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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Alberton with Job Assistance

Internet marketing has an influence on every city. Alberton is also a part of this growth. Alberton is a small town in South Africa. It is near to Johannesburg. The distance is merely nineteen kilometers. It will take less than thirty minutes to reach Johannesburg by car or vice versa. Alberton is a popular suburb among working professionals because it is connected through N3 and N12 to the major provinces of the state. Alrode is the industrial center of Alberton. It is famous for electrical appliances and industries. Can you resist the opportunity of digital marketing courses in Alberton?

Top Digital Marketing Courses in Alberton

Would you like to know which institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Alberton? Keep your eyes straight to the following sections.


IIMSKILLS is a well-known institute for providing Digital Marketing Course in Alberton. The institute provides training on SEO and AI-based marketing. The duration of the course is three months. It offers paid internships.

  • Course Name – Digital Marketing Master Course
  • Course Fee: 6972.00 South Africa Rand/ ZAR + Taxes
  • Duration – 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship



  • Marketing Introduction
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Journey
  • Social Medias
  • Google Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Graphic Design
  • Advanced Content Writing Strategies
  •  Media Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Resume building

Course Content With Core and Special Modules

Core Modules
Content Writing And Blogging
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Email Marketing
Web Analytics
Special Modules
WordPress Web Development
Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
Online Reputation Management
Content Writing And Blogging
Media Buying
Affiliate Marketing
Video Marketing
Marketing Automation
Digital Infographic Resume Preparation

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. Digital Business Academy(DBA)

DBA is our first option for the digital marketing courses in Alberton. This institute provides virtual training in digital marketing. The duration of this course is one day.

Cost: R3000


  • Identification of five pillars of advertising 
  • Automated social network management
  • Development of brand presence
  • Generation of Instagram ads campaign
  • Building a community in multi-cross-platform


  • Audience connection in Social media:

Whether you are giving a presentation speaking in a meeting or having a conversation one of the worst feelings is knowing that you are just not connecting with your audience the way that your audience makes a connection with you and stays engaged is through their senses, they listen to what you have to say and the tone of your voice and they see the visuals your offering and make eye contact with you now on the flip side when they are distracted or lose a connection with you the reason why this happens is when things get a little bit repetitive they no longer find what they hear or what they see as appealing and that’s why they offer their attention to something else like their cell phones what we are one of the easiest things that you can switch up is your voice your audience can get so used to the way you speak and the pattern in your voice so your job is to break that pattern by changing your pitch your tone or your pacing if you’re someone speaks in a high pitch and speaks a little bit fast then make your important statements in a low pitch and slow things down this will make things interesting for your audience.

  • Creation of Content:

Content creation is fruitful when you know your audience but how to know the audience? You need to ask several questions before creating content for any communication network. Our audience goes through a range of emotions through our speech. We want them to be interested initially and motivated at the very end. They need to be fully engaged through our content.

To make them interested, you need to ask two questions: Who are they? And What do they care about? Suppose you are talking to the teenagers in your Instagram accounts in one case while on the other day, you are talking with a flock of teachers on Linkedin in other scenarios. For both cases, the priority of the content will be changed. You have created the opening, hook, and conclusion statements differently.   Are your visitors interact with your content by choice or not? This helps you to understand the intention of the audience. If they are not interacting with your post, you need to work extra hard to catch their attention. Another important factor is the creation of profiling of the audience with their level of knowledge. You may ask yourself, what do the audiences already know? For example, if you are composing your introduction with very basic stuff while communicating with the experts on Twitter, they will lose interest.

  • Ad creation on Facebook
  • Video marketing on YouTube, Insta and Tiktok
  • Developing engagement strategy in social media

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3. RCM Digital Collage

RCM Digital College is the name of the training institute that provides different types of digital marketing courses in Alberton. It is a four-month course.

