since then. It is the benefits of digital marketing and the ease of getting your hands on a crowd by sitting in the comfort of your offices that has led to the success of digital marketing and the companies implementing it.

Digital Marketing is to put the product into the online world, connect with potential customers and also let them find you and reach out to you when the requirement arises. The power of a good digital marketing campaign is to make the customer find you, and connect to you instead of the other way around in traditional ways of marketing.

In the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow, you can look forward to learning the technicalities behind the digital age, basics and advanced study of digital marketing, elements of digital marketing, and also implementation of the marketing strategies. 


Have you ever caught yourself searching for a product online, looking around on the first few options, clicking on the one that best fits your requirements, and making that purchase? How do you think the first few options landed there and not the other competitive brands? It is all digital marketing, to be at the right place at the right time, available to the eyes of the customer. 

Also, have you been in a situation where you didn’t want to make an actual purchase of the product but an influencer whom you follow, swears by it? An amount of trust was inbuilt in you so the next time you were looking for the product, you directly searched for the brand instead of the product and other options. This is digital marketing for you.

From the basics of digital marketing to Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Management, Affiliate Marketing, and more, learn all about it and master the art of digital marketing with the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow.

In this digital era, grabbing people’s attention has become easy yet complicated. The attention span of humans has been shrunk to a bare minimum and with audiences on the internet, brands are thriving too. So when the internet space was more of an opportunity to reach the customers, it has become a competitive world to reach the customers first. This is what you’ll learn in the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow and it is also one of the reasons that taking up a course is a mandatory step before jumping into the field.

Pre-requisites for the Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow

If you are still in the dilemma of choosing digital marketing as your career or if you still want to upscale your marketing skills, stay tuned to find out if digital marketing is really for you. Once you are done with the course, there are an endless number of career options and jobs opening up for you and if you are in no mood for being an employee to someone, there is always an option for a start-up, a digital marketing agency.

Here’s an answer to who you need to be, the prerequisites for the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow, and if the course is a cup of your tea or not.

  • To say the very least, one needs to be computer-friendly and know how the digital world works.
  • High school pass out, Graduate, and someone with a similar set of degrees
  • Promotion, marketing, and advertising enthusiast.
  • The creative mind loves to experiment with things and craves to be in the futuristic world.
  • Apart from the academic prerequisites, one needs to have a sense of the digital world in general and has to be inclined towards technical stuff as digital marketing involves technicality.

That being said, if you are looking for jobs that are highly concentrated on the technical stuff like website designing and something of the similar sort, you need to have coding and technical learning to make the digital marketing course easier.

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Types of Digital Marketing

There are many chapters in the study of the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow which has different types of digital marketing. Of course, digital marketing is like a rainbow that has different bright colours which make the sky complete. Every colour can be used or some can be mixed and matched depending on the need of the marketing campaign. Let’s have a look at the types of digital marketing.

  • Paid Advertising

Not every channel of digital marketing has to be paid for, and also digital marketing is acclaimed to be the most beneficial mode of marketing. Still, paid advertisements are what make up for the good sources of reach and money does speak for itself. Digital marketing also has some paid advertisement platforms which come at a cost as the name suggests.

For example:

Pay per click is a type of digital marketing that can be done via search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, through which the cost is calculated depending on per click that the customer makes on the advertisement (or a website). This way one only pays for the actual traffic that has been created.

The most talked about, the highest used digital marketing channel, and the most loved channel used by digital marketing agencies, is SEO. Search Engine Optimization helps the advertiser to create more traffic to their website in a subtle manner. The search engine algorithms keep changing and to keep up with everything SEO comes into play. SEO is more like a secret many of us know, few of us follow and only a few are successful in getting the desired results. 

Be part of the latter group by enrolling in the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow.

  • Website Marketing

Like you have an address to reach in the real world, websites are your address in the digital world. It is the display of your products and services to potential customers, customers, and the audience in general. Website Marketing is one of the most direct ways to connect to clients. It has to be made in a user-friendly way, keep the visitor on the website for a long and also should explain the features of the message of the campaign clearly.

The world for bloggers, vloggers, and influencers has seen a major shift from nearly nothing to having everything lately. It is the most wanted career in the current times. Influencers are the people on the internet who have a great number of followings on their social media accounts and whose opinion genuinely matters to the audience. 