Cost: 1200 USD


  • WhatsApp ads:

WhatsApp ad never works alone. It works with Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram generate leads. In the present time, marketing and sales go simultaneously. Suppose you are promoting one ball pen, and the clients have lots of inquiries regarding ball pens, but your customer support team never responds to a client. Then, the marketing effort is of no use. Suppose ABC company offers a service on Facebook and Instagram. People watch the ads on Facebook and Instagram, but they are coming to WhatsApp. Now, an automated WhatsApp sale is already set up, and sales are going on. 

Social Media Marketing:

Instagram has released a broadcasting channel for marketing to everyone. It is one of many messaging tools. You can think of it as a text message that is going to group chat, except group chat can’t respond outside, like giving a heart emoji as a reply. Whenever you create an Instagram broadcasting channel, your subscribers get a notification about it. You can provide a coupon code and a new announcement like it. The broadcasting channel can be used in feedback assembly in question prompts, a separate tab for joining new channels, invitations for guests, and creating a date and time for the broadcaster. Another new feature that Twitter has introduced is the limitation of watching the post in the feed. For instance, Twitter blue members can watch most posts in a single time, while for the nonmembers, the number is much less.  

Website development in Marketing:

Think of your website as a store. If the store’s empty, nobody’s coming in at all; you may have some kind of marketing or even a product problem. But if the store is full of people and only very few are making their way to checkout and buying stuff, that’s a conversion problem. So you’ve got a product or service people are interested in, and that’s no small thing. But when they get to your site, they’re just not quite seeing what they need to help them decide to buy, get in touch, or fill out that important form. Those actions, purchasing, getting in touch, and filling out a form, are examples of conversions.

4. Wharton Online

The University of Pennsylvania is offering several online digital marketing courses in Alberton. The course is exclusive to its modules. 

Types of Courses:

  • E-commerce and social media
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data analytics with tools
  • Selling Ideas with a message

Cost: The course fee for every course is  585 USD

Cost of the certificate course: USD 2,350

The Courses duration is six weeks.


  • New Business Ideas: Business world is changing every decade; therefore, there is not any business that will run forever with a massive profit. We need to change businesses with time. Here are some new business models. A few ideas are described below.

Twitter Ghostwriting: 

You have to pretend to be someone else and tweet every day so that the person can grow every day. Maybe the personnel is very busy with work or has a social boundation of not tweeting on several matters. Still, it is essential for growing business opportunities like venture capital.

Van conversion:

Many people want to live everyday touring life in a van, but they don’t know how to modify a van in such a way that will make their life easier with time. They don’t know how to fit a bed or sink into a van. If you have some basic skills in carpentry, you are good to go with this skill. You don’t have to buy vans. If someone buys a new van, you are just there to modify it to their need.

Niche Vehicle Reseller:

There are many car auctions where you can buy very niche-specific vehicles like Jeeps and pickup trucks so that you can repair them at a marginal cost. After that, you resell the vehicles with good profit because people never visit such car auditions very often. It is a golden opportunity in the coming decades.

  • Tools for managing optimization
  • Design a product or service for a customer
  • Data collection of social media
  • Influencing behavior for the customer

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5. NIT Jalandhar

NIT Jalandhar is another institute for providing digital marketing courses in Alberton. The course is online only. The course duration is three months only. The cost of the course is 45000 INR.


  • Marketing fundamental:

As a digital marketing consultant, there are so many times when you sit down with a client of mine, and they have no real clear idea who their target is. You’re not trying to target every single person on the face of the planet. Figure out who really needs, wants, or desires the product or service that you have on offer. Once you figure that out, you need to understand what they’re buying potential is, what they are willing to actually buy, and at what price.

Once you’ve figured out who it is you’re trying to sell to; you need to be super focused on providing them with as much upfront value as physically possible. Now, this mainly relates to social media marketing and search engine optimization, but you need to be providing really good value online to ensure that you’re attracting your target customers to your online presence and your website.

So make sure you’re offering a service or a product that your target customer wants. If you’re selling something that nobody in your target demographic wants, then it’s gonna be very difficult to shift that product even if you are targeting the right people and even if you are having them come to your social media profiles and your website and consuming your content.