So Influencer marketing came into play which means asking the influencer to promote the brand in return for monetary benefits to the influencer.

This one on the list of types of digital marketing is the go-to option for many brands and also has a massive fan base for its lead generation and conversion rates. Email Marketing has been in the work since the beginning, the other channels might be added later as and when they were discovered. 

Emails leave a sense of personalization to the audience. Email marketing is to get in touch with potential customers, existing customers, or customers who have connected in the past but somehow left. 

Content marketing is the need of the hour when people are connecting more with engaging content. Content marketing can be in any form namely videos, photos, audio, animations, etc, and on any medium on the internet. If the content is good and relatable, it will speak for itself and the conversion rate that can be expected will be quite high. Content Marketing is like a movie business, you keep making them, and if it is relatable to the audience, you will get the numbers flashing on your screens.

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The Top 3 Digital Marketing Courses in Glasgow


An online education institution delivering skill development courses, IIM SKILLS is the leading institution for the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow. IIM SKILLS is based in Delhi and has a presence across 35+ countries which makes it a global platform for digital marketing courses. The lifetime access and guidance from mentors have made them outshine others and their alumni stand as proof to acknowledge their success and dedicate it all to IIM SKILLS.

IIM SKILLS is well known for its guidance and experienced mentors who are always on their toes in bringing out the best from the candidate. Mentors at IIM SKILLS are not only educators but also have successful careers in their respective fields, which gives the candidate a real look into the industry.

Modules Covered

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation
  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship
  • Course Fee – 384 GBP + Taxes

In a period of fewer than 5 years, IIM SKILLS has completed 2500+ pieces of training with 15000+ trained candidates to date. It is also recognized by Govt. of India and is a course that provides certification. Get certified by IIM SKILLS but also prepare for 13 other certifications from big names in the industry like Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.

Digital Marketing Course: An Overview

  • The duration of the course is 5 months. Three months of learning and two months of a paid internship program.
  • 15+ Live projects, and 10+ case studies for practice with practicality.
  • Tools worth £890 can be used in implementing digital marketing strategies and putting all your learnings to work.

Tools that are Covered Under the Same Are:

  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Woo Commerce
  • Google Ads
  • Amazon
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Semrush

Hands-on assignments and tasks are provided at the end of each class to make every lesson complete with practice.

The entire course is classified into 40 modules. Two or more modules can be merged into one lecture. These modules will have an assignment that has to be completed before the inception of the next lecture. Personalized feedback is provided on assignments.

Let’s Have a Look at What Are the Things That Will Be Covered Within the Modules:

  • Web Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Micro Video Marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Writing

The lectures are led by instructors but in any case, if the candidate misses the lecture, it does not harm him. One can have lifetime access to the recordings which will be mailed to you post the completion of the lectures. If you have skipped a part or didn’t get the point, you can go through the recordings which can make concepts much clear.

The two-month internship program will be a paid program. In addition, placement opportunities with 300+ partners who can hire you with a letter of recommendation provided by the institute.

Bonus sessions are also held for students who have registered for the course. These sessions are extra modules that can help to amp up the game.

Media Coverage

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Alumni Reviews

Know About Our Students & Graduates From Across The World

2. City of Glasgow College

The very elite on the list of the top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow has to be the city of Glasgow college. They are inclined toward the study which is technical and professional. This campus-based college is situated in the heart of the city opening doors to ample opportunities and resources nearby.

Digital Marketing courses are segregated into many courses which can make you choose your niche if you are not looking for the entire digital marketing as a study. Under-graduates can opt for marketing and advertising courses for them while post-graduates can choose c course that fits their requirements.

Digital marketing courses are mentioned under the head marketing and advertising where you can find the digital marketing course along with other similar courses.

Courses to Look For:

  • Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing

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3. CIM Academy

CIM Academy on the list of top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow is an academy solely dedicated to CIM Marketing and professional digital marketing courses. They are responsible for many successful careers led by industry specialists who act as their mentors. 

The duration of the digital marketing course with CIM Academy will be 6 months long, Typically the courses are 12-18 months long but with the FastTrack courses available, the entire course can be completed in half the time and the benefits remain the same.