Don’t be lazy with your market research. Figure out what your target customers are actually already in the market for buying and what products or services they need. Figure out how old they are, where they live, what things they type into the Google search engine, what YouTube channels they watch, and what Instagram pages they follow. Find out as much as possible about your target audience, and make sure you use that information to your advantage.

  • Website creation
  • Google Ads
  • Mobile Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Graphic design for posts
  • Payment gateway setup

6. Safalta

Safalta is a well-known portal offering digital marketing courses in Alberton.  The duration of the course is five months only. The course also offers 20+ online projects for the candidate.

Cost: 50000 INR with taxes


  •  135 hours of lectures
  • Experienced Faculty from a separate domain
  • LIve projects


  • Blog creation on WordPress:

A creative blog can be created with a WordPress plug-in Elementor. To create a blog page in Elementor, the first thing we have to do is make sure Elementor is installed, so go to your plugins and make sure Elementor is installed. You use the free version for the purposes. If you still need to install Elementor, just go to add a new plugin and look up Elementor. Once you have that installed, we need another plugin, which is an add-on to Elementor that has a free version that allows us to create our blog post page if you have not backed up your site yet before you install the plugin, it’s always advised that you do so, especially for a live site it’s pretty rare something goes wrong these days, but sometimes it does so once the plugin is installed and activated.

  • E-commerce website building
  • SEO
  • Content writing
  • Social media
  • Web analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Google marketing

7. ISB

ISB is a world-class name in the field of education. It is offering digital marketing courses in Alberton. The course is online only. The duration of the course is 12 weeks. 

Cost: USD 1538


  • 150+ pre-recorded videos for concept building
  • 21+ live project assignments
  • 4+ case studies
  • Discussion group creation
  • 13+ online lectures
  • Simulation tools


  • Creation of a value product:

How we can create value for our product or service. First of all, we need to understand value. What is value? I have got a mic. Its price is 50 USD. Is it value for money or not? So, where does it come from? Value for money that the product creates. This means product services are these things that give more performance than the price charged. I bought this mic worth 50 USD. Is it value for money? Was it worth spending 50 USD on it?

This is value. So, we need to create value for our product/service. It means we want to increase our product’s performance. Suppose Micromax vs Apple. Both their phones, at a certain point, are value for money. Why is Apple value for money? Because of it’s performance. Price is set according to performance level. Micromax’s phones are popular because of value for money; their price is

low, and performance according to price is good. So the main point is Whatever thing we are giving to our customer. First of all, we need to research the thinking of our customers. Can I make the mic with cheaper resources, like 10 USD? We need to see at what price we can create value for our customers or level of performance. We can charge according to that.

  • Marketing Funnel
  • Framework for client engagement model
  • Paid ads for simulation
  • Study of email strategies for a few brands
  • KPI, CLV & ROI
  • Data analysis
  • Robotics in marketing for target customers

8. North Strom Academy (NSA)

NSA is another institute offering digital marketing courses in Alberton. The institute is situated in Mumbai. It is very popular in the community. The course duration is 5 months, 2 months of paid internship (included). This institute provides offline classes also.

Cost: 600 USD


  • Sales Pitch:

Cold calls are essential in a business. Now, we will see simple tips for making a cold call to a warm interaction. First thing, if you are calling someone over the phone, don’t confirm her or his name because, in 90 % of cases, it will be the same person to whom you have called. If you don’t have his or her name, don’t do cold calling. Be ready with basic information support like what is the USP of your business and categories of the product in your business. You may start first like, ‘Hello!….(name)” and say without any hesitation your calling purpose. Personal momentum is absolutely necessary in the cold calling.

  • Media Planning:

When every new ad campaign comes to the market, supposed for new product launching, it starts with three basic principles. Media planning comes into the building process- awareness, consideration, and conversion. Awareness is when you tell people that you are in the market. The best example of an awareness campaign is the movie trailer. When a new movie hits the market, it comes with a new trailer for the movie. It is an awareness campaign.  In consideration steps, we show the features of a product or a service to a client because we expect a certain kind of reaction. Conversion comes when we want direct sales like catalog handling, website purchases, and in-store purchases. Media planning is important for allocating a client’s budget to a selective purpose.