The Course is Available in Two Formats, Namely:

  • Certificate course: 2 hours workshop every two or three weeks. Total number of workshops: 8
  • Diploma Course: 11 Workshop days for this course

Both these courses can either be taken separately or can be combined. The course is available at two levels, level 4 and level 6.

Inclusions of Level 4 Course:

  • Applied Marketing
  • Planning Campaigns
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital Marketing Techniques

Inclusions of Level 6 Course:

  • Marketing & Digital Strategy
  • Innovation in Marketing
  • The digital Customer experience
  • Digital optimization


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Email:[email protected] 

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Q1. What is the best digital marketing course in Glasgow?

While finding many courses on the internet is common, landing your eyes on the best one requires effort. The leading online education institution, IIM Skills is the best digital marketing course in Glasgow. With 2500+ pieces of training and an active presence in the global market, IIM Skills has made its position at the top. Exemplary student reviews, certifications, guaranteed placement opportunities, internship programs, and regular assignments help to upscale the skillset in a very convenient way.

Q2. What is the importance of digital marketing?

In addition to the knowledge, digital marketing is the need of the hour. It is not a mere education course but with the implementation of the learnings, one can make their business reach heights. 

Digital marketing is a very important phenomenon to create brand awareness, website traffic, increased number of followers, and increased sales. 

Q3. What is the average salary of a digital marketer?

While digital marketers are paid in the range of £20000- £70000 assuming the employee has 1-4 years of experience. Digital Marketing also has many other job opportunities like SEO executive, Social media marketer, Web Analyst, and many more which can have a similar range of salary. While on the other hand, the digital marketing agency has no limits to it. 

Digital marketing is considered to be an art that needs to be mastered to take businesses and brands to a height. People are getting their products online and it is high time to consider the digital world as an evolving world. The top 3 digital marketing courses in Glasgow open up the doors for many opportunities coming your way. Choose the course that best suits your requirements. Wishing you luck in the future.


So here are the top digital marketing courses in Glasgow. Make sure you go through the curriculum of these courses very thoroughly. Keep a list of things you want from digital marketing courses in Glasgow. Compare the list with the curriculum and other features of the institutes. See if they meet your expectations. The next step would be to sign up for a demo session or call the relevant people at the institutes to get an even better understanding of the pedagogy and how the courses are taught at these institutes. Check for important details like the course duration, practical projects, placement assurance, internship options, and fees. get a clear idea of these important things before deciding to enroll in one of these top digital marketing courses in Glasgow.

Happy Learning!


  • I am Jack. I work in a retail industry. The rise of technology has given consumers a lot of power. Nowadays, consumers have more ways than ever before to find and buy goods and services due to the abundance of available purchasing options. I am planning to learn digital marketing from basic to advanced level to devise means to boost online sales of my company. Joining an online training program from a well-known digital marketing institute in Glasgow will be best suitable in this aspect. The certification gained will help raise my salary. IIM skills with an impactful online learning program with the duration of the course 5 months which includes three months of learning and two months of a paid internship program, is best for me.

  • Hi, I am Benjamin. I am a student. I want to learn Vlogging. Creating videos and posting isn’t enough, proper distribution on appropriate channels with effective marketing strategy is required. Video is playing crucial role in social media, as the number of social media users is growing rapidly and will continue to grow. Popularity through Videos can be instant, if content or message delivered is very informative, effective, and relevant to the target audience. The companies/brands not using video content may not remain ahead in the game. So, researching for the digital marketing training institute, in Glasgow to enroll for the learning program. Upon reviewing many available digital marketing training in Glasgow, and the few listed here I choose to first attend the free demo invite to the digital marketing course available here.

  • Hi, I am Benjamin. I am a student. I want to learn Vlogging. Creating videos and posting isn’t enough, proper distribution on appropriate channels with effective marketing strategy is required. Video is playing crucial role in social media, as the number of social media users is growing rapidly and ill continue to grow. Popularity through Videos can be instant, if content or message delivered is very informative, effective, and relevant to the target audience. The companies/brands not using video content may remain ahead in the game. So, researching for the digital marketing training institute, in Glasgow. Upon reviewing many available digital marketing training in Glasgow, and the few listed here I choose to first attend the free demo invite to the digital marketing course available here.

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