  • Building Reputation:

Reputation building is primarily based on reviews. Online positive reviews will deliver good sales volume in the future. Suppose your product negatively hurts the sentiment of the customer, then he/she will post a negative review on Google. Now, one new customer comes to buy a product from you, but she looks at the negative comment. Do you think it will give her a good impression? A good reputation can be built by replaying the comments and reviews as it boosts engagement.

  • Content Marketing
  • Graphical photo design
  • Website creation
  • Social media
  • Running paid ads
  • SEO
  • Mail writing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Mobile Marketing

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9. London Business School (LBS)

London Business School is an international organization offering online training for digital marketing courses in Alberton. The duration of the course is eleven weeks. The fee for this course is £2,400.


  • 15 hours of recorded lectures
  • Eight hours per week learning
  • Individual learning manager
  • An online network of peer students
  • E-certificate after training


  • Keyword Research:

Sometimes, it happens that you type a keyword, and you get a lot of pages.  One of them is a page whose ranking is very good, but the keyword we have typed on that page needs to be somewhere. Some cases are like black hat SEO, where you change your  HTML according to the crawler, and your user sees different words. We call it cloaking.  But in 90% of cases, this happens, but the reason is not black hat SEO. When the keyword you are using here is not seen on your top-ranking websites, The answer to this is LSI keywords, that is, Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords. LSI is the synonym of the targeted keyword.

  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Google ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Social Networks
  • Payment getaway setup
  • Customer journey stages journey 

10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a highly reputed name in the digital marketing courses in Alberton. The classes are taken online mode. The duration of the course is three months only. 

Cost: 250 USD, including all taxes

Feature of this course:

  •  Two-way active learning
  • Certification at the end
  • 8+ live project
  • Internship
  • Personalized job interview training 
  • E-learning portal access


  • YouTube Marketing: When you want to start your YouTube channel, you have to decide on a few questions first for marketing generation. The first question is, You are making a YouTube channel for whom? Because if you want to reach everybody on YouTube, you can reach nobody. The second question is, does your channel solve any problems? For instance, if you are opening a channel for skincare tips, does your channel have a video about how to take care of oily skin? Because you have to capture various types of audiences.
  • LinkedIn Marketing: LinkedIn can work as a lead generation machine. The best part of LinkedIn is the creation of connections. But it is very crucial how you can make connections on Linkedin. For example, If you are a graphic designer and you are building connections with wholesalers and retailers, then the connection is wrong. Do not make useless connections. It is of no use. Making a LinkedIn connection means you trust that person professionally and know them personally. It is your first-degree connection. If you are sending a new connection request to whom you have a mutual friend, then it is your second-degree connection. Third-degree connection is who is a mutual friend of second-degree connection.
  • Facebook Marketing training
  • Dedicated SEO training: Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing a website to increase visibility when searching for products or services on a search engine. Essentially, what Google tries to do is three main things: determine whether your website is high quality, answers the searches query, and is trustworthy.
  • Google ads training
  • WordPress website development 


Q. What are the digital marketing courses in Alberton include?

Digital marketing courses in Alberton include SEO, social network training, ads on several platforms, content creation for digital media, and developing marketing collateral for promotions. Digital marketing is a very vast network of activities for businesses.

Q. What are digital marketing courses in Alberton all about?

It is all about expanding sales and business through several strategies. Digital marketing is all about digital networks for several pre-defined plans.  It is all about the section of promotional methods.

Q. Where to study digital marketing courses in Alberton: Online or Offline?

Online digital marketing courses are the best for an individual because they involve the best utilization of time and resources. You have online lectures for future time when you miss any day lectures. Digital marketing is an online process; therefore, it needs to be learned in online modules rather than offline lectures. 


There are many institutes offering training for digital marketing courses in Alberton. I only have listed a handful of them. You can choose any institute based on the value it provides. I will request you to do some individual research before taking the courses because this blog is not perfect like any other blog on the internet. See you in the next article!



